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Happy birthday and many happy returns Chris DuongLinda Haarberg,Bonny HuynhCatherine Ash and Hien Tran. Born on the same day, across the years. In 1743, French physicist Jean-Pierre Christin published the design of a mercury thermometer with the centigrade scale where zero represents the freezing point of water and 100 its boiling point, thus confusing scientists who followed who never know, if it is 20 degrees outside, if it is freezing. But you know, because it is your day.


Tim Blair – Sunday, May 19, 2013 (12:03pm)

Only Sarah – or the unrecognisable Barbie-proportioned version depicted in this ad – can save us:

Let’s compare actual Sarah with the dangerously unrealistic body image presented by the Greens, who clearly care nothing about important eating disorder issues:

image image



Tim Blair – Sunday, May 19, 2013 (5:04am)

Angry times for the party of peace
Greens leader Christine Milne is being accused of running a dysfunctional office and allowing a culture of intimidation after the sudden resignation of a highly regarded senior employee.
Alexandra Lamb, a media adviser to Senator Milne, quit her job last Sunday after professional clashes with the party’s new communications director, Georgie Klug.
Ms Lamb was given half an hour to leave her Parliament House office after her resignation. 
Only half an hour? Barely enough time to gather up your dream catchers and medicine wheels
The incident highlighted a culture of tension and mistrust inside the balance-of-power party. Sources say a ‘’bitter, petty and nasty’’ process was put in train to force Ms Lamb’s resignation and was indicative of measures used against other staff.
‘’Alex was so dedicated and professional and this shouldn’t have happened,’’ one party source said. ‘’But the problem is far deeper than what happened last week. The culture is not good.’’
Another source said ‘’tensions have skyrocketed’’ inside the party and ‘’there is an air of chaos and panic as the election gets closer’’. 
They’re worried that the great lie will end: 
The Greens vowed today to fight for the carbon tax if the Coalition is elected in September and urged Labor to defy a double-dissolution election threat. 
Another 117 days to go.



Tim Blair – Sunday, May 19, 2013 (4:18am)

Geelong beaten for the first time in 2013 – by a certain team wearing black and white:

Other notable results: consecutive wins for the Suns and a draw between Sydney and fast-finishing Fremantle.
UPDATE. AFL storms Texas.



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (10:02pm)

To nobody’s great surprise, it turns out that “countries with more economic freedom have higher degrees of tolerance.” This also applies to racial tolerance, although there are exceptions: 
Though you might expect the richer, better-educated Western European nations to be more tolerant than those in Eastern Europe, that’s not exactly the case. France appeared to be one of the least racially tolerant countries on the continent, with 22.7 percent saying they didn’t want a neighbor of another race. 
France’s problems may be related to youths of no particular background. When it comes to economic freedom in general, however, Europe is heading in the wrong direction
The small glass jugs filled with green or gold coloured extra virgin olive oil are familiar and traditional for restaurant goers across Europe but they will be banned from 1 January 2014 after a decision taken in an obscure Brussels committee earlier this week.
From next year olive oil “presented at a restaurant table” must be in pre-packaged, factory bottles with a tamper-proof dispensing nozzle and labelling in line with EU industrial standards. 
Regulation breeds resentment.



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (9:59pm)

first for tomorrow’s Bolt Report: 
Anthony Albanese joins us – the only Labor Minister ever to agree to come on the show. 
Labor’s media strategy over the past year or so has focused on soft, argument-free platforms. It isn’t working. Good on Albanese for stepping outside the pillow zone.
UPDATE. As commenters point out, Albanese has previously braved the horror of Bolt Report questions. No other Labor minister has appeared on the program.



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (9:56pm)

You can chop and change a Mike Carlton column as much as you like, but it’s still a Mike Carlton column.


Bolt Report today

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (10:57am)

The twitter feed.
The place the videos appear. (UPDATE: LINK FIXED.)
19 MAY 2013
ANDREW BOLT, PRESENTER: This show started more than two years ago. We’ve asked the Prime Minister, and her other Ministers, to come on hundreds of times. Come on, show me where I’m wrong. Reach out to people who might not be natural Labor voters. Only one Labor Minister has ever agreed. Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese, thank you for coming on. Why-
ANTHONY ALBANESE: Good to be here.
ANDREW BOLT: Why don’t more Labor Ministers do what you do and reach out to people who might not be natural Labor voters?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: Oh, look, that’s a decision for them. I take a view that even though you and I would disagree pretty fundamentally on a range of issues, you’re someone who puts your name to things, you argue your case. And I am prepared to argue the case with you. And this is my, I think, third appearance on this show.
ANDREW BOLT: Yeah, but no other Labor Minister does it. And I’m just wondering, is this symptomatic of one of the problems I have seen in Labor, that there’s this division, you know, playing off people against each other, and I’m the enemy, so don’t come on?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: Look, I don’t think so. I think it’s probably just a matter of there’s a range of demands on people’s time.
ANDREW BOLT: Yeah, but you know, Anthony, they don’t reach out like you do. And I think this is part of Labor’s wider problem. You’ve got to reach out more, don’t you?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: Well, I certainly think that we’ve got to argue our case in every forum possible. That’s the approach that I have taken. There’s a perception of where you are politically, I guess, and that might repel perhaps some people from engaging in the debate. Look, that’s a decision for them. But there’s certainly no edict or anything. I make my own decisions and I’m happy to be here.
ANDREW BOLT: Well, and I’m happy you are. The Budget - just one month ago, the Prime Minister said the Government’s revenue was down $12 billion, right? On what you would expect when she lasted promised a surplus six months ago. But then she gave us a deficit of not $12 billion but $19 billion. So in just one month, some $7 billion went walkies. What happened?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: No. It’s a difference between the time frames. So it’s the difference between from MYEFO, and the difference from the last Budget.
ANDREW BOLT: No, that’s - MYEFO. After MYEFO she said she was going to deliver a surplus. So it’s from that time. Six months ago. Where did the $7 billion go?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: But it’s a time frame of where she’s picking. There’s a reduction in the anticipated revenue from MYEFO to the Budget, but obviously there was a greater reduction in revenue from last year’s Budget to this year’s Budget. I think that’s the difference between the things.
ANDREW BOLT: I’m just saying, $12 billion gone in a month. She said - she’s $12 billion down a month ago. But you have delivered a sur- a deficit of $19 billion. That’s $7 billion more. You were going to always deliver a deficit, regardless of the reduction in revenue, on what you expected. That’s true, isn’t it?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: No. That’s not right, Andrew. We were determined to deliver a surplus. What occurred was that there was an impact on Government revenue. A massive write-down, as a result of - as a result of essentially the high Australian dollar.
ANDREW BOLT: It wasn’t. No, the revenue-
ANTHONY ALBANESE: The high Australian dollar.
ANDREW BOLT: The revenue went up. 


Insiders no longer the excuse Mark Scott once claimed

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (6:50am)

Readere Peter wonders if Insiders has gone on a war footing:
AB, worrying signs at Insiders that the established three-versus-one format (Barrie + two leftists versus a conservative) might be going by the wayside.
This morning’s show will feature Tingle, Farr and Atkins. Last week it was Toohey, Megalogenis and Taylor. The week before that, it was Kelly, Maley and Farr.
You need to go back to 28 April to find a conservative, when Hendo appeared.Anne Summers’ tweet didn’t send the frighteners through them, did it?
I agree with Peter than Maley can be neutral and fair. I think she’s good. But where’s the balance over all?
Remember, Insiders is one of the very few shows which ABC managing director Mark Scott cites as evidence of “balance” within the overwhelmingly Leftist ABC:
Mr Scott acknowledged that “there is now the expectation...that there is demonstrated plurality of opinion and perspective” within the ABC. Mark Scott praised the Insiders and Lateline programs for ”ensuring a range of political perspectives on the issue of the day” (Insiders)...
Can he still say even that? 


Labor no worse off after the Budget

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (6:30am)

Good news for Labor. A Budget that should have utterly destroyed its credibility actually leaves it no worse off:

WAYNE Swan’s decision to axe the baby bonus has won voters’ approval but nearly half of all voters believe the Budget has left them worse off…
Support for Labor, on a two-party preferred basis, is unchanged at 46 per cent while the Coalition has 54 per cent. 
That said, this was a small poll (1006 sample), with a larger margin of error, and was done before Tony Abbott Budget reply. 


How strangely keen builders are to donate slush

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (6:03am)

What is it with Labor MPs with union backgrounds that makes builders eager to donate to slush funds?

Victorian Labor has failed to account for a secretive slush fund that has generated half a million dollars and is controlled exclusively by the party’s newest MP, former Australian Workers Union Victorian secretary Cesar Melhem.
Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews has refused to comment on the status of the controversial Industry 2020, which has been bankrolled by major companies including builder John Holland and recycling giant Visy through union-organised events since 2008.
As sole director of the fund, Mr Melhem’s move into Parliament raises questions about potential conflicts of interest but also about the fate of money donated if he dissolves the fund and removes himself from it.
The Sunday Age does acknowledge:
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been embroiled in a continuing controversy over her legal work relating to a different AWU-linked slush fund in the mid-1990s.


One man says September 14 isn’t Clean up Australia Day

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (5:55am)

Ian Kiernan, former chairman of Clean Up Australia Day, seriously thinks Australian are “confused”? He’s seriously upset?  He seriously expects Alan Jones - and thousands of others - to stop with the joke?
I have had numerous complaints that you are describing election day the 14th September 2013 as Clean Up Australia Day.
Clean Up Australia and Clean Up Australia Day are both registered trademarks of this organisation.
By falsely claiming that 14th September is Clean Up Australia Day, you are causing confusion to those who genuinely support our event. Further it is causing damage to our organisation and brand through political affiliation that does not exist.
CUA is not government funded, a choice we have made to protect our independence. As well we are a not for profit organisation and are essentially owned by those who support it …
As a first step I am asking that you cease your reference to our day and brand for the benefit of your campaign.
I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t get satire. Indeed, I once found myself in the dock complaining I didn’t know there was a law against satire.
Not so sure about that anymore. 


Don’t police search in the dark?

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (5:45am)

I did wonder last month about Queensland police’s concern for occupational health and safety when refusing to chase escaped prisoners into a swamp for fear of water and maybe crocodiles.
And now:
WHEN police scaled back their search for toddler Tyler Kennedy at nightfall on Friday, nearby residents refused to give up, turning out in droves to scour the thick bushland where he had disappeared.
With temperatures plunging to 6C, the community of Johns River, on the mid-north coast, feared two-year-old Tyler could die of exposure.
Last night police admitted: “In hindsight, an official search could have continued into the night,” and Police Minister Mike Gallacher is demanding a police report explaining the decision to scale down the search.
Soon after the official search was scaled down at 5.30pm, more than 100 volunteers joined the only remaining police officer on the scene and the search was back on.
By 1.15am, a group of volunteers found Tyler in thick scrub just 150m from Wharf Rd…
Tyler, covered in scratches and bitterly cold, was reunited with his distraught mother Amanda Kennedy. “I was speechless when they said they had to call it off,” Ms Kennedy, 21, said. “My heart stopped…
“We thought, ‘OK, we’ll call in our own search party and get everyone out there to find him’."…
Mr Henson said the volunteers, mobilised by phone, social media and word of mouth, arrived at the property from Port Macquarie, Kempsey and even Wollongong.
“The street was full of cars,” he said. “People just kept turning up wanting to help.” 


Greens get bloody

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (5:29am)

Greens leader Christine Milne in February:
If you are being bullied there are people out there who will help you. You are loved. You are a good person and what’s more it can happen to anyone… Make sure you don’t suffer as a result of their inadequacies.
The Greens today:
Greens leader Christine Milne is being accused of running a dysfunctional office and allowing a culture of intimidation after the sudden resignation of a highly regarded senior employee.
Alexandra Lamb, a media adviser to Senator Milne, quit her job last Sunday after professional clashes with the party’s new communications director, Georgie Klug.
Ms Lamb was given half an hour to leave her Parliament House office after her resignation…
Sources say a ‘’bitter, petty and nasty’’ process was put in train to force Ms Lamb’s resignation and was indicative of measures used against other staff…
Another source said ‘’tensions have skyrocketed’’ inside the party and ‘’there is an air of chaos and panic as the election gets closer’’. 


Judge by performance, not Treasury’s forecasts

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (5:18am)

Judith Sloan is amazed by all this talk of waiting to hear the “real” stake of the books when Treasury releases the Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook in August.  Just check the 2010 PEFO released prior to the August election.

The Treasury decided to revise down the expected budget deficit for 2011-12 from over $20 billion to $10.4 billion.  Actual outcome: $43.4 billion…
And according to the 2010 PEFO, the budget surplus would be $3.5 billion in 2012-13 – again a figure that suited the government.  Actual result: close to $20 billion in deficit.
Judge not by promises or forecasts. Judge by performance. 


Not too broke for half a billion in pork

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (5:09am)

Never too broke for bribes:
The Gillard government has stashed away a ‘’war chest’’ of nearly half a billion dollars in secret projects to be announced before the election.
In Tuesday’s budget, Treasurer Wayne Swan listed a line item of $463.9 million as “decisions taken but not yet announced”.
Deloitte Access Economics director Chris Richardson said Australians should expect to see the money spent on a range of pork barrelling campaign announcements…
“Yes, it is a war chest and they’re holding back a bit of money here that will be announced before the election,’’ he said.

In last year’s budget papers, the same line item amounted to $119.4million.
Try to get a straight answer from Swan:

“Some of them can be commercial matters in confidence,” he said…
Mr Swan’s office subsequently suggested the measure could include defence contracts and other matters under negotiation.


4 her


Fame is often due to chance. Effectiveness is due to choices.

Pastor Rick Warren




The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. —Psalm 29:11


Earlier in the month, Shadow Education Minister Christopher Pyne and I visited Narwee Public School. It was a good afternoon with lots of interesting discussions with staff. Here's an article from the Canterbury - Bankstown Express about the visit.







The Vikings were a seafaring people from the late eighth to early 11th century who established a name for themselves as traders, explorers and warriors. Many modern perceptions of Vikings found their origins through Catholic propaganda. Here are some of the more popular Viking myths proven to be clearly false according to historical record:

'Calling of Vikings,' by Viktor Vasnetsov, early 1900s.

Born in Hawaii, Zoe is the only known captive golden zebra in existence.

correction: this picture might be manipulated, some ppl claiming this is original :

The Doctor has a secret he will take to his grave. And it is discovered…

It's Doctor Who day! Fans in Australia, join us for the exciting series finale tonight at 7.30pm onABC TV.



Hawaii’s diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, abundance of public beaches and oceanic surrounding, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination for tourists, surfers, biologists, and volcanologists alike.



May 19Pentecost (Western Christianity, 2013); Greek Genocide Remembrance Day in Greece; Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey; Ho Chi Minh's birthday in Vietnam
Thai soldiers on 19 May 2010 during the crackdown on political protests


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