Saturday, June 30, 2007

An article on Shiva

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An article on Shiva reported that "Melting sacred phallus icicle saddens pilgrims" written by Sheikh Mushtaq in Srinigar, India.

In the article, the writer innocently states that the icicle is

“It is melting very fast,” N K Raina, director of the Amarnath Shrine Board, said, adding that when the stalagmite was last measured on May 25 it was 3.5m tall and its circumference was 2.5m.

“Now, it has reduced to almost one-tenth of its original size,” he said, without elaborating on the reasons.
Without elaborating on the reasons? What might be the cause? Local nuns? Or can a natural phenomena disappear due to natural causes? Global warming? Climate change?

It begs the question, what happened to all of Shiva's other dongers, which formed all those years ago.

I really think this is a matter that can melt the coldest heart.

Friday, June 29, 2007

What Price is Brown's Peace?

London Bomb Defused, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

There is a cost borne of division in politics. Brit PM Brown promises changes to current policy. Some advocates want Brown to pull Brits out of Iraq. How does Al Quaeda respond?

Would Al Quaeda be trying to bomb London if it were apparent that the subsequent resolve would strengthen?

The dithering of Brit Labor Party in the face of the war on terror has an effect. US Democrats have a similar effect in their opposition to conservative policy. Decent people get killed when Al Quaeda feel they can make a political point. So would a car bomb have been put in London's theater district if Blair was still pm?

My last class, and some thanks

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I really want to thank my 7v class. I didn't sing to them, or my year 8's, because, well, they didn't ask. 7c had been asking me all year. My year 9's joked about it. So I sang my cover of Revive's "Yearning From Loss" which can be found on 'you tube' or at

Thing is, one special student of the class has an older sibling who was in my year 12 class last year. For the older sibling's trial test, I marked it appropriately, but my head teacher changed their marks. I believe the changes were unfair. I believe the changes were made for no other reason than because I taught the class.

I want this head teacher to leave teaching. I have resigned from teaching so as to protect my students from such attacks.

Thank you 7v. You made a lovely card I will treasure.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hurlstone Ag HS Shame

HAHS Clarke House
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Some years ago, a year 8 boy died from a peanut allergy at a school run camp.
The Principal has since retired, but the Welfare Teacher with responsibility for that boy might still be in the same substantive position, years on. That teacher was aware of the issue, whereas the Principal was a bit hazy on subjects like what day of the week it is.
It is understood the incident has been ruled an accident. Is the Department of Education hiding evidence that covers up the true nature of the accident?

A song on the incident has been posted at

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why is educational bias acceptable?

What happens next?
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Tim Dunlop, of blogocracy, makes the (headline) claim that the proposed (Australian) national history panel is right wing.

The claim does not stand up to scrutiny. Admittedly, the article does not make the headline point, but the observation that Mr Gerard Henderson is somehow a creature undeserving of the appointment is not without bias.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Leaving Jail

Paris in Triumph, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

After finding god in 22 days, although the discovery was, apparently, early on, Paris struts free.

Will she really donate money to allow poor children to play with real toys? It is reported that her story will be given free to the press, but does that really mean there is no cost (to the public)?

Who, and how many, will march through that arch of triumph in Paris?