Sunday, June 08, 2008

Liberal Messages Sunday 8th June

Nelson Doorstop - Petrol prices, FuelWatch, Australian car industry...
Well we’re about to go into the long weekend and again Mr Rudd says that his plan for petrol over the weekend is to monitor the price of petrol. Watching petrol prices throughout Australia is not going to bring them down.

Robb interview with Leon Delaney (Radio 2SM) - Asia and Pacific Union proposal
In some ways it’s sort of quite dangerous and almost embarrassing, that a proposal of such consequence to create a European style Union here would be floated this way by a Prime Minister seven months into the job.

Holden / Green Car
The loss of any Australian job is extremely unfortunate.

Gillard's wait for National Literacy and Numeracy results fails the test
Students sat these tests in May, but parents won’t find out the results until term four this year.

Definitely not "Australia's Next Top Model" - Week Two - Senate Estimates
Labor's anti-modelling approach to Government.

Beginning to repair the damage
The Arts sector has been reeling in the wake of a series of Labor Government announcements slashing arts funding across the board.

Child porn exposure highlights budget cuts
Kevin Rudd must prove that he is fair dinkum that the exposure of a child pornography ring in Australia has made 'his stomach turn' by returning the $2.8 million that the Budget ripped out of the Online Child Exploitation Taskforce.

Remember Japan Mr Rudd? It's just east of china
Mr Rudd had a lot of ground to make up following his bungled handling of Australia’s relationship with its international trading partners.

Nelson Doorstop with Hunt - Solartec Renewables - Queanbeyan
Visit to Solartec Renewables, Save Our Solar Private Members Bill, foreign policy...

Unions celebrate election of Rudd Government with wave of strikes
Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released today reveal that 42,800 working days were lost due to industrial disputation in the March quarter 2008.

Coalition to ask Parliament to save our solar
The Coalition will introduce a Private Member’s Bill to reverse the Government’s mean-spirited means test on the solar panel rebate program.

Minister caught providing funds to union
The Minister for Workplace Relations has been caught out providing a grant of $4 million to a union being investigated by the Minister’s department for using standover tactics to extract cash payments from small business operators.

22 Super Clinics - Super Political
Bowen has no idea
Small business confidence falls 53% since election of Rudd Labor Government
Labor caught out again on funding
AusAID: silent on aid funding details at Estimates
Labor's Dental Funding Gap
Job description - No skills required. Political appointment confirmed
Calls for changes to ROCL
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