Monday, June 30, 2008

Climate Right for an Ugly Con Job

By Piers Akerman
IF TODAY’S budget bonus left Australians feeling a little out of pocket, they will experience real shock when they read the recommendations in Ross Garnaut’s climate change report to be delivered on Friday.

Garnaut, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s old boss from his diplomatic days, was asked to provide the report on April 30, 2007, in one of a number of election stunts organised by Labor’s campaign strategists in its successful bid to woo voters from the Howard government.

Its terms of reference make plain the Rudd Government’s unquestioning belief in human-induced climate change, even though the hypothesis has never been tested and there are no plans for any testing involving the normal guidelines of scientific rigour.

Nor have there been any rational or evidence-based explanations for the limited evidence on which the theory of man-made climate change relies.

On the one hand, we have falling global temperatures, and on the other, we have the apocalyptic warnings of a band of publicity-seekers like former US vice-president Al Gore and Environment Minister Peter Garrett - and shortly we will have Garnaut’s blueprint for Australian policy to be implemented by 2010.

The scenario I envision, when I try to tell others what the government is doing, under Rudd, follows:
The government is spending billions of your dollars trying to make the house brick a better, safer, flying machine. In doing so, they are refusing to consider anything with wings, tails or engines, which have been 'proven' to not work.

Promoting New Music Moon's Day 30th June

Beautiful Sunset
by DanielLambert and dirigent

A very cheesy ballad, with vocal music provided by Icomp superstar Andreas Dirigent, and Shannon Hurly. In Andreas' defense, he wrote these parts to a different track on which we collaborated , "La Nuit", and has not heard this track prior to uploading.
Beautiful Sunset
by zefif

Hey mates !
This is a long time project.
I've always wish to design an arabic tune but it was really hard to me as is it very far from my musical culture.
Here is my first try and obvioulsy you can feel the european taste, so sorry for the purists.
I'd great fun to mix turkish strings with greek and egyptian drums.
Hope you'll enjoy that tune as I'd to design it...


P.S : don't know if it is possible, but I would love to have a female singer on it... (arab lyrics is not an obligation, hebrew welcome for example)...
Beautiful Sunset
by Lafayette

It's time for me to go on holiday, with my guitar and the piano, my mac and the cat...

Hope you like...

- LaFayette

(titre original : Les Vacances d'Euterpe)
Beautiful Sunset
Song To The Siren
by etgilles and Dylan

Our ode to the great Tim Buckley.

My deepest thanks to Dylan, who without question is playing at the top of his game... tell me his performance isn't signature and scorching.

Musicianship- Dylan
Vox- et
The Only Thing
by signorina_oscurata

Another insistent idea, comically underproduced. I figure, anymore, that there's so little I can do without a real mic, I might as well make the very least of what I can do.

Same subject as the last song, although being that I saw the subject since I last song-wrote in his honor, or to his discredit, my tack has changed.

Y'know, folks, if it's taking me this long to get it out of my system, it must not be over. But anyway-- the song's another shoddy recording I did for myself then decided to post anyway.
The Only Thing by signorina_oscurata

i want to write a few happy songs
i want to put more water on top of the water under our bridge
i want to know that it's not wrong
i want to see, god, something else when i look over the edge

i want to know that i'm not just a ****
i want to feel inexplicably like the only girl in the world
i want for this to be the stuff of healthy situations
i want to write a few happy songs, that's all i swear i do

so please don't be the only thing on my mind.

Headlines Monday 30th June

Last day of the financial year in Oz.
Butcher of Bega debacle symptomatic of NSW malaise
The failing of women by NSW bureaucracy in the Butcher of Bega disaster, is typical of State in decline, according to Alan Jones.
Australia makes fair tax systems list
Hong Kong is seen as having the fairest and most transparent tax system out of six major developed economies, followed by Singapore, a study says.

Canada emerged third, while Australia, the United States and Britain rounded out the six, said the study by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). - had the Liberals been in office, this assessment might never have seen the light of day. - ed.
Journalists begin to explain how Rudd is not responsible for a belting
Andrew Bolt
Kevin Rudd accepts the Gippsland defeat was a setback:

The people of Gippsland have said loud and clear their concerns about impacts on household budgets. - let the forgiveness begin! - ed.
Happier new year for most
LOWER personal income tax, new education rebates, and hikes to taxi fares are just some of the changes that will hit Australians this week. - this article is nothing more than hype for the ALP. It isn't even true. -ed.
Women fess up to home-made sex videos
ONE in five Australian women have starred in a home-made sex video, and many say they now regret it, a new survey reveals.
Mugabe sworn in as president for sixth term
ROBERT Mugabe has been declared winner of Zimbabwe's presidential run-off election, in which he was the only candidate. -he lost the actual election, but murdered his way back to success. - ed.
Kiddy criminals, 8, let off with warnings
By Kelvin Bissett and Samantha Williams
KIDDY criminals are being apprehended by police at an alarming rate of more than 50 a week for offences including assaults, car theft, malicious damage, armed hold-ups and drug dealing.

Figures on crime rates among 8, 9, and 10 year olds compiled by police show the distressing extent of the mayhem in some areas caused by children running wild. - the adults seem to get elected for the ALP. - ed
Jodi Gordon shares her heartbreak
By Erin McWhirter, TV Editor
IN A case of art imitating life, Home and Away star Jodi Gordon will draw on her experience of boyfriend Chris Burkhardt's brave battle against leukaemia to take on one of the most challenging roles of her career.

In her first interview addressing the death of Burkhardt in March 2007, the brave actress revealed she is pushing aside the pain of the loss of her "soul mate" to play the part of a pregnant woman diagnosed with breast cancer.

"It just feels like cancer is just taking over the world," Gordon, 23, told The Daily Telegraph yesterday.
Labor MPs stand by "Titanic" premier
There's speculation New South Wales premier Morris Iemma will be forced out of the top job in the wake of another bad poll result against the state government.
Pressure builds on police to finalise Iguana gate findings
There is pressure on New South Wales police to speed-up their investigation into the Iguana Joes scandal.
No reprieve on Rudd’s job-killing grand tax
Andrew Bolt
Kevin Rudd vows:

KEVIN Rudd has emphatically ruled out delaying the introduction of an emissions trading scheme beyond 2010…

“We are committed to starting the scheme in 2010,” the Prime Minister told The Australian through a spokesman last night.
The countdown is on
Andrew Bolt
Be prepared:

A former head of Mossad has warned that Israel has 12 months in which to destroy Iran’s nuclear programme or risk coming under nuclear attack itself. He also hinted that Israel might have to act sooner if Barack Obama wins the US presidential election.

Which is no more than even IAEA head Muhammed Al-Baradei admitted.
Government to rule on boy’s party guests
Andrew Bolt
It’s not just Britain, Canada and Australia that have governments getting far too full of their right to intrude:

An eight-year-old boy has sparked an unlikely outcry in Sweden after failing to invite two of his classmates to his birthday party. The boy’s school says he has violated the children’s rights and has complained to the Swedish Parliament.
Rudd praises soldiers for what he’d claimed was defeat
Andrew Bolt
Here’s Kevin Rudd in Brisbane this weekend, speaking to a welcome-home parade for troops from Iraq:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd thanked them for a magnificent job.

“Today the Australian nation says thank you to you the men and women of the Australian Defence Force,’’ he said.

“Freedom is not for free - freedom comes at a price and you are our front line in the defence of our freedom.’’
More blame-game than computers
Andrew Bolt
The blame game isn’t ended, after all, which makes two dud promises exposed in one:

THE NSW Government has threatened to pull out of Kevin Rudd’s digital education revolution unless it gets hundreds of millions of extra dollars in funding for the program.

State Treasurer Michael Costa has demanded a top-up of $245million over four years to take part in the computers-in-schools scheme, which was one of the Prime Minister’s key election campaign promises. - it is, after all, nothing less than what the NSW ALP have promised in every state election since 1995 - ed.
Green means poor
Andrew Bolt
Robert Tracinski says the old Left wanted even the poor to be rich. The new Left wants no rich at all:

TRULY consistent environmentalism demands the sacrifice of all prosperity. The only genuine way to slash your “carbon footprint” is to stop consuming goods. The “lifestyle” it really demands is not about hemp bracelets, bamboo textile skirts, and reusable burlap grocery sacks: the entire Whole Foods scene. It’s really about abject, Third World poverty.
Labor staggers in the states
Andrew Bolt
Labor stocks are sinking in Queensland and NSW. Now Labor is getting a touch-up in Victoria, too:

THE Labor Party faces bitter internal recriminations after the Brumby Government suffered a swing of 16.5% in its heartland seat of Kororoit.

Independent Les Twentyman won more than 20% of the primary vote in Saturday’s byelection, and senior ALP figures are threatening action against the Labor-affiliated Electrical Trades Union for backing the high-profile youth worker — including the possibility of expelling the union from the party…

The Liberals’ Jenny Matic won almost 21% of the primary vote, up 4.9% since the 2006 general election.
Permission to smoke, Prime Minister?
Andrew Bolt
There’s a totalitarian puritanism on the hoof. The latest example:

A smoker’s permit could be among the “innovative options” employed to get Australians to quit.

The permit, which smokers would have to buy annually and display every time they bought cigarettes, has been mooted in Britain.

And (Health Minister Nicola) Roxon said Australians could face similar measures to cut the national smoking rate…
If global warming won’t kill us, no rights charter will
Andrew Bolt
You can always spot the dangerous enthusiast. Here’s Michael Kirby:

For the sake of the planet and survival of the species we must embrace the universal principles of human rights.

Embrace Kirby’s human rights agenda or die?
If the culture is so good, why are the results so bad?
Andrew Bolt
Psychologist Jane Vadiveloo is furious with an intervention that is saving Aboriginal children but crushing her Noble Savage dream:
What is missing is respect for Aboriginal people, their intelligence and their cultures. Aboriginal customs, laws, knowledge, skills, and beliefs have developed and been refined over many thousands of years. They may differ from mainstream practices but they are not inferior.

Aboriginal customs permitting child marriage? Not inferior. Permitting wife bashing? Not inferior. Endorsing the tyranny of strong men? Not inferior. Leading to appalling rates of sexual assaults? Not inferior. Leaving whole communities as beggars? Not inferior.

Aboriginal knowledge rejecting the scientific method? Not inferior. Omitting a written culture? Not inferior. Accepting magic over reason? Not inferior. Not requiring an ethic of education of children? Not inferior.

What’s keeping tribal Aboriginal societies back is this kind of ludicrous advocacy of the inferior, broke and dysfunctional. An advocacy by whites with not the slightest wish to lead the lives they exalt.
Darwin knew: Evolution is no threat to God
Andrew Bolt
George Pitcher:

Tomorrow we commemorate the great day, exactly 150 years ago, that Charles Darwin unveiled his theory of evolution by natural selection, the most authoritative scientific challenge to Biblical accounts of our origins in, well, the history of the universe…

Less happily, there will doubtless be jolly parties with themes like “The Death of God”, at which Professor Richard Dawkins will appear in human form alongside his apostle, Christopher Hitchens, to the rapture of his atheistic disciples.... But wait a minute… Wasn’t Darwin also a man of God, who wrestled with some form of faith throughout his life? Was he not intensely respectful of the relationships between science and faith? Should atheists, such as Dawkins, really adopt Darwin as their champion?

Yes, yes and no, in that order.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light
Andrew Bolt
Bill Clinton has campaigned hard for two nominees for president - Al Gore and Hillary - and lost both times. This latest defeat, at the hands of Barack Obama, is one he’s taking very hard:

The Telegraph has learned that the former president’s rage is still so great that even loyal allies are shocked by his patronising attitude to Mr Obama, and believe that he risks damaging his own reputation by his intransigence. News

Bits of Ancient Earth Hidden on the Moon
Material from Earth's first billion years may remain in moon meteorites.

Liver Drug May Help Exhausted Spacewalkers
European Cargo Ship Gets Longer Stay at Space Station

Scientists Hunt for Astrobiology at Carl Sagan Center
Huge Impact Created Mars' Split Personality

Study: Mars Had Drizzle and Dew
Phoenix Lander Prepares to Taste Martian Dirt
China's First Spacewalk: A Prelude of Things to Come
Astronomers on Verge of Finding Earth's Twin

VIDEO: Ocean Watch With Jason 2
Image of the Day: Head On (Makes You Want to Blow the Stars from the Sky)
VIDEO: Digging on Mars

Calling All Sci Fi Fans!
Teleport to Newsarama for entertainment news & reviews.
Newsarama is part of the Imaginova Network.

NEW VIDEO: X-Ray-Emitting Black Holes
X-ray observatories help astronomers measure black holes. Credit: ESA

Chris Jordan: Picturing excess Artist Chris Jordan shows us an arresting view of what Western culture looks like. His supersized images picture some almost unimaginable statistics -- like the astonishing number of paper cups we use every single day.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Artist Review :Traxus iV

Army vet, now in school studying physics.

Interesting things about me:

Teaching myself to play the piano, slowly but surely.
Teaching myself to play blues, rock, jazz, and classical guitar.

Primary areas of interest in music are Electronica, or some mutilated version of it (usually with a percussive nature), and classical.

While in the Army I spent two years in South Korea, and one year in Iraq. And yes, the people in both of those countries are normal, good people. Except for the crazies. Their crazies are almost as bad as our crazies.

I don't care for politicians.

Remember that kid in High School with the AD/HD? Yeah, that's me. Except now _I_ can beat _YOU_ up.

I'm too nice to beat anyone up.

But yes, I killed the Chatroom. Twice. In one day. 8 April, 2007.
Beautiful Sunset
01 UACP - Upper Atmosphere Combat Prep
by TraxusIV

"Here we go again."
"Grab your gear and get to the arms room! We land in fifteen mikes!"
Beautiful Sunset
02 Off Duty
by TraxusIV

Off Duty - Sit back. Relax. Feel the rhythm. Let it soak in. Feel it in your blood. Thousand meter stare kicks in.
Beautiful Sunset
03 Through The Belt of Jupiter
by TraxusIV

"Approaching the Trojan Belt, Sir."
"Good. Ready to try your hand at the stick, Lieutenant?"
"Always ready, Sir!"
"Great. Let's see what you're made of."
Beautiful Sunset
04 Multiple Targets Inbound
by TraxusIV

"Multiple targets inbound!"
"Weapons hot, engage at will!"

The cacophony will envelope you. The dissonance will jar you. The edge of combat, the confusion of panic.

My Dearest...

from oOo

Senate changes could force a double dissolution

When the new Senate forms at the end of August it will be controlled by minor parties and independants. For the first time in 30 years there will be no Democrats.

Swan dithers on foreign investment - Turnbull

Wayne Swan can't make up his mind and is leaving the market confused.

George Dyson: The birth of the computer Historian George Dyson tells stories from the birth of the modern computer -- from its 16th-century origins to the hilarious notebooks of some early computer engineers.

Promoting New Music Sun's Day 29th June

Beautiful Sunset
Canacu Abao Chill Out
by Xolv


Guitars are recorded audio others are played by soft synth instruments.
Beautiful Sunset
The Sweet Girl
by DoreenY

A while ago I recorded one of Bonnie Parkers poems called Bonnie and Clyde and have been asked several times to record more of her poems. So here it is. She was a very talented writer and had she have lived past her very young 24 years when she died I am sure she would have written many more. Sadly she only left us with a few and this is one of them about a girl of the street. Bearing in mind the time she lived in and her lifestyle I think her writing was excellent.

I am always interested in poetry writing that is different from the norm and I think this is sooo good, hope you do to.

I hasten to add this is not about me - I am a good girl. Hope you enjoy listening and value your comments as always. Would be delighted if anyone wants to add music to this.
Beautiful Sunset
Its My Life (cover)
by eagle_1, MusicalViagra and Bampot

My take on the revisioned classic by MusicalViagra and Bampot.
Beautiful Sunset
Vacation From the Blues
by TurquoiseRose

Can you see all life's troubles melting away
as you lay on a tropical beach in the sunshine?
Just pack your bags and take a vacation
with me from the blues...
Beautiful Sunset
Stop War - Child Soldiers
by dirigent

Arrangement, vocals and synthwork by Dirigent
Comprising the four part round "Da pacem, Domine" ("Give peace o Lord") by German composer Melchior Franck (1579-1639)

With this track I continue my series "Stop War". It is dedicated to Child Soldiers in many countries all over the world. The following description is taken from Wikipedia. I hope this list is not too long for being read entirely ... - placed in comments, -ed.
Taken from the Bible (Matth 18 5,6):
Anyone who welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. But what if someone leads one of these little ones who believe in me to sin? If he does, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and be drowned at the bottom of the sea.
An old prayer in Latin:
Da pacem Domine in diebus nostris!

English translation:
Give peace in our days, o Lord

Liberal Messages Sunday 29th June

Nelson Doorstop with Rohan Fitzgerald - Gippsland
Gippsland by-election, petrol excise, emissions trading scheme, Ken Henry, nuclear power...

Rudd held to account on fuel
With petrol prices reaching the $1.70 a litre mark, it is clear that Australians are demanding a secure, reliable and affordable energy supply, not more empty promises from the Rudd Government.

South Pacific Tyres
The closure of South Pacific Tyres is an extremely sad day for the 600 affected employees.

As oil reaches $140 a barrel Kevin Rudd must stop hiding behind excuses
It’s time for Mr Rudd to stop hiding behind excuses, stop posturing with mindless rhetoric and start taking responsibility as the nation’s Prime Minister.

Secure and affordable fuel and energy supplies key challenge
The Senate Select Committee on Fuel and Energy will investigate in depth the dynamics that are impacting upon our energy future, in particular the extent to which current state and federal government policies are adding to those pressures.

Leader of the Opposition - Motion of Condemnation - 26/6/08
I seek leave to move a motion condemning the Prime Minister and his government for seven months of watching committees’ inaction and indecision.

Nelson interview with Lyndal Curtis (AM Programme)
Emissions trading, price of petrol, Gippsland by-election...

Government is lying on cost of Senate scrutiny
The Government’s continuing claim that Senate delays will lead to a revenue loss of $284 million was exposed as a complete lie.

Rudd Government admits GroceryWatch is a charade and will not save consumers one
The Rudd Government today admitted it will waste $13 million on a website that will not save consumers one cent.

Copy cat Rudd Government does it again
Helping Children with Autism package re-announced with great fanfare yesterday is a Howard Government initiative that was set to begin in July 2008.

Coalition Supports Proclamation of Battle for Australia Day
Whilst not taking away from the importance of Anzac Day as Australia’s national day of commemoration this proclamation acknowledges the service and sacrifice of Australian servicemen and women who served between 1942 and 1943.

Loaded gun at the head of PM's Chief of Staff
The relationship between the PM's Chief of Staff, Mr Epstein, and a senior lobbyist in Ms Eccles, is nothing if not an apparent conflict of interest in any situation where a Rudd Labor Government policy affects any single one of Ms Eccles clients.

Rudd and Gillard stumbling in the dark on jobs...
Bring solutions, not spin Mr Rudd
QANTAS strikes 'up, up & away' with Kevin Rudd
Rudd government misplaces $4.75M in pork barrel funding
Too little for those caring for our country...
Labor drowns sorrows with community fund announcement
Government expenditure: Labor fraud on inflation
Where the bloody hell is Rudd on tourism?

Headlines Sunday 29th June

Love-in’s over for Rudd
Piers Akerman
THE unpleasant aftershocks from the Rudd Labor government bliss bomb will be felt this week.

On Tuesday, when Australians hope they will find some relief from the price squeezes through the tax cuts budgeted by the former Howard government and reaffirmed by Rudd Treasurer Wayne Swan, they will actually discover that the average family is actually $30 a week worse off than it was last November, when Labor won office.

That figure comes from The Financial Review, which calculated that rising interest rates, petrol prices and soaring grocery costs will swallow the expected bonus.

The ALP, which campaigned on its promises to keep petrol prices low, grocery prices low and make housing affordable, has actually done the opposite.

The “working families’’ courted so assiduously by Mr Rudd and his team are now paying $152 a month more, on average, than they were in November, business confidence is at the lowest on record, and small business confidence in the ability of the Rudd government to deliver anything of value from its policies has plummeted from 47 per cent in November to 10 per cent.

This government - which promised not to play the “blame game’’ - has blamed everyone and everything for its plight.
Black result in Gippsland
Andrew Bolt
Former Labor Senator John Black picked a hell of way last week to advertise his consultancy business:

AT Australian Development Strategies, we think that Labor’s Darren McCubbin has a pretty good chance of winning Gippsland.
Cooling coming
Andrew Bolt
A new paper published by the Astronomical Society of Australia has a warning to global warming believers not immediately obvious from the summary:

Based on our claim that changes in the Sun’s equatorial rotation rate are synchronized with changes in the Sun’s orbital motion about the barycentre, we propose that the mean period for the Sun’s meridional flow is set by a Synodic resonance between the flow period (~22.3 yr), the overall 178.7-yr repetition period for the solar orbital motion, and the 19.86-yr synodic period of Jupiter and Saturn.

Or as one of the authors, Ian Wilson, kindly explained to me:

It supports the contention that the level of activity on the Sun will significantly diminish sometime in the next decade and remain low for about 20 - 30 years. On each occasion that the Sun has done this in the past the World’s mean temperature has dropped by ~ 1 - 2 C.
But Borders’ wrapping comes free
Andrew Bolt
Reader Greg is as cross with the Borders’ plastic-bag levy as am I. But he’s found a way around it - a way that also costs Borders both cash and credibility:

I ... noticed that the cashiers were offering customers plastic bags for 10 cents which was to be donated to some green cause - then I saw the blackboard notice on the wall behind the counter: “free gift wrapping for all purchases”! So I declined the plastic bag (10 cents is 10 cents!) and asked for the gift wrapping - the cashier completed my transaction then moved to the end to wrap our books - then she realised (listening to me chatting to my daughter Alex) that I was just trying to avoid paying 10 cents, as she accused me, “Are you just trying to avoid paying 10 cents! then you won’t care how well I wrap it then” No, it’s not the 10 cents, it’s the fact that I have to pay for a plastic bag! Tell your boss, I said. I certainly will tell everyone, she huffed. This felt great - but my daughter was a tad embarrassed.
Another Profit of Doom
Andrew Bolt
$ir Nichola$ $tern, like Al Gore, is set to make real $$$ from the global warming terror he helped to whip up with his discredited report.

Climate Resistance reports:

Sir Nicholas Stern, author of the famous Stern Report, which underpins many an argument in favour of climate change mitigation, is behind a ‘carbon credit reference agency’ launched today.
Dawn at the EU pay office
Andrew Bolt

A very funny, and very damning gotcha on the rorting of European Union MPs. Serious message: the EU is too unaccountable, and democracy too weak in this diluted, distant form.
Iemma is on the way out
By Linda Silmalis
THE hunt has begun for a scapegoat in the Iguana-gate scandal, with MPs being told last week of upcoming changes in the office of Premier Morris Iemma.

Rattled by the worst Newspoll for any state government in recent years, senior Labor sources say it is just a case of how long Mr Iemma will remain leader.

Mr Iemma's staff, in particular chief of staff Josh Murray and media adviser Glenn Byres, are also in the firing line.

"Michael Costa was telling MPs that the problem with Morris's performance is his staff, and there should be a wholesale change of staff in his office,'' one source said.

Many do not believe a change of staff will rescue the Premier, however.
Spinning has its rewards
Andrew Bolt
Arguably Kevin Rudd’s greatest apologist on Sky News, where he appears regularly as a “commentator”, is Bruce Hawker. By sheer coincidence, such spinning turns out to have some side benefits:

A COMPANY that provides strategic political advice to the Prime Minister’s office is also being paid by mining and energy companies to lobby the Government as it prepares to unveil its greenhouse strategy.

Hawker Britton, overwhelmingly made up of former Labor staffers and party insiders, is working for at least six companies that would be nervously watching the Government’s emissions-trading deliberations.
Warming priests defocked on Sunday
Andrew Bolt
Sunday‘s Adam Shand finds the debate on global warming that Tim Flannery claims is over. Oddly enough, the debate Shand finds is between experts who doubt man is truly heating the world to hell and non-expert evangelists who insist he is.

This is also the first time that I recall mainstream television reporting that the world has not warmed over the past decade.
The thieves with green bags
Andrew Bolt
Here’s a perfect way to infuriate your customers:

SUPERMARKET shoppers will pay between 10 and 25 cents for every plastic bag they use when levies are trialled in a few weeks. Up to 10 Safeway and Coles supermarkets are being recruited by the State Government for the month-long trial, due to begin in August.
Yes, something’s sure buggered in Malaysia
Andrew Bolt
Those morons who have made a joke of Malaysian democracy just don’t give up:

MALAYSIA’S opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, will be investigated over new allegations of sodomy, police said today, the same charge that saw him jailed a decade ago.
Liberals storming back
Andrew Bolt
Labor seems set to once more get in first, before the voters:

Labor MPs are hardening in their resolve that (Premier Morris) Iemma must be sacrificed to give them a chance of holding on to government in 2011.

The results of today’s Sun-Herald/Taverner Poll will be the final straw… An election held now would propel the Opposition into government with a 56-44 two-party preferred landslide. That is in stark contrast to a Sun-Herald/Taverner Poll conducted in February, which found Labor hanging on 51-49.

Add that to the souring against Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, and the Liberals should realise where the platform for a national rebuilding lies. That said, I would not rule out a win at the next federal poll, either - a win that six months ago seemed impossible.
Labor a sinking Titanic: O'Farrell
There's speculation New South Wales premier Morris Iemma will be forced out of the top job in the wake of another bad poll result against the state government.
Labor takes out Kororoit by-election
Labor, the Liberals and even the independent are claiming moral victories after Labor's Marlene Kairouz won the weekend's Kororoit by-election.

However the Victorian Electoral Commission is predicting a two-party preferred swing against the State Labor Government of 13 per cent.

Labor held the safe western suburbs seat - an industrial and residential area taking in Caroline Springs, St Albans and Deer Park - by 26 per cent before Saturday's poll.

Live Science News Headlines

Mosquito Wars: Scientists Take a Swat
An influx of mosquitoes is threatening the flood-ravaged Midwest, but science has some solutions.

Bird Study Reveals 10 Things You Didn't Know
Cheeky Study Finds Beauty Secret in Cadavers
Oil Drilling: Risks and Rewards
Man's Face Becomes Remote Control Device

Top Features
Birth Control Video: What Really Works
Diet Tip: Skip 'CSI'
Scientists Struggle to Keep Up With Marine Life Discoveries
Non-Voters: It's All In God's Hands

When Galaxies Collide
Greatest Warming Seen at High Latitudes

Image of the Day
Going to the Sun
June 27 marks the 75th anniversary of the completion of Glacier National Park’s Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Strong Swing to Conservatives

Strong swing to Coalition in Gippsland
Andrew Bolt
That’s a good result for the Coalition:

THE National Party has declared victory in the Gippsland by-election, with candidate Darren Chester set to lead the Victorian electorate…

At last count Mr Chester had 62.2 per cent of the two-party preferred vote, with 65 per cent of overall votes counted…

The early result represents a 6.3 per cent swing to the National Party.
Nationals claim Gippsland win
THE National Party has won the Gippsland by-election, claiming a 9 per cent swing against the ALP.

Artist Review :Caleb Hawkins

Hello My name is Caleb Hawkins...

I am working on my second CD, I hope to have it out this summer.... Feel free to keep an eye on this site for my songs, also to look around the net for other places where you may find other works of mine.
Railroad bum
by calebhawkins

an old Public Domain song my Dad sings for my Grandpa.

one track into a vintage EV Mic, fingerstyle guitar.
Beautiful Sunset
Swing Low
Great old song, A great sounding hall to sing it in.
Soldiers Joy
So I got this new mando to use for as long as i need it thanks to a picking buddy of mine, while it has been a while since i was playing mando... this recording turned out nice...
Beautiful Sunset
15 Cents

A song about a boy in love...
Beautiful Sunset
Wild Bill Jones
a good ol banjo ballad about killing somebody
=== ===
been a big year in 2008

Well it has been a big year...

I upgraded the studio and built a fine sounding treated acoustic room, new computer, new software, new monitors better mics....

It has been a great year for the studio, I have not had much time to upload any of the stuff that I have been working on but I hope to change that sometime soon, for now I am going to upload a video I shot last week in the studio, just for giggles.

It's unclear what the future holds for my music as I go from full time bookings to scaling back to writing and recording with some producing on the side, while holding down a new job.

See all this music has been great, and I enjoyed being a full time working artist a great deal. But coming this August I am going to get married to the most wonderful girl anybody will ever meet, and for the time being until she finishes getting her degree I have to stay in one place a while, and be a husband and a provider. So for now my plans are to just keep it simple at home hone my craft some more and book a few weeks here and there, maybe tour next summer...


Throwing Them Under The Bus

Apparently sweet aliens from galaxy quest.

Spotted on a blog by a musician, Eddie Franklin.
Im a little disturbed by the trend in recent months to throw anyone and everyone "under the bus" as they say. When I was in the Army there was a saying."You are only as strong as the weakest man in your group". You picked up the man who was falling behind and made sure that he made it too. Because one day the one being left behind might be you.

Anyway, It seems everyone is ready to pass judgment so quickly anymore. As if they were God, and could divine all things. I don't really think throwing people under the bus would be part of God's plan anyway. It doesn't really match up too well with the love and compassion thing. But you know, In today's world there is no God, so you don't need to worry about any consequences for being the slimiest person on earth. Covienient!! Just imagine if in war. People left their fellow men behind because they were trippin my mood, or slowing me down, they were gonna get ME killed. Not very selfless, but indeed selfish. Not heroic but cowardly.
Today, there is world filled with people who need but one thing. To Love and to be Loved. It was all God ever asked and the day will come when you will see through the veil. God will ask you, "How do you think you did?"

I won't be throwing anyone under the bus and I LOVE ALL OF YOU. Regardless, of what color your skin is, what kind of religion youve chosen to follow, what you sexual preference, whether youve made mistakes. LOVE is eternity. HATE is death. When man kind learns to pick up his fellow he has left for dead. The whole of the world will become as it should have been.
check out the battle at Kruger

I feel that. I have never been in the army, but I feel what you say. I spent over a decade as a recluse, but only recently decided to come out of the woodwork again. And although I don't feel I got anyone I can turn to, other than god, I also feel I have a responsibility to those around me too. And so I find myself doing things for others without wanting something in return. Sometimes its a thrill.- ed
No jokes in Canada
Andrew Bolt
Ezra Levant smuggles out news from the People’s Democratic Republic of Canada:

Guy Earle, a Toronto comedian, must now stand trial before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal on the charge of telling unfunny jokes.

That sounds like a joke itself, but it’s not.

In May, 2007, Earle was hosting a comedy night at Zesty’s restaurant in Vancouver. He says a couple of lesbians came in, got drunk and starting making out right in front of the stage. He said they also heckled him and other comedians.

In other words, like anyone else—gay, straight or otherwise—they set themselves up for some wise-cracks. And crack wise Earle did.

Terrible mistake. Here’s a preliminary ruling against him from Canada’s human rights Gestapo. And here’s Earle taking one last riff before his execution (BAD LANGUAGE, BAD TASTE WARNING; NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN):

The gorgeous blogger, Sollee, has the following;
Indeed, life is beautiful.....Imagine how those little creatures survive despite the bad weather we have every now and then.....Imagine how ants would bump into each other, then you would see them trying to make "bayanihan" pulling together a "gigantic" food they had discovered!.....How some sparrows would even stay on high voltage wires without getting electrocuted and enjoy every minute of it....How little kids would understand each other when they play even without talking.....Life is beautiful!
We live in a world where love and hate dwells yet love survives despite of it all....We live in doubts, in worries, even in turbulence yet hope could erased them all....Life is beautiful...
If you cry now it doesn't matter for tomorrow your tears will all be gone....there is a mystery, a beautiful mystery beyond those tears of yours that you have yet discovered...
Life is beautiful more than you could ever imagine!
She is not blissed out on medication, she is a lecturer, teacher at a religious campus in the Phillipines.

Promoting New Music Saturn's Day 28th June

Beautiful Sunset
Lilichi in the shower Garbage cover
by nothing and lilichi

Okay, I have been running around the globe like mad. So, I heard this rough, rough, rough cut that we recorded months ago -- as a rough draft. I thought you would like Lili's HOT, brilliant vocals! She is great! I miss you all! ΓΈ
Friday Night Rendezvouz
by calebhawkins

fun little ditty on my Eastman AC710 through an MXL 960 tube microphone direct to iMovie and then some final production in Garage Band. Enjoy!
Beautiful Sunset
I've Got Time to Spend
by Sloparts

This is a song about filling time !

I wrote this song in 1991 and made a recording of it back in 1993. But that recording was really pretty bad, so I just finished up a brand new version of it and thought maybe I'd post it here just in case you might like to check it out.

Let's just call this one Country


hold on
by rinca and Psykosoul

just an old song by a dead buddy...
Beautiful Sunset
The Track Of Time (with new 1st movement)
by feenixx

Unless you have absolutely no choice, please listen to the AAC version. The mp3 has some little sounds MISSING completely. You may need to turn up the volume a little, too - I mixed it for maximum dynamic range, so it doesn't sound as loud overall as most music.

My probably "most difficult to listen to" piece has just become more difficult.

I previously posted a rough sketch and a "finished for now" version. I was lacking the skill to get the first movement right - that's where I made major changes.
This is a sketch towards a final, and the last version of it I'm posting at iComp. FRom here on in, it's going to be "work" - future versions will need to earn money.

It's a symphonic "tone painting" in 4 movements...
1) The Beginning Of Time - the Big Bang - I needed to develop my Critical Mass method to do it the way I wanted it.
2) Time Lines - a slow march movement
3) Time Cycles - repetitive and inconclusive - it ends where it started
4) Time Particles - playful 12-tone serial music

after the Big Bang, some "background radiation" lingers throughout the piece. It's meant to resemble several faded radio signals mixed together (that's what the Real Thing sounds like on the radio). It's actually a huge amount of orchestral instrument sounds, and it took me ages to do.

Enjoy if you can, no love lost if you can't, I'll be making lighter music again.
another mess
by rinca and Psykosoul

the 1100000000 idea this evening on this track. HELPPP
Beautiful Sunset
by eagle_1 and zefif

sorry Fif, i had to modify your fantastic piece (Fair) to make a little (and for me nostalgic feelin') song...i mean that i've been in musical production for years and always lent my voice to the songs in it...for this song i think the listener should close the eyes and imagine the world or place where he or she is...believe me it brings more magic to what you hear...
thanks mate, for lending me your magistral music and you can find Fif's track here
now close your eyes listen and enjoy....
Beautiful Sunset
Time For Change
by ScubaScissors

It's hard to describe why I wrote this song without sounding stupid. I guess I'll just say that...earlier this afternoon I found out that someone I admire very much made a personal decision to move on from something he'd been doing for quite some time. Nobody knows for sure what lies ahead at this point.

All we can do is hope for the best.

Headlines Saturday 28th June

Big subsidies once again mean bigger bills
Andrew Bolt
Kevin Rudd’s big-headlines promise to cut childcare expenses with generous subsidies turns out to mean ... higher bills:

EDDIE Groves is playing our politicians for mugs. And us.

He announced this week average price hikes of 10.7 per cent, or about $6 a day, at his 1200 ABC childcare centres across the country…

Groves says these price increases, which take effect on June 30, have nothing to do with the fact from July 1 parents will have more available cash because the childcare tax rebate will increase from 30per cent to 50 per cent. Oh really.

Wait until we see what his promise to lift the surcharge on Medicare surcharge means for waiting lists and public hospital funding. This will then seem nothing.
Oakes agrees: gas plan could kill Rudd
Andrew Bolt
It’s astonishing that only now is a bad penny dropping. Laurie Oakes:

(O)n the issue of an emissions trading scheme, Rudd threw caution to the wind before last year’s election.

John Howard had committed a re-elected Coalition government to having such a scheme up and running by 2012.

Key ALP advisers urged Rudd to adopt the same timetable. But Rudd decided he wanted to outdo Howard, so he set 2010 as the date by which an emissions trading scheme would be operating if Labor won. Now he is stuck with the consequences....

It is now dawning on many in the ranks of Labor’s caucus that 2010 is an election year.
Fashionistas feel a heat that their thermometers don’t
Andrew Bolt
World temperatures rose just 0.7 degrees until 1998 and then stopped. But fashion airheads consult not the thermometer but the vibe to declare that winter is now like summer, and the fashions need not change either:

(S)ome of the biggest changes the multibillion-dollar global industry is undergoing have more to do with global warming than the usual shifts in season and taste…
Winning the war you were told was lost
Andrew Bolt
Gerard Baker surveys the state of the war of terror:

We are prevailing in this struggle. We know it. And everywhere: in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and among Muslims around the world, the enemy knows it too.
A debate!
Andrew Bolt
On global warming! Watch Sunday on Sunday (only after taping Insiders, of course).


A pendulum is swinging back, if Sunday‘s promo is any guide:

Today Sunday examines the political consensus building that has portrayed global warming as the most urgent crisis humankind has ever faced.

Skeptics point to the gaps in the knowledge base and the flaws in the measurement of vital climate and weather data upon which the consensus is based.

Social researchers also highlight the dangers of conducting science as a form of religion, divided into believers and deniers.
The company they keep
Andrew Bolt
Gangsters, molls and associated riff-raff:

Confidential understands (Roberta) Williams, thrust into the spotlight after the success of Underbelly, this week approached dealmaker Harry M. Miller for representation.

But the man who made Deborah Hutton and Maggie Tabberer household names turned the convicted drug dealer down, citing loyalties to his client Melbourne gangland matriarch, Judy Moran.
A clash of booga-boogas
Andrew Bolt
It’s just a pity that they’re driven to dump this irrational ban through an irrational fear:

THE head of Australia’s biggest blue-collar union, Paul Howes, and former NSW Labor premier Bob Carr have called for Australia and the Rudd Government to purge its prejudices and embrace a nuclear power industry…

Mr Howes, national secretary of the Australian Workers Union, told The Australian that “if we are going to be a green Labor Government, then we have to look at nuclear”.
BBC not white enough
Andrew Bolt
Is anyone in all this asking what the viewers actually want?

Broadcasters have overcompensated for their lack of executives from ethnic minorities by putting too many black and Asian faces on screen, a leading television industry figure said last night.
Expertise established
Andrew Bolt
Beautiful Sunset
Was Lara Logan, a former swimsuit model, just training for her new job?

A veteran news reporter for the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) became involved in two romantic relationships while on assignment in Iraq—one, possibly contributing to a divorce—the New York Post reported Thursday…

Just yesterday, the network assigned her to the Washington, D.C. bureau as the chief foreign affairs correspondent.
They will say anything in hopes of spotting a left wing leader.
Andrew Bolt
The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Peter Hartcher watches our next prime minister wow the crowd at the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue and gushes:

Julia Gillard has come a long way since the Victorian Socialist Left. She has made a sophisticated and successful international debut, and moved herself credibly into a new category of leadership, the category of international politics and statecraft. In doing so, she has reaffirmed Australia’s place as America’s uniquely reliable ally - the only country that has joined forces with the US in every major war of the 20th century and the 21st century, no matter how noble, no matter how misguided.

A long way indeed for a former leader of a lobby group for Communist Party refugees. But more interesting is this: When does the media lobbying for Gillard to replace Rudd start? My guess: certainly before she honors Labor’s promise to give every senior secondary student a computer.
Rudd’s guru off to help wombats instead
Andrew Bolt
Beautiful Sunset
The Rudd Government has shoved every hard economic decision to Treasury Secretary Ken Henry to solve, giving this one man too much responsibility. On top of his regular job, he’s also heading a huge review into our tax system as well as helping Infrastructure Australia figure how to spend the Government’s billions.

So it’s odd that he’s decided it’s time to vanish for a month to somewhere not even Rudd can ring:

THE man at the helm of Australia’s economy will leave his post for almost five weeks - to look after endangered wombats.
Rudd fuels fear
Andrew Bolt
It’s a question that could and should be answered in a single word:

CHRIS UHLMANN: Will fuel be included in an emissions trading system....?

But Kevin Rudd doesn’t answer it in 553
A sustained objection
Andrew Bolt
Beautiful Sunset
I was instantly impressed by the courage and integrity of Singaporean opposition leader Chee Soon Juan when I was privileged to meet him. I didn’t know his sister was just as admirable.

From her cross examination of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who, like his father, has an unhealthy habit of using the country’s pliant courts to sue critics like the Chees into silence
Light dawns
Andrew Bolt
Michelle Grattan speaks for herself:

Who would have thought that Kevin Rudd would be battling with coming to grips with “cultural sensitivities” in Asia?
Rudd’s carbon catastrophe
Andrew Bolt
KEVIN Rudd has a plan to cut your emissions that won’t work, will hurt and isn’t needed.

In fact, if the Prime Minister has any sense, he’ll check the soaring prices for oil and coal and say his painful plan has been tried on you already, and has failed, failed, failed.

Or does he just want Labor to lose the next, unloseable election?
Polygamy not in their welfare
Andrew Bolt
WE haven’t heard the last of this call by Muslim leaders for the right to polygamy.

After all, how can a society that’s moving to give a man the right to marry another man then refuse a man the right to marry two women?

Give way on gay marriage, you must give way on polygamy. In both cases it’s about consenting adults, right?

So I couldn’t blame the sheiks who thought it was time this week to demand we change our laws to make polygamy legal.
Too many wives confuse the Left
Andrew Bolt
The Age editor admits he’s a racist and sectarian bigot:

The mere fact that (legalising polygamy) has been raised will goad racist and sectarian bigots — though they will not identify themselves as such, preferring to proclaim instead that they are the defenders of central Australian values…

But acknowledging the plight of (polygamous Muslim) families (in Australia) does not justify a change in the law. As The Age has argued before, there are fundamental values that must be accepted by all who live in this society if the broader diversity is to be sustained.
Filling up to bursting point
Andrew Bolt
Michael Duffy says we need to start discussing the price of record immigration:

This week the Bureau of Statistics announced that last year the nation’s population grew at its fastest rate since 1988… Net overseas migration contributed 56 per cent of that increase…

(B)ut try to find anyone today who will admit our water restrictions are the result of population growth… The same thing can be seen with other issues. Just this week in the Herald there’s been coverage of a report on road congestion…

Why has the link between immigration numbers and the above issues been ignored? ... If Kevin Rudd knew that when he bumped immigrant numbers up he’d be responsible for all the extra schools, hospitals and roads that would be needed, he might think twice.
Hell will ice over before warmenists concede
Andrew Bolt
The North Pole is melting! Man-made global warming is here! Meanwhile, as the University of Illinois’ global warming monitors concede, the Southern Hemisphere is getting icier than ever. Which is why, of course, you never read about it in The Age.

NSW Lib Updates

Too Little, Too Late: One Extra Train Won’t Solve Over-Crowding
Shadow Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian said today Premier Morris Iemma and Transport Minister John Watkins’ train announcement is just a small step towards addressing massive overcrowding issues and playing catch-up after slashing 416 daily train services in 2005.

“One additional daily train service and an extra two carriages on four daily services is a slap in the face for long-suffering commuters.

Patient Survey Confirms Hospital Staff Are Great, Health Minister Is Woeful
The recent statewide NSW Health patient survey demonstrates that the community has great faith in our doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, but no confidence in Health Minister Reba Meagher, Shadow Minister for Health Jillian Skinner said today.

“The patient survey confirms what we all know, the doctors and nurses in our hospitals do an outstanding job. It is their hard work and dedication that keep our hospitals functioning,” Mrs Skinner said.

Major Threat To Industrial Peace Under Labor
Written by Mike Gallacher MLC
Workplace disputes are expected to increase dramatically following revelations during Question Time today, Shadow Industrial Relations Minister Mike Gallacher says.

“I asked acting Industrial Relations Minister Eric Roozendaal whether the Iemma Government planned to take any steps to ensure industrial peace in the wake of a June 12 meeting of the Labor Council,” Mr Gallacher said.

Sartor’s Non-Existent Subregional Strategies
Written by Brad Hazzard MP
Three years after the release of Iemma Labor Government’s Metropolitan Strategy two subregional plans for NSW’s future have still not been released and the remaining nine are still in draft form, Shadow Minister for Planning, Brad Hazzard said today.

“NSW councils and communities have a right to know what this State Labor Government has planned for the future of their local areas,” Mr Hazzard said.

Transparency And Reporting Needed For Indigenous Programs
Written by Greg Aplin MP
Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Greg Aplin today called on the Iemma Government to produce and table Ministerial Advisory Panel Reports and a separate annual report on progress in the program to tackle child sexual assault in Aboriginal communities.

“This will ensure that a Iemma Government program spread across so many different agencies actually becomes effective in achieving its aims and is open to public scrutiny,” Mr Aplin said.

After Dithering And Denials, Safety Debacle Takes Bendy Buses Off Road
Written by Gladys Berejiklian MP
Shadow Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian said today the removal of 80 bendy buses from the roads proves the problem with the braking system is in fact a serious issue that could have potentially endangered lives.

Mr Watkins has admitted the buses are getting a new braking system.

Families Left Out In Cold On Department Restructure
Written by Andrew Constance MP
A restructure of the Department of Disability Services has left families confused and concerned about future service provision by the community support teams Shadow Minister for Disability Services Andrew Constance said today.

Beechwood Homes Debacle: Burney Must Explain How Licence Was Renewed
Written by Barry O'Farrell MP
NSW Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell has called on Fair Trading Minister Linda Burney to explain how the Beechwood Homes boss had his builder’s licence renewed just weeks before its collapse.

“Given more than 100 complaints to her department about Beechwood Homes and the widely publicised losses involving its owner, Fair Trading should have picked up the warning signs,” Mr O’Farrell said.

Fair Trading Failure To Detect Warnings Of Beechwood Collapse: Minister Must Learn From Her Mistakes
Written by Catherine Cusack MLC
Fair Trading Minister Linda Burney must reform her Department following its failure to heed 3 years of warnings that Beechwood Homes was at risk of collapse, Shadow Minister for Fair Trading Catherine Cusack said today.

“If a builder loses $72 million on his racehorses, it is very clear under the NSW Home Building Act that Fair Trading has a duty to start asking questions,” Ms Cusack said.

Two Weeks On, Iemma Still Dithering On Establishing An Inquiry Into Iguana-Gate
Another Public Housing Tragedy: Iemma Govt Warned Weeks Ago
Iemma Government Slams Taxpayers With Sneaky Power Price Hike
New Mental Health Facilities Welcome, But Less Beds Than Ten Years Ago
Labor MP Complains About Pay: Arrogant And Out Of Touch

Friday, June 27, 2008

Promoting New Music Freya's Day 27th June

If You Want A Friend
by signorina_oscurata

I record lots of stuff with the one-handed piano and single voice, but never post much if any of it. Sat down at the keys today with a little bubble of morose acceptance in my chest, and had to write about it. This is the result. Entirely unpolished. No metronome, no multiple tracks, no vocal effects. Just me and my stupid dinky electric piano alone in a room with our feelings.
Random clicking noises are the plastic pedals of the piano slapping against my bare feet and the floor, or the plastic keys clicking against one another and my fingers. There's something to be said for recording the keys track ahead, but it kills the spontaneity.
Beautiful Sunset
Sinaloa Cowboys
by Dylan

Looks like i'm goin through a "latin" phase these days...

So here's a sort of mexican doo-wop latin folk version of this Springsteen tune...Everything was done live, no loops.

Instruments involved : nylon and steel guitars, bass, all kinds of percussive toys, a cowbell (for Barretok), kids accordion...
Beautiful Sunset
My Joy in You
by SELES and Jovana

I don't have words to describe this great great gift, that Gwen has made me , singing this piece of mine. You has surprised me with your Fantastic voice and your marvelous heart. I say only.. Thanks

Gwen..this song is for You.

Jovana- Voices and Lirics
seles - Music


Headlines Friday 27th June

Call for Heiner Royal Commission
Piers Akerman
Shadow minister Tony Abbott has called for a Royal Commission into the long-running Heiner Affair in a speech in the House of Representatives.
Here is the address, as reported by Hansard June 25, 2008: Affair and Lindeberg Grievance. Mr ABBOTT (Warringah) (7.40 pm)—What has become known as the ‘Heiner affair’ is a serious blot on public administration in this country and a stain on the reputations of those who have obstructed getting to the bottom of it.
In the late 1980s, not only was a Queensland juvenile justice centre systematically mismanaged but its inmates were subjected to sustained abuse, including, in at least one case, pack rape.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the principal victim of the matters investigated by Magistrate Heiner has had her life destroyed.
I regret to say that one of the first acts of the then Goss government in Queensland was to terminate the Heiner inquiry and then order the shredding of the evidence taken, even though that government was already on notice that the evidence could be required in court proceedings. Whatever the case was legally—and there is strong opinion that what the government did was illegal—morally this was an official attempt to pervert the course of justice. Every member of that cabinet has been complicit in a shameful cover-up and they should be man and woman enough to face up to that.
Four years ago, a Queensland Baptist pastor was jailed for destroying evidence of child abuse that might have been used in court proceedings. A man was jailed for doing, more innocently perhaps, what the Queensland cabinet had done.
I want to say that an offence is not the less serious because it has been committed by numerous people acting in concert. Normally, in fact, the opposite is the case. So one man does wrong and he is jailed; the Queensland cabinet does wrong and its members suffer no adverse consequences at all. Is it any wonder that so many people feel that there are double standards of justice even in this country?
It's a mess, but what do we expect?
Alan Jones
One headline today screams at us, "Why Iemma has made Sydney a global joke". And notwithstanding the dreadful transport mess that we're in, the headline derives from the fact that the company that couldn't deliver on the T-card - the integrated ticketing system - is now going after the Government, which is us, for $200 million.

And this has attracted the attention of the head of the International Association of Public Transport, a Mr Rat, who has said at a conference in Singapore that the way the T-card contract was handled and the resulting court case had damaged the State's image.

He said "Everywhere in the world where change of ticketing systems is occurring, if there's no teamwork from the departments and the management of public transport companies, it will fail. In New South Wales you throw away two CEOs a year."

Now this bloke represents public transport operators and transport authorities in 90 countries. He said uncertainty discouraged innovation.

He said "You create a situation where everyone's hiding. A massive change in ticketing means you need people who form a team and take risks together."

Now the New South Wales Government being bagged internationally is not good news. But this is where the Government is its own worst enemy.
Socialists salute Comrade Ape
Andrew Bolt
What happened to the apes’ right to decide their rights for themselves?
Beautiful Sunset
Spain’s parliament voiced its support on Wednesday for the rights of great apes to life and freedom in what will apparently be the first time any national legislature has called for such rights for non-humans.
Republican Thaddeus McCotter gives a handy lecture in Congress on how to speak Democrat.

If the tyres were made of hemp, would they help?
Andrew Bolt
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Premier John Brumby gave Toyota $70 million it didn’t need to build a “green” car in Victoria, creating 200 jobs.

Today South Pacific Tyre announced it was closing its tyre-making plant at Somerton, also in Victoria. How many millions do you think Rudd and Brumby threw at the plant to try to save those 600 jobs?

Now explain the different treatment.
Was monstering Mugabe just spin, too?
Andrew Bolt
Tony Parkinson, Alexander Downer’s former spokesman, wonders why Kevin Rudd won’t walk his talk on Zimbabwe:

While the Prime Minister acknowledged in Parliament this week that he considered Robert Mugabe to meet the classical definition of a dictator, he gave no real clues about the contribution his Government intends to make to help stop the Zimbabwean tyrant’s crimes against humanity. News

Black Holes All Eat the Same Way
Regardless of where black holes dine, they have the same culinary habits, research found.

NASA Astronaut Settles in Aboard Space Station
Scientists Get the Scoop on Moon Exploration

Proof! Water Ice Found on Mars
Moon to Hide Star Cluster

Spacehab Eyes Biomedical Research Opportunities Aboard ISS
Mars Scientists: It Must Be Ice
NASA Launches New Satellite to Map Rising Seas
Pluto's Identity Crisis Hits Classrooms and Bookstores

NEW VIDEO: America's First Female Astronaut to Fly: Sally Ride
VIDEO: GLAST Cast - Part 2
VIDEO: Digging on Mars
Image of the Day: There's Too Much Confusion
NEW VIDEO: Ocean Watch With Jason 2
NASA's OSTM/Jason 2 mission will monitor rising sea levels and help to improve weather forcasting. Credit NASA/JPL

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Promoting New Music Thor's Day 26th June

Beautiful Sunset
Born (In Your Garden)
by vegetal

Complete tune... no need voice. I already sing.
I'm not crazy.
Danceable Melancholic Pop.

New fresh stuff.

Hope you like it.
Beautiful Sunset
Triple Expression
by EddieFranklin, fatchance and Bass2x

This was posted before. And is a terrific collab. I really love this one. My deepest apologies to Bass2x and Geo for removing this.
Beautiful Sunset
by ScottCarmichael

One of the very first songs that I ever wrote... there are a few before this one that I can’t quite dredge up at this point.. but this one goes all the way back to when this picture was taken... LAST CENTURY... I recorded it a few years back just so I’d have it... and last week I pulled the files up in Logic to rework... I took out all keyboards and stripped it down so that it would feature guitars only... I may remix it again if I decide that the radio mid rangy bridge vox don’t work...

Headlines Thursday 26th June

Goal should be Zimbabwe peace
Piers Akerman
TIME is rapidly running out for the tortured people of Zimbabwe, but the solution to their ongoing tragedy may lie at the feet of South Africa - the host of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

South African President Thabo Mbeki has made claims to be Africa’s leader on human rights and even aspires to a global role in this area.

His “softly softly” approach to human rights in Zimbabwe has gone nowhere. He has operated on the theory that the “big men” of Africa must look after each other or their people will rise up and throw them out of office.

Perhaps it is time for FIFA, soccer’s international controlling body, to tell Mbeki it will reconsider the location of the World Cup if South Africa does not do the right thing.

Football is the religion of southern Africa and such a gesture from FIFA might send Mbeki the powerful message that the world will not let him remain inert while his neighbour continues to slaughter those trying to assert their democratic right to elect the government of their choice.

Australia could have a role in this effort, if Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wishes to be counted as person of global significance. He met members of the FIFA board four weeks ago when he delivered the keynote address at FIFA’s 58th annual congress in Sydney, and later feted them at a banquet in the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.

On Saturday, President Robert Mugabe will stage his grotesque parody of an election run-off, time is running out.
Sponsor a lion
Six months left to stop Iran
Andrew Bolt
Even Mohamed ElBaradei, war critic and head of the “watchdog” International Atomic Energy Agency, concedes Iran could have a nuclear bomb in just six months:

Muhammad Al-Baradei: If Iran wants to turn to the production of nuclear weapons, it must leave the NPT, expel the IAEA inspectors, and then it would need at least… Considering the number of centrifuges and the quantity of uranium Iran has…

Interviewer: How much time would it need?

Muhammad Al-Baradei: It would need at least six months to one year.

He seems awfully relaxed about it, though:

Muhammad Al-Baradei: I don’t think that what we are seeing today in Iran poses a clear, imminent, and immediate danger…

Interviewer: So there is no justification for a strike against Iran today.

Muhammad Al-Baradei: None whatsoever.

Hillel Halkin:

There is something genuinely revolting about a world that preaches the need for peacefully dissuading the Iranians from developing atomic weapons while knowingly practicing a policy that in the end leaves Israel no choice but to send its planes into the air.

Gabriel Schoenfeld warns that simply bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities will be close to impossible
Farewell to George Carlin (warning, includes swearing)

Apocalypse delayed
Andrew Bolt
And now the seas have stopped rising, too
Beautiful Sunset
Mandela’s terrible silence
Andrew Bolt
Attacking George Bush was so much easier:

OF ALL Africa’s politicians, none can rival the moral authority of Nelson Mandela. Yet the leading figure of South Africa’s struggle for democracy and human rights has not voiced any public criticism of Robert Mugabe’s violent campaign to hold on to power in Zimbabwe.
Show Q&A you care
Andrew Bolt
The ABC’s Q&A deserves to be watched tonight. Tim Blair is a guest. But who did they book for the audience?
What’s hot is the promise
Andrew Bolt
How impossible is Kevin Rudd’s plan to cut our emissions by 60 per cent? Judge from this:

Government data released today showed Australia produced 585 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2007, six per cent more than in 1990…

If land clearing is taken out of the equation, emissions have risen 31 per cent since 1990....

Senator Wong said the reduced rate of land clearing had been a significant factor in restraining emissions, but that this option would be less useful in future calculations.
The people Kirby hangs out with
Andrew Bolt
A bizarre alliance is to be formed at an ”interfaith conference” in Melbourne, featuring the usual far-Left urgers and radical clerics.

There you will find Michael Kirby, the High Court judge, giving the keynote address, while a message will be be read out from former Iranian president and cleric Mohammad Khatami, a late no-show, no doubt chosen in solidarity against a looming attack on his country’s illegal nuclear weapons plants.

Or put it this way. The keynote address will be given by a prominent gay activist. The other address will be given by the former president of a country which does this to gays like Kirby:
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Is it time for a parenting license?
We have strict rules controlling doctors, builders and teachers, but when it comes to the most important vocation of all, our permissive society says anything goes. This needs to be addressed, according to Alan Jones.
Learn, learn, learn
Andrew Bolt
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Gordon Brown may be proof of the success of accelerated learning in an academic hot-house for children. Or, then again, of its failure.
Our welfare, our responsibility
Andrew Bolt
More on the two women - friends, not sisters as first suggested - who had 14 children checked for starvation and hypothermia:
All together, some 21 children are believed to be involved in this deeply disturbing affair, mostly those of the two women, but also of the Adelaide woman’s siblings, who orbit in and out of their problematic lives.

Neither woman works, according to neighbours. But Centrelink figures show the Adelaide woman would be eligible to collect at least $57,000 in benefits annually on the basis of having 12 dependent children. Reported to be pregnant with twins, she would be entitled to a baby bonus of $10,000 on giving birth.

Centrelink figures show her friend would be eligible for at least $31,000 in annual benefits for her seven children. She, too, is said to be pregnant and in line for a $5000 baby bonus.

The women have shared men over the years - one of the elements binding them together. Currently, the Adelaide woman is involved with her friend’s ex-partner, while the friend is involved with a relative of the Adelaide woman.
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What’s hot is the promise
Andrew Bolt
How impossible is Kevin Rudd’s plan to cut our emissions by 60 per cent? Judge from this:

Government data released today showed Australia produced 585 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2007, six per cent more than in 1990…

If land clearing is taken out of the equation, emissions have risen 31 per cent since 1990....

Senator Wong said the reduced rate of land clearing had been a significant factor in restraining emissions, but that this option would be less useful in future calculations.
Got a better idea?
Andrew Bolt
Roger Simon:

Whatever one thinks about the neocons, they had virtually the only program, the only idea of how to right the world after 9/11. Conventional liberalism and conventional liberals had nothing to say. They still don’t.
News from the barbarian wars
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Down from Echuca for some fun in Melbourne:

A WOMAN bashed with a brick in an apparently random attack today was allegedly told by her female attackers they were just ”having a bit of fun”.

As one does these days.