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Happy birthday and many happy returns Jessica Thai. In 1223, Mongols spanked some Ukrainians. In 1669 Samuel Pepys's eyesight gave out, and he recorded his last diary entry in a very important english restoration period primary source. But in 1981, some people, possibly Presbyterian, destroyed over 97000 items in the library of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. I am confident the books hadn't threatened them. Your day is filled with promise. Try not to burn it.


Tim Blair – Friday, May 31, 2013 (2:42pm)

According to Waleed Aly, terrorism is an “irritant” that “kills relatively few people”. We should be “mature” in dealing with it. But Aly is angry about drones
The central problem is drones permit a kind of no-risk, low-cost warfare. 
As opposed to high-risk, massive-cost warfare. Bring back the glory days of World War I. 
War is a kind of contract. Each side confronts the other, with the risk of death and defeat. 
Andrew Bolt replies: “There is no contract of the kind you imagine. The contract a society has is actually with its citizens, not its enemies. That contract is to fight for the society’s self-protection using whatever means it has to minimise its own losses and maximise those of its foes.” Quite so. Aly continues: 
In short, war should come at a cost. 
Yes. To the other guy. 
That contract is shredded when you’re attacked by something that cannot itself be killed. 
You can’t kill a suicide bomber once he or she has already detonated, pal. Besides being “irritants”, they’re also in breach of Aly’s contractual code. 
It’s not remotely a fair fight. It’s scarcely a fight at all. 
For all the horror, pain, and gore of the battlefield, there’s something to be said for it. It’s one of the very best reasons every nation has not to go to war … The prospect of waging a war without sacrifice is a frightening prospect. 
Depends whose side you’re on. 
The historical record suggests our every military development seems to have made war less and less costly for those waging it, with horrific results. 
The historical record “suggests” this? Can’t get anything past our alert academic. As for the “horrific results”, I’d suggest Aly check the casualty figures from earlier global conflicts. 
And in the meantime the ratio of civilian casualties to those of combatants has ballooned. 
Which brings us back to those terrorist “irritants”, who specifically target civilians. 
The very idea of low-cost war is an illusion. Someone will always pay the price. If not soldiers and politicians, that leaves the people who shouldn’t be made to pay. 
Go tell it to Islamic terror groups, Waleed, whose drones differ only from the airborne variety in that they have pulses. For a time.



Tim Blair – Friday, May 31, 2013 (11:28am)

Just look at Stephen Conroy carrying on in defence of the ABC. This excuse-making, bias-forgiving milksob is the same clown who attempted to impose laws on our non-government media. 
Note that Conroy’s interjections are almost entirely ignored. He’s the parliamentary equivalent of an internet troll. 



Tim Blair – Friday, May 31, 2013 (3:54am)

When an Australian scientist’s report is commissioned by a think-tank linked to a subsidiary organisation that once received $100,000 from a climate change sceptic group in the US, it’s evidence of a conspiracy.
When a crazy-eyed American enviropath picks up a lazy $100,000 from Norwegian greenoids, it’s cause for celebration. Speaking of global warming
The UK is on track for its coldest spring for more than 50 years following another fortnight of below average temperatures, according to provisional figures from the Met Office. 
Where has all the warming gone? Apparently it’s hiding in the oceans like a common disoriented Skywhale.



Tim Blair – Friday, May 31, 2013 (3:47am)

An alleged jihadi boy is allegedly incredibly stupid
The family of a Sydney man under investigation for alleged terrorism offences says his arrest for allegedly threatening to “slit the throat” of a Commonwealth official is an attempt by authorities to justify him being under intense surveillance for three years …
Writing in his defence, relative Tamana Daqiq said that despite Al-Ahmadazi being branded a “firebrand jihadist” – and a warning issued by the Australian Defence Force for its personnel to stay clear of him – the 23-year-old was a “caring”, “loving” and “considerate” young man who posed no threat to national security.
She said he had been subjected to 24-hour surveillance since he was 19 … 
So what does one allegedly do when under constant police watch? Well … 
Al-Ahmadzai was refused bail when he appeared in court on Tuesday. He is due to appear before Parramatta Local Court on Friday to be sentenced over an unrelated matter involving the ram-raid theft of an ATM on Sydney’s upper north shore in July 2011. 



Tim Blair – Friday, May 31, 2013 (3:42am)

“I take my hat off,” Mark Steyn once declared following a particularly brilliant Iowahawk gag. “This belongs to a very select group of Jokes I Wish I Had Written First.”
And now he’s done it again.



Tim Blair – Friday, May 31, 2013 (2:18am)

Ordinarily I prefer to publish only negative column reviews. Recent pieces, however, have generated substantial email friendliness.



Tim Blair – Friday, May 31, 2013 (12:47am)

The Guardian – recent losses: £44.2 million – has opened a coffee shop
So now, if you want a steaming hot cup of java to go with their steaming pile of journalism, you no longer have to frequent that evil, tax-dodging behemoth known as Starbucks. 
Reaction from Twitter folk: 
• The only surprise with #guardiancoffee is that it’s taken Guardian so long to realise there’s more money in coffee than journalism.
• Finding it hard to imagine anything more twatty than the Guardian’s pop-up coffee shop in Shoreditch. Really, The Guardian? Really?
• Guardian coffee shop’s top sellers: 1) “Anti-imperialism” latte macchiato 2) “Moral relativism” cappuccino 3) “Israel is evil” chococino.
• Popping down to #guardiancoffee later on to order a ‘Toynbee’: short, rich and intensely bitter
• Guardian have opened up their own coffee shop. Only a matter of time before the Daily Mail reveal their new munitions range.
• What next? The Daily Express abattoir? The Sun strip pub? The Daily Telegraph Tweed & Cane Emporium? 


A quiet chat between Labor comrades

Andrew Bolt May 31 2013 (2:06pm)

So Kevin Rudd is having dinner with colleagues when in walks the shamefully abusive Labor MP Steve Gibbons:
...when asked how his motion [to strip the Prime Minister of her powers to choose her own cabinet] was coming along, Gibbons replied with a finger pointed at Rudd: “It’s f ... ed. Thanks to him.”
“What do you mean Steve?"a confused Rudd asked.
“Well because you’ve supported it, its now f ... ed.”
“But Steve, its been my publicly stated position for 14 months, what did I do?”
“Well its now just completely f ... ed,” Gibbons continued.
“You have such a pleasant way of expressing support for your motion, Steve.”
“You have completely f ... ed it,” Gibbons repeated, to the growing amusement of the six other MPs at the table.
Rudd concluded the exchange with his own sweet profanity.
“Steve, go f ... yourself!”
Such is the paranoia.
But really, Gillard supporters should realise Rudd isn’t their problem. Simon Benson:
It was the worst week, of the worst year, of the worst parliament in the history of Australian parliaments…
The bungled attempt by the government to pass new electoral funding laws that proposed to take $60 million from taxpayers and put it in to political parties campaign coffers is emblematic of just how out of touch the political class in Canberra is with the rest of the country… Gillard’s own failure to walk away, even after it was dead, instead continuing to back it, is symbolic of how out of touch her leadership team is ...
The well known Rudd supporter Anthony Byrne, the chair of the intelligence committee, fired the second missile on Monday when he attacked the government in parliament over funding cuts to the spy agencies. That too, was labelled a “disgrace”.
Then there was the Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus’ spectacularly inept response to suggestions that Chinese hackers had stolen the blueprints to its new $650 million office block…
The PM couldn’t buy a trick when it was revealed the NBN was exposing people to asbestos. And then news that a suspected terrorist wanted by Interpol had been living in low security detention centre in South Australia for a year as an asylum seeker.
(Thanks to reader Steve.) 


The Goodes case: hurt feelings are not proof of a crime

Andrew Bolt May 31 2013 (1:32pm)

Among the many stupid things written about the Adam Goodes affair, this - from commentator Patrick Smith - is among the most witless:
Racial vilification is not in the words of the accused but in the heart of the victim.
If true, there are no racists. Just people feeling there must be.
This kind of thinking, with traces already now embedded in legislation, leaves us increasingly defenceless against the justice of the pointed finger. Someone need merely to claim they were hurt, no matter how trivial or imagined the offence, and racism is proved.
The victim is king, and reason in chains.

Health academic Anthony Dillon says playing this victim game actually entrenches the racial stereotypes that hold back Aborigines:

Being the victim, paradoxically, can place one in a position of power. Few are game to disagree with victims (or their supporters), or question motives, or challenge them in any way for fear of being seen as an uncaring bully. When Aboriginal identity and mandated ‘respect’ are factored in, questioning victim status will likely be seen as tantamount to racism. Therefore, adopting the victim role (feeling upset, offended, outraged, racially vilified, or whatever) can be a very effective and convenient way of silencing dissent, and inducing feelings of guilt in others. Silencing others provides the ‘offended’ victim with a sense of power over others - and that feels good. Victims remain unchallenged with their victim status intact and unassailable. Any open debate on the problems facing Aboriginal people is stifled…
The interest of the political parties in maintaining an Aboriginal problem is compounded by the existence of a small group of Aboriginal activists whose vocation is confrontation, who generally derive their own income from governmental sources, either directly or indirectly and who must have poor Aborigines to point to in order to have a raison d’etre themselves…
There are therefore, people with a vested interest in having Aboriginal people maintain a view of themselves as victims. This has led to the term ‘Aboriginal industry’ - describing the many positions as ‘cultural experts’, consultants, advisers, etc., devoted to addressing Aboriginal issues. People in these roles are reluctant to give them up…
I am not denying that racism exists in Australia; it does – as it does in any country… However, one of the barriers to weeding out racism is the focus on confected racism. It has become far too easy to make claims of racism when a non-Aboriginal person disagrees with an Aboriginal person. Or a racist motive is assumed (never substantiated, just assumed) when a person of mixed heritage is questioned about why they choose to identify solely as Aboriginal…
Rather than just complaining [of racism], I suggest it’s better to adopt the approach of Aboriginal singer-songwriter Jimmy Little, who said; “Racism has never been a problem for me. I know who I am. If others don’t, then that’s their problem.”
Why wasn’t racism a problem for Jimmy? He likely valued his opinion of himself more than he valued some other people’s opinions of him…
I am suggesting that changing one’s response to the slur will be far more empowering than trying to change the person speaking the slur. Rather than taking offence when such slurs are spoken (which is extremely disempowering), perhaps a better response is to laugh. Laughing is not endorsing such racial slurs, but simply communicates, ‘I’m a bigger person than you’. 
From In Black and White: Australians All at the Crossroads, edited by Rhonda Craven, Anthony Dillon, and Nigel Parbury. Out now.  Order here. In case anyone is thinking of suing Dillon under the Racial Discrimination Act, note that he identifies as part-Aboriginal Australian. 


This girl cannot have her future stolen by a myth

Andrew Bolt May 31 2013 (1:30pm)

Destroy the “stolen generations” myth now, before more children have their future destroyed:

LEIGH Swift and Yvonne Mudford fear the time is coming when the Aboriginal girl they have raised will be taken from them.
The idea plagues them. Mr Swift, 56, the Tennant Creek fire chief, and Ms Mudford, 46, who works for the Health Department, have fallen in love with Mikala, aged four…
When she was six months old, Mikala’s parents, who live across the road, asked the white couple to babysit the child when they went drinking, which was four nights a week…
When they arrived to collect her from an Alice Springs address, they found the front yard covered with crime scene tape from a homicide the night before…
Mikala’s mother asked Mr Swift and Ms Mudford to “grow her up”.
Late last year, the birth mother wanted to reclaim Mikala…
NT Child Commissioner, Howard Bath, has said the law should be changed so the child’s well-being is considered ahead of cultural issues.
“I don’t think she’s got a culture to lose,” says Ms Mudford. “How do a family that are continually drunk pass on an oral culture in a true and faithful manner?
“I think she needs to know her family, but at this point in time they’re not able to look after her because of the drinking and the violence in the home.”
Mr Swift’s 50-plus age prevents him from adopting. He has extended his posting in Tennant Creek just to be with Mikala.
“I want her to grow up in society where she won’t have the outcomes of her family, which is alcoholism, abuse, jails. It’s the grog,” says Mr Swift.
He says he’d be happy for Mikala to go back home, if home was safe. “I honestly don’t think it’s going to happen,” he says. “That’s what we’ve asked for - commit to the child for three months, off the grog. They can’t do that.”
Thanks to Paul Toohey for writing this important article.
(Thanks to reader A.) 


Bolt Report on Sunday

Andrew Bolt May 31 2013 (1:13pm)

On Network 10 at 10am:
- When grown men vilify a 13-year-old girl as the “face of racism”, who are the real bullies? Defying the New Racism.
- Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison on the boat people fiasco
- former Labor president Warren Mundine and former Victorian Liberal president Michael Kroger
- a fact check on the abusive Mr Windsor.
The twitter feed.
The place the videos appear


Save our scouts

Andrew Bolt May 31 2013 (10:03am)

Cultural vandalism:
Tucked away in a hidden reserve, the home of the 2nd Malvern Scouts is about to be no more.
Last month Stonnington Council decided not to renew their lease in favour of knocking down the hall to clear a path through Milton Gray Reserve…
An email sent by a member of the public to one of the councillors asked the council to demolish its “unused and unsightly” building.
But according to the chief commissioner of Scouts Australia’s Victorian branch, Bob Taylor, the so-called “unsightly” building was built by parents of scouts last century and was used for more than 80 years.
Mr Taylor said the group closed in 2000, but since March about 20 cubs and joeys had returned to the hall after the scouts spent $60,000 revamping the building.
What are the councillors teaching these young scouts, who worked so hard to help restore the building now being so casually destroyed? A very, very poor example is being set. 


No, Waleed. A war against totalitarians is never fair

Andrew Bolt May 31 2013 (8:24am)

Muslim Waleed Aly, academic and ABC host, is angry that US soldiers are fighting in ways which makes it impossible for the Taliban to kill them:

[Drones] so radically and fundamentally alter the nature of war that they risk making war seem far less grave, and far easier to wage.  War is a kind of contract.  Each side confronts the other, with the risk of death and defeat. In short, war should come at a cost. That contract is shredded when you’re attacked by something that cannot itself be killed. It’s not remotely a fair fight.
A word to Aly.  There is no contract of the kind you imagine. The contract a society has is actually with its citizens, not its enemies. That contract is to fight for the society’s self-protection using whatever means it has to minimise its own losses and maximise those of its foes.  For the US to do anything other is not remotely fair to its citizens and to those it asks to fight for them. It has next to no obligation to be fair to terrorists.
But what we are seeing in the battlefield is not just a clash of technology - drones against AK 47s and roadside bombs. It is a clash of cultures, and the weaponry is a product and a measure of each.
The reason the US has drones is it has cultural qualities that Islamic societies - especially those producing Talibani - have so long lacked. It has honored learning, put reason above dogma, encouraged free thought, defended free speech, governed by the rule of law and tolerated heresy. It has opened itself to the world and given its citizens a voice and power through democracy, perhaps the greatest source of its power.
Such a society will inevitably have a scientific edge over its enemies. That edge helps it to survive against even against terrorists who do not share, for instance, its respect for the lives of not just its own soldiers but of the innocent in the lands of its enemies. The culture behind the weaponry is what makes this fight not fair, and no person of reason should wish it otherwise.
For Aly to oppose the use of drones is not just to argue for more US soldiers to be killed. It is to demand the US give up the fruits of democracy and free inquiry, leaving those values more defenceless against cultures pledged to destroy them.
You can side with the drones or with the suicide vests. But in doing so you make a choice not just between technologies, but between freedom and oppression.
The latest drone news:

THE US drone strike that killed the Pakistani Taliban’s No 2 has delivered a powerful message to the new government that the controversial drone program can work in its interests. 

The death of Waliur Rehman comes just days after US President Barack Obama outlined stricter protocol for drones, promising lethal force would be used only if a target posed a “continuous, imminent threat to the American people"…
Rehman, 40, and second only to Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan commander Hakimullah Mehsud, is understood to have co-ordinated dozens of suicide attacks on Pakistani civilians, waged guerilla war against Pakistani troops and conducted cross-border attacks against NATO troops fighting the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan…
His death on Wednesday morning, along with at least five others, in a missile strike on a Taliban safe house near the North Waziristan capital, Miran Shah, removes a powerful anti-state actor ahead of mooted peace talks between the new government and the home-grown terror outfit.
The Pakistan Taliban has demonstrated exactly what it thinks of free inquiry, free speech and the education of girls:
The Pakistan Taliban, who are close to al Qaeda, remain resilient despite a series of military offensives. They took part in ... the attempted assassination of Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousufzai in October, who had campaigned for girls’ education.
A society with those values is never going to be a pioneer in high-tech weapons.
I mentioned above the real war contract a society has - not with its enemy but with its people and its soldiers. Few described it better than did General George Patton - the real one and that played by George C. Scott, both of whom speak here:
No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.
(And for a treat, read again Patton’s speech to his Third Army just before D-Day. I suspect Aly would be horrified by one of the greatest generals in US history.)
(Thanks to reader zulumuster.) 


The Australian Lemming Party

Andrew Bolt May 31 2013 (8:20am)


Global warming: trust Gillard or trust a scientist

Andrew Bolt May 31 2013 (8:09am)

Global warming - general
Our politicians declare it impossible for anyone of reason to question their faith that carbon dioxide is heating the world dangerously:
Mr OAKESHOTT: Will the Prime Minister and the leader of the other major party, if allowed, confirm for the House today, in a bipartisan way, their personal acknowledgement, acceptance and confidence in the facts and evidence of man-made climate change?…
Ms GILLARD (Lalor—Prime Minister) (14:23): To the member’s question, I absolutely confirm to him that I accept the science of climate change. I absolutely confirm to him that I accept that science, as I accept other scientific conclusions. Consequently that means that I understand that carbon pollution, in particular, is making a difference to our climate and so if we are to tackle climate change then we need to tackle carbon pollution in our atmosphere.... I absolutely accept the science and do not believe that it is possible for a person of reason to have any other view.
Two days later, a scientist offers another view:

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are to blame for global warming since the 1970s and not carbon dioxide, according to new research from the University of Waterloo published in the International Journal of Modern Physics B this week.
CFCs are already known to deplete ozone, but in-depth statistical analysis now shows that CFCs are also the key driver in global climate change, rather than carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
“Conventional thinking says that the emission of human-made non-CFC gases such as carbon dioxide has mainly contributed to global warming. But we have observed data going back to the Industrial Revolution that convincingly shows that conventional understanding is wrong,” said Qing-Bin Lu, a professor of physics and astronomy, biology and chemistry in Waterloo’s Faculty of Science. “In fact, the data shows that CFCs conspiring with cosmic rays caused both the polar ozone hole and global warming.”


Is the NBN another home insulation scandal?

Andrew Bolt May 31 2013 (7:20am)

Whoever is to blame, the exposure of the workers to such danger is disgraceful:
THE federal government agency building the National Broadband Network is being blamed for exposing workers to asbestos risks amid revelations it was warned two years ago to act on the danger. 

Union officials accused NBN Co of failing to honour an agreement in 2011 to prepare workers for the asbestos hazards as emails confirmed that company executives were told of the challenge to the $37.4 billion project.
As Julia Gillard sought to hold Telstra responsible for the workplace failures, The Australian was told last night that at least two recent asbestos incidents related to contractors working for NBN Co, not Telstra.
This has shades of Labor’s home insulation disaster. 


Al-Ahmadzai should not be tried in the media - but that means not whitewashed, either

Andrew Bolt May 31 2013 (7:20am)

I worry about the us-against-them culture of a certain minority.
Today lawyer Tamana Daqiq wites in the Sydney Morning Herald about her poor, picked-on relative:
I have been closely involved in the ordeal over the past three years of my relative Milad Al-Ahmadzai, the 23-year-old who appeared in Burwood Court this week charged with threatening serious harm to a Commonwealth official. I write to give voice to the anguish and drowned cries of his heartbroken mother and pregnant wife, and also as a duty to the Australian public, who have a right to know the truth.
On the day that the government was questioned about the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation’s budget hike, Commonwealth officials conveniently leaked information to the media of the arrest of someone they had described as a “firebrand jihadist” with “demonstrated links” to terrorists…
Despite the allegations made against him, ... no such evidence has been presented by the Commonwealth… Instead, Al-Ahmadzai has been the subject of ongoing harassment and interrogation by Commonwealth officials who have had him under 24-hour surveillance since he was 19-years-old for posting an “anti-government” comment online.
And to what end? To arrest him four weeks after a threatening telephone call to a Commonwealth official made in a moment of sheer frustration.... Al-Ahmadzai is recorded as saying, “Come near my family again, I’m gonna slit your throat”. While his choice of words is obviously inappropriate, I believe it falls short of warranting him the title of “firebrand jihadist”. Rather, it seems this telephone call is a desperate plea to be left alone…
The reality is that Al-Ahmadzai poses no real threat. The only apparent evidence of his alleged “terrorism” so far is that he fits the stereotype: he is Muslim; has a long, black beard; doesn’t agree with Australian foreign policy and is not afraid to say so. He is passionate and perhaps a bit of a loud mouth. He is the perfect scapegoat for the government’s failures. 
Missing from this conspiracy theory are any references to charges over a ram-raid, links to a particularly disturbing preacher and material seized in an earlier raid.
Yes, Al-Ahmadzai must be presumed innocent, and should not be tried in the media now that he is charged. But that should also mean he isn’t given a highly partial character reference like this one that could feed a dangerous paranoia and victimology among young Muslim men. 


4 her
Watching a documentary about the Berlin wall, and seeing 70,000 East Germans tear down the wall that separated them from their families on the other side one brick at a time in 1989, overwhelming the politburo and the guards who stood down... Makes me love Freedom. Zaya Toma
From the Norwegian people who brought the world Anders Behring Breivik who killed 77 people in bomb and shooting attacks last year they now show the world they are not any different to Breivik themselves. Daniel K

Circumcision has been hotly debated in Scandinavian countries in recent times, but this week, Norway’s third largest newspaper, Dagbladet, took the issue well beyond the boundaries of civil debate and straight into the realm of blatant anti-Semitism.

The cartoon Dagbladet published on Tuesday ostensibly depicts the circumcision of an infant, but the sinister-looking people carrying out the ritual are actually cutting off the baby’s toes and stabbing his head with a demonic-looking fork. On the right side of the cartoon, you see police arriving on the scene, but after being assured that the practice is simply an expression of religious belief, they leave.
“Mistreating? No this is tradition, an important part of our belief!” the woman is shown telling the policemen.“Belief? Oh yes, then it is all right,” the officer responds while the second policeman apologizes for the interference.
The men in the cartoon bear a striking resemblance to the hideous caricatures of Jews in classic anti-Semitic cartoons, right down to their black garb and beards. And they are holding books – ostensibly volumes of Torah – that are soaked in the blood of the screaming child.
Circumcision is depicted as a form of mutilation and torture, and the idea that there is a religious basis for the practice serves as the cartoon’s punch-line, as if there are “beliefs” that call for cutting a baby’s toes off with a bolt cutter.
This is a despicable attack on Jews and a fundamental tradition of Jewish life,” said HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams, who was attending the Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism when the cartoon was published.
That this cartoon has been published as delegates meet from around the world in Jerusalem to coordinate the fight against anti-Semitism graphically illustrates the need to combat this pernicious Jew hatred.
After complaints about the cartoon from the Jewish community in Norway, the cartoon’s artist, Tomas Drefvelin, wrote an email to MIFF, a Norwegian pro-Israel organization, denying the cartoon was anti-Semitic. It was meant, he wrote, “not as criticism of either a specific religion or a nation [but] as a general criticism of religions.”
“I gave the people in the picture hats, and the man a beard, because this gives them a more religious character,” he said. “Jew-hatred is reprehensible. I would never draw to create hatred of a people, or against individuals.”
While Drefvelin may not have intended to employ classic anti-Semitic tropes and caricatures, his cartoon now takes its place as the latest in a long line of fiendish depictions of Jews in black coats and hats carrying out outrageous and morally offensive acts designed to inspire reactions of disgust from the public.
Dr. Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, compared the cartoon to Nazi propaganda, which often exaggerated Jewish rituals to give them a demonic appearance. “This is a violent cartoon which is meant to inspire hate and contempt against one particular people,” he said.
You can register your outrage by writing directly to Dagbladet’s editor-in-chief John Arne Markussen at While this cartoon has understandably generated a great deal of anger and hurt, we call upon our subscribers to make your complaints in a civil fashion and to make it clear exactly why the global Jewish community would find the cartoon so utterly offensive. Remember – a civil discourse is more likely to successfully make our point.
The Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism
The 4th International Conference of the Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism is currently taking place in Jerusalem. Click here for more on the Conference.



A towering "rain control" site, where shamans would have asked the gods to open up the skies centuries ago, has been discovered in South Africa.

Scientists found over 30,000 animal specimens, including the remains of rhinoceros, zebra and even giraffe.
Still combatting AGW .. - ed

HISTORY IN THE HEADLINES: More than 75 years after her disappearance, researchers may have had a breakthrough in the decades-long search for famed aviator Amelia Earhart.


Reading a good book is a profound experience. Aiming to write one is even better.

When you write a novel, you enter the world of your story and become part of your main character's fictional dream. You face the challenges and moral dilemmas your main characters face and come out the other side changed.

As Alice Walker said, "If art doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for."

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You said in Your Word, Romans 10:9 that if we confess the Lord our God and believe in our hearts that You raised Jesus from the dead, we shall be saved.
Right now I confess Jesus as the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved.Amen.

Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin

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And that's exactly what we plan to do.
We're going to run strategically targeted radio ads to educate voters about the liberal incumbents that have been deceiving them for far too long.
We're going to deploy on-the-ground teams to knock doors, make phone calls, and do the grassroots work that will push our conservative candidates to victory.
And we're going to quickly beef up our unparalleled online Congressional database, the Madison Performance Index (
But the vital first step in this fight is a generous investment from conservative patriots like you.
Remember, my friend, for many conservative candidates, Madison Project will be their only lifeline in their primary campaigns.
If we don't step in at this early stage, no one will.
For Freedom,
Congressman Jim Ryun (Retired)

Paid for by Madison Project. Not authorized by any candidate or committee.
Copyright 2013 Madison Project 

PO Box 15179 

Washington, DC 20003

CRPD is back!
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is back and likely to be reconsidered in June.  Because of you, we defeated this flawed treaty last December.  But the Senate is going to bring it up again, and I'm concerned they'll try to sneak it through quietly while most people are focused on Benghazi, the IRS scandal and recent missteps by the Department of Justice.
Well, we are paying attention and we need your help to defeat it again.
CRPD threatens U.S. sovereignty and parental rights, and if ratified, it would effectively put us under international law when it comes to parenting our special needs children. While CRPD may, on the surface, appear to protect those with disabilities, it actually gives the government the power, with direction from the U.N., to decide what is best for our children.  That is wrong and not something we should see in the United States of America.  
If CRPD were ratified and enforced, it would give the U.N. discretion over decisions about how we educate our special needs kids and could potentially eliminate parental rights for the education of children with disabilities.
Patriot Voices is putting the pressure on now to ensure the U.S. Senate does not pass this dangerous treaty. 
Thank you for your support,

Rick Santorum 

Back in Iowa
I'll be back in Iowa on Thursday, August 8 as the keynote speaker at the Lyon County Republican Fundraising Dinner.  If you live nearby or will be in the area on August 8, I'd love to see you at this event!  Tickets may be purchased here.  I'm also looking forward to visiting the Iowa State Fair! 
Catch up with Patriot Voices Radio 
If you haven't listened to a Patriot Voices Radio show, it's time to tune in!  I was on the show this week talking about my experiences with the IRS in light of the scandals they are embroiled in. You can listen to Tuesday's show and other past broadcasts here. 
Mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 11 at noon ET for our special Patriot Voices One-Year Anniversary radio show!
Get Connected!
Click here to get connected with Patriot Voices in your state andsign up here to host an "Our Sacred Honor" party.
From the PAC
Patriot Voices PAC made two endorsements in recent days. On Tuesday, we announced our endorsement of Quin Hillyer for Congress in Alabama's first congressional district.   Quin has been a fearless defender of the conservative cause who will bring that approach to Washington as an advocate for free markets, limited government and reform of the welfare and tax system.  Learn about Quin, and  visit his website. And if you would like to get involved with Patriot Voices in Alabama, email us:
Patriot Voices PAC is also pleased to support Jason Smith, candidate for Congress in Missouri's 8th district. Jason is running in the special election on June 4 to succeed Jo Ann Emerson. Jason is a committed conservative who believes in smaller government, traditional values and a return to fiscal conservatism. Learn more about Jason here. Email  to get connected with our Missouri Patriot Voices team.
Quin Hillyer Jason Smith PAC Disclaimer
Help Patriot Voices carry out our mission
Your financial support is critical to ensuring that we can carry out our mission of fighting for faith, family, freedom and opportunity in America. Help us in our efforts by making a contribution of $25, $50, or $100 so we can keep fighting for our conservative values.
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