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Happy birthday and many happy returns Cesare Rambaldi. Born the same date when, in 1927, when a disgruntled school board treasurer Andrew Kehoe set off a series of explosives in Bath Township, Michigan's elementary school, which had a final death toll of 45 and is the deadliest mass murder in a school in United States history. Those were different times .. now they use automatic weapons. Tough days, but you were born to succeed and excel.
And magnificent music ..


Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (5:35am)

Simon Crean’s March sacking echoed events of three decades prior: 
Julia Gillard was enraged as she watched on television Simon Crean tell a feverish media scrum that she should call a leadership spill ...
Her chief of staff, Ben Hubbard, was directed to obtain Crean’s resignation. When he was rebuffed, a letter of advice was prepared for the Governor-General recommending the termination of Crean’s commission.
Crean became the first minister in 35 years to be dismissed from office by the Governor-General on the instructions of the Prime Minister, rather than resign. No Labor minister has been sacked in this way since Jim Cairns in 1975. 
There’s a lot of 1975 in the current government’s trajectory. Meanwhile, old pals work the crowds
Rudd was out campaigning in Brisbane yesterday alongside Swan, the man who last year accused him of having no Labor values. 
Perhaps Labor’s power pair discussed Kerry-Anne Walsh’s soon-to-be-released book
This controversial and revealing book exposes how Team Rudd, in conjunction with a compliant media pack and a vicious commentariat, contrived to bring down Australia’s first woman prime minister. 
Er … didn’t Gillard bring down Rudd? I can’t remember. Anyway, the title seems problematic:


“Stalking”? This may be an issue for the metaphor experts at Polifact. According to NSW police
Stalking is a crime. Under the Crime (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007, stalking includes the following of a person about or the watching or frequenting of the vicinity of, or an approach to a person’s place of residence, business or work or any place that a person frequents for the purposes of any activity.
Stalking involves a persistent course of conduct or actions by a person which are intended to maintain contact with, or exercise power and control over another person. These actions cause distress, loss of control, fear or harassment to another person and occur more than once. 
Team Rudd is allegedly one busy outfit.
UPDATE. That Rudd/Swan meeting didn’t last for long. Note at the link that Rudd is looking at his watch, because of sexism.



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (4:40am)

Hyperactive horse in Holland:



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (4:37am)

Joe Hildebrand calmly reflects on this week’s budget experience
At 7.30pm when the doors open, we are set free into the Canberra night to experience all the joys our capital has to offer, such as freezing to death in a gutter. 
Still on Canberra, even National Public Radio in the US now joins the Skywhale fun. And the whalehead look captivates our capital:




Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (4:25am)

Physical strength linked to politics
Men who are physically strong are more likely to take a right wing political stance, while weaker men are inclined to support the welfare state, according to a new study.
Researchers discovered political motivations may have evolutionary links to physical strength.
Men’s upper-body strength predicts their political opinions on economic redistribution, according to the research. 
The research actually goes a little deeper
Put another way, this study says that liberals are a coalition of rich wimpy men and strong poor men. By contrast, conservatives are a coalition of rich strong men and poor weak men. 
(Via Instapundit)



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (4:11am)

Gaza’s horror – expensive KFC, delivered via tunnels: 
The French fries arrive soggy, the chicken having long since lost its crunch. A 12-piece bucket goes for about $27 here — more than twice the $11.50 it costs just across the border in Egypt. 
Will the suffering never end?



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (3:46am)

As Fairfax is to the ABC, the Guardian is to the BBC
The BBC has announced the appointment of a new editor for Newsnight … the job has not gone to a BBC veteran but to Ian Katz, the Deputy Editor of the Guardian. Fancy that …
I am simply flabbergasted by the insensitivity and political crassness of the BBC management. Do they have no idea how this looks? Can they not see that, so far as their critics are concerned, there is something deeply sinister about the apparently cosy relationship between the country’s most blatantly Left-wing newspaper and the BBC’s political coverage? What in the name of God are they thinking? 
They can’t be thinking about expanding their audience. The Guardian‘s circulation recently dropped to below 200,000, barely ahead of the major Fairfax titles in Australia.


The Rembrandt of all flash mobs

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (3:13pm)

The Rijksmuseum is finally open again after one of the greatest cock-ups in museum history - a renovation, sabotaged through bureaucracy, which kept this great art museum closed for a decade.
But at least this stunt, to announce the rehanging of the musuem’s most famous painting, went off brilliantly:

(Thanks to reader leel.) 


Socialism is for wimps

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (11:33am)

I type this with muscular fingers:
MEN with strong upper body strength are more likely to vote conservatively while physically weaker males have a greater tendency towards left-leaning views.
And stronger men are more likely to protect their resources while weaker males favour more socialist views such as wealth distribution, researchers claim.


Labor promises no surplus in its next term

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (11:27am)

Terry McCrann says Wayne Swan’s Budget is beyond parody:
What’s passed broadly unnoticed since Tuesday is that the Treasurer, even on his and Treasury’s dubiously optimistic fiscal and economic forecasting, is effectively promising to have budget deficits right through the full term of the next Gillard-Swan government, were it to win re-election in September.
Swan is effectively promising: re-elect us, and we will deliver three more years (at least) of deficits.
If everything went exactly right, the forecasts for both the economy and the two sides of the budget were exactly correct; and critically, government didn’t initiate a single dollar of new spending over the next three years; we would get a surplus of $1bn in 2015-16. Has there ever been a more stellar demonstration of lack of self-awareness? A year ago Swan promised a surplus of, well, $1bn, and delivered a deficit of $19bn. And now he still has as his first—still only promised—surplus the same ridiculously silly figure of $1bn…
On the not unreasonable assumption that a government, any government, would initiate some new spending, at some point in a three-year term, that is actually a forecast of a deficit in 2015-16. Even if the sun keeps shining…
The forecasts are the very opposite of “robust”. They pivot entirely on the assumption that China will keep roaring along at near 8 per cent rates of growth in its economy.


Tasmania: paradise for unions. Pity the wages

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (11:19am)

I don’t think this is a coincidence:

New figures show that 26 per cent of workers in Tasmania belong to a trade union, well above the national average of 18 per cent. But Tasmanian wages are the lowest in the country, with average weekly earnings at $1283 - compared with the national average of $1487…
The state with the highest average weekly earnings is Western Australia at $1785. That state also has the lowest union membership at 14 per cent.
Reader TassieRooster notes:

Obviously our high proportion of public servants account for this as only 13% of non-government employees here are in a union.


Green power means no work for Speedy

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (11:09am)

Reader Speedy on the price of green power - which has made South Australia’s electricity prices the highest of any state:

Somewhat relevant to your story about green energy and South Australian electricity prices.
I am in SA at work at a paper mill 11:30pm and every single production line is currently shut down due to excessive spot market electricity prices. This is becoming a more regular practice, in the last week alone the machinery here has shut for approximately 10 hours solely because it is cheaper for the company to have the machinery idle and wear the loss than to actually run and make product.
The longer Australian governments fail to build coal fired electricity generation plants the longer this sort of practice will continue and more and more Australian manufacturing will go the way of the dinosaur.


Bolt Report tomorrow

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (10:57am)

On Network 10 at 10am:
How did the Budget blow so many billions so fast?
Anthony Albanese joins us - the only Labor Minister ever to agree to come on the show.
Peter Costello and Michael Costa on the Budget and Tony Abbott’s cuts. Then there’s Julia Gillard’s tears.
Spin of the Week: won by ...
The twitter feed.
The place the videos appear.


Labor’s Mundine endorses Abbott

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (10:52am)

Even a former Labor president now embraces Tony Abbott:

FORMER Labor Party national president Warren Mundine is poised to assume a powerful position in indigenous affairs under a conservative government after forging an extraordinary alliance with Tony Abbott that he declared was “bigger than partisan politics"…
Mr Mundine, who quit the Labor Party six months ago, has endorsed Mr Abbott’s vision for Aboriginal Australia and confirmed he stands ready to serve a future prime minister in the quest to end indigenous disparity, regardless of that leader’s political stripe.
“If the Prime Minister offers me a job I would seriously consider it and possibly take it,” he said.
By “the Prime Minister”, Mundine means Abbott. Gillard is history already.
Always liked Mundine’s style:


Turning off Gillard’s tears

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (10:38am)

Michael Gordon, long the Prime Minister’s go-to journalist, concedes the public no longer even trust Julia Gillard’s tears:

Yet an analysis by iSentia reveals that the reaction to this rare and clearly genuine display of emotion by the Prime Minister was ‘’moderately unfavourable’’ on talkback radio, with remarks including ‘’Gillard is crying for herself, not disabled people’’.
Peter Hartcher speaks to a Labor MP who seems to share that view:

Labor’s budget this week is like the pyramid of an Egyptian pharaoh, says one of the party’s federal MPs: “Gillard is building the monuments for her legacy, and she’s sacrificing us slaves in the process...”
...  now, according to Gillard’s unimpressed MP, we see the narcissism of legacy-building. What are her modern-day pyramids and sphinxes? One is the national disability insurance scheme that Gillard has labelled DisabilityCare.
It’s the Black Knight all over again. Laurie Oakes, who so often has hailed past turning points for Labor (the carbon tax, Obama’s visit, making Slippery Pete the Speaker) says Labor now detects another:

The Coalition benches erupted in delight at the end of Abbott’s speech. Faces on the government side were grim. Gillard had sat through it with an expression like a sour Easter Island statue.
But, after poring over what Abbott had said, Labor’s leaders and their minders were a little less down in the mouth.
They realised the speech meant the Opposition Leader was starting to move away from his small-target strategy.
The clouds parted and we saw a bit of blue sky,” according to a party strategist.
Abbott’s rejection of the Gonski school funding measures, he said, “makes the election about education—our issue”.
Labor will now portray Abbott as taking away billions of dollars from school children.
Good luck with that. Labor wants us to worry not about what it has done, but about what the Liberals might do. Don’t think that will work, not least because Labor’s own cuts kind of spoil the message:
Fairfax Media analysis reveals federal support for schools would be $21 million lower in 2014-15 and $136 million lower in 2015-16, compared with what was previously budgeted.
Paul Kelly is right - the public won’t fall for a scare about what the Liberals might do when they’ve seen what Labor has done already:
Gillard will turn this into a contest of Labor icons and values - witness schools, superannuation, care for the low paid and rejection of fiscal austerity - against her allegation of Liberals who “always cut to the bone”. Seizing on Abbott’s language of “budget emergency”, Gillard said Abbott wanted “only more and deeper cuts”.
Yet Abbott is merely confronting Labor’s budget mismanagement. Labor’s problem is that the public realises this. It knows Labor’s surplus never arrived and has been postponed, at best, to 2015-16. Abbott’s election message is that his mission is to repair Labor’s mess and this will have community traction.
(Thanks to reader Peter.) 


Remember when Labor would stop the warming, house the homeless and teach the children?

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (10:14am)

Kevin Rudd declares in 2007:

Climate change is the great moral challenge of our generation.
Australia has all but dumped $75 million of projects regrowing forests in the developing world and shelved a $100 million forest carbon partnership between Indonesia and Australia…
Australia’s contribution to global environment programs will plummet from $74.1 million in 2012-13 to just $1.5 million next year, the budget papers reveal.
Kevin Rudd promises in 2008:

KEVIN RUDD has declared a 10-year effort to tackle homelessness, warning that the problem is getting worse despite the nation’s soaring wealth…
About 100,000 people a night are homeless…
Rudd’s target:

...halve overall homelessness by 2020

THE head of one of the nation’s largest charities has expressed concern that Labor has abandoned its commitment to halving homelessness by 2020 after the federal budget failed to fund efforts beyond just one year.
National chief executive of the St Vincent de Paul Society Dr John Falzon said ... “There are 105,000 Australians trapped in the cycle of homelessness...”
Judge not by seeming but by achieving. It’s a critical difference between the Left and conservatives.
No different with Julia Gillard, of course, except the dreams collapse much faster.
Gillard a month ago:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has unveiled the Government’s long-awaited plan to overhaul school funding, promising to contribute 65 per cent of the total cost…
“It’s a lot of money, but I believe it is a wise investment in our children’s future and in our nation’s future.”
Julia Gillard’s signature school funding reforms would deliver a saving to the budget bottom line in two of the next three years, despite her pledge to provide billions of dollars in spending increases.
Fairfax Media analysis reveals federal support for schools would be $21 million lower in 2014-15 and $136 million lower in 2015-16, compared with what was previously budgeted.
In these years the extra cash offered under the Gonski reforms is exceeded by the ‘’redirection’’ of money earmarked for national partnership programs.


Taxed by Big Government on their prayers

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (10:06am)

The Internal Revenue Service scandal - Big Government persecuting conservatives - just gets more amazing:
During a House Ways and Means Committee hearing today, Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., grilled outgoing IRS commissioner Steven Miller about the IRS targeting a pro-life group in Iowa.
“Their question, specifically asked from the IRS to the Coalition for Life of Iowa: ‘Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers,’” Schock declared.
“Would that be an inappropriate question to a 501 c3 applicant?” asked Schock. “The content of one’s prayers?”
What did Obama know and when did he know it?
The Treasury Department’s inspector general told senior Treasury officials in June 2012 he was auditing the Internal Revenue Service’s screening of politically active organizations seeking tax exemptions, disclosing for the first time on Friday that Obama administration officials were aware of the matter during the presidential campaign year…
J. Russell George, the Treasury inspector general for tax administration, told members of the House Ways and Means Committee that he informed the Treasury’s general counsel of his audit on June 4, and Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin “shortly thereafter."…
Complaints from Tea Party groups that the I.R.S. was singling them out became public in 2012, through media accounts.
The Left never accept they have a bias:

Steven T. Miller, the acting I.R.S. commissioner, who has resigned, called the agency’s actions “obnoxious,” but told the House Ways and Means Committee they were not motivated by partisanship.


A great prime minister, ruined by evil journalists

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (7:54am)

Journalist Kerry-Anne Walsh strikes me as tribal, and, of course, Left of centre. No surprise or novelty there. But what’s odd is the Manichean view of the world that goes with it: what helps her side is good, what hurts is perforce evil.
Here’s a recent example. It’s “obscene” when a Murdoch newspaper publicises bad polls for Labor, it’s less so when the Leftist Fairfax papers do so, and its perfectly fine when anyone at all uses polls to attack the Liberals instead.

Kerry-Anne Walsh, Niki Savva and David Speers, Sky News yesterday: 
WALSH: Your newspaper would be very pleased we’re discussing (Newspoll) before it’s even published. And then all day tomorrow it will feed into the eternal question of leadership, derail the government for another day - fabulous opportunity for doorstops for Tony Abbott. All for what? Because The Australian has a great marketing tool ... it’s a political intervention tool on behalf of The Australian and frankly the obsession with opinion polls is just bordering on the obscene.
Speers: A political intervention by The Australian?
Walsh: Yes, absolutely. They write these polls up continuously ... You have commentators, you have analysts saying that this now, yet again, spells the end for Gillard; this is what’s going to come out tomorrow.
Savva: It’s not like it’s something new ...
Host: What, then, was the Nielsen poll put out by Fairfax last week?
Walsh: The Nielsen poll, if you recall when it was carried that day, there were five of its journalists who interpreted it carried the death knell for Labor.
Speers: So they’re all intervening in politics as well?
Walsh: I think The Australian’s journalists and commentators are far more forceful about their opinions and about their use of Newspoll and always have been than the Nielsen, the Fairfax journalists.
On the other hand:
Happy Christmas, poll lovers! Walsh in The Sunday Telegraph, December 24, 2000:

IF John Howard is taking seriously opinion polls that suggest Labor has to do nothing more than sit patiently to win government, his portfolio shuffle ... has the hallmarks of a prime minister looking to the longer-term future of his party…
Kerry-Anne Walsh, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 14, 2007:
PRIME minister John Howard said on Friday that the election would boil down to one question: “Which side of politics has what it takes to keep Australia strong, prosperous and secure into the future?” Today’s exclusive Sun-Herald/Taverner poll has the answer. And it’s not one Mr Howard wants to hear.
Note, incidentally, how Walsh seems to regard the recent polls - showing the Gillard Government at appalling lows - as signifying nothing significant in themselves. It’s as if the public’s low opinion of Gillard is not real or worthy of mention. The polls are significant only in how journalists use them to manipulate a public without a mind or judgement of its own.
Hold that thought…
The very same with-us-or-against-us moral framework informs Walsh’s soon-to-be-released book, to judge by the extraordinary publisher’s blurb. The book’s thesis:
This is the story of one of the most extraordinary episodes in recent Australian political history, of how a powerful media pack, a vicious commentariat and some of those within her own party contrived to bring down Australia’s first woman prime minister.
Here we go ahead. The public hasn’t itself decided this government has lied, cheated and bungled, dividing Australians with its politics of hate and it racks up unforgivable debt in a boom. No, it’s “a powerful media pack, a vicious commentariat and some of those within her own party” who have “contrived to bring down Australia’s first woman prime minister”.
If it wasn’t for her media critics, Gillard would be sailing.  Voters are morons, Gillard is great.
But wait. Aren’t there in fact plenty of media outlets - the ABC, SBS, mummy bloggers, Fairfax papers and so on - who have been sympathetic to Gillard and viciously hostile to Tony Abbott?
Hmm. In fact, this brings us back to Walsh’s strange with-us-or-against-us moral judgement, as outlined by her publisher. Yes, there was a time when the media “collective” - especially a “fawning Canberra press gallery” - did side with Gillard, but that was seemingly good:
Julia Gillard took the reins of the Australian Labor Party on 24 June 2010; she did so with the goodwill of the majority of her party and a fawning Canberra press gallery at her feet. The man she supplanted, Kevin Rudd, led an isolated band of angry Labor voices at this surprising turn of events; the collective political and media verdict was that his time, short though it had been, was up....
But then “interstate journalists”, and some “key” ones in Canberra, undid all that good work - and this was bad. This was “stalking” and not “fair”:
By the time Gillard announced in February 2011 that her government would introduce a carbon pricing scheme, Rudd and his small team of malcontents were in lock-step with key Canberra and interstate journalists in a drive to push her out of the prime ministerial chair…
Once deposed, Rudd’s toxic ambition appears to have been either to either return to the leadership, or destroy the government that had dumped him and the woman who had replaced him. In this pursuit he was abetted by political journalists who became pawns in Rudd’s leadership games…
This is the story about one of the most extraordinary episodes in recent Australian political history. It focuses on Team Rudd and the media’s treatment of its slow-death campaign of destabilisation, with its disastrous effect on Gillard and the government’s functioning. This account is about a politician who was never given a fair go; not in the media, not by Rudd, not by some in caucus. Never has a politician been so assiduously stalked. Cast as a political liar and policy charlatan, she was also mercilessly and relentlessly lampooned for her hair, clothes, accent, her arse, even the way she walks and talks.
Walsh shares the delusion that has crippled Labor under Gillard. It’s a great government, ruined only by a bad press and a failure to “get out its message”.
Chris Kenny today notes the same meme in ABC reporting of the Government’s Budget:
This was the day after the Treasurer delivered his sixth budget deficit in a row; the dirty half-dozen.
Host Emily Bourke asked economics correspondent Stephen Long a question that, arguably, would not have been on the tip of the tongue for most taxpayers: “Why do you think Labor isn’t getting more credit for its economic achievements?”
“I think it’s a combination of things, Emily,” was Long’s promising start. Perhaps one of those “combination of things” would be the fact this budget, delivering a $19 billion deficit, came immediately after the one that announced four surpluses.
But no, that wasn’t Long’s train of thought.
“I think it’s that Labor lacks a Paul Keating,” he said. Ah, this time we could see where he was going. Long would explain the need for a competent financial manager and serious economic reformer. Wrong again.
“A big-picture storyteller who can sell its message,” he explained.
Really? A storyteller. Paul Keating or Mem Fox, take your pick.
Here was I thinking it might be about keeping promises, meeting forecasts and even ensuring numbers add up.
Long said Labor’s “managerialist way” had delivered changes in “little dribs and drabs” rather than in a “bold plan” and this, apparently, explained why the government didn’t get the credit it deserved.
But wait, as the infomercials say, there’s more.
“Also a hostile media environment,” Long continued, “where sections of the press have been coming from an ideological perspective that’s hostile to what Labor’s been trying to achieve.”
Don’t you see, you fools: Gillard is a great Prime Minister, betrayed by vicious journalists who have hoaxed a brainless public. No wonder the Left want laws to muzzle such an evil media. 


Solidarity forever … gone

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (7:09am)

They’ve fractured their own party like they’ve fractured the country:

THE most awkward reunion in recent political memory was over with a handshake and just four words yesterday.
“Welcome to my electorate,” smiled former prime minister Kevin Rudd to Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan - the man who famously accused Mr Rudd of “putting his own self-interest ahead of the interests of the broader Labor movement and the country as a whole” following his unsuccessful February 2012 leadership spill.
It was then left to Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese - who was also attending the event, a joint press conference at Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point - to break the awkward silence with some small talk about last night’s Brisbane Broncos match at Suncorp Stadium.


That was not the time to stop Bess Price speaking

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (12:19am)

Reader Sisyphus alerts me to something symbolic - and sad - about the way Bess Price’s stunning speech below was stopped:

It is worth noting that Mrs Price’ incredibly important and powerful speech to the NT Legislative Assembly on Thursday was shut down by Mrs Delia Lawrie, the Leader of the Opposition and foremost Labor politician in the NT.
From the Hansard of the NTLA:
Mrs LAWRIE: A point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker! I have to draw your attention to the clock, it is a standing order. Mr DEPUTYSPEAKER: In adjournment we do have a bit of leniency. Continue, Member for Stuart …
Mrs LAWRIE: A point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker! We do not actually. I appreciate Bess’s speech, by the way, and believe this should be normally spoken in full length. I am sure you can do it another time, but there are conventions …
Given the content of Price’s speech, Lawrie’s intervention was doubly unfortunate.
For readers of this blog, Price is a voice that should be heeded, not such down:
Reader elinjaa:
I have an enormous amount of respect for Bess Price. She continues to say that which needs to be said and work for changes that need to be made in the face of constant critisism and abuse from the “progressives"… Perhaps voices like hers will now be heard and the NT will show the rest of the country the way by finding genuine solutions to what seem like intractable problems for indigenous communities.
Reader Susie:
WOW - what a woman.
Reader Saad:
Oh. My. God.This is by far the most powerful essay I have ever read on the plight of Aboriginal Australia. We must stand behind this brave person, lose the empty symbolic racism that seeks to keep aboriginals in some kind of sick cultural museum and address the issues as we would for all other Australians. Welfare snd the law of the land must be blind to colour, race or creed. Only in this way can we honour the bravery and single-mindedness of Bess Price and the disenfranchised victims she champions in this landmark piece.I hope Tony Abbott reads this essay.


Bess Price: why this deadly silence when our women are dying?

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (12:11am)

Free speech, The politics of race
Northern Territory MP Bess Price, one of a number of Aboriginal conservatives now being heard, made this brilliant, brave and shocking speech in the NT Legislative Assembly.
I urge you to read it. Learn of the new racism that shields those who bash, rape and kill Aboriginal women and children in particular, and which punishes those, like Bess, who speak out against it:

Within the last four months, two more young mothers related to me were killed in Alice Springs Town Camp. One was injured mortally in the public, in front of several families. Nobody acted to protect her. Dozens of my female relatives have been killed this way. Convictions usually lead to light sentences. I was told by a senior lawyer that no jury in Alice Springs will convict an Aboriginal person for murder if the victim is also Aboriginal and he or she is only stabbed once.
We all have done nothing effective to stop this from happening. It has been going on for decades. This week we heard outrage from the Stolen Generation Association because this government wants to put the safety and wellbeing of our children first before their (inaudible) culture. I am not talking about the children of the Stolen Generation. It is our children.
Why hasn’t there been the same outrage over the continuing killing of our women and abuse and neglect of our kids? If these women victims were white, we would hear very loud outrage from feminists. If their killers had been white, we would hear outrage from the Indigenous activists. Why is there such a deafening silence when both victim and perpetrator are black? I believe that we can blame the politics of the progressive left and its comfortably middle class urban Indigenous supporters.

Because I have spoken out on this issue and others close to my heart, I have been routinely attacked by the left. Professor Larissa Behrendt claimed that what I say is more offensive than watching a man having sex with a horse. Her white professional protester colleague, Paddy Gibson, told the world that I was only doing it for the money and frequent flyer points. The Queensland educationist, Chris Sarra, said that I was ‘pet Aborigine’ who only said what the government wanted me to say. Chris Graham, the white editor of Tracker magazine called me a ‘grub’. A white woman in Victoria, Leonie Chester, calls herself Nampijinpa Snowy River, on the internet. She tells the world that my people, the Warlpiri, are ‘her mob’. She and her friends have obscenely insulted me on the internet, over and over. Marlene Hodder, a white woman from Alice Springs and her protesting friend, Barbara Shaw, have called me a liar several times.
The Crikey blogger, Bob Gosford, who calls himself ‘the Northern Myth’, calls me Bess ‘Gaol is Good for Aboriginal People’ Price and accuses me of ‘vaguely malevolent and populist buffoonery that is designed to capture the attention of the tutt-tutterers and spouted by politicians that inevitably have a short tenure in power’. In Brisbane, Tiga Bayles, using an Indigenous community owned radio station, told the whole world that I am ‘a head nodding Jacky-Jacky for the government’ and that I am ‘totally offensive and arrogant’ because I do not want people like Tiga who know nothing about us, speaking about my people. He and his friends laughed as they told the world that I am only interested in money.
When my daughter went to Sydney for the Deadly Awards, an Aboriginal interviewer for the Koori Radio Station in Redfern advised her not to tell anybody who her mother was. This is how these people show respect for family. In the last month, I have watched three of my sisters and a grand-daughter being buried. These racists and sexists hypocrites sneer at our grief and care nothing for our suffering, but they are the darlings of the left. I wonder what would happen if Andrew Bolt had used insults like these against any Indigenous Australian. The hypocrisy of these people is incredible.
But I am in good company. When Mantatjara Wilson, a wonderful strong compassionate women I called mother, told the world about the crimes against her children on national TV, back in 2007, with tears streaming down her face. The left-wing activist moved to undermine her. They went into the communities not to protect the kids but to find women who would oppose Mantatjara. They talked about outrage and shame, not because of the crimes you all know about but because somebody else was brave enough to tell the world about them and ask for help. That was what they called shameful.
They worry about the shame felt by perpetrators once they were exposed, not because of the agony of the victims and families. It is easy to find women who will support their men even though they are killers and rapists. Families are always stand up for their own and those who call themselves progressive will always find those willing to stand beside them and betray their own women and kids.
I few others have stood up and faced the vicious criticism of the left. I acknowledge the wonderful work of Dr Hannah McGlade in Perth and Professor Marcia Langton in Melbourne. Warren Mundine and Noel Pearson have also spoken out. A conference of Aboriginal men in Alice Springs publicly apologised to Aboriginal women and kids for the violence and abuse men have inflicted on them. None of those people have received support from the left or from Labor governments.
The left has tried really hard to call us liars and to put us down for speaking the truth and for wanting to stop the killing and the sexual violence. But they have put no effort, none at all, into protecting our kids and women. The exception to this has been a determination of Minister Jenny Macklin, who I acknowledge for her courage in the face of strong criticism from her own party and the Greens. 


Lagan’s last excuse for saying Kiribati was drowning: some land isn’t nice to stand on

Andrew Bolt May 18 2013 (12:03am)

Global warming - propaganda
The Global Mail’s Bernard Lagan said global warming was drowning Kiribati:

The waves are slowly seeping over Kiribati, which is at the frontline of the climate-change-induced rise in sea levels...
When I showed one island of Kiribati clearly unaffected by any rising seas, Lagan insisted I check instead South Tarawa.
I did. As I wrote:  it was actually growing, not shrinking.
Now Lagan concedes that, er, yes:

...the most populous atoll of Kiribati – the tiny islet of Betio, Kiribati’s commercial heart – had increased in size by more than 36 hectares over the past 60-odd years. That’s an increase in land area of 30 per cent… (It) is also true, as the scientific paper concluded, the land masses of the low-lying islands and atolls the researchers studied have remained largely stable or even increased over the decades.
That is enough right there to destroy that picture he once painted of a sad island, desperately overcrowded with climate refugees, slipping under the waves - and the rest of Kiribati eventually with it.
(Lagan tellingly does not address the other howler I picked up in his apocalyptic narrative - his claim that much of the overcrowding in South Tarawa is the result of “outer-islanders fleeing the effects of climate change”. In fact it’s due to a high birth rate, job-seekers drifting to the big town, and more children being sent from outer islands for a schooling.)
So where is Lagan’s apology to his readers? To me, whom he branded a “denier” and liar for pointing out his error?
Now watch as climate alarmism turns into farce.
Having conceded the islands are more likely to be growing than - as he’d claimed - sinking, Lagan now claims it does not actually matter. He insists he is still right for the following reasons (read and weep):

- some of the extra land is “a stinking mass of reclaimed land” or sediment washed up against a causeway. So that land doesn’t count, apparently because the islanders would from principle rather drown than stand on it.
- some of the extra land is sediment built up against “great heaps of armor lying in shallow waters”. Apparently this land doesn’t count either, because “these are the remains of the bloody WWII Battle of Tarawa when an American amphibious landing dislodged the occupying Japanese at a frightful cost to both sides”. War is hell.
- true, while the islands so far are waving, not drowning, scientists think that what Lagan said had happened already in Kiribati could still happen one day.  “The pace of sea level rise would likely also accelerate big changes to the islands and atolls.” Apparently a future prediction is the same as today’s reality, which suggest Lagan probably also wrote last year’s Budget.
- Lagan “spent time there” in Kiribati, and I didn’t.
Please read his entire piece. It is absolutely astonishing, and evidence that global warming truly is as I’ve described it - an article of faith, not a product of reason. 





4 her


Bread of Life,
Eternal Manna from Above,
Sweet Jesus, transform me,
Renew me in Your love.

You are my Treasure,
My Food, my Everything;
You are the Word made Flesh,
My Creator, my King.

Lord, You reign above all,
Yet in my heart You dwell,
Indeed more intimately
Than my words can tell.

Your Word I consume,
You and I are then one;
As bread becomes flesh,
I am one with the Son.

Yea, glorious truth:
You are one with me.
I abide in Your Word,
Thus we are one eternally.

Yet a mere sinner I am,
How can this be so?
How can the Holy One
I intimately know?

‘Tis by Your bloodshed,
By Your amazing grace;
By my faith in You,
I know Your embrace.

Eat of Your Living Bread,
Lord, I vow I shall do;
I long all the more
To be ever closer to You.

You are my Treasure,
My Food, my Everything,
You are the Word made Flesh,
My Creator, my King.

Jesus, Bread of Life,
Eternal Manna from Above,
I vow to live for You,
You nourish me with Your love


Maple Ave lookbook. Love this look!


HISTORY IN THE HEADLINES: This week, after being closed for a series of repairs to shore up a crumbling and leaky foundation, the mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square that houses the embalmed body of Communist leader Vladimir Lenin, welcomed its first visitors in nearly six months. The site still receives more than 1 million visitors a year, but the reopening of Lenin’s Tomb has reignited a debate over what should become of the remains of the long-dead Lenin.


"What it boils down to is this: If you electrocute an eagle, that is bad, but if you chop it to pieces, that is OK"

Read more on the shocking double standards protecting inefficient energy. 


And full details at

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Larry Pickering

If the law bores you then read no further, but if you actually care what you are being asked to vote for then don’t expect either party to explain, they won’t and they haven’t, because they can’t afford to.

No-one in their right mind would want our third tier of spendthrift government (councils) to have yet more power. 

There are enough thieves in jail from the other two tiers.

Julia Gillard will welcome this silly referendum as another diversion but Abbott curiously gives it his blessing. Why?

Well, all Federal governments would love to bypass the States and, in some cases, that would have merit.

But this referendum has a snowflake’s chance in hell of getting up.

Even with bipartisan support it will need an overall majority, plus a majority in four of the six States and that simply won’t happen. Not this time.

The real reason Federal governments want councils to have Constitutional recognition is that councils have historically acted illegally when imposing fines.

They simply do not have the necessary statutory power to impose default judgments.

“Innocent until proven guilty” is not a law, it’s a principle that should be observed but in reality it is not.

In criminal law the alleged offender is jailed while awaiting trial. He is suspected of being, if not assumed to be, guilty.

Under common law you can be summarily punished. The burden of proof is on you to prove the accuser wrong.

Let’s take the ATO and the CSA, both statutory government Agencies with assumed powers to impose default judgments.

If either sends you a bill for $100,000, the burden of proof rests with you to prove their assessment wrong, even tho' it was they who initiated the action.

But how can you prove them wrong when these government Agencies keep all the best law firms on retainer (it’s hard to find a law firm to act for you) and the cost to challenge the judgment would exceed the assessed amount anyway?

If you are fined by a council for a parking offence or for any other “offence” you are assumed liable for a default judgment they have no statutory power under the Constitution to enforce.

That could open a Pandora’s box rendering every council in the country insolvent via class actions.

So, I walked into the chambers of Tony Morris QC who specialises in Constitutional law.

Not only did he agree with me but he suggested that even the default judgments of Government Agencies were unlawful, but no-one had ever challenged them on Constitutional grounds.

Wow! And he was prepared for a Constitutional challenge for a mate’s rate of $50,000.

Crumbs, that’s really appeared a pet subject of his and he gave me reams of files to read up on.

I declined the offer because I didn’t have a lazy 50 grand and I felt sure the cost to re-interpret Constitutional law would escalate closer to a million bucks.

Anyway, ignore the referendum and next time you hear that phrase, “innocent until proven guilty”, better ignore that too.


Toblerone Cheesecake ready to share with friends




With the Smiths and Wenwen Han at the premiere of The Karate Kid!

Chocolate sedimentary rocks

Labor’s Budget 2013 – More Debt. More Deficits. More Broken Promises. Read more here:

Click ‘SHARE’ if you agree that every new Labor announcement is a broken promise in waiting.




This tiny piece of $334/kg 99% #cacao #chocolate better be good..haha #michelcluizel #darkchocolate from #france #bittersweet #snack










How can anybody not like Maureen O’Hara?

This week George thought he had the easy tasking of defending Maureen O’Hara. Philip Molloy had other ideas.
O lord my God.As heaven opens to hear my prayers, I command you devourers and wasters of fortune to depart from my life,I break every curse of failure in the name of Jesus.Amen.

Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin'
Prayer to Play Fair in the Game of Life
Dear Lord, in the struggle that goes on through life, we ask for a field that is fair, a chance that is equal with all the strife, the courage to strive and to dare; and if we should win, let it be by the code, with our faith and our honor held high; and if we should lose, let us stand by the road and cheer as the winners go by. Amen..

Beloved, I want you to know that Jesus is with you right now. You may not feel His presence, but He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Heb 13:5). So thank Jesus for His loving presence whether you feel it or not. Don’t go by your feelings as feelings can be deceptive. Go by His promise that He is Immanuel—God with us always!
Live life unafraid, trusting that God will open all the right doors for you! Learn how your Savior holds the key to the doors of eternal life, faith, deliverance and every blessing you need. Discover also what the key of David is, and how worshipping the Lord with the psalms of David can turn your negative situations around.

Click below to check out this powerful Message Of The Year DVD album. Be sure to click 'Like' and share this with your friends! Amen!

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Eric Holder makes it clear that he doesn’t know

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Report: IRS employees ‘simply did what their bosses ordered’

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