Friday, June 13, 2008

Promoting New Music Freya's Day 13th June

Beautiful Sunset
Whatcha Say?
by RAVENS and Barretok
I must say, thank you to B for creating such a beautiful track & collabing with me again. We tried something a bit different this time. We just improvised on most of the lyrics, kinda like a conversation, which made it feel more natural. It was a lot of fun, thank you again B {EDIT} It isn't explicit but just in case...
Beautiful Sunset
by rinca, Bondiman and GuitarChris

something i need to get back to. i currently have about 100 songs that are unfinished. thought if i just uploaded it may get me started again...LOL. well thats the plan anyway.....
this is a song about knowing me and getting on the wrong side of me when i've been drinking too much. this song is about that little person that lives inside us all that comes out sometimes when we have been partying too hard or are very stressed. i have named my alter ego Mrs Bizzaro. what are you going to name yours?
Beautiful Sunset
night sail
by IanCarey

mystical darkness out on the sea

it turned out a bit soft on the volume, so you may want to increase for a good listen- thx and enjoy!
Beautiful Sunset
Lord, Lord Lord, Give me a Break
by Sloparts

This is a song I originally wrote and recorded in 1993. It's kind of the musicians lament sort of and it was fun writing the lyric. Originally it was done as more of a Country song, but I've redone it and added a little bit of Funk to it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making the new version.

Thanks for listening.

The Fratellis- Milk And Money MY SAXOPHONE VERSION
by musika

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