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Left wing abuse claimed a Governor General and now ..

2003 – As a result of criticism of his conduct, Peter Hollingworth resigned from his post as Governor-General of Australia.

George Pell, as the supposed 'leader' of Australian Catholics, how about showing some genuine emotion, empathy and compassion for the victims of your evil pedophile clergy, not to mention showing disgust, shame and remorse for deliberately doing NOTHING to stop the evil low life bastards who destroyed so many innocent lives! You and your cohorts will pay very dearly for your hypocrisy, deceitfulness and self interest in protecting the image of the church at any cost, even at the cost of innocent lives! You and your fellow clergy in high places who allowed this evil to thrive under your so called 'leadership should be begging for forgiveness on your knees especially considering that you have deliberately lied to cover up the evil deeds of your pedophile clergy!
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  • Lenti Lenko Before anyone flames me, I am a Catholic involved in my parish with a wonderful priest who is utterly disgusted at how the whole church sexual abuse issue has been handled! However he does also make the legitimate claim that sexual abuse must be stamped out in ALL public and private institutions (religious and secular alike) and not merely point the finger at 1 institutuion. What worries me is that Gillard's Labor cohorts have screwed up everything else. What's going to stop them screwing up the Royal Commission on child sexual abuse that they themselves instigated last year??????????
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  • Tania Du Casse The irony here is that if the Church dealt with these vile offenders in the appropriate way, much of the anger, disgust and blame would have been leveled at the individuals involved and not the Church itself. This scandalous cover-up is what has tarnished the Catholic Church......their reputation will probably NEVER recover!!
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  • Lenti Lenko I'm waiting for the day when this same type of scandal erupts within the other religious institutions: Jewish, Islam, other Christian denominations etc.........
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  • David Daniel Ball Cardinal Pell has behaved well, with humility and generosity. He hasn't covered up and he has owned up .. does any one here know differently?
  • David Daniel Ball Also, I suspect that the Royal Commission is out of Gillard's control ..
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  • Lenti Lenko Behaved well???????? In all due respect David but I think you're a tad dillusional. Pell has displayed little in the way of empathy of sympathy to the victims of these disgusting crimes. He knew what was going on (along with the other leaders of the Catholic clergy, yet did NOTHING to change things such as contact the police, defrock the priest responsible and deliberately helped in COVERING UP these satanic crimes!!!!!!!!!! And where supposed to think he behaved well????? Pell and Gillard are 2 of the biggest liars in Australian public life!
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  • Lenti Lenko This sums things up very nicely! And David, I am a church goer, just so you don't think I'm some kind of anti clerical twit:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajWT4BERoHc
    If there is one video that Australian's need to watch and share, it's this one.
  • David Daniel Ball I asked if you knew differently. I'm not catholic but I have family that are and students. I haven't met the good man, but I know people who dislike him .. for being conservative. I don't know anyone who knows anything that he has done that is wrong.
  • David Daniel Ball Gillard does not compare well with him.
  • Lenti Lenko I've also met Pell personally and remember being shocked when at World Youth Day in Rome in 2000, Pell publically said that he believed that couples married in the Catholic Church who deliberately choose not to have children should be ex-communicated! Yep, he's a very passionate man NOT!!!!!
  • David Daniel Ball I saw the 60 minutes article .. it is unbalanced and unfair and doesn't offer proof of Pell doing anything wrong .. as Bolt pointed out at the time.
  • Lenti Lenko David I too am conservative and Catholic but there are certain things about organised religion that I don't agree with... one of them being that institutions such as the church think that they are often above the law when it comes to dealing with their own demons such as sexual abuse by the clergy and massive corruption and cover ups dealing with the loss of billions of dollars such as what happened a few years ago in Maribor, Slovenia! The only reason that this affair didn't make front page world news was because it occurred in little Slovenia!
  • David Daniel Ball You are aware that consenting homosexuality isn't illegal?
  • Lenti Lenko Yes very aware but what's that got to do with this discussion?
  • David Daniel Ball The 60 minutes article ..
  • Lenti Lenko Doesn't offer proof of Pell doing anything wrong. David, HE LIED. HE LIED..... just like Gillard lied about the carbon dioxide tax!!!!!!!
  • Lenti Lenko But worse than Gillard's lie, he lied to protect his clergy who were deliberately destroying young innocent lives for their own perverted sexual gratification! May they burn in hell these bastards.
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  • David Daniel Ball After the 60 minutes article came out and after Pell didn't get made pope one of the 60 minute accusers recanted. I think you are terribly smearing a good man because of other things you haven't disclosed.
  • Lenti Lenko I THANK CHRIST that Pell wasn't made Pope!!!!!!!!!
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  • Lenti Lenko Actually, I sincerely hope that Pope Francis can finally clean up the huge mess that the Catholic Church has deliberately created for itself.... but as Tania pointed out above, perhaps the church will NEVER recover from this!
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  • Lenti Lenko Anyone who even ever so slightly assists in covering up any form of child sexual abuse should be treated with nothing more than utter contempt!
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  • Lenti Lenko And David what haven't I disclosed other than the FACT the Pell admits that the Church has put itself ahead of it's sexual abuse victims!!!
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  • David Daniel Ball You still haven't said anything that suggests that Pell was complicit in anything .. you have said you don't like him. It makes it difficult for me to trust anything you say.
  • Vanhao Tran I think Pell knows more than he will disclose, and there will always a huge gap between knowing -> admitting -> doing something. Until the RC church is SEEN to be doing something, firstly to comfort victims and secondly to punish offenders, the stain remains.
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  • David Daniel Ball Yes VHT, but, that is an issue easy to manipulate so as to use victims to support their abusers. In this case, Gillard profits from being seen to be like Pell.
  • David Daniel Ball I didn't notice, but today is the anniversary of the unfair abuse of Peter Hollingworth claiming him as GG.
  • Lenti Lenko David, I can't believe that you're actually supporting this guy after he blatantly lied to the public about how he handled these abhorrant claims in the past.... like the $50,000 hush money payment for regarding the Risdale victim on 60 minutes. More is here about the Catholic Church's disgusting treatment of victims......http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/images/stories/committees/fcdc/inquiries/57th/Child_Abuse_Inquiry/Submissions/Broken_Rites_Supplementary_Submission.pdf
  • Lenti Lenko Yep and Howard has a lot to answer up for there. He and this bimbo we currently have as GG! No wonder so many people want a republic......
  • Lenti Lenko For goodnes sake David, there's plenty I've mentioned above about what Pell has done wrong! Are you deliberately sticking your head in the sand like some kind of rose coloured glasses ALP supporter?
  • Lenti Lenko Or rose coloured glasses Liberal supporters for that matter....... point being that if you do your research, there's plenty of evidence showing the Pell has done plenty wrong when it comes to having some sort of empathy, sympathy and compassion to victims of sexual abuse perpertrated by the very priests under his clerical jurisdication!!!!http://voicelessvictim.wordpress.com/
    A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves
  • Lenti Lenko "The church in Australia has many failings to face up to, and one of them is a failure of leadership. If the Catholic Church in Australia does not have a leader, then it’s time it got one." For Christ's sake (no I'm NOT blaspheming here!) how ludicrous to assume that the Catholic Church in Australia doesn't have a leader. For goodnes sake, PELL REPRESENTS AUSTRALIAN CATHOLICS IN THE VATICAN DOESN'T HE????? HEEEELLLOOOOO!!!!!!!! This sounds like the classic case of the institution saying that 'the system is to blame' and 'no one is ultimately accountable' for these henious crimes being covered up and pedophile priests being freely moved from parish to parish once they were found out as opposed to facing the full force of the law!!!!!! PELL IS THE LEADER OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN AUSTRALIA despite what he or anyone else might say! Afterall, he's a cardinal in the Vatican who helped decide on who would be the next Pope??????????????????? Or am I simply missing something here????????????????
  • David Daniel Ball Pell has had obligations as leader in Melbourne and, later Sydney. You have pointed to smears, but not to facts. He is a Cardinal in good standing with the Catholic Church. He is not accused of sexual abuse. You feel he made a joke you choose not to like in 2000. He has been libelled by a homosexual who had consensual sex with a Catholic Priest before the priest chose orders. Kindly stop yelling at me and outline what you mean if it is something other than what I have listed. Don't just point me to a time wasting video and say it is the vibe of the thing. But if you have nothing, and so far you have shown nothing, I suggest you apologise.
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