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Happy birthday and many happy returns Eric Kalemen. You were born on the same day the oldest university in the Americas, The National University of San Marcos opened in 1551, in Lima, Peru. Apparently the Spanish needed personal trainers really quickly. Also, it is Mothers Day and you are a good boy.

Money can’t buy mum’s love

Miranda Devine – Sunday, May 12, 2013 (12:50am)

EVERY Mother’s Day there are new surveys telling women how hard done by they are - how they still do most of the housework, how not enough get breakfast in bed, how they’re always getting dud presents. 



Tim Blair – Sunday, May 12, 2013 (4:15am)

Slipped on
Former Parliamentary Speaker and ex-Liberal MP-turned independent Peter Slipper has joined billionaire Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.
Mr Palmer today confirmed Mr Slipper had applied to become a member of the Party - and his application had been accepted. 
Slipped off
Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party has torn up the membership of former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper hours after his involvement in the party was announced.
A brief statement was released on Saturday night revealing that the new membership had been cancelled. 
It must be a Queensland thing.
UPDATE. It really is a Queensland thing. Geoffff writes: “Due respect please for Senator Dr Glen Sheil, also a Queenslander, for giving us ‘the shortest ministerial career in Australia’s history’. Not even 29 seconds. He was sacked before he was sworn in.” Also from Geoffff: Queenslander Frank Forde was the shortest-serving Prime Minister in Australia’s history.
Clive Palmer’s bid to create a new political party is today mired in confusion, amid the short-lived recruitment of former speaker Peter Slipper and a renewed push for registration under a new name.
The mining entrepreneur today announced his United Australia Party, formed just three weeks ago, will now be known as the Palmer United Party, to avoid a legal battle with the Australian Electoral Commission. 



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 11, 2013 (9:34pm)

Mike Carlton writes two columns for every Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald. The SMH’s online editors evidently care so little for the veteran’s work, however, that they rarely bother to separate his pieces. The whole lot just gets slapped on the site in a big, undifferentiated word jumble. It’s plain disrespectful, is what it is. See if you can pick the points at which column A yields to column B. The transitions can sometimes be a little awkward
Mr Rudd is understood to be keen to accept the role.
Brothers in Christ, hi and listen up! 
Still, Carlton possibly has other things to worry about besides unsupportive co-workers (and people who don’t want to talk to him). The non-bestselling author has just become the first columnist in Australia to be smacked down by both Andrew Bolt and Catherine Deveny on the same day: 
Deveny, who was fired by The Age after an inappropriate tweet during the 2010 Logie Awards, said Fairfax should make Carlton undergo counseling … 
Submit, Mike. Maybe you’ll get a column out of it. Or two.


If a guest doesn’t like tomato, I’m cactus

Andrew Bolt May 12 2013 (4:19pm)

The menu for the dinner party tonight:
Moroccan meatballs in homemade tomato sauce with harissa and eggs, on couscous.
Lamb necks in pumpkin and tomato.
Eggplant with taleggio, basil and, er, that tomato sauce.
Greek salad.
From my wife, pavola.
On reflection, I may have gone a bit overboard with the tomato, but, gosh, I love that sauce. Should have had the chicken and vegetables with couscous.  


Bolt Report today

Andrew Bolt May 12 2013 (11:00am)

The twitter feed.
The place the videos appear.

12 MAY 2013
ANDREW BOLT, PRESENTER: The polls suggest the next election will be a Liberal landslide. The bookies agree - they give Labor no chance. But the Opposition still acts like it is too close to take a risk. Its new workplace policy this week promises almost no reforms. Its spokesman made a Freudian slip that suggested the truth - the Liberals want to do more, but don’t dare.
ERIC ABETZ: Business is upset that we haven’t done everything that we want – that they want us to do.
ANDREW BOLT: Joining me is Deputy Opposition Leader, Julie Bishop. Julie, is that right? Look, you are going to win big in September, so why aren’t you being bold in what you promise?
JULIE BISHOP: Andrew, we need to rebuild the trust and confidence in government that this Labor Government has so comprehensively trashed. And, this Government has been a litany of broken promises, taking the Australian people for granted, arrogantly dismissing their concerns. So the next Government has to rebuild trust and confidence, and that is what we intend to do.
ANDREW BOLT: But that would involve - one side of that would be to involve promising now what you know you need to do after the election to get the economy kick-started again. Take an obvious example, the IR thing - you know penalty rates on Sundays, for example, are so ridiculously high some restaurants now can’t afford even to stay open. Well why don’t you say so? That is jobs lost?
JULIE BISHOP: Andrew, first, we will not make promises that we can’t deliver. This Government has made a habit of making promises, raising expectations, and then dashing people’s dreams, by breaking promises flagrantly, blatantly. What we will do is make change and propose change that we believe we can deliver. And, in the industrial relations sphere, we have suggested some sensible changes. We’re addressing issues of flexibility and productivity, and importantly union militancy and accountability. I think everybody in Australia would agree that there has to be better management of unions. And so, we’ve got a number of proposals in place that will address those issues.
ANDREW BOLT: Well the union militancy, yes, that is a change. But the other bits, the productivity ones, are small changes. I’ll give you another example. You know the economy is so soft that it can’t afford new taxes. But you are going to the election promising too a rise in the Medicare levy to pay for the disability scheme, and also another to pay for your $4 billion a year parental leave scheme. More taxes is a bad start. 


The death of global warmism: 10 signs of hope

Andrew Bolt May 12 2013 (9:47am)

My column in tomorrow’s Herald Sun: the 10 signs the great global warming scare is dying. 


Anything But Conservative #125

Andrew Bolt May 12 2013 (9:10am)

More on the ABC’s betrayal of its charter responsibilities to offer a variety of perspectives, with every one of its main current affairs show hosted by people of the Left.
On Insiders today, hosted by Barry Cassidy, the panel is Lenore Taylor, George Megalogenis and Brian Toohey. Not a single conservative voice among them.
But what infuriates me is commentators refusing to level with their audience about the philosophical framework informing their opinions. This allows the ABC, for instance, to a pretend its own presenters are neutral, since they haven’t openly declared what is perfectly obvious, but conservatives who frankly declare their positions are just partisans and not “real” journalists.
What seems to make journalists of the Left reluctant to admit to being journalists of the Left is that many seem to think the word “Left” is a term of abuse.
It’s actually just a descriptor. Does Megalogenis seriously suggest he’s actually a conservative or Right-winger instead?
If “Left” is not accurate, what is?
Reader Bob K:
Watching Insiders - who is delivering the budget in two days time - Labor or Coalition? Is there nothing to discuss about Tuesday’s budget? Why are the panelists discuss oppositions policies, and not the Government’s? Is Abbott, not Labor delivering budget?! That’s your ABC, I guess...


Combet sweats in hot climate, abusing everyone but himself

Andrew Bolt May 12 2013 (6:49am)

The Climate Change Minister sounds under pressure:

Senior cabinet minister Greg Combet has attacked some of his Labor Party colleagues as ‘’whingers’’ in an angry and expletive-laden speech to supporters and donors
At a party fund-raising dinner last Monday, Mr Combet delivered a withering critique of the doomsayers in his own party, insisting too many people were displaying a defeatist attitude in this election year…

‘’He dropped the F-word and said quite forcefully that there were two things that were really starting to bug him,’’ the contact said.
‘’Those two things were people saying Labor doesn’t know what it stands for and that the election is all over. And it’s worse when it is Labor people saying that.’’
If Labor people are saying that, Greg, maybe it’s because it is true.
After all, isn’t Combet the minister who last week says the carbon compensation he’d promised wasn’t now going to be paid, because the European carbon permit price he said wouldn’t fall has done just that?
Doesn’t that mean that our own carbon price, which Combet said had to be at least $23 to change people’s behaviour, will be allowed to fall to levels where it won’t?
And this is the man now complaining even his own sign has no idea what it stands for? 


What more needs saying?

Andrew Bolt May 12 2013 (5:57am)

Even the word “Labor” in his new election poster is redundant. Correction, Labor is redundant:



Meat axe to cut public sector growth by a whisker

Andrew Bolt May 12 2013 (5:38am)

In 2007:

KEVIN RUDD will take “a meat axe” to the bloated public service...
“It just strikes me as passing strange that this government that supposedly belongs to the conservative side of politics has not systematically applied the meat axe to its own administrative bloating for the better part of a decade,” he said.
Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) APS Statistical Bulletin (headcount) (coverage: Public Service Act employees) 
June 2007: 155,424
June 2012: 168,850
Change: 13,426
Commonwealth government Budget Papers (average FTE) (coverage: general government sector including defence forces and employment in statutory authorities)

2006-07: 238,623
2011-12: 261,367
Change: 22,744
But now the axe descends, kind of:

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal up to 400 jobs would go under Labor.
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is promising to slash up to 12,000 public sector jobs in his first term, if elected.
Once more the Labor changes are sold in class-war talk:

PUBLIC servant “fat cats” on six-figure salaries face a crackdown as the Gillard government prepares for bureaucracy cuts to save $580 million. 


Why pick on the Vietnamese?

Andrew Bolt May 12 2013 (5:34am)

Hang on. Vietnamese boat people are not likely to have stopped off in many countries on their way here. Why are they being singled out?

Today the government said that it had transferred a further 21 Vietnamese asylum seekers to its detention centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island. They are the third group of Vietnamese boat arrivals sent to Manus in recent weeks and the 14th group of asylum seekers overall that the Labor government has sent to the island since it resurrected the Howard government-era facility in August last year.


Carlton’s company disowns him

Andrew Bolt May 12 2013 (5:23am)

That’s awkward:

Mike Carlton ... possibly has other things to worry about besides unsupportive co-workers (and people who don’t want to talk to him). The non-bestselling author has just become the first columnist in Australia to be smacked down by both Andrew Bolt and Catherine Deveny on the same day...
Still, even more for awkward for Carlton, the Sydney Morning Herald columnist, to be identified as on Deveny’s team:
It proves the banner of sexual violence that women live and work under. You would think Mike Carlton is on our team, so it shows how normalised it is to make comments like that.
“Does it make it OK for him to say those things because she is of the Right and is a high-profile columnist? No, it is never all right.”
What Carlton did was too much even for Deveny, and that is saying plenty for a woman of her anger:

Of her former editor, Paul Ramadge: 
I wish him arse cancer.
Of Bindi Irwin, then 11:

I do so hope Bindi Irwin gets laid.
Of Tasma Walton, the wife of Rove McManus.

Rove and Tasma look so cute ... hope she doesn’t die, too.
Of Anzac Day soldiers:

Anzac Day. Men only enlisted to fight for the money, for the adventure or because they were racist. 


No more Slipper, and Palmer’s party is in strife

Andrew Bolt May 12 2013 (5:12am)

Well, that didn’t last long:

Former federal parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper has been given the boot by Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, only hours after he became a member.
Less than seven hours after Mr Palmer said that “anyone in Australia is welcome to join” his newly formed party, a one sentence statement published on the UAP’s website announced Mr Slipper’s membership had been revoked.
“Under clause D26 of the constitution of the party, a majority of foundation members have decided that the membership for Peter Slipper has ceased forthwith,” the statement said…
Under Australian Electoral Commission rules, parties cannot be registered unless they have 500 members or has “at least one Commonwealth parliamentarian” who is a member of the party. Mr Palmer’s party is yet to be registered. Mr Slipper’s membership alone would have qualified the UAP.
Reader Peter notes: 
Interesting, as Antony Green pointed out on first hearing the news Slipper had joined the UAP:
...according to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), the party applications must be in by this Monday so the AEC can begin the process of verifying the party’s legitimacy… Having an MP that can register the party slashes the amount of checking required by the AEC and allows the party to be registered more quickly.
Will the party even be registered now? 


Click ‘SHARE’ if you support the Coalition’s plan to lift the standards of behaviour in trade unions.



4 her mum .. she did a great job

Revealing chart about Democrats and the issue of Gitmo. The first one was when Obama wanted to close Gitmo and the second chart shows when Obama decided to keep it open.





How is this for hypocrisy? Bush didn't deny aid to consulates under siege while dancing with Beyonce. He didn't order men to their deaths while cutting costs as part of his re-election campaign. He also didn't cover up his decision making .. And he hasn't been personally abusive.



Sometimes I want to whisper to leaders I watch,"Please stop trying so hard to be cool and just #love people."




Lobby Cards - Tripoli (1950)
London in 1927 from Tim Sparke on Vimeo.

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A young man whose father is a carpenter grows up working in his father's shop. He has no formal education. He owns no property of any kind. One day he puts down his tools and walks out of his father's shop.

He starts preaching on street corners and in the nearby countryside. Walking from place to place preaching all the while even though he is in no way an ordained minister he never gets farther than an area perhaps 100 miles wide at the most. He does this for three years.

Then he is arrested, tried and convicted. There is no court of appeal so he is executed at age 33 along with two common thieves. Those in charge of his execution roll dice to see who gets his clothing -- the only possessions he has. His family cannot afford a burial place so he is interred in a borrowed tomb.

End of story? No, this uneducated, property less young man who preached on street corners for only three years who left no written word has for 2000 years had a greater effect on the entire world than all the rulers, kings and emperors, all the conquerors, the generals and admirals, all the scholars, scientists and philosophers who ever lived -- all put together. How do we explain that? ...Unless he really was what he said he was. - Zaya Toma

After he died, some women, including his mother prepared his body. One explanation for the Shroud of Turin suggests that the burial cloth was washed too. The resulting chemical reaction created the image. The plant matter has been dated to between 200 BC and 200 AD. The weave is consistent with another burial cloth recently found for a first century leper. Something to think about on mothers day. I want the cloth to be seen as what it is. Bending facts to fit peoples theories never leads to good things. Now, what difference would it make in your life if the cloth was or was not an imprint of Jesus? I have not said it is. I have said the vegetable matter dates right and the weave pattern is consistent. I've also said that a Maillard reaction works and describes how it was made. You can find no description of how or when it was made .. However, it exists and dates from the right period .. and has those wounds .. how disturbing that must be for you. .. no, Jesus was not the only person crucified .. they had lots of ways of crucifying people .. but to be crucified that way .. that particular sequence of events .. might not be unique but is unique to recorded history .. except for the shroud if it isn't His.
Something that sets Jesus apart from other's that were beaten and crucified is that over 500 people testify to having witnessed Jesus rise from the dead...
.. and those who would have benefited from denouncing the resurrection as a fake .. stayed silent. When the high priest was exhumed recently, his urn contained nails of the type used in crucifixion. - ed

Cathryn Cavaney Forgive me for bringing up my faith and the reference to Mass. When we went to mass last night, our priest was from Nigeria, and we had a nun from Catholic missions speak. This nun started her speech with "My name is Sister... and I am an infidel." then she went on to explain the work of the Salesian brothers and sisters in South Sudan, the Sisters of St Joseph of the Assumption on the Thai/Burma border, and more. She mentioned that the Catholic missions had recently been asked by the Orthodox Church (Greek or Russian I didn't catch) to go into KYRGYZSTAN. She talked about being hunted down by mujaheddin** and mentioned that most of the work of the Catholic Missions was now cleaning up after Muslim attacks and Muslim child trafficking. She said 'I'm not going to apologise for saying this either'. She talked about a group of nuns who had smuggled out some Orthodox and Jewish children from KYRGYZSTAN. I think it was an eye opener for some of my fellow parishioners. (**She stated that they we're being protected by men with guns and arrows and it was the Grace of God that brought them to safety.) Our priest mentioned that the Salesian nuns had saved him and his family and that was when he was called to the priesthood.

Our Nigerian priest and our Phillipino priest always ask us to pray for Israel - at other parishes I've only heard it as 'peace in the middle east'. It's amazing what first hand experience brings out.



Frank Einstein


Complete Classic Movie: Flying Tigers (1942)

Stars: John Wayne, John Carroll, Anna Lee. Capt. Jim Gordon’s command of the famed American mercenary fighter group in China is complicated by the recruitment of an old friend who is a reckless hotshot.
Beloved, you have been made righteous in Christ. God hears your prayers, all because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross for you!
For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous;
with favor You will surround him as with a shield. —Ps 5:12

See God's favor surrounding you like a shield everywhere you go. Expect to experience His protection, healing, wisdom and right-place-right-time positioning today!

May 12International Nurses DayMother's Day in several countries (2013);National Famine Commemoration Day in Ireland (2013)
Z3 computer (replica)


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