Saturday, June 28, 2008

Artist Review :Caleb Hawkins

Hello My name is Caleb Hawkins...

I am working on my second CD, I hope to have it out this summer.... Feel free to keep an eye on this site for my songs, also to look around the net for other places where you may find other works of mine.
Railroad bum
by calebhawkins

an old Public Domain song my Dad sings for my Grandpa.

one track into a vintage EV Mic, fingerstyle guitar.
Beautiful Sunset
Swing Low
Great old song, A great sounding hall to sing it in.
Soldiers Joy
So I got this new mando to use for as long as i need it thanks to a picking buddy of mine, while it has been a while since i was playing mando... this recording turned out nice...
Beautiful Sunset
15 Cents

A song about a boy in love...
Beautiful Sunset
Wild Bill Jones
a good ol banjo ballad about killing somebody
=== ===
been a big year in 2008

Well it has been a big year...

I upgraded the studio and built a fine sounding treated acoustic room, new computer, new software, new monitors better mics....

It has been a great year for the studio, I have not had much time to upload any of the stuff that I have been working on but I hope to change that sometime soon, for now I am going to upload a video I shot last week in the studio, just for giggles.

It's unclear what the future holds for my music as I go from full time bookings to scaling back to writing and recording with some producing on the side, while holding down a new job.

See all this music has been great, and I enjoyed being a full time working artist a great deal. But coming this August I am going to get married to the most wonderful girl anybody will ever meet, and for the time being until she finishes getting her degree I have to stay in one place a while, and be a husband and a provider. So for now my plans are to just keep it simple at home hone my craft some more and book a few weeks here and there, maybe tour next summer...

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