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Turnbull's genesis from Liberal party wrecker to failure

Malcolm Turnbull came to the Liberal Party with ambition. He was drafted by John Howard in 2004 into the blue ribbon seat of Wentworth. In 2007, January, Turnbull was made environment minister.

Turnbull had lead the campaign of the republican movement. He had failed, but his ambition was not curbed. Howard had promised Peter Costello in the mid '90s he would transition leadership to Costello, but he had reneged, believing that it was important for Costello to seize the leadership. Costello believed a transition could be orderly, and expected Howard to step aside in his favour. Instead, Howard brought in to ministry an ambitious but highly flawed character in Malcolm Turnbull. Probably, Howard thought Costello would push aside Turnbull. Instead, Turnbull began undermining the Libs, leaking about Costello's cruelled ambition.

Following the divided Liberal Party's predictable 2007 loss, The Age canvassed leadership contenders after Costello walked. John Hewson doubted Costello was leaving, preserving a legacy of never knowing what was happening among conservatives. Hewson was a mentor to Turnbull, having had the seat of Wentworth before Turnbull. Christopher Pyne had been tasked as being a Costello supporter. In 2008, The Advertiser (South Australia based) pinned the leadership leaks on Costello in July 2006. But Costello approved them after his supporters, not named, suggested it.

In late October 2007, Turnbull acknowledged leaking to The Age on the environment policy regarding Australia not signing Kyoto. Howard reaffirmed the party policy and Costello took the view it was a mistake. The leak was important for Turnbull to put his name, unlike the leadership one, as this cast him as a rising star like Rudd on the same issue. Media were happy to not discuss what the signing of the policy would mean.

Costello had broached the issue of leadership transition in '06, it was not in his interests to keep raising it in '07. After Howard agreed to transition during the next term, the division in the party had crystallised in the public consciousness. It wasn't Costello who was leaking at that time, neither was it Howard.
The 2007 election was lost, Howard lost his seat and Costello walked away.

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Via Stephen Wilson

My favourite response on the internet tonight:
Attention, students. Because so many of you missed Friday’s classes, what with your little climate party and all, today I’m assigning extra work.
​​Let’s begin with mathematics. 558,400,000 is a really big number. Can anyone here tell me what it might represent? No?
​​Well, that’s the amount in tonnes of carbon dioxide that Australia emitted last year.
​​I’ll just pause here for a minute until Samantha stops crying. By the way, Samantha, your sign at the climate rally needed a possessive apostrophe and “planet” was spelled incorrectly, so I’m putting you back in remedial English again.
​​Where were we? Oh, yes. 558,400,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
​​Let’s see how we can reduce that number. Ban coal mining? That’ll knock off a big chunk.
​​Ban petrol-powered vehicles? Good call. That’s another slab of emissions gone.
​​Does the class believe we should ban all mining? You do. Interesting. For your homework tonight, I want you all to design batteries that contain no nickel or cadmium.
​​Good luck getting to school in electric cars without those.
​​And there’ll be no more steel wind turbines once the iron ore mines are closed. It’s just the price we’ll have to pay, I suppose.
​​Even with all those bans, however, Australia will still be churning out carbon dioxide by the magical solar-powered truckload. Cuts need to go much further.
​​More people means more human activity which means more carbon dioxide, so let’s permanently ban immigration. Is the class agreed?
​​Hmmm. You’re not quite so enthusiastic about that one. Come on, students. Sacrifices must be made.
​​Speaking of which, how many of you have grandparents? Not any more you don’t.
​​And Samantha is crying again. Can someone please take her to the school safe space and let her “process some emotions”, or whatever the hell it is you kids do in there? Thank you.
​​Sing along with Kim Carnes: “All the world knows of her charms/She’s got/Stop Adani arms”
​​Who agrees we need to simplify our lives in order to reduce emissions? Returning to earlier times, when emissions were much lower, might help save our earth.
​​So goodbye to air travel, the internet and your cell phones. People got by without them in the past and they’ll survive without them in our sustainable future.
​​Still, those emissions will be way too high. Just for fun, let’s ban Australia and see what happens.
​​All factories, houses, streets, farms – gone. All people gone. Every atom of human presence on this land mass, completely erased.
​​At that point we’ll have finally cut our emissions to nothing. We’ve subtracted an annual 558,400,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
​​Congratulations, children. By eliminating Australia, you’ve just reduced the world’s yearly generation of carbon dioxide from 37,100,000,000 tonnes to just … 36,541,600,000 tonnes.
​​Still, every tiny reduction helps, right? Maybe not. Let’s have a quick geography lesson. Tyler, please point out China on this map. No; that’s Luxembourg. China is a bit bigger. Try over here. There you go.
​​Here’s the thing about China. How long will it take for China to produce the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide that we’ve slashed by vanishing Australia? One year? Two years? Five years?
​​Not quite. Start the carbon dioxide clock on China right now, and that one enormous nation will have matched our annual output by October 10. China adds a whole Australia to the global emissions total every twenty days.
​​For that matter, China will have added another 1,190,953 tonnes by the end of this one-hour class.
​​Even a tiny increase in China’s output puts Australia in the shade. Various experts last year estimated that China was on course for a five per cent carbon dioxide boost.
​​This would mean an extra 521,637,550 tonnes – or basically what Australia generates. Our total is the same as China’s gentle upswing.
​​So maybe your protest was in the wrong country. Here’s another assignment: write letters to the Chinese government demanding it stops dragging people out of poverty.
​​Make sure you include your full name and address, because the Chinese government is kind of big on keeping records. Send a photograph of yourself standing in front of your parents’ house.
​​You might repeat this process in India. In fact, rather than going to Europe for your next big family holiday, prevail upon your parents to visit India instead. The tiny village of Salaidih would be the perfect place to tell slum-dwelling residents they shouldn’t have electricity.
​​They’ll probably thank you for it. Or they should, if they aren’t stupid climate deniers. Indian paupers must avoid making the same tragic affluence mistakes as us, so we must keep their carbon footprints as tiny as possible.
​​Can you imagine how terrible is would be for the earth if all of India’s one billion-plus population owned cars and air-conditioners? It really doesn’t bear thinking about.
​​One further assignment: tonight, locate a clean, green alternative source for $66 billion in exports. That’s how much was raised last year by the Australian coal industry.
​​Working it out won’t be too much of a challenge, I’m sure. After all, you know science and stuff. About half of your signs on Friday claimed you know more about all these things than does the Prime Minister.
​​Show him how advanced your brains are by devising a brand-new multi-billion export bonanza.
​​Hey, look who’s back! Feeling better, Samantha? That’s nice. Feelings are the most important thing of all.”

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FaceBook censorship examples

History Packrats is being censored

Their highlighted objections are so weak. I'm not making the claims, but merely posting the articles where people might be interested in them, in a political page. So they stop me from posting on one of my religious pages and another of my historical pages? But also, consider their strong stance on my postings. The Occidenta transcript is a joke, not even serious commentary. Because the actual transcript was deleted by intelligence so he could work with them. before he became a congressman. The other link is to legitimate questions of AGW. FB disagrees over the issues, but the questions are legitimate.

Here is a post FB objects to based on a Snopes article
Snopes says the event happened. The comments were right. But the transcript did not include the exact words. Possibly because the transcript was of the speech, and the comment was a response to a question?

More on my FB Censorship hell, they won't let me show these pictures


They don't like it so you can't discuss it?

Ross Perot didn't give enough to GOP?

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Joan Watson Tribute

My Aunt turns 90 this year. She is the matriarch, now both her brothers have passed. I will post my tribute video here, and the research and images.

This video is about Family The song, Shout to the Lord is from Hillsong, sung by me === I was raised as an Atheist. I learned, after reading the Bible, that God loves me, and you. This is his song for you too. He loves you, and wants to be with you. All the elements are me and mine. ARIA ISRC number AUAWN1906126

Joan's story begins with her mother and father, Sarine Ball (nee Jacobs) and Joseph Ball. They had waited for a quarter of a century, being busy elsewhere, before meeting in Edinburgh, marrying and setting off to Australia. Joseph had been promised work in Melbourne by an old officer colleague, but on arriving there wasn't any, and so he went to Sydney, and found temporary work, which he stayed at for some four decades, as caretaker of Winchcombe House. Sarine had been an office typist. Her first 'job' had been to walk streets and assure anyone who was complaining about anything that a politician would fix it. She had graduated from school age 13, as were the general requirements of UK education at that stage. She had had an independent spirit and left London sometime over the next thirteen years. She had also worked as a telephone exchange operator. On one occasion a posh english lady had asked her to connect a line. Sarine had asked "Who are you?" and the posh accent returned "Who?" "Who are you?" "I cannot understand your accent." "Who are you?" "Oh, who ARE you?" It was all in the enunciation.

Sarine's dad and her brother were musicians and proudly Jewish. When she married a catholic man from Manchester neither were happy. Her brother had asked her to leave the musical arrangements to him at her wedding, and as she walked down the aisle with her father, Henry played the funeral march air of Chopin. In years to come, Sarine would lose touch with her brother, and her father. although I've come to believe things were a little more complicated than that.

Joseph Ball, Anzac Day?
An early home for Joan
Winchcombe House afforded a view of Sydney Harbour Bridge, which Joan's brother recalled seeing built from a window. Joseph was one of the lucky ones who had a job during the depression. However, since he had served at the Somme in artillery, taking care of horses, Joseph had been bitten by horse gambling. And he was not very good at it.
Different people have said different things regarding what had happened. Sarine told me her father had died at the piano in Johannesburg in 1934. He had left behind a lover and their love child. Her mother had lived with her for a time in Sydney. Her mother, Elizabeth, died in Holland just before WW2, in 1939. Sarine got inheritance money 'from her father' it had taken 'several years to get to her' she 'had not known he had died until then.' She would not let Joseph gamble the money so he booted the family from their home. Jack got work age 14 years 9 months. Joseph was serving in the Australian Armed Forces in the middle east, narrowly missing out on being a desert rat, but achieving the technical grade of bombardier and diarising the unit in conflict to Jacob's Well, before returning home and 'demobbing.' I've been told that Joseph owed money 'to the mob' and had to flee them by joining the army. 'They weren't going to hurt his wife or children.'
I now believe that Sarine's dad was alive and in contact with her and Jack. I believe Jacques made her separate from Joseph before giving her access to the money. I believe Jacques had become a senior freemason with international connections while growing his music business. Jacques was also a bigamist, with a family thought to have been conceived in South Africa, and another in USA. I've traced at least one other marriage to an Ada in 1907 in London, and he is listed at census under two roofs in 1911, 16km apart. Percy Grainger described Jacques in 1949 as philandering while his wife, Ada, was sick. This is after meeting him on a cruise, having known and worked with him for five decades. Grainger was surprised to meet Jacques, and so Jacques had kept a low musical profile, although his business interests expanded around the world. After migrating to USA in 1930, Jacques marketed sheet music of popular numbers, under his name and mentioning the Trocadero band he had founded in 1896. The movie Trocadero probably was silently backed by Jacques as a business vehicle, and several restaurants opened in the USA, near where Jacques lived in Philadelphia and also San Francisco. The London Trocadero only closed after Jacques died.
Jack Ball, business man
Samuel Ball academic '72

I believe Jacques got Jack to quiet his resentment at not being allowed to continue his education, but having to work, by giving him access to the free masons. Jack was capable and ambitious anyway, and on his own became an industrial chemist, and lead the world conference of Free Masons as well as being foundation CEO of Palmolive in Australia. Jack also helped found the Australian Institute of Sports after creating the model for NSW. I also believe Jacques was a silent partner in NYC in the creation of Sesame Street which gave Samuel an extraordinary opportunity. Samuel was ambitious and capable too. After Sarina died and Jack and Ellie cleaned up her unit, without cleaning it, my dad was stunned to think Jacques had been alive all those years, Jack had known, but Samuel had not.
Sarine remarried in 1962 for love. On her marriage certificate, Jacques alone of the couple's parents is not listed as deceased. Jacques died in 1963. I like to believe he approved of her choice, but she didn't get long with Pop Young, who also died in '63.
Sarine with friends at Joan's place at Jannali

Meanwhile Joan was also capable and smart, and a little resentful she had not been given Samuel's education. Joan raised two boys, and began work at ANSTO. And getting a school credential and then a science degree. Later, Joan would even work as a legal secretary for a judge. And, now, nearly ninety years old and she still enjoys weekly golf! Joan is proud of her cooking ability. Lunch with her is fine dining.

1930 immigration to USA
Jacques 1930 Migration application, listing Ada as wife
Sarine had told me that Jacques died penniless in South Africa after losing all his money after investing heavily in airships. There is probably great truth in that. The depression would have cleaned up a lot of investments.


My research still has holes. Sara Bakker was born a bit late for her mum. Frances Bain's birth seems to have been a scandal. I've made mistakes. Frederick Ball, uncle of Joseph I mistook for a brave soldier who died in 1918. I'd accepted his mother's nick name as 'Fanny' but Fanny Smith is not the same as Frances Bain.
I'm beginning work on elements of my family who endured the holocaust.
A much loved 'cousin by marriage' Izaac Vet was killed in the holocaust. One of his daughters survived. Childless, Jeanette Vet migrated to USA with her husband, Max Pool. She was 38 years old when she migrated to USA

In Census 1911, Jacques was listed in two residences, each with a wife. In a third residence was his mother Judik and Uncle, Ezechiel. Ezechiel would be placed in a debtor's prison some time in 1915. He was a musician. I've not found the fate of Judik, but she was 70 in 1911 and might have passed by 1915. 38 Lena Gardens Hammersmith. I believe the Hammersmith address is the same Jacques had had in 1901. He had had number 35 in the 1901 census.

30 Cleveland Avenue, Chiswick Housed Sarine that night. 
112 Biddulph Mansions, Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale, Paddington, London housed Jacques, Ada and their cook in a 6 room accommodation. 

I've discovered Ada Jacobs, was born a Jacobs in UK. Jacques married her and lived with her in Paddington where she grew up.
Ada Mary Jacobs lived until 1973. She was living in Sussex when she passed. 

Finally, Jacques Jacobs was born in 1872, His father died the same year. His mother, Judik Hamburger, was from a family listed as musicians on her marriage certificate. It is apparent she raised the prodigy. But also, his elder brother Ezechiel, whose stage name was Eduard. Jacques played violin, Eduard played piano, standing up. Eduard became the first noted Dutch cabaret artist. He played for a long time at Moulin Rouge. 
Eduard Jacobs promotional photo

Some of Eduard's work survives and can be heard. He died just before WW1 in Indonesia where he was touring.

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From the Holocaust Dani Nihom

Dani Nihom
BIRTH 11 OCT 1936 • Nijkerk, Gelderland, Nederland
DEATH 11 JUN 1943 • Sobib√≥r, Lubelskie, Polska
He died on the same day as his brother, Karel, and his mother Elizabeth. His father had died when he was just 2 years old, just prior to the war. 

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In support of conservative parties, crime rate

 In Focus, the rule of law is when one can rely on law to deal appropriately with law breakers. One does not need to leave an axe close to the front door 'just in case.' One does not need to have a loaded weapon 'just in case.' The word disproportionate is tossed around. What is disproportionate in a home invasion? Why should we live in fear of home invasion? Why do home invaders get disproportionately light sentences, so they can do it again? Why might defenders be given hard sentences for defending their homes? Why are police tied from acting appropriately? Why might police not respond at all? How are statistics abused to cover up the issue?

“When I moved to Victoria it was to share accommodation and I ran into an ice addict that wanted to kill me. Police would not help me because the guy was a registered sex offender and he hadn’t threatened a sex offence. All under a Labor Government. When police responded after eight hours on Friday Easter the emergency police officer asked me "When we didn't respond in the first hour, and he hadn't killed you, why did you keep calling us?"

19th March
Stiffler cooks

25th March 2016
Landlord came and wanted to speak to me. I was prepared for him to soft sell the abuse. But he tried to talk to me and Stiffler had none of it, and insisted on talking first. And Stiffler decided to leave. Stiffler leaves tonight (he says) or in a fortnight (landlord says). He blames me for complaining to landlord. I'll wear it. I just need to be patient for two weeks and then he is gone for good. 
Stiffler says he is going to his homeland next week. But he hasn't a ticket. 
Yesterday he invited an old flatmate around just so he could hit him. He keeps pointing a nerf gun at me. But, he hasn't been violent. The trick will be my being assertive but not antagonising. It is clear to me he wants this in his life. He wants to push away friends. He wants to lose his job. He wants to be kicked out. He has lost a lot in his life, and it is unfair to call him a loser. But he is. 
Lucky my brother trained me for this.

26th March
Stiffler has left for the moment. Probably to get another bottle of Scotch. The broken glasses belong to one of his victims. The open knife kit was mine. Stiffler liked it. He is a thief too.
Two large knives worth $50. They were a gift for buying a great water filter vacuum. Stiffler must have found it in my things.

29th March
Stiffler is gone. It was a run around to get paperwork. At first we were looking for an order of intervention so as to keep Stiffler away from me and my home. However, because courts were closed for the long weekend there was a back log and it was impossible to get such an intervention before next Monday. Another option was the VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) which deals with disputes regarding Share houses and landlords. Before then, we had received reports from innocent share house mates that a lot of damage had been done. Stiffler had had a party in which he invited neighbours and cooked lots of meat without seeing if anyone would come. It was a work night, and he played music very loudly, preventing neighbours from sleeping, even though they had work the next day. Neighbours complained and Stiffler told them to F#ck off. Then, when the house share mates were at work, Stiffler knifed the walls and furniture, graffiti'd the house and egged lots of walls. He scratched the big screen tv and butted out cigarettes on chairs. He ripped apart cupboard doors. Photographs were shown to police. I made a victim impact statement regarding his repeated threats to kill me over several hours. At the time, the police had asked me why I was afraid after several hours of the repeated threats if he hadn't earlier. I pointed out I was not used to such abuse. SWAT were used to get Stiffler to the local police where he was charged and served with a notice. He left and returned to our home at 8pm to collect his car and drove off, although I understand he has not got a license. He arrived again at 10:35 PM demanding to be let in, but I maintained the locks and called emergency. He drove off less than a minute later when he saw me calling police.


Transcripts of audio and emails
Subject: Tony issues
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2016 15:59:33 +1100

I told you he was being unreasonable. Things have begun to totally un- ravel. He has been sacked from work. He has bought a very loud sound system which he plays at top volume at all hours. He would not even turn it down for F. The music played until 1am this morning. He invited S over, and says he confronted him over stealing and hit him in front of T. Then he went to the city and downed two bottles of Jack Daniels and was arrested. He spent the night in jail and caught a taxi home. $750 for jail, $250 for taxi.
He won't permit me to be in a common area when he is at home. If I try to sit down and work quietly he touches me for attention and insists on talking about himself. If he is angry with me he barks at me to go to my room, and yells at me. Last Tuesday, after 9pm, I had been in my room since 1pm when he had come home early after being sacked, I went to sit in my chair and he wouldn't let me work, so I recorded him. He had told me to, and told me to report him to the police. He claims to have friends in the police. I endured it until 10pm and then went to my room to wait for him to retire. He did so after 12, meaning I had to finish my work the next morning.
I posted the audio to some friends of mine. They have arranged for me to move to their place by 1st June latest.

I must protect myself and will not antagonise Tony, threaten him, or help him. I am concerned now my shed is not locked. Because I don't think he would steal anything, but he could vandalise it if he got in a mood. And then blame S or R.
I feel Tony is being self destructive and I only need wait for him to go to jail for a longer period for drunk driving or drugged driving or taking ad- vantage of an unwilling woman.

Subject: RE: Tony issues update
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 02:34:01 +1100

At 12:30, Tony woke me up by slamming on my door and wanting to share a BBQ with him.
at 1:23am he did it again. The music was still very loud.
I called emergency after looking up the number, thinking it was different for mobiles. I called 000 and gave Tony's name as my share mate as well as my own name.
F came home at 1:50 am and asked Tony to quiet down.
F went to bed and then police arrived. They could hear Tony's music and asked him to turn it down after speaking with him. Tony said my days were numbered here, and the police made him stop saying things like that. Tony said I was responsible for him "being evicted after two years"
The police left and Tony began to laugh hysterically and say my days were numbered.
The police returned and told Tony they could hear him from the street.
The police left and Tony began looking for his glasses and tomatoes and slamming the cupboards. I believe, from the sounds of it, he has pushed furniture in front of my locked door.
At 2:30 am, it seemed Tony has gone to his room. 2:33 am Tony is still loudly looking for something
I recorded him at 3:06 am slamming cupboards

Subject: FW: Tony issues document Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 20:29:00 +1100
Landlord came and wanted to speak to me. I was prepared for him to soft sell the abuse. But he tried to talk to me and Tony had none of it, and insisted on talking first. And Tony decided to leave. Tony leaves tonight (he says) or in a fortnight (landlord says). He blames me for complaining to landlord. I'll wear it. I just need to be patient for two weeks and then he is gone for good.
Tony says he is going to his homeland next week. But he hasn't a ticket. Yesterday he invited an old flatmate around just so he could hit him. He keeps pointing a nerf gun at me. The trick will be my being assertive but not antagonising. It is clear to me he wants this in his life. He wants to push away friends. He wants to lose his job. He wants to be kicked out. He has lost a lot in his life, and it is unfair to call him a loser. But he is.
Lucky my brother trained me for this.

Night of 25/3/16 to 26/3
At 12:30, Tony woke me up by slamming on my door and wanting to share a BBQ with him.

at 1:23am he did it again. The music was still very loud.
I called emergency after looking up the number, thinking it was different for mobiles. I called 000 and gave Tony's name as my share mate as well as my own name.
F came home at 1:50 am and asked Tony to quiet down.
F went to be and then police arrived. They could hear Tony's music and asked him to turn it down after speaking with him. Tony said my days were numbered here, and the police made him stop saying things like that. Tony said I was responsible for him "being evicted after two years"
The police left and Tony began to laugh hysterically and say my days were numbered.
The police returned and told Tony they could hear him from the street.
The police left and Tony began looking for his glasses and tomatoes and slamming the cupboards. I believe, from the sounds of it, he has pushed furniture in front of my locked door.
At 2:30 am, it seemed Tony has gone to his room. 2:33 am Tony is still loudly looking for something
Now loud singing la la la
2:39 am he is slamming cupboards looking for his phone he left at the po- lice station the night before.
2:46 looking for phone again and slamming cupboards adjacent to my room.
2:49 am repeat
2:55 am he slams cupboards saying he can't find his ring.
2:59 am wants socks in drawer
3 am loudly asking Farouk for sleeping tablets and slamming drawers 3:05, 3:12, 3:15, 3:21, 3:27 slam drawers, looking for lighter Continuing to 4:30 am when I began to sleep regardless
9:20 Tony has woken up and begun slamming drawers again
9:24 Slams cupboard. Calls out "Morning F"
9:32 turns on music and slams cupboard again
Starts talking to himself about "dickhead" .. me
No, he is talking to F
9:35 slams cupboard again
9:39 am slams cupboard then own door. Then starts telling F the fu- ture
He continues until 2:40 pm when he disappears and goes to bottle shop to re- place empty Scotch bottle with a few more.
He returns after 3pm and resumes his continual abuse
A arrives 7:30 and police come too. Tony is served with an eviction notice for 12th April.
Police talk to Tony and remove nerf guns from him and place them in my care.
As A completes paperwork for me, Tony steps on table to get to room, almost hurting A. Then he slams his door and the cupboard saying he is looking for his lighter.
He orders A out of the house aggressively. at 8:10 pm
At 8:20, Tony kicks my door with such force that a clothing basket on my side is moved inches. But the lock holds.
8:28 Tony wants me to call the police, saying they are his friends.
8:29 pm kicks the door again, knocking over the basket .. goes on rant say- ing he can't go out because cops took his keys .. calling me dickhead
Transcript 1 Tuesday night March 22nd, after 9pm
Me: All I said is I just don’t deserve your anger
T: Hey, I’ll receive my (unintelligible) just stick it up your fucking arse. (pause) from the way you think just keep it up your arse. You fucking if you mention it I’ll fucking fuck you. And fucking the way I treat my daughter do you think I’ll fucking talk that way to you?

Me: I just don’t think
T: (interrupting) Ah get fucked. I said shut the fuck up. Go to your room. It’s me or (unintelligible). You got a lot to say but shut the fuck up.
(Later) good room and it goes to fucking you. As soon as you did that get fucked. You em you fucking bend me. Shut the fuck up I don’t want you talking. I’m talking words to you. I’m cooking things. (slams counter) (pause) (fumbles cooking items) (pause) enough. I’m fucking good life. You fucking piss me off. You fucking good verde it off. (pause) (fumbles more cooking items)
(Later) Cause you fuckin stay in your fucking bed room. Me: I didn’t ask you to put it down but I thank you
T: All right. Shut the fuck up.

(Later) Listen to me. Everyday you fucking fucking pissing me off. You fucking hear from me. You fucking weren’t all here and then you fucking with my life. Fucking with my ear hole. Get the fuck off man.
(Later) You complain about fucking bullshit and fucking work. Why don’t you fucking working work? I was fucking earning only last year. Get the fuck out. (slams cooking items) (pause) You fucking talk dickhead shout you fucking media. Alright? I fucking kept you for a fucking large tram. I see children and a fucking tram. I don’t give a fuck about police man. (pause) (fumbles words) I spent a fucking court year two hundred thou- sand dollars man. Dickhead. You fucking ingested two thousand for you.
(Later) Don’t let fucking that daughter. Fuck. (slams cooking utensils)
(Later) Dickhead? I won’t feed but Farouk I will feed but fuck you. (pause) Every time I call you I warn you. Dickhead.
(Later) I fucking call while you sleep? You fucking share with your friend. (Pause) (Slams cooking utensils)
(Later) The way you drive in NSW I feel sorry for you guys.
(Later) Chips you fucking fucking fucking fucking ten thousand tomor- rows fucking
(Later) Me: So how did you know that delivery girl tonight?
T: I don’t know fucking da fucking fucking caca women. Shut the fucken and learn. (pause) I won’t show you anyway you dickhead. I won’t show you my tiger pride sound a teacher hey what da fuck ya doing dickhead fucking all too scared get the fucking teacher get my fucking dick (pause) no matter I’ll fuck with you I told you I’m Tony Montano (pause) Fucking teacher why don’t you keep quiet I don’t give a fucking fuck you want to live with people dickhead.
(Later) You keep pissing me off and I keep fucking a woman on (slams ta- ble) Dickhead.
(Later) And when I said fucken said weird fucken I said at moi? Night? I have absolutely for years now. Look you fucking even with Shane I fuck- ing had a good time.
(Later) And chip and chicken alone. Fuck you and all you say is fucking questions dickhead.
(Later) Gay get fucked (pause) only work like me man, I fuck fucken work and shredder and fucking dickhead pounds.
(Later) Me: It is 9:38
(Later) 3:05 am.
(Later) (Tony kicking door) 3:06 am 5:50 Track time

I had gone out of my room at 9pm expecting Tony would finish up in the common area and turn down music. He wouldn’t. I tried to be sociable de- spite his unremitting abuse. He refused to let me work alone in an isolated chair away from him. He was saying he was my best friend and he was nice to friends but terrible to enemies. He changed when I pointed out he wasn’t being nice to me. I couldn’t work so I recorded intermittently until 9:38. I left for my room at 10pm. Tony continued ranting all night and I emailed my landlord to say he was being unreasonable. On Friday night with his door kicking and anger I phoned emergency (Saturday morning).

He was scaring me with death threats, saying he would break my door and kill me in my sleep. So Saturday night the Landlord came to talk to Tony and Tony volunteered to be evicted before I could tell the Landlord I was just trying to get along with Tony and wished he would leave me alone. That Saturday Night I began recording Tony’s assault on my door again. Calling 000 three times, and the local police station. Tony had broken my door and I was forced to live elsewhere until I could obtain an intervention order and have Tony evicted. 

Transcript 2 (13)
T: You fucking dickead. Think you can come here and try and fucking dickhead Melbourne (drifts out of range) You fucking you choose a fuck- ing boyfriend? Hey, I was going to choose Dickhead? you (?) or so you think.

(Later) (unintelligible) (pause) I was going to dickhead and you fucken fucking (?) (too distant) and you fucking fuckng wake up.
(Later) (Distant but sounds of my keyboard) (unintelligible) you can fuck- ing dickhead house (laughs) (unintelligible) he snaps (repeated sounds of my keyboard).
(Later) (Unintelligible, hitting things) I was impressed with what dickhead scared (laughs) Bring the fuckin coppers here
(Later) (Knocks something over) Shit. (unintelligible) Learn fucking learn (Kicks door) Hey, Ah, why did you fucken door put in my fucken face man?
3:50 track time

Transcript 3 (03)
T: Hey. Fucking big boy fucking listening. Hey come fucking out man fight me. C’mon. Fight me (kicks door) Come out man Come out. (kicks door) Come out (Kicks door) Come out (Kicks door)

(Later) Sorry darling (Pause) Did I wake you up? (hits something) You go fucking your room fucking messing with me. Why I listen I’m going fuck- en
(Later) And fucken dickhead let him fucken sleep? Dickhead Fucken ele- phant (?) no. (pause) (distant ranting, mention of giraffe, teacher, wake up, H the landlord, you fuckin), Are you banging? (unintelligible talking)
(Later) (slams cupboard) Wake up because I’ve got grass waiting in the fucking prairie here (kicks door three times) wake up start to feed man
(Later) fucken moreover its your ass what you put in it oh you big fucken giraffe to grass it man (gets distant) he lives here eating fucking shit man all right? stuff it up your fucking ass. Fuck with me fuck with you eating Piss me off to you fucking hand (pause, getting distant but still ranting) dickhead well on you? (sounds of my keyboard)
(Later) Darling. Oh sexy guys and sexy girls and you fucking loser you move up in your fucking bedroom fucking arsehole but they still here fucking and droopy dick and die there dickhead ok (pause) (mumbles) Hey hold your fucking grass and Chinese friend what is he Tai Chi (Kicks door) Bring the fuckin thai chinese here man (meaning my friend Andy Tran who was kind to him when Andy brought his children over to get books from me and bring food) Pussy your chinese fucking dickhead let him fuck you up your ass Hey dickhead come here Let you come talk to me Dickhead. You think I’m an idiot?
(Later) I’m fucking here and you get fucking the same (Kicks door) All fucking NSW fuck fucking come on piss me off I’ll fucking get through the door and fucking get (pause) your a good guy and you fooled me and I’ll fool you you fucking buy take away and will you fucking want chips? no. No, because you fucken dickhead New South Fucking Wales (Pause)
Come out man you Dickhead elephant I’m a tiger Come out and I’ll scold you Come out man talk to me Dickhead. Ring the fucken cops call them again man. You wasting tax payers money man. (pause) (unintelligible, H, NSW fucken court fucking dickhead) Call the Police man. Please fucking call them. I’m a fucking friend of theirs. Please, I want my money. Call them Dickhead. (Laughs hysterically) Pussy. I’m gonna fucking kill you. Come on Show me your face Dickhead. Fucking smash you. Big fucking (garbled) Not home. Fucking wife and not home. (inaudible) Called Haris for fucking back up. Maybe a Giraffe is very good for fighting. Good fucking fighter man. Enjoy Dickheads you wouldn’t fuck a woman for shit. Both of you are shits. Eh eh piss me off? You will sleep without no fuckin door.
6:37 track time

Transcript 4 (01)
T: (inaudible ranting Giraffe, i’ve been let go, Dickhead fucking shit, pause I am Tony Montana, the police, if your leaving how you going to pay the fucking bill?, break the fucking door and burn and kill Dickhead ) (track time 44 seconds) (Pause) (Sounds of Tony walking outside door fucking Dickhead Dickhead, Dickhead) (1:40 track time) Here (Slams cupboard) Wakey wakey it’s time to wakey wakey. Time to go (Slams cupboard three times and glass and cutlery tinkle and break and something has fallen off something)

(Later) (prowling outside room, burn his things)
(Later) Shit your the boss fuck on the street dickhead fucking dickhead H and you Giraffe (laughs) calls the coppers (laughs) get out brother the way I call you brother no one.
(Later) Thats your feed. The fucking grass. The lock won’t save you. I’ll smash the fucking thing Dickhead. (Kicks door at 2:36 track time) Dick- head here (walks outside door, back and forward) Dickead has feed H Dickhead has feed Dickhead has plenty of grass you never seen a large room. You keep go. You keep go. H wants fed fucking Dickhead wants lots of fed
(Later) (Sounds like he is stumbling on broken things on the floor) You last Dickhead (smashes something, maybe cupboard with crockery and glass) You last until fucking tomorrow You ask yourself how can you fucking clean this Holy fucking shit Tony fucking Montana Dickhead The real one not the fucking (pause) Hey are you sleepy? Can you hear me? Wake up! (Slams cupboard three times) (Kicks away something that sounds like broken glass). In the morning and every day you have no room to fucking sleep Dickhead. Haha fuck I’m going to piss you off. You call the police because you are in bed Fucking Dickhead
(Later) C’mon New South Wales big Dickhead Mathematic Dickhead (pause) Scared of me? (kicks door) how do you fucking outside man the belly waits outside for you Haris He’ll eat the fucking mosque (too distant)
4:40 Track Time

Transcript 5 (02)
T: (feeling sorry for himself, calling the police, all of you out to get me, Shane, sounds of my typing and breathing, Approaches my door at 3:00) Your going to fucking die eh (Smashes cupboard three times) Wakey Wakey time (pause) Hey fucking (unintelligible) call police man for the fucking hospital I will (unintelligible) Ooh, (unintelligible) I thought I’d fight you but no (unintelligible)

(later from 5:10) (too distant .. unintelligible mutterings, fucking Dickhead scared of me, laughter) Fucking Dickhead why you scared of me (more muttering and laughter)
Track time 9:00

Transcript 6 (3.6)
T: Open. Open (kicks door)

(Later) Open
(Later) Too many food man
(Later) Driving $1000 dollars Hahaha

(Later) $200,000 court case in Australia, you think I’m a dickhead? Dick- head? Ha Ha Ha (breaks something) Alive for a Dickhead mistake man fucking Acid Trip man why not and mushroom trip Drug Trance Fucking Dickhead can you do that? Can you fucking (breaks something) fucking police here? No. You think your a big fucking Elephant a lazy fucking bas- tard. (kicks door?) Then calls H please Dickhead H because you move in here for three weeks I didn’t give a hey you happy with that Oh hey, you happy? Kick me out. See me on the street man. You want by me. See my face man. Fuckin hell fucken you go fucken you fucken fucken see your fucken street Dickhead me, Dickhead me your a fucken tomato, tomato, fucken suck my arse, so you see me (unintelligible)
2:00 Track time

Transcript 7 (21.1)
T: Is you here? Is it Flamingo or a fuckin (unintelligible) Anyway Dick- head doesn't know shit anyway. Come out Dickhead poofter. Fucking Gay or whatever you are. Come on Come on. Talk to me man. (ranting in dis- tance Dickhead, H, fucking law) Dickhead can come out and suck my fucking dick. H and you are fucking each other man you fuck eh eh except H has a long dick (Kicks door) Talk to me man because I have a long dick or what? Fucking you good?

(Later) No no way fucking tomato there (unintelligible) doesn’t like my dick! You know it’s a wasps fucken nest you fucken fucken arsehole. (Pause) H David (unintelligible) What the fucking H isn’t my fucking mum, You think your fucking mum (kicks door) You think your fucking mum. Call the fucking cops man. Call them! Later I’m fed up with you Dickheads Call you fucking Dickhead like that that Dickhead from fucken New fucken South Wales Dickhead (laughs)
(Later) (walking outside)
(Later) (Turns up music) (Turns off music) My daughter’s scared of me Dickhead. You think I’m scared of fucking you? Who you fucking do New South Wales

(Later) Bastard. Whats next David (slams cupboard twice) (Pause to 5:10 mark) (Kicks door) Let you sleep again Dickhead. I forgive you Dickhead. But you eh Oh you want to leave? Eh what was it the Giraffe or the grass man you eat the fucken bin
(Later) (unintelligible) Bullshit Dickhead mathematics fucking Dickhead Teacher Put it Haris don’t believe your fucking bullshit man Because me even the cops believe your fucking bullshit dickhead Now you found out man Your a big fucking (unintelligible) fucken root get the fucken out and don't sit in there man you scared there for a minute. Eh Eh, F, (talks to F and shows him door, I later find out F was unaware I was inside my room. F attempts to stop him from kicking my broken door)
(Later) (slams cupboard, but not like before, softer) Track time 6:39

Transcript 8 (24.2)
T: (Slams cupboard) The police are (unintelligible) The Police are playing (The music he is playing was from the Police)

Me: Sorry could you speak up?
T: (Kicks the door four times)
Me: I can’t hear you what is that about? T: (unintelligible under music)
(Later) Go get fucked

(Later) I pay your fucking wages. I pay you dirty fucking money respect me I’m your boss, Dickhead. I’m your fucking boss. (?) respect your boss (?) I pay you fucking maggots of money so you fuck fucking fuck fucking wipe ass piss me off Hey hey call the police two times eh? can you stand in front of me like a man or you a pussy poofter (gets distant) your a poofter Dickhead fucking don’t talk to me you think you are better better than me? Come out man if your a man your a big oh, you got a massive fucking fucking giraffe shit I will stand with you man I’m Sam if your gay hey because you piss me more I tell you man Tomato Show your fucking Dickhead face man. You think H you scare me? You think H will scare me (laughs) Fuck you landlord and you fucken giraffe. Mister I have not seen my daughter for one months now Don’t fucken piss me off more yeah? If you fuckin piss me off more I’ll fucken break the fucken door and and kiss you You want a kiss from me? I’ll kiss you. (2:20) I’ll kiss you Want me to kiss you? But then I’ll boy I’ll fuck your fucken arsehole man You poofter I fucked poofter in my own land man but bigger than you Think your better (?) than you Dickhead? Empty man you know your (?) Who would fuck you? (?) You Dickhead. How could I fuck men I’m a poofter like you man What would I fuck you with? You all fucken cal the cops fucken wrong move wrong move where the fuck do you (unintelligible) I put it down darling I put it down fifty minutes eh anyway you arsehole fucken fucken hey is the Chinese guy fucking you? Your friend Chinese guy Oh (unintelligible) I move out and everyone move man because
you fucking big house F, T Dickhead. Dickhead I challenge you don’t do fucking (laughs)
Track time 3:54

Transcript 9 (31.1)
T: Oy F? (pause) (outside my door) Come out man Pissed off man yeah you tomato hasn’t cleaned the shit man how long he lives here? Tell Haris? (F tries to calm Tony down) Me? I’m being thrown out man. He’s been here for only three weeks man. You fuck of a fuckin H (slams cupboard) (mutters unintelligibly) (F tries to mollify Tony again) Me? I don't give a fuck of the Irish he called the police on me (Kicks door) Put that on your fucking H man all that and Hey what do you want? I don’t give a shit man what kind are they? Hey be careful what you what’s his name? H be careful what you say I don’t know you shit of a H (?) You mop and you (?) Don’t tell me about H is gonna ah so you going to fight me Dickheads (tells F to shut up) Whatever I break I’ll pay for it. I give you double. (starts muttering about me, Dickhead)

(Later) (Slams cupboard while I’m on phone to emergency for third time that evening)
(Later) (Tony talking to himself about me Dickhead, calls himself Tony Montana)
(Later) (talking to himself. “H calls me an addict”)
(Later) Wakey Wakey Wakey big Elephant (?) (Slams cupboard twice) Track time 5:05 

Transcript 10 (35.1)
T: Like you Moi More intelligent like you big arsehole fucking mathemat- ical dickhead (Pause) and you and your fucking boyfriend H big gay H got a big dick fucking you arsehole? (Pause) or the Chinese guy is fucking your arsehole. Tell me which one. (unintelligible) Poofter or pussy (laughs) (Pause, mutters about Dickhead)

(Later) Yeah (Pause) Yeah Hey tomorrow I want to fucken shit big fucken arse alright? Tony BBQ.
(Later) (Smashing crockery and kicking it) (Muttering ‘Dickhead’) You are going to have the worst fucking Easter in Fucking life man you know that? Worst Easter (?) (Slams cupboard twice and kicks door) (?)
(Later) You want more? You want ok the rents now drive you like a big splash man (turns up music) Oy you fucking Dickhead H fucking Landlord both Dickhead (Pause) You and H fucking (?) together. (kicks door)
(Later) Yeah ok (Kicks door) Get out you Dickhead Get out face me Dick- head (Pause) Pussy fucking Pussy and poofter (?) Fuckin (Slams door) Fuckin idea Your white think you are better than me? Dickhead show your fucking face Dickhead
(Later) (Calls out something about music with lots of expletives) (Later) So you want to wake up (?)
(Later) Until you’ve cleaned the room. It’s not fucking your bedroom Track time 5:10

My experiences with Tony were rocky from the time I got here on 3rd March. I met Tony after work on 4th March after my furniture had been delivered late. I was moving from a two bedroom unit which had furniture from a three bedroom unit to a single room. The removalists were asked to place the excess furniture in a shed but they refused and so the yard had lots of furniture, but retained space for three cars that the household uses. It was a 37c day and I turned on the air conditioning and went searching for important documents I need to obtain work (Teachers certificate, birth certificate, citizenship and various other credentials I knew were boxed but I did not know where). Tony came home and was drunk and belligerent. He did not like my things in the yard. He was upset I had the air conditioner on when no one else was home, but he sat outside on the porch and insisted the back door be left open to ‘cool his legs’ as he drank a bottle of scotch. A married father of two, Vietnamese ethnic, A brought some fruit and juice for me and collected books I intended to throw out as I could not keep them.

In coming weeks I would find Tony very difficult to get along with. He was often drunk. He would dominate the common areas when he was home. The Landlord helped place most of my items in the shed, and the rest were placed aside to be junked or sold. I offered anyone finding an item they liked they could keep. Tony took many CD’s, but disturbingly also, my 16 year old work diaries which had old account details and personal information. I had intended for those to be taken away with garbage. I tried to work Jobsearch and write, but if Tony saw me in a common area chair he would touch my arm, leg or belly and talk to me telling me meandering long stories that would prevent me from working. I would tell him I was ignoring him because I was busy and that was not something he liked or understood. He invited me to a brothel and go out drinking. I am allergic to alcohol (it gives me gout) and I would not go to a brothel as that is not my lifestyle (I’m an evangelical Christian, I attended Jesus Family Cabramatta before moving to Melbourne) even though he assured me it was free. He offered to bring home two women to share. I declined, politely, not judging him. I also do not smoke. But I don’t mind sharing stories or talking when I have free time.
Long weekends were very challenging for me as Tony was around a lot. He would invite friends over, and I met a musician, friend of his of 27 years, called R. Tony talked of how his daughter would visit him once a week, on a Tuesday, but not if he was drunk. He seemed drunk a lot of the time. I try to do my recording work during the day when no one is at home. They do not need to hear me talk about bible quotes or conservative politics.
Things seemed to fracture for Tony the Tuesday before Easter. R refused to have anything to do with him after an argument where Tony had wanted to visit S. Tony got home at about 12:30 in the afternoon, a few hours earlier than normal. He had bought for himself a sound system and he put it in his room and played music at full volume. I retired to my room to work as I could, only I could not sit down in my room. The only place I could sit down is in the common area. It meant I had to work from my bed, but I suffer from sleep apnea and lying down means my sinus inflame making breathing difficult unless I use a CPAP machine, and then I tend to sleep. Tony promised that at 9pm he would turn down the music for the neighbours. I went to the common area and sat in my chair close to my room at 9. I did not impede Tony or tell him to turn down music but he went berserk anyway. I left the common area by 10pm. Tony was obnoxious until the early hours. He would knock on my door but not say why, so I needed to open it to find out. This meant for me that I needed to get dressed too, as the share house rule is full clothing in common areas. Sometimes Tony would want me to look at something on tv with him or see something he had brought home. It was difficult behaviour. But, if I ignored the knock he would bang, kick and tell me to wake up. He finished that evening at about 12:15 am.
The next day I dreaded but did not realise he was not home. His door was shut and he had gone out I saw him on Thursday morning and he told me he had been sacked on Tuesday and had a BBQ arranged for that evening. He said he had invited the Landlord and S and R. I was a little sour, but when I met S I was happy to talk to S. The Landlord did not come. The reason why Wednesday was so good for me, it transpired, was because Tony had been arrested for drunkenness in the city and had been jailed, he said, and fined $750 and paid $250 for a taxi. Tony told me the next morning he had hit S for being a thief. I had thought that totally
bizarre and inappropriate and wondered why S had not charged him with assault, but I did not tell that to Tony who proudly showed broken glasses S had worn the night before.
Friday morning was as bad as I feared when Tony woke up. But also he had become drunk belligerent, and no longer sought to talk to me but yell at me. I had already emailed the Landlord regarding my concerns. Tony began kicking my door and asking me to eat with him at 1am on Saturday morning. His behaviour was bizarre and neither the other flatmates were home during the Afghan New Year celebrations.
The aggressiveness of Tony led me to call emergency police. They arrived and Tony continued his trash talk, saying he would end me. The police made him stop saying things like that. But as they walked away he laughed and called out more threats for my having called out the police. I had been frightened by his demeanour and words and his aggression. I felt vulnerable because he had access to my belongings. That was before police had come. The police overheard him and made him turn down his music. He was still kicking my door at 4:30 am.
I emailed my concerns on Saturday morning to the Landlord who gave Tony notice to leave. Police accompanied the Landlord but were powerless to expedite things. Tony offered to go that evening, but asked for sixteen days as that was how long he had paid rent. The landlord then gave me my contract I signed for accommodation, and Tony aggressively stepped on the table in front of the Landlord on his way to his room. The landlord left and I went to my room. For the rest of the night Tony was threatening to kill me and break through my door. I began recording his actions. I called emergency police and the Landlord and the Landlord came at 11pm and waited for the police to arrive. When Tony broke my door I called emergency police again as I am not well equipped to fight. Tony liked knives. When F came home and Tony sounded like he was escalating I called police again. Then at 3am I called the local station and was told there was no record of my calls to emergency. Police arrived at about 4 am and advised me they could not evict Tony but I might leave if I were concerned for my safety.
The Landlord put me up in a relatives house for the morning, then took me to his own home for a few days. We had understood we could obtain an in- tervention safety order from the courts on the first day not a public holiday. Only Dandenong courts have a system and the first appointment was for the following Monday. In the meantime, T had returned home and sent photographs of how Tony had trashed the home gouging the walls with knives, throwing eggs, breaking furniture and leaving graffiti and notes calling himself Tony Montana. For the criminal damage, Tony was retrieved by police and brought to NarreWarren and charged. Further, The Landlord obtained a notice to vacate from VCAT and Tony was officially evicted and claimed no right of return.
Tuesday Evening Tony returned to the property twice, at 8pm where he drove off with his car, and at 10:30 PM where he demanded he be admitted to the locked property. I phoned emergency police but cancelled the call when Tony sped off.
Wednesday morning at about 5am Tony broke through the glass door which was locked. and proceeded to remove things from his room. Emergency police arrived and allowed Tony to exit with some of his things. They would not arrest him for the break and enter because he was not threatening me but getting his own things. I asked police if they could help me obtain an intervention order and they said they could not before Monday and I should wait for the Magistrates court.
Thursday we got a cleaner to clean the premises, but Insurance has been waiting for a number from police as to the incidents causing damage. They have not yet sent anyone to evaluate the ongoing damage Tony is causing. The Landlord and I removed Tony’s items to another shed in the backyard so he did not have to break in to get them.
Friday Tony arrived in the late morning to get some items. He entered the house to get food from the fridge. He also entered the house to spit on the floor. Tony said he needed another trip to collect things.
Saturday morning Tony broke into the house at about 5:20 am. I asked who was in the common area and he refused to say until I opened the door. He said he only wanted a shower, but he was drinking things from the
fridge. Emergency police were called and they arrived at 6am to allow Tony to complete his shower and leave. It now is discovered that two toolboxes were taken by Tony, belonging to F, on Friday. The back door is being boarded up on Saturday night.

The landlord had had no insurance cover and charged me $150 for clean up of my property he had axed. I had had no further use for it, could not store it and had not yet sold it. I moved out after two months. Tony was still regularly breaking in. The courts refused to listen to the incidents, but recorded it as solved by mediation which was imposed on the promise it could be rescinded at any time within a year. That was a lie, as a year later, after I 'met' Tony outside Dandenong Markets, they refused.