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Happy birthday and many happy returns Angelina Liashenko and Johnny Nam Nguyen. Born on the same day, across the years, on which, in 2010, Jessica Watson became the youngest person (3 days before her 17th birthday) to sail unassisted around the world and then dissed Rudd. You don't have to do that. As Pope Leo XIII wrote, also on this day, Rerum Novarum, which means you rock.

Party over but we’ll still pay for their fun

Miranda Devine – Wednesday, May 15, 2013 (12:14am)

THE funereal black bag containing Budget papers for journalists in the Canberra lockup was perfect for the sombre tone Treasurer Wayne Swan adopted for his sixth budget deficit in a row.


Robyn “100 metres” Williams comes up 99.3 metres short

Andrew Bolt May 15 2013 (3:20pm)

When will ABC science presenter Robyn “100 metres” Williams apologise for this scaremongering in 2007, at the height of the global warming scare:

Andrew Bolt: I’m telling you, there’s a lot of fear out there. So what I do is, when I see an outlandish claim being Tim Flannery suggesting rising seas this next century eight stories high, Professor Mike Archer, dean of engineering at the University of NSW…
Robyn Williams: Dean of science.
Andrew Bolt: Dean of science...suggesting rising seas this next century of up to 100 metres, or Al Gore six metres. When I see things like that I know these are false. You mentioned the IPCC report; that suggests, at worst on best scenarios, 59 centimetres.
Robyn Williams: Well, whether you take the surge or whether you take the actual average rise are different things.
Andrew Bolt: I ask you, Robyn, 100 metres in the next you really think that?
Robyn Williams: It is possible, yes. The increase of melting that they’ve noticed in Greenland and the amount that we’ve seen from the western part of Antarctica, if those increases of three times the expected rate continue, it will be huge.
Today would be a good day for a sorry:

A melt of ice on Greenland and Antarctica is likely to be less severe than expected this century, limiting sea level rise to a maximum of 69 cm (27 inches), an international study said on Tuesday.
Even so, such a rise could dramatically change coastal environments in the lifetimes of people born today with ever more severe storm surges and erosion, according to the ice2sea project by 24, mostly European, scientific institutions.
Some scientific studies have projected sea level rise of up to 2 metres by 2100, a figure that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called a worst case that would swamp large tracts of land from Bangladesh to Florida.


On the abusive academic Alecia Simmonds, who needs to take my criticism personally

Andrew Bolt May 15 2013 (2:31pm)

Law lecturer and Fairfax columnist Alecia Simmonds feels under-appreciated, given the astonishing virtues and insights of academics like, well, her:
The problem is that as a country we are hostile to those who are well-educated… Our language is peppered with vitriol reserved for those who think for a living: “chattering classes”, “latte-sipping libertarians”, “intellectual elites” and now Nick Cater’s most unlovely term “bunyip elite”....
There’s no doubt that Australia is a vast, sunny, intellectual gulag… The lowest common denominator exerts a tyrannical sway and tall poppies are lopped with blood-soaked scythes. Children learn from an early age that being clever is a source of shame. Ignorance is cool… Real blokes have practical wisdom expressed through grunts and murmurs. Real Aussie chicks just giggle.
It’s not just a hostile public sphere that keeps thinkers at bay… Academics are often timorous folk who specialise in showing the complexity of issues, not offering tweet-sized solutions…
Ultimately, there is nothing elite about academics. Their wages are embarrassingly humble, they work ridiculously long hours and for most the aim is pretty noble – to create knowledge that will help make a better world.
Wow. “Blood-soaked scythes” even.
But I wonder whether Simmonds is confusing the general with the personal. Australia has in fact shown great respect for some great academics. Professor Geoffrey Blainey is an obvious example.  Professor Mark Oliphant, despite his later political crusading, also commanded much admiration and was Governor of South Australia.  Professor Marie Bashir remains the popular Governor of NSW. Many people still make the mistake of almost revering Professor Tim Flannery, although I’d prefer the insights of best-selling author Professor Ian Plimer.
Nor is it clear to me at all that Australians scorn a good education. After all, one third of children are in private schools, suggesting their parents are interested enough in a good education to pay extra. University enrolments are at historic highs.
So is it possible that what Australians scorn are not the truly well-educated and thoughtful, as Simmonds suggests, but the pretentious and the well-educated idiot?
I’ll come back to this.
I’d also question Simmonds’ suggestion that academics are only the meek targets - and not the perpetrators - of abuse, which she suggests goes only one way:

Our language is peppered with vitriol reserved for those who think for a living...
Note: “reserved for”.
Simmonds goes on, complaining of academics being “howled down”, particularly for threatening “conservative orthodoxy” , and receiving “Two-Minute Twitter Hate Rituals”:

Snark triumphs over insight, and commentary is reserved for those with voluminous folds of scar-tissue. Sensitive thinkers rarely fit this bill.
They don’t?
In fact, I remember Professor Robert Manne joining a posse of Leftist academics to abuse, demonise and destroy Keith Windshuttle for exposing the Leftist orthodoxy myth of the Tasmanian “genocide”.  I remember Professor Manne and former Greens candidate Professor Clive Hamilton agreeing to smear climate sceptics, including very fine academics, as “deniers” in a deliberately offensive reference to Holocaust deniers. As Manne explained:
Denialism, a concept that was first widely used, as far as I know, for those who claimed that the Holocaust was a fraud, is the concept I believe we should use. 
Academics have also passed on tweets portraying conservative women writers as sluts, as we learned last week. Professor Stephan Lewandowsky notoriously used highly dubious research to smear sceptics as conspiracy theorists.
And Simmonds herself - in this very same piece - reveals she is as abusive as any of her critics:

My problem is not that our public sphere harbours ill-educated members (like the imbecilic Andrew Bolt who never made it past first-year uni).
And here we arrive, I believe, to Simmonds’ real problem.
I don’t believe she’s upset by any general attack on academics or the “well-educated”. In fact, her abuse of me contradicts her professed premise, since she clearly believes branding me an “ill-educated” imbecile who “never made it past first-year uni” will diminish me in the eyes of her readers. If we really reviled the educated as she claims, her insult would be no insult at all.
She has contradicted herself.
No, what seems to have got Simmonds’ goat is not criticism of academics, the “well-educated” or “thinkers” generally but criticism of her in particular. And to be even more particular - criticism of her by me.
And it is true. I have ridiculed Simmonds. But was my ridicule of her based on some supposed contempt for the nuanced, the educated, the sensitive, the deep, the humble and the wise, all striving to make the world “better”?
Or did I criticise Simmonds as simply silly? Someone whose fashionable education had merely given her vacuity a polish - and left her with a dangerous disregard for the right of others to voice opinions with which she disagreed?
Judge for yourself from what I wrote last March:
I’ve read Fairfax writer Alecia Simmonds’ article twice to check for the slightest sign - other than the sheer loopiness of the arguments - that it is satire rather than serious. But, alas: 
Here are five reasons why feminists should try to eliminate meat:

1. Eating meat is associated with male power in its most vile and repugnant forms… In rejecting meat, feminists – both women and men – are rejecting a potent symbol of patriarchal power.
2. The ill treatment of animals makes the abuse of women tolerable. Following on from my first point, if men get to eat the meat, then women, alas, are consigned to the less savoury role of being the meat. A woman can be hunted like a “bunny” and pursued like a “vixen” or “fox”. Women exist as prey… When women are likened to animals it means that they exist as objects to be possessed and consumed.... 
Other Simmonds opinions help to explain not just why Fairfax but our entire civilisation may be in decline - and why more than a decade at university can really stuff up your thinking and your prose.

Simmonds shares “a teary, passionate love affair” with the earth - in this case a near barren part of Kimberley coastline selected for a $34 billion development - for which it “is worth breaking all the rules to defend”.
Simmonds believes choice and capitalism conflict with feminism: “Choice is the language of capitalism and individualism and as such sits uncomfortably with a feminism based on collective rights.”
Simmonds also opposes the right to free speech of people whose opinions she doesn’t like. Not only can they be vilified, they should be jailed: “Imagine if Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt could be thrown in prison and charged money for vomiting venomous racist bile in public. Seriously… I think it’s high time that Jones and Bolt were sent to the clanger, but for their misogyny as much as their racism.”
Simmonds suggests only snobs prefer to learn French or Italian to Walpiri, and are making choices that hurt locals: “I’m all for us being an outward-looking, cosmopolitan society that draws talent from around the globe. But it shouldn’t be at the expense of people here. ... Why is speaking French or Italian any better than speaking Walpiri or Indonesian? Why do we lament not being able to find a good croissant outside of France but say nothing of the difficulties of finding tagine outside of Morocco?” (Simmonds herself does not speak Walpiri.)

Note, incidentally, I did not call Simmonds an “imbecile” and “racist” who should be “sent to the clanger”. It took a sensitive, well-educated and deep-thinking academic to say such clever things.
I suggest Simmonds take my criticism of her personally. She should not hide behind the wise. She does not belong there. 
Jeff Sparrow may be a Marxist and the editor of the far-Left Overland. He may find my views as repugnant as I find his illogical. But on one thing we are as one:

Well, unfortunately Simmonds’ piece exemplifies precisely the hauteur that allows anti-intellectualism to build a popular base
Sorry? Anyone who doesn’t possess a university degree is an imbecile? That would be some 60 per cent of the working population, casually dismissed as moronic. Going to uni might not, in and of itself, make you a member of an elite. But class, ethnicity and geography still play a major role in determining access to higher education. It behoves progressives – particularly those in academia – to remember that there’s plenty of very, very bright people out there who never attended a university but who nonetheless might have something to say.
Yet throughout her article, Simmonds equates (implicitly and sometimes explicitly) “thinkers” with academics – as if anyone outside higher education were entirely incapable of abstract ideas.


Just spending and hoping

Andrew Bolt May 15 2013 (11:49am)

Samuel J sums up the problem:

Since its first budget in 2008-09, the government has: 
- taken policy decisions to increase expenditure by $142.1 billion
- taken policy decisions to increase revenue by $75.1 billion
- mis-forecast (over estimated) revenue by $133.4 billion
This, in a growing economy and with a mining boom:
Net debt is set to peak at $191.6bn in 2014-15 - or 11.4 per cent of gross domestic product, the highest since 1998-99. Gross debt will rise to $282bn by June next year, raising the prospect of a new row over the government being forced to lift the debt ceiling from the current level of $300bn.
Professor Sinclair Davidson isn’t buying the Government’s cries of poor:
How is that sledgehammer to revenue going?
Terry McCrann says the Gillard Government keeps on hoping, keeps on spending:
His two really big hopes are that the domestic economy will grow not just at a sustained clip, but that it will grow evenly. That we will transition smoothly from the resources boom to renewed growth in the non-resources side of the economy.
But at the same time that China will keep on booming, so it keeps buying more of our resources, commodity prices level off and don’t plunge, and as a consequence both company tax and personal tax revenues stay strong.
Despite all his whingeing about tax revenues being shredded, the personal tax take is forecast to leap $14 billion next year and be up $62 billion by 2016-17. While company tax is forecast to go up $6 billion next year and be up $16 billion by 2016-17.

Indeed, total tax revenues by 2016-17 are forecast to be a thumping $105 billion higher than in the 2012-13 year. Yet the Budget only just crawls into the black.
Why? Because spending still goes up $80 billion over those four years. And even that will almost certainly be an UNDER-estimate.
Paul Kelly would be right - if there really were enough people dumb enough to believe Labor’s claims of having made realistic savings itself:

The budget enshrines three big agendas over upwards of 10 years and funds them along with a return to surplus - $14bn for DisabilityCare, $24bn on infrastructure and $10bn for Gonski school reforms.
Abbott must decide whether to commit to these Labor agendas or stand and defy. If he commits, he must decide whether to support Labor’s decade-long saving cuts, many of which he detests. If he rejects Labor’s saves, he must produce his own alternative saves. The trap is set.
It is Labor itself that is in Labor’s trap, making massive promises when most voters know the money simply isn’t there. 
Perfectly reasonable questions from Emma Alberici, but no sane answer:

EMMA ALBERICI: Now this is the third consecutive budget where the amount of tax you estimated you’d get was wrong. Why say after the second time didn’t you take a more cautious approach and not spend all the revenue Treasury told you you’d get knowing full well that’s not guaranteed income?
PENNY WONG: Well, making a couple of points. The first is this, that we actually did take a more conservative approach but what has occurred is an even bigger hit to revenues than was anticipated. And this is not a conspiracy....
EMMA ALBERICI: My point was that this is not reliable or guaranteed income. These are just estimates. Why did you decide to spend all the revenue Treasury told you you’d get from the mining tax and all the revenue Treasury told you you’d get from the carbon tax instead of holding some back just in case it didn’t all materialise?
PENNY WONG: Well, you know, we assess the Budget on the basis of estimates that are provided and that the Government considers but what’s important in this Budget is that we have taken some $60 billion write down in revenue, notwithstanding that what we have done is said look, we need to manage this so that we support jobs and growth…
EMMA ALBERICI: I wanted to ask you also what changed between October 22 last year when you released that midyear fiscal outlook and now because assessing back then what we call the MYEFO, the Treasury got the dollar right, the iron ore prices were smack bang right, the China growth figure estimates were right too, so how did you end up with a $16 billion hole?
PENNY WONG: Well, what we got though was much lower revenues than you’d anticipate.


Labor hands ABC another $30 million biscuit

Andrew Bolt May 15 2013 (11:33am)

The Government has just handed down a Budget with a stunning $19 billion deficit instead of the promised surplus. The nation’s finances are in disarray with years of deficits to come.
Half way through her interview with the alternative Prime Minister, ABC AM’s chief political correspondent Sabra Lane decides to detour to bigger issues:

SABRA LANE: On something separate to this, I haven’t had a chance to talk to you about any of this, but a man who was your chief advisor last month threatened an organisation, Indigenous organisation, to cut their funding, to “slash their throats”. What was the outcome of that?
TONY ABBOTT: Well we’re not cutting that particular organisation’s funding, we’re not, and look as I think we’ve well and truly gone over…
SABRA LANE: Well I haven’t had the chance to, our listeners haven’t had the chance.
TONY ABBOTT: It was a brain snap, an entirely out of character brain snap by someone who is otherwise a highly professional advisor.
SABRA LANE: Why are staff in your office saying these things, and what was the demotion?
TONY ABBOTT: Well he’s lost his position as chief of policy and suffered a pay cut as a result. As I said, it was a drunken brain snap, should never have happened, and there is not going to be any cut to the organisation in question.
SABRA LANE: So how long does he lose his title for? I mean, it’s important to know because you are the alternative prime minister and people want to know what kinds of standards you are going to uphold.
TONY ABBOTT: Indeed Sabra, and I don’t believe that someone should be hung, drawn and quartered on the basis of one out of character, though serious, unprofessional lapse. Now we’ve got a Government in crisis. We’ve got a dire budgetary position. I think I’ve appropriately dealt with that particular subject but really Sabra, at a time like this, can’t the ABC do a little bit better?
SABRA LANE: It’s all about standards and it’s about standards that you will uphold when you are prime minister. This man was your chief advisor; initially you tried to deny that this was an issue.
TONY ABBOTT: Well I was in the process of investigating the matter. At that stage, there were two stories. Later in the day it turned out that there was only one story and the story wasn’t to the credit of the advisor in question, who, as I said had a drunken brain snap.
But really Sabra, this is the national broadcaster, day after a budget of broken promises and debt and deficit stretching as far as the eye can see. I’m happy to keep talking about this but it does seem like a pretty odd priority if I may say so.
SABRA LANE: It’s the last question. 

I’m astonished.

SABRA LANE: In four months’ time, Joe cocky - Joe Hockey - could have the keys to Treasury, and much of what’s been unveiled today might be scrapped.
ABC managing director Mark Scott, fresh from defending his organisation’s refusal to hire a single conservative to host its main current affairs shows, informs staff of the latest goodies from a very supportive Labor, which has run out of money for everything but its favorite broadcaster:
I am pleased to let you know that last night’s budget delivered additional funding for the ABC in three critical areas.
On top of the one-off $10m delivered to the ABC for news and current affairs earlier this year, we have been allocated an additional $59.4 m over the next three years as we seek to expand the depth and quality of our news and current affairs in the digital era. This provides on-going funding for the news initiatives, such as the establishment of the fact-checking unit, the expansion of specialist rounds and the recruitment of reporting and producing staff in new centres outside the CBD…
Recognising the ABC’s expansion into digital media services, the Budget allocates an extra $30m over three years towards the delivery of these services to our audiences. Until this budget, the ABC had been funded only to deliver services on radio and television, but not for the costs associated with delivery online and through mobile.
The extra funding represents Labor’s third election-year bribe to the ABC.

- reminds the ABC staff who its friends are
- insulates, Labor hopes, the ABC from some of the cuts it fears the Coalition will make to the broadcaster
- helps a Left-leaning broadcaster to expand its reach, when Left-leaning Fairfax papers are in decline.
But should Leftist journalists be glad? In fact, helping the ABC expand further into online services means the Government is threatening Fairfax’s very survival. The ABC is being subsidised so it can give away for free the news and views which Fairfax papers must charge for. The Age and Sydney Morning Herald’s print editions will not last long - but here is Labor helping the ABC to steal the exact same Leftist on-line audience they need to sell to if they aren’t to go broke. 


How Big Government went to war on its critics

Andrew Bolt May 15 2013 (8:47am)

The Big Brother scandal widens. The Left-wing ProPublica media outlet admits it was given confidential information about conservative groups by the US Internal Revenue Service:
The same IRS office that deliberately targeted conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status in the run-up to the 2012 election released nine pending confidential applications of conservative groups to ProPublica late last year…
In response to a request for the applications for 67 different nonprofits last November, the Cincinnati office of the IRS sent ProPublica applications or documentation for 31 groups. Nine of those applications had not yet been approved—meaning they were not supposed to be made public. (We made six of those public, after redacting their financial information, deeming that they were newsworthy.)
On Friday, Lois Lerner, the head of the division on tax-exempt organizations, apologized to Tea Party and other conservative groups because the IRS’ Cincinnati office had unfairly targeted them…
One of the applications the IRS released to ProPublica was from Crossroads GPS, ... started in part by GOP consultant Karl Rove…
Applications were sent to ProPublica from five other social welfare groups that had told the IRS that they wouldn’t spend money to sway elections.  The other groups ended up spending more than $5 million related to the election, mainly to support Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney…
The IRS also sent ProPublica the applications of three small conservative groups that told the agency that they would spend some money on politics: Citizen Awareness Project, the YG Network and (No unapproved applications from liberal groups were sent to ProPublica.)
Who gets upset with people just trying to help?

Spokesman Jay Carney said some at the White House “were aware” of reports that IRS was targeting conservatives, but that nobody bothered to do anything about it...


There is just one figure you need to know about Swan - $19.4 billion

Andrew Bolt May 15 2013 (8:01am)

Are we ignoring the elephant that’s just died in the room?
Only six months ago Prime Minister Julia Gillard was still sure she would end this financial year with a surplus:

We stand by the predictions, the entries in the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook. We stand by the figures and we’re on track to deliver a budget surplus.”
Remember, that was just six months ago. Yet now the Treasurer admits the deficit this financial year is actually $19.4 billion.
Somehow, in the space of six months, the Government ended up $20 billion behind what it had thought and what it had promised.
That is an astonishing amount of money. To put it in scale, it is the more than the full costs of the government’s proposed disability scheme and its Gonski changes combined.
How on earth could you make such an astonishing bungle over so short a period, especially with no sudden changes in the world or domestic economy?
That is incredible enough. And utterly damning.
But here’s another curious fact about that figure.
Three weeks ago Gillard said she was receiving $12 billion less in tax revenue than what she’d expected when she got the MYEFO figures back in October:

The “bottom line for the budget bottom line” is this: the amount of tax revenue the Government has collected so far this financial year is already $7.5 billion less than was forecast last October.  Treasury now estimates that this reduction will increase to around $12 billion by the end of the financial year.
So three weeks ago Gillard told us she was down $12 billion on what she expected in October, two weeks before she again promised she’d still deliver the surplus.
Yet the deficit announced yesterday is not $12 billion but $19.4 billion. How did another $7.4 billion go walkies in just three weeks?
The story of this Budget - and the Government’s financial credibility - should begin and end with this single figure: the $19.4 billion deficit that has come from nowhere. 


No good side in Syria’s war

Andrew Bolt May 15 2013 (7:54am)

Syria’s regime is disgusting. But the rebels fighting it seem worse:
The ghastly video shows how barbaric the Syrian civil war can be.
A man, said to be a well-known rebel fighter, carves into the body of a government soldier and cuts out his heart and liver.
“I swear to God we will eat your hearts out, you soldiers of Bashar. You dogs. God is greater!” the man says. “Heroes of Baba Amr ... we will take out their hearts to eat them.”
He then puts the heart in his mouth and takes a bite…
Although CNN cannot independently verify the authenticity of the video, CNN has interviewed a local rebel spokesman who confirmed the incident and said he has spoken to the man in the footage.
With a brutal regime on one side and jihadist forces on the other, only one thing is certain: more refugees.
Two days ago:

INDONESIAN authorities have coaxed a number of asylum seekers from a boat in Bali’s main harbour, following a standoff which began when they were stopped as the vessel was leaving for Australia… By late afternoon local time, about 20 of the more than 80 mostly Syrian and Afghan asylum seekers, including women and children, had agreed to disembark.


Billions for boats

Andrew Bolt May 15 2013 (7:41am)

Remember how boat arrivals under the last six years of John Howard were around just three a year?

The asylum seeker budget has blown out by more than $3.2billion (over four years) since the government’s February forecast, as Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor admitted the record rate of boat arrivals ‘’is not acceptable in terms of the risks to human life, or the impact of the budget’’…
The budget for the 2013-14 year alone will be $2.8billion, and the government calculates that in the four years to 2015-16, it will spend $8.1billion on asylum seekers.


Swan confesses to utter failure

Andrew Bolt May 15 2013 (7:05am)

THIS is not a Budget. This is a confession.
This is Wayne Swan admitting to one of the greatest cock-ups of any Treasurer.
Forget Swan’s promise of better behaviour in the future after dumping another three big deficits on us.
Swan will be gone by September and the wretched Government with him.
This Budget cannot be about Labor’s plans of the future, for Labor has none.
It can be read only as a list of the sins of its past, for the past is what will kill this Government at the election.
As it should.
See, Swan has confessed the surplus he repeatedly swore he’d deliver this financial year is in fact yet another deficit - $19.4 billion.
Swan has also confessed that instead of the “four years of surplus” he promised us a year ago, he’s giving us not just this deficit but at least another $18 billion next year and $10.9 billion after that. 


Nothing to stop them

Andrew Bolt May 14 2013 (9:03pm)


ELEVEN asylum-seekers have made it by boat to Arnhem Land and will be transferred to Darwin to undergo health and security checks.
It is understood the asylum-seekers arrived in a remote stretch of the Northern Territory near Seven Spirit Bay on the Cobourg Peninsula.


Swan’s final gift: three more big deficits

Andrew Bolt May 14 2013 (8:27pm)

Wayne Swan’s Budget last year promised a surplus this financial year and the years after:

This Budget delivers a surplus this coming year, on time, as promised, and surpluses each year after that, strengthening over time…
The deficit years of the global recession are behind us. The surplus years are here.
Instead, utter failure:

In a surprise to markets and economic commentators, even after being softened up with pre-budget warnings of a current $17 billion revenue write-down, Mr Swan has revealed a fiscal shortfall for 2012/13 of $19.4 billion in place of what was forecast to be a budget surplus of $1.1 billion…
Delivering what might well be his last budget, Mr Swan said next year’s balance sheet would show a similar deficit of $18 billion, shrinking to $11 billion in 2014/15, and tipping into the black by just $0.8 billion in 2015/16.
Go, Mr Swan. Just go.  

Halley's Comet last passed Earth in 1986 and will visit us again in 2061. Labor's budget surplus appears to be following a similar trajectory.

Two different Diamond Engagement Rings both handmade in our workshop, one ring features a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and the other ring features a Princess Cut Diamond

Labor continues to claim that the cause of its broken surplus promise is that revenue has crashed.

But Budget 2013 figures clearly show Labor has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Revenue is up on last year.

Please SHARE this to help refute Labor's false claims.

I get how she is upset. Some of what she suggests is good. But she is going about it wrong. - ed
Written by a 21 year old female.....Make her PM

"The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living"
This was written by a 21 yr old female who gets it. It's her future she’s worried about and this is how she feels about the social welfare system that she’s being forced to live in! These solutions are just common sense in her opinion.

Put me in charge . . ..

Put me in charge of Centrelink payments. I'd get rid of cash payments and provide vouchers for 50kg bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese, basic sanitary items and all the powdered milk you can use.
If you want steak, burgers, takeaway and junk food, then get a job.

Put me in charge of Medicare. The first thing I'd do is to get women to have birth control implants.
Then, we'll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. If you want to reproduce, use drugs, drink alcohol or smoke, then get a job.

Put me in charge of government housing. Ever live in military barracks?
You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair.
Your "home" will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be inventoried.
If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your own place.

Put me in charge of compulsory job search. You will either search for employment each week no matter what the job or you will report for community work.
This may be clearing the roadways and open spaces of rubbish, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you.
We will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your dooff dooff stereo and speakers and put that money toward the “common good..”

Before you write that I've violated someone's rights, realise that all of the above is voluntary.
If you want our hard earned cash and housing assistance, accept our rules..
Before you say that this would be "demeaning" and ruin someones "self esteem," consider that it wasn't that long ago that taking someone else's money for doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered self esteem.

If we are expected to pay for other people's mistakes we should at least attempt to make them learn from their bad choices. The current system rewards those for continuing to make bad choices.

AND While you are on Centrelink income you no longer have the right to VOTE!
For you to vote would be a conflict of interest..... If you want to vote, then get a job.

Now, if you have the guts - PASS IT ON...



I've been pretty vocal this week about my opposition to a referendum to recognise local government in the Constitution. Find out why in this week's blog:

4 her

It is a despicable guy who can't find a good woman .. there are lots .. but a good woman won't be interested in the wrong guy .. and yes, I know that some women are attracted to such .. - ed


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It was Chris Pyne debating School funding matters with minister Peter Garrett at MLC Strathfield last night. Chris was at his best exposing the Labor Governments policy on the run.



Johnny Cash – Remember the Alamo
- Music Video -

At this link:
Today (May 15) is the International Day of Families.

"Families hold societies together, and intergenerational relationships extend this legacy over time. This year’s International Day of Families is an occasion to celebrate connections among all members of the constellation that makes up a family. It is also an opportunity to reflect on how they are affected by social and economic trends – and what we can do to strengthen families in response."
Ban Ki-moon



Wayne Swan has just delivered his sixth Budget deficit in a row

Labor’s Budget is in chaos. Revenue is up over $80 billion since the last year of the Coalition government - and spending is up an incredible $120 billion over the same period.

Share this if you agree that Labor’s 2013 Budget shows it cannot manage Australia’s finances.

Govt increasing taxes on cigarettes but Mr Swan can't tell you by how much because he is not allowed.. He says.


Upcycling on a grand scale . . . 5,000 cds!!
The installation on a hotel in Madrid was completed by the interior design school Iade. 
Under the title “Cambiando la piel” (Changing the skin), they produced a 12.78m long gecko lizard. According to its creators, “the animal” is searching for the sun’s light and symbolizes renewal, evolution, change, and lives with the garden plants in the hotel lobby.
Why not give this a try at home . . . on a smaller scale!!!

Labor’s Budget delivers more debt, more deficits, more taxes, more broken promises and more uncertainty from a government that has given up and can’t be trusted.

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Anytimers Try This Healthy Recipe......

Sweet Potato Egg Cups

Makes 12

- 3 cups raw shredded sweet potato
- salt and pepper, optional
- 12 eggs
- coconut oil


Preheat the oven to 160°C

Grease a 12 cup muffin tin well with coconut oil. Press 1/4 cup of shredded sweet potato firmly into each muffin tin; forming a nest up the sides. Crack 1 egg into each sweet potato nest. Season with salt and pepper, if you like.

Bake for 20-25 minutes, until the eggs are done to your liking.
20 minutes=softer yolk, 25 minutes=firm yolk

Once you try this tasty treat give us your feedback.




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Sin promises more than it can deliver. Takes you further than you want to go. Cost you more than you're willing to pay, and keeps you longer than you want to stay.. Holly

A long and satisfying life is God's promise and provision for you through the finished work of Christ! Find yourself aiming for 120 years as you hear Joseph Prince share the Bible secret to longevity in this video excerpt.
When you miss it today, your response should be, “I am still the righteousness of God in Christ! I choose to receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness and I will reign in life!” It is this right believing that will lead you to lead a victorious life for His glory.
Jesus is most pleased when you depend on Him and take from Him all that you need today! In His loving rebuke toward His disciples, “Oh you of little faith,” He was telling them—and us—“I’m so full of supply, why do you take so little from Me? Draw more from Me. Take more from My supply.” That is the beautiful Savior we have!
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There's no denying it. We are living under one of the most troubled administrations of the past century.
It now appears that the Obama administration deliberately LIED to the American people about the tragic terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya last September.
And, after three years of secrecy, Barack Obama's IRS just admitted to targeting and harassing conservative grassroots groups because of their political ideology!
In addition, we have now learned that the Obama administration's Justice Department secretly obtained phone records of Associated Press reporters.
In one sector of this administration after another, Barack Obama's political spin masters think they can outsmart the American people.
We are pressuring Congress to hold full Congressional hearings, get to the bottom of these inexcusable debacles, punish those responsible, and make sure they never happen again.
The American people deserve to know the truth about the tragic murders of the four Americans in Benghazi - and the lies that Barack Obama's White House used to cover them up.
And, conservative Americans must be assured that the IRS won't harass and intimidate them just because they adhere to the Constitution!
Plus, journalists carrying out their First Amendment rights need to do so without fear of government oversight.
And that's why, more than ever before, they are standing up to demand some answers.
The Obama administration must think it's above the American people. Why else would they lie to our faces?
Why else would they blame the terrorist attack in Benghazi on a YouTube video?  Why else would White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claim that "only one word" had been changed in the administration's talking points, when in fact they had undergone twelve revisions?
Why else would the IRS lie, blaming the targeting of conservative grassroots groups on "lower-level staffers," when in fact the head of the department had known of this illegal harassment for nearly a year?
The Obama administration along with their bureaucratic allies seem to have been caught red-handed lying to the American people. And now it's time to hold them to account.
This bold initiative is already underway, but we urgently need your help to get through to the politicians in Washington.
We launched a massive online petition late last week to pressure Congress to formally investigate the Benghazi tragedy. And in just the past five days, we've already gathered thousands of signatures!
This effort is off to a great start - but there's so much more to be done. I can't do this on my own.  We have to reach hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens, show them just how far the Obama administration has gone to hide the truth from them, and mobilize them to demand answers.
The Campaign for Truth will be our biggest push yet to return power to the American people.
Together, we will pressure Congress to find the truth about Benghazi, the AP records seizure and the IRS investigations, hold the guilty parties accountable, and promote true transparency for the American people.
But we can't do it without your help. Please make your most generous contribution today.
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Rick Santorum

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Below is a special message from our newsletter’s sponsor, True the Vote. The financial support provided by occasional messages such as this allow Michelle to continue providing daily, high-quality reporting and commentary at no cost to you. Please note that the following message reflects the opinions and representations of our advertiser and not necessarily those of Michelle or her editorial staff.
BE ADVISED: If you click the “unsubscribe” link below you will be removed from the mailing list and no longer receive daily news or vital updates.
Dear Friend,
Here at True the Vote, we've spent the past three months fighting a tense legal battle with the Board of Elections in Allen West's former district, demanding the chance to investigate the controversial recount of last November's election.
And just two days ago, the election bureaucrats in St. Lucie County, Florida agreed to settle the suit and give us all of the documentation we've requested!
For the first time in history, a citizens group will be able to conduct a comprehensive audit of a controversial election!
But now the real work begins.
Now, we need to do the hard, tedious work of finding out what really happened in this brutally close election between Allen West and Patrick Murphy last November!
Under terms of the legal settlement, St. Lucie County must provide stacks and stacks of election files going back to 2009. And we must cover the costs of preparing all these documents as well as providing all the manpower needed to review them.
That’s why I need your help more than ever.
If we are going to ultimately find out what happened in this vitally important U.S. House race and make sure it never, ever happens again, I need your financial help today.
Remember, Allen West lost his congressional seat when election officials “found” some 300 ballots during the recount.
Then, the election bureaucrats refused to allow ordinary citizens to review their work and unravel the mystery of all these "found" votes.
That is why we filed our lawsuit. And thankfully, we won!
Citizen audits aren’t common - and that’s why our elections have become such a mess. True the Vote is ushering in a new normal.
We have the right to investigate what went so terribly wrong in St. Lucie County last November.
Now we will get the chance!
Here is everything we have to review: every federal voter registration form; every ballot; all list maintenance records; every list of purged voters; felon files maintained by St. Lucie County; allelection official training documents; all provisional ballots and related documents; and, of course, every single tabulation sheet used that fateful night.
This is a huge and expensive task. We will be handling literally hundreds of thousands of documents!
But it is absolutely necessary.
This is our chance to learn the truth so that the winners of our elections are determined by legitimate voters. This is our chance to make sure it never happens in any election ever again.
We owe it to the American people to finally learn the truth!
Thank you in advance for your help.
Catherine Engelbrecht 

Founder and President
P.S.: If you would like to volunteer to help make sure elections are free and fair in your state, please click here. Being a True the Vote volunteer is simple, doesn't take much time, and you can make a real difference in your community.

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Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for May 14th. Enjoy!

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For the Obama administration and the mainstream media, everything’s relative

There are very few degrees of separation between the Obama administration and the mainstream media, and not just ideologically...

Dead and circuses: Clown-in-chief Obama calls Benghazi talking points a “sideshow;” Flashback to Obama’s U.N. and Letterman sideshows

Oh, yes he just did. At a joint press conference with British PM David Cameron in Washington yesterday, President Obama lied and evaded and obfuscated some more on his Benghazi crime and cover-up...

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