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Happy birthday and many happy returns William Phanthana. Born on the same day the US purchased Louisiana and a bit more for 3 cents an acre. It is children's day in Mexico, Queens day in Netherlands and Consumer protection day in Thailand .. presumably you can buy a child queen in Thailand today .. it is safe ..


Tim Blair – Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (9:12am)

Facebook trouble in Sydney’s south-west: 
A shopkeeper was allegedly extorted, threatened, firebombed, bashed and eventually forced to sell his Bankstown juice bar for a pittance because a gang of Sunni Muslims suspected he supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
In a glimpse of how far tensions in Syria can affect life more than 14,000 kilometres away, Ali Issawi was subjected to a two-week campaign of threats and violence when his business was placed on a ‘’boycott tyranny’’ list on Facebook. 
Must’ve thought it was a Jews bar. Similar trouble at the University of NSW
When the University of NSW surveyed staff and students about which new stores they wanted on campus, a Max Brenner chocolate shop was the equal second most popular choice. This has not deterred the anti-Israel Students for Justice in Palestine UNSW from seeking to impose its own preferences on the rest of the campus community.
They accuse UNSW ... of supporting “Israeli war crimes” and “apartheid"…
The Facebook page RALLY! Say no to Max Brenner at UNSW was set up by SJP via the Boycott Max Brenner at UNSW Facebook group … 
What we need here is a sensitive and cultured left-wing type to bring these people together in hope instead of hatred
Firebrand British MP George Galloway plans to visit Australia in July … 
(Via PWAF, who is currently non-sharia compliant.)



Tim Blair – Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (4:11am)

Breville has re-introduced its iconic jaffle maker, first sold in Australia nearly 40 years ago. TheOriginal ‘74 still represents the absolute peak of international jaffle technology.
Readers are invited to share jaffle recipes, jaffle tips and general jaffle wisdom.



Tim Blair – Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (3:56am)

Media Watch phoned a few weeks ago. The ABC program needed a favour. A German television crew was in town to film something about Media Watch, and could I please help them out by offering the Germans some on-air criticism?
I politely declined. Media Watch is usually only blog-level important, and I don’t have time to talk to European TV about a show not even most Australians are bothered with. Anyway, it’s a pity Media Watch didn’t phone me again prior to last night’s broadcast, which included these claims about mistaken coverage during the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers: 
On his Daily Telegraph blog, Tim Blair was reporting the names ...
“Police scanner identified them as MIT students Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tipath. Mulugeta (suspect #1 black hat) is dead …”
… though that post was taken down within hours. 
That’s a “savage attack”, according to Mike Carlton. In fact, the post was edited, not taken down, as I made clear in this prominent update
The image posted earlier here of the suspect previously identified by police radio has been removed. 
The words attributed to me by Media Watch actually came from a commenter, and haven’t been taken down at all:


Last night’s show provided this reader with an Australian accent, which is unusual for an American. My own identification of the wrong suspects was acknowledged at this site in the above update and also in a subsequent post (you get your corrections quickly around here, unlike at certain places). I’d have been happy to point all of this out to Media Watch. Sadly, they only call when they want some publicity.
But what was Media Watch doing looking at the Boston bombings at all? Host Jonathan Holmes wrote on April 19 that his show only covers “local media stories”. On the same day, Perth’s Gareth Parker accurately predicted Media Watch‘s eventual approach:


Holmes’s reply:


“Won’t be doing that.” And then they did. “Not MW issue.” And then it was. If you’re going to be a dog, Jonathan, then at least be a good dog.
UPDATE. Andrew Bolt notes Media Watch‘s curious silence.



Tim Blair – Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (3:52am)

Today’s editorial looks at imaginary John, the most impressive Prime Ministerial invocation sincelittle Gracie. Sky’s Paul Murray also takes an interest:

Let’s learn further about John from the Prime Minister herself
To return to John, you would not expect him to stop funding his son’s top quality schooling or his daughter’s university studies …
Once again, we wouldn’t expect John to deal with his temporary loss of income by failing to properly support the care of his wife, who has a profound disability. 
Anything you’d like to add, Ms Gillard? Does John live in a school hall? Is he annoyed by slow internet speeds? Perhaps he’s frightened of carbon dioxide. If Australians are expected to support the government’s new budget proposals, it is crucial that we be given more John information.



Tim Blair – Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (3:29am)

This article, published by Fairfax, seems to be hinting at something
Investigative reporter Paddy Manning believes he is being targeted after his vehicle’s tyres were slashed for the second time in a week and his neighbour was attacked and hospitalised after confronting a suspect.
Manning’s neighbour questioned a man in their street in Maroubra about 6.45am on Monday and was repeatedly struck in the back with a hammer before wrestling the weapon from his attacker …
Manning, a former senior business journalist with Fairfax Media, said it was the second time in a week the tyres on his Volkswagen Transporter had been slashed. He believed the offender may have been waiting for him.
“It just seems obvious to me that I’m being targeted,” he said …
Earlier this month, Manning left Fairfax Media in the wake of penning an article critical of the company’s direction for web publisher Crikey. 
My cars, too, have previously been damaged – often within days of me criticising Fairfax. Perhaps Manning and I ought to compare notes.



Tim Blair – Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (2:50am)

(Via Geoffff)
UPDATE. Mark Steyn: 
Until 9/11 sparked the current torrid romance between western lefties and the Islamists, the last time the stern men of the desert had the developed world mooning over them was 90 years ago.


Bucks for Boston bombers

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (8:01pm)

State-sponsored terrorism:
The Tsarnaev family, including the suspected terrorists and their parents, benefited from more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance — a bonanza ranging from cash and food stamps to Section 8 housing from 2002 to 2012, the Herald has learned.
A lousy $100,000 in support? No wonder they hated America. 


Thomson needs help

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (6:30pm)

Odd. No credit cards accepted:

Craig Thomson Legal Defence Fund


Dear Friends,
The purpose of this web page is to provide details of an account which accepts donations for my legal defence. This approved account has been established by two supporters who have kindly agreed to act as the signatories.
I have made it clear on numerous occasions in the media that I am innocent of all allegations made against me before the courts.
I strongly believe in the constitution and that people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Unfortunately these common law principles and accepted constitutional rights of every Australian have been abused by prominent politicians under parliamentary privilege and by some commentators.
I know that like me, a great majority of people believe in the rights of all Australians to defend themselves in a court of law. To help me defend myself against these wrongful charges, your donations are greatly appreciated. The account details are below.
Many thanks.

Commonwealth Bank
Account Name: Mark Worthington & Rodney Allan
BSB: 06 2504
A/C No: 1055 0760
While the appeal seems funny, the high cost of justice in Australia is not:
TWO supporters of embattled MP Craig Thomson have set up a website appealing to the public for donations to help the federal independent pay his legal bills.
The website created by Mark Worthington and Rodney Allan - who Mr Thomson says he has not met - asks “friends” to help defend the former Labor MP against “wrongful charges"…
Mr Thomson is facing legal fees of at least $300,000 in the face of ongoing criminal and civil charges relating to his alleged misuse of Health Services Union member funds when he was the union’s national secretary…
“They’re just two supporters of mine,” Mr Thomson said of the retired academic and solictor, who he said had set up the site on their own initiative.


Hi ho, hi ho: and Labor’s dwarfs just march over that cliff

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (3:45pm)

Labor keeps marching to that cliff’s edge.
Essential Media poll yesterday: Labor 45, Coalition 55
Roy Morgan poll today: Labor 42, Coalition 58
Books will one day be written on how Labor let itself be persuaded for so long - against all evidence - that things would improve under its catastrophically bad leader. Fewer books will be written about the journalists who couldn’t see how bad Gillard was until she’d finally destroyed Labor - and damaged the nation. Self-protection, you know.
How long ago could this have been foreseen? The Monthly, no conservative outlet, gives grudging acknowledgement in retrospect:
In November 2010, just three months after the election, columnist and blogger Andrew Bolt wrote: “I’d tentatively conclude that Gillard is right on the cusp. One more bad poll and the drums will really start beating.” He was right.
And by March 9, 2011, it was clear - to me, at least - Gillard’s goose was cooked:
JULIA Gillard is finished. It seems she’s lied too brazenly and nothing in her erratic performance suggests she can recover.
That was two years ago. Labor then had plenty of time to put in a new leader who could prove a steady pair of hands. Who could dump the carbon tax. Who could stop the waste and curb the mad spending.
Instead, it chose to stick with a clearly incompetent leader who has spent the past two years giving Labor a reputation for deceit, bungling, division and gross financial incompetence it will take a decade at least to repair.
Sure, there will be plenty of Labor people who will soon be blaming Gillard. But what of the Labor MPs and power brokers who just let this happen? And what of the political journalists who kept predicting Gillard could or would still “turn the corner”?
Still, I shouldn’t complain. Without those press gallery heavyweights keeping Gillard in place, this country would probably not be about to vote in Tony Abbott, a man I believe to be of high integrity. And with him will be Joe Hockey, who has grown remarkably as shadow Treasurer, showing every bit of the spending discipline I’m afraid will be called for. 


The perfect diner

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (2:34pm)

The wise John Lethlean is, of course, right. The good diner is a deeply moral one, filled with delight in learning.
Here are the characteristics Lethlean seeks in the perfect diner - and to read his explanations for each, click here:







If times are so great, where’s our money?

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (2:23pm)

Economist Stephen Koukoulas helped to get us in this mess, having been economic policy advisor to Julia Gillard. He wants us to look on the bright side after Gillard’s admission of Labor’s sixth straight deficit:
Question for Koukoulas: If the economy is doing so well, why has Labor run out of our money? If it can’t run a surplus in good times, when exactly was it planning to? 


The brutish Mr Latham

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (1:56pm)

Latham’s obsession with Liberal frontbencher Andrew Robb’s medical condition - and his viciousness in discussing it - are more than enough to make me wonder just who is the one struggling with illness:
March 1:
The chances of a troubled character like Robb successfully planning the transformation of northern Australia are zero.
March 4:

I described Robb as troubled because this is how he has described himself. Eighteen months ago, in promoting his credentials as a future Liberal leader, Robb released his memoirs - unusual in itself for a sitting MP. The book also set out Robb’s lifelong struggle with mental illness…
...a shockingly cynical act by Robb, a strategy to milk his illness for political advantage.
March 11 - more of the same viciousness on Sky News.
While politicians sometimes lie about policy proposals, I have never known an MP to be disingenuous about something as important as mental illness and the impact of their medication. Robb has set a new low in Australian public life.
Remember: Labor offered us Latham as our next Prime Minister. We dodged that bullet only just. But then came Rudd and Gillard....
PS: Is the Financial Review proud to have devoted a half-page to yet another attempt by Latham to trash Robb on the grounds of his (successful) battle against depression? Has it no pride or compassion?
That latest smear of Robb by Latham is endorsed by Gillard’s former economics adviser, who should be ashamed of himself:



How the Left cheered Gillard as she said she’d blown our cash

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (1:19pm)

So Julia Gillard goes to what the ABC laughably calls the ”independent” Per Capita think tank to reveal several things:
- she’s hopelessly overestimated revenue
- she’s blown the Budget yet again, despite government revenue over the past year rising more than 7 per cent
- she’ll probably have to break more promises to scrabble together more money
- she’s not sure when the hell she’ll ever balance the Budget, let alone repay the $172 billion Labor has blown already.
After announcing this extraordinary litany of failure and incompetence, she asks for questions.
Here, no kidding, are all the questions she was then asked:
JOSH FUNDER, EVENT HOST: ...I will start with one while we are waiting and it is on the automatic stabilisers that you highlighted at the start of the speech. How will they function given the revised estimates for revenue in the economy and on the way down and on the way up?
QUESTION: I just have a question about productivity. It was a big word in the 2007 election. How are you trying to boost productivity in the coming budget, balancing that with the cuts that you are planning to make?
QUESTION: Thank you Prime Minister, for your really clear discussion. I was concerned about your comment that these savings or contributions will be shared right across the community. Will you clarify whether that applies to people who are already financially disadvantaged?
QUESTION: I just wanted to ask you how we could address the difference between facts and perception. I know you’re focused on the facts. There seems to be so much misperception and I just hope that Australians realise that there is so much misperception from so many factors in our society and I wondered how we might deal with that given the great work that you’ve done.
QUESTION: Thank you Prime Minister, Steve Bloom from the Australian Solar Energy Council. More of a comment, I am glad it is you not me making the decisions over the budget. They are very tough decisions. One thing that is more of a statement than a comment that could be taken on by Government. Solar energy internationally has grown 14 per cent over the last few years since 2008. In the US it has more employees than the coal industry in total, and the same in Australia, so I suggest we could keep on exporting energy and not just coal energy but renewable energy.
QUESTION: Given the challenges you have outlined in our speech today, can the Government still forecast a surplus even though a small one in the years 2015-16. And just a second part to my question, you said today in your speech that there might be other measures on the table when you look at budget savings that previously weren’t. Does this mean that you are looking at possible changes to GST or perhaps even changes surrounding the level of the baby bonus?
QUESTION: My question is the bad news that we’re potentially going to be experiencing with the upcoming budget. Is that also a situation that we can anticipate will be shared more broadly across Australia given the two-speed economy, the patch work economy? So is this something we need to brace ourselves for as a community, more broadly than just one tier of government?
My God. Gillard has just revealed she’s completely buggered the nation’s books and blown billions she cannot repay, yet guests of a Left-wing think-tank congratulate her for doing “great work”, being “focused on the facts”, presenting a “very clear discussion” and, please, can you blow yet more money on solar?
Who the hell are these people? 


Unions pulling Labor’s strings

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (11:00am)

Labor bought by some of the union movement’s worst:
AUSTRALIA’S most militant union has been quietly underpinning the Labor Party’s finances, donating more than $9.1 million since the start of the Cole royal commission [a decade ago], placing intense pressure on the Gillard government over the future of industrial relations policy…
In terms of total donations, which include state and national offices, the [Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union] is second only to the powerful shop assistants union…

Victorian Labor is facing growing internal concern about the influence of the CFMEU over state Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews and whether the association could damage his leadership.
The CFMEU and other unions will launch their campaign against construction giant Grocon today at the site of a city wall collapse at a future company development where three people died.
The decision to politicise the accident site has been savaged by business and the Napthine government but Mr Andrews has refused to say whether he supports or opposes the march.
Some background:

Labor promised two elections ago to scrap the Australian Building and Construction Commission, created by the Howard government after the Cole Royal Commission identified widespread illegal industrial action.
The ABCC was well-armed and tough. In its last year, the courts hit unions with more than $2.5 million in penalties…
But the CFMEU demanded Labor get this policeman off its back…
And Julia Gillard (whose former boyfriends include CFMEU national secretary Michael O’Connor) delivered, last month replacing the ABCC with the Fair Work Building and Construction agency.
Speaking of the CFMEU and money:
A NEWCASTLE businessman and a former senior union leader discussed how they would “spin” their proposal for a controversial training mine and “sell” it as a benefit to the state despite planning for it to be commercially profitable for the men, a corruption inquiry has heard.
Lawyer James Stevenson, who handled the application process for the Doyles Creek mine on behalf Newcastle businessman Craig Ransley and former CFMEU leader John Maitland, has given evidence on the secret planning talks between the men in lead up to the granting of the exploration licence.
ICAC is investigating the circumstances around the awarding of the Doyles Creek exploration licence as a closed tender to Mr Maitland and other businessmen for a “training mine” in December 2008 by former NSW Mining Minister Ian Macdonald, a long time union associate of the former union boss.
It has allegedly delivered Mr Maitland and other investors, such Mr Ransley, a $48 million profit when the licence was subsequently sold to NuCoal in 2010.
It is alleged Mr Maitland personally turned a $165,000 investment into $14m.
The hearing continues. 


So what does an abortionist do with a baby which won’t die?

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (8:06am)


The curious silence of the Media Watch dog that didn’t bark

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (7:34am)

Media Watch devotes a long segment on journalists who passed on false reports - ultimately of no real consequence - that one of the suspects behind the Boston bombings was an Indian student.
But about those who falsely claimed the bombers were probably Tea Party activists or some other form of white Rightist it said nothing. Those people included ABC folk such as Waleed Aly and Phillip Adams’ guests.
Nor did it discuss the truly extraordinary refusal of Fairfax and ABC journalists to mention the “M” word even when the perpetrators were identified.
Will the show’s eighth host, to be appointed soon, finally be a conservative?


Jew-haters at uni, ranting at chocolates

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (6:50am)

“Anti-Zionism” is a polite way of describing what often seems no more than the old anti-Semitism - now nestling in the Left.
Peter Wertheim and Julie Nathan:
WHEN the University of NSW surveyed staff and students about which new stores they wanted on campus, a Max Brenner chocolate shop was the equal second most popular choice. This has not deterred the anti-Israel Students for Justice in Palestine UNSW from seeking to impose its own preferences on the rest of the campus community.
They accuse UNSW ... of supporting “Israeli war crimes” and “apartheid"…
The Facebook page RALLY! Say no to Max Brenner at UNSW was set up by SJP via the Boycott Max Brenner at UNSW Facebook group…
The racist postings include a reference to “evil greedy money-loving nature of Jews”, and the claim that “Only news (that) Jews are happy with goes through via media”. Another post reverts to classical religious bigotry: “Of course I have a problem with Jews. You are not the cursed people and were not Banished from the holy land for nothing lol.” Non-Jews who defend Jews come in for opprobrium with the comment: “Tip rats = Jew lovers.”
An especially vicious post rails against “the dirtiest most evil people on earth using the holocaust to their advantage as leverage to establish the state of israel. it was all planned."…
SJP has yet to ask itself why it provides a sympathetic home for naked Jew-hatred.
Equal-opportunity haters:
A shopkeeper was allegedly extorted, threatened, firebombed, bashed and eventually forced to sell his Bankstown juice bar for a pittance because a gang of Sunni Muslims suspected he supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
In a glimpse of how far tensions in Syria can affect life more than 14,000 kilometres away, Ali Issawi was subjected to a two-week campaign of threats and violence when his business was placed on a ‘’boycott tyranny’’ list on Facebook. 


There will be more taxes under a government I lead

Andrew Bolt April 30 2013 (6:14am)

Here comes a tax hike to pay for about one-fifth of Julia Gillard’s latest expensive promise:
A CRACKDOWN on existing disability entitlements and a levy on higher-income earners are being considered as part of the Gillard government’s plans to fund the $15 billion-a-year national disability insurance scheme…

Last December, the Prime Minister said: “I have in the past ruled out a levy and I will do it again now.”
Yesterday, as Ms Gillard confirmed a $12bn shortfall in the government’s revenue forecasts for the 2012-13 budget, she said all options, including some that were “off the table” just six months ago, were now being considered.
Gillard’s promise to break a promise is the only promise she’s guaranteed to keep.
Oh, and what Gillard calls a “levy” is nothing more than a tax rise.

Terry McCrann:
The big point is that what Gillard did not tell you yesterday is that, even if revenue falls $12 billion short this year, it will still be up by a thumping $25 billion on last year.
The Budget last May forecast revenue would leap by $39 billion, or a thumping 11.8 per cent…
And so, poor old Treasurer, his revenue increase is ‘only’ going to be a little under 8 per cent or so
The Government - Swan and Treasury more exactly - precisely assumed that the resources boom would keep pouring money into the Budget…
On that expectation, they did not cut spending which had been inflated by the lavish handouts immediately after the GFC…
If Gillard was a CEO in the corporate world, the very minimal thing she would have already done, would have been to sack her CFO for such lazy incompetence…
But it’s worse than that. We now have a Budget still in deficit just when we might be facing the end of the resources boom.
Judith Sloan:

The economic message is completely garbled - we are doing really well, much better than most other developed economies, but the budget is in the ditch and it is not our fault that we overestimated revenue.
Money-men are aghast at this Government’s reckless spending:

Wesfarmers chairman Bob Every—who oversees one of the country’s biggest employers spanning Coles supermarkets and Bunnings hardware stores—said it was time for the political class to adopt “an attitude of need to have, rather than nice to have” ...
“There have been a whole series of ad hoc expenditure...”
This was echoed by former BHP Billiton chairman and National Australia Bank chief executive Don Argus, who said: “If you spend more than you earn, it always ends in grief."…
Others calling for root-and-branch review of spending included the former chief executive and chairman of UBS Australia who headed the government’s Building the Education Revolution taskforce, Brad Orgill, former Queensland Labor treasurer and now Nimrod Resources chairman Keith DeLacy, and former Business Council of Australia president Graham Bradley…
“The problem with the budget is not lack of revenue, it is ill-discplined spending,” Mr DeLacy said.
Julia Gillard’s ”John” gets excellent financial advice from three blogs, including this one.
The Fin Review’s Alan Mitchell:
Julia Gillard would like us to blame the world economy, the Australian dollar and the Treasury’s revenue forecasts for her government’s fiscal problems.
But the truth is that those problems are fundamentally of her own making.
It was her government’s decisions that left the budget still in deficit at the peak of the biggest commodity price and mining investment boom in our history.
It was her government’s fiscal planning that, at best, would have produced a run of small budget surpluses out to 2015-6. It was her choice to commit to spend almost every cent the government could lay its hands on, and to brush aside warnings of the need for serious reform of major government programs such as Medicare.
And that is why the government’s fiscal strategy has failed.


If you are going to watch Doctor Who, this is how to do it!

BREAKING: An IDF plane made a direct hit on Global Jihad-affiliated terrorist Hithem Ziad Ibrahim Masshal in the northern Gaza Strip. Masshal was responsible for the rocket fired at Eilat on April 17. He was a key terror figure and a weapons manufacturer who sold rockets and explosives to terror organizations. The IDF stands strong in its commitment to preventing terror attacks against the State of Israel.

I try to share that God is loving and not punitive .. this doesn't help - ed


This morning, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed and killed a 31-year-old Israeli man near Ariel. The victim was a husband and a father of five children. Security forces on the ground neutralized the attacker. For terrorists, everyone is a target. Get the facts out to your friends.

"We start together, we finish together!" A popular saying often repeated by the Yamakasi, the co-founders of Parkour and Art du Déplacement. An art-form born from the streets and still practiced on the streets and for that we are truly honoured to share this wonderful way of life :)

פגענו היום באחד מהמעורבים בירי הרקטי הנפשע נגד העיר אילת. אמרתי שאנחנו לא נעבור על כך בשקט וזה בהמשך למדיניות שלנו. אנחנו לא מקבלים טפטוף של ירי מרצועת עזה או מסיני. אנחנו נפעל כדי להגן על אזרחי ישראל, ואנחנו פועלים. 

אני רוצה להביע את צערי וצער העם כולו למשפחתו של אביתר בורובסקי ז"ל. המחבל שביצע את הרצח נלכד ואנחנו נמשיך לעשות פעולות גם בחזית הזאת כדי להגן על אזרחינו.

Today we took down one of those involved in the criminal act of firing rockets against the town of Eilat. I had said that we would not sit quietly while this happened, and this is a clear result of our policy

We will not accept regular attacks from the Gaza Strip or the Sinai. We will act, and are acting, to protect the citizens of Israel.

I would like to express my condolences and those of the country as a whole to the family of Evyatar Borovsky. The terrorist who carried out this attack has been captured and we will continue to act on this front as well, in order to protect our citizens


awesome Doctor Who themed cupcakes, Just Don't Blink! Blink and Yum!


Turn vault dismount drills from the 1st level -- Going down safely, efficiently and smoothly. After we come down we have to find our way back up, doing whatever it takes and then drilling the whole exercise over and over to get it clean and correct!


I was brought up in a Press whose motto was “publish and be damned”, but the legend of the intrepid reporter died with Alan Reid.

Now, unabashed bias is just one nail in the cross of the Press’s own crucifixion. It’s bloody shameful.

There are numerous examples but my opinion pieces are short so I will just highlight a couple:

What if one of Tony Abbott’s front benchers, and Leader of Opposition Business in the House, was caught in a Thai brothel in his own electorate? Mmmm, can you imagine the uproar?

Well, Christopher Pyne’s opposite number in Government, Anthony Albanese, was caught doing exactly that. Not a murmer from the Press, no questions for Mr Albanese, not even a hint of concern or interest.

What if Tony Abbott himself was found to be under Major Fraud Squad investigation while contesting a Federal election? Whoa! Hold page one!

The media in an indignant rage would be permanently camped outside his home. A cacophony of demands that he stand down pending the outcome would be spewing from every column.

Investigative journos would be outdoing each other unearthing his sordid past and interviewing his old school friends.

Others would be asking how someone with Abbott’s past could possibly deign to aspire to Prime Minister.

Well, the media DID ask that question, they DID research Abbott’s past and they unearthed a left winger who said he punched a wall, 32 years ago. The left winger didn’t actually see it but she believed it was true. Wow!

What IS on record about Gillard is that she IS under investigation by a Major Fraud Squad.

She WAS involved in the fraud and laundering of over one million dollars from a major union.

She was sacked from a major Labor law firm for blatant illegalities.

She can no longer practise as a lawyer and she has lied her way to the top with the assistance of the very union she stole from.

The union predictably has refused to prefer charges because it was only their members’ money and Gillard had become its anointed tool to unseat the hated Rudd.

So, the simple fact is that two politicians are now facing off to determine the next Prime Minister of this country:

One is a crook with a sordid past and under investigation by the Victorian Major Fraud Squad, the other, it is said, may have punched a wall three decades ago.

And there ladies and gentlemen lies the stinking carcass of a Press you once relied on as a fearless, unbiased news source.

It’s a damned disgrace!


American Paintings – The Forgotten Man (w/Video)


Why did I paint this? Like many Americans I feel shock at the direction our country is heading. There is a great polarizing effect taking place in America today. There are many who swoon over Obama’s policies of redistribution of wealth. What will the government give me?



I get the affirmation .. but I feel the image might be different were you to try this at home .. - ed

Reasons to LOVE Doctor Who, Vincent and The Doctor. Enough Said

Bizarre four-legged creatures that resembled demonic dogs and predated dinosaurs branched out shortly after an extinction that wiped out most of life on land, according to a new study.http://oak.ctx.ly/r/4io7

Below, the pig-size Dicynodon was part of a large, dominant group of plant eaters found across the southern hemisphere until the mass extinction event weakened their numbers so that newly emerging herbivores could compete.

Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Jihad Mom: Lady, You Shouldn’t Be Allowed Here” (Video)


“We should not be required to breathe the same air as you, we should not be required to share the indignity of your presence” says Judge Jeanine Pirro in her opening statement to the Jihadi mother of the Boston bomber, as she exposes the facts that are being brought to light behind the terrorist attack in the Boston Marathon.


The World's Strongest Men in Brazil. Not many people make me feel small. They make me feel like Danny DeVito.
Invitation to Participate in Leadership Research: Bob Carroll and Charity Mendoza are Graduate students in the School of Communication at Illinois State University conducting research on leadership. We would like your help! You can help by completing an online survey and/or by sharing this invitation. The survey should take 5 – 10 minutes to complete and will be available until Friday, May 3. Please click the link below to be directed to the survey. You must be 18 years old or older to complete the survey; but anyone can share this status! Thank you for your consideration. ☺ Sincerely, Bob and Charity.


Wanka (Huanca) is a indigenous from Peru. It is also a language, a tribe, a dance. Lots of bands in southamerica have names starting with Wanca, Wanka or Huanca ty HL


Larry Pickering
by Paul Zanetti

Imagine an imbecile called John. John votes Labor.

John has been in the same job for the past 20 years. For the period in 2003 – 2007 every year his employer gave him a sizable bonus. Then in 2007 Labor was elected to government.

His employer told John he was now worried about the business. Labor always made such a mess of things.

In his bones, John knew his bonuses wouldn’t last.

The bonuses stopped.

John was told he could expect a pay rise if things were still good. Things got worse.

The bonuses stopped. John had to take a pay cut to help the business survive.

What is John’s rational reaction?

John didn’t want to cut back on the Friday and Saturday nights with the boys, spending on his hotted up car, holidays in Bali, weekends on the Gold Coast each month, the flash threads, latest smart phone, addiction to online shopping, recreational drugs, online poker machines...

Of course not.

A rational response would be to go to the bank and to borrow, to get through the tough times to preserve his lifestyle.

John went to the bank.

He explained his predicament to the loans officer.

After security marched John out of the building, John thought long and hard about his situation.

John realised this wasn’t his fault. It was everybody else’s fault. Why should he have to moderate his lifestyle? After all, he votes Labor and therefore he has ‘entitlements’. He has ‘rights’.

John’s solution was to vote for Labor again.

When John lost his job, he knew things would be ok because Julia promised John she would raise taxes to pay for his unemployment welfare.

Companies were taxed. Families were taxed.

Businesses struggled under the burden. Families could not make ends meet.

Nobody could afford to pay the taxes. The government went broke and stopped paying welfare.

What is John’s natural reaction?

John turned to crime. He was hoping his experience in robbing innocent hard working people would get him some experience so that he could join a union to become an official and then enter politics. .

John had a plan. John will be ok because Julia said so. And Julia has been there too. She understands.

If only the whole world had more Johns and Julias



Larry Pickering

More Joyous could have had 100 vets look at her before and after the race, they may not have seen the problem... because the problem was with the trainer, Gai Waterhouse.

According to reports, Gai said the horse had a sore neck that showed up in a blood count. That is simply not true. 

Blood counts don’t necessarily indicate sore necks, but they do indicate a sore something and only via a high white cell count.

So, what was that blood count all about? A blood count, properly read, is a window to a horse’s well-being.

An elevated white cell count would only have told Gai there was something amiss, it certainly would not have told her what.

A heat-producing sore neck may or may not have been the reason for the elevation, it may have been something much more serious.

Regardless, I doubt that a sore neck will prove to have been More Joyous’s problem.

White cells, (Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils and Basinophils) are also known as leukocytes and become elevated for a reason:

It means the bone marrow is busy producing an over-supply of reparative white cells in the process of attempting to heal something... but what?

A suspected sore neck muscle is a very bold guess, particularly if deciding whether a horse should start or not.

Gai’s decision was to start the horse, therefore Singo and the stewards should have been informed of the circumstances. They weren't and if they were the horse would not have started.

Elevated white cells can mean anything from a stone bruise to tissue damage. They can indicate a slight cut or even the middle and latter stages of pregnancy.

Unless a vet has foreknowledge of the problem or knows exactly what he is looking for, it might be no more than a guess.

A rule for me when I was training horses was this: All starters must have a blood count. A high white cell count or a low haemoglobin (red cell) count and the horse did not start.

No ifs or buts, the horse did not start! There was something wrong... and it appears even a bookie knows that much.

I am not being protective of my good friend of 40 years, but what has been made public so far indicates to me that Singo is 100% right.

If I was a bookie, I would take bets ‘til my nose bled on a horse with a high white cell count, because it is likely to run poorly.

And that’s Singo’s case right there... he wasn’t told! He didn’t know! He heard about it via Gai’s bookmaker son, Tom, telling someone else.

How would YOU feel?

[Before you tell me to pull my head in, I studied equine pathology for 2 years, worked with one of Australia’s top vets and ran my own private pathology unit.]


John Wayne: Still Tops

Forget the youthquake. What America really loves is… old. Whatever Wayne represents — the Old Testament God, a Mount Rushmore face with a permanent scowl, the craggy soul of Frontier or Sunbelt America — he has made the list in each of the Harris poll’s 13 years, and he’s figured in the top three slots eight times.

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Nothing is too big or too small for your almighty Daddy God. Even in the little things, God hears and answers the prayers of His beloved.
…whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.—Jn 4:14

True satisfaction in your life cannot be attained by the accumulation of material things or your achievements. It cannot even be provided by human love and affection.

True satisfaction in life comes only through a personal revelation of God’s unwavering and unfailing love for you. God wants you to know today that if you’re thirsting for a satisfaction that is deeper and beyond what you’ve experienced, He has for you a fountain of life that will cause you to never thirst again. Beloved, run into His embrace today and drink deeply of His unconditional love!

Michele  Bachmann
Fellow Conservative --

It's 11:32 PM on a Sunday night and I'm sitting alone at my personal computer to write you this letter.

After a productive week in Washington, and some much needed down time with my husband Marcus, I'm now preparing for the legislative battles facing us in the days ahead.

But before I call it a night, I simply had to use this rare quiet moment to reach out to you because I need your support more urgently than ever...

...As you may remember from my last letter, the House Majority PAC –- the most powerful Democrat Super PAC in the country –- has named me one of their top 10 targets for defeat in 2014.

Well, since that time, the liberal Democrat heat on our campaign has grown even more intense.

The biggest news is that my self-funded multi-millionaire opponent from 2012, Jim Graves, has tossed his hat in the ring for a second run. In fact, he raised over $100,000 in the first week of his campaign!

To make matters worse, the Capitol Hill publication Roll Call has hinted the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is telling the media our defeat is their #1 priority as well.

Fellow Conservative, the fact that the national Democrats are working this hard –- and this early -- to unseat me is a sure sign they will pull out all the stops to silence our voice once and for all in the next election.

That's why I'm asking you to follow this link to make your secure online contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more today.

We must show President Obama, the House Majority PAC, the DCCC, and the vast array of Special Interests lining up against us that we will vigorously fight back against their money and false attacks with everything we have.

Time is critical. Please do not delay.

I'm up at this late hour to request your support because we cannot let President Obama and Jim Graves get even one step ahead of us in this race and expect to win.

And with President Obama's statement at a recent fundraiser, that returning the Speaker's gavel to Nancy Pelosi is his #1 priority now, I know they will be armed with even more firepower in the months ahead.

They desperately want constitutional conservatives like me out of their hair so they can be unchallenged, as they rout out the final vestiges of American liberty and transform us into a European-style nanny state.

But Fellow Conservative, I utterly refuse to back down or let President Obama, the DCCC, House Majority PAC or Jim Graves intimidate me into silence.

From a skewed redistricting process, to more than $15 Million in negative spending over the last 7 years, we have beaten their attacks before and can do it again.

Our children and grandchildren deserve better than 7.7% unemployment and $16.7 Trillion in federal debt.

But, with your support, I will continue to work hard to put us on a different path.

Families and small businesses across the country are making the tough decisions to balance their books and government must do the same.

Unfortunately, President Obama and the national Democrats have made it clear balancing (the) OUR budget and growing our economy isn't one of their (top) priorities.

Between pushing to enact sweeping anti-gun laws, raising taxes, and fighting to make ObamaCare a permanent scar on America's landscape, they just don't have the time, desire, or inclination…

...And they will spend untold Millions to defeat constitutional conservatives like me who disagree!

So with the clock now past midnight, I am asking for your continued support.

Fellow Conservative, I know this is a tremendous favor to ask, but I wouldn't be asking unless it was important. As a sign of your enduring faith and commitment to our campaign, please follow this link to make your contribution right away.

But with Jim Graves and the national Democrat establishment building their campaign war chest against us earlier than ever, I truly need every dollar you can possibly send today.

Thank you again for the trust you've placed in my constitutional conservative leadership.


Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann

P.S. Fellow Conservative, I need to hear back from you immediately. President Obama, Jim Graves, and the national Democrats are working earlier than ever to defeat our campaign and we must fight back with equal commitment and tenacity to win. That's why I'm up at this late hour to ask for your support tonight.

Please send your contribution to ensure we have the resources to stand our ground. Thank you!
Michele Bachmann
Paid for by Bachmann for Congress

Not produced at government expense.
Contributions to Bachmann for Congress are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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CNN legal analyst: Gosnell media blackout a ‘business decision’ and not evidence of bias

Talk to a lot of mainstream reporters and they’ll often lament how the corporate “bottom line” too often dictates what they are and aren’t able to report...

Naturally: California awards billion-dollar high speed rail contract to firm partly owned by Dianne Feinstein’s husband

Remember the good old days when Dianne Feinstein would insist her husband remove his name from consideration for government contracts in the state she represents because she didn’t want there to be any appearance of impropriety?

Tom Brokaw on skipping White House Correspondents Dinner: Event has become cheap and undignified ever since Lindsay Lohan stole all our attention last year

Let’s see — a night where many politicians who are running the country into the ground yuck it up with a bunch of their enablers in the press, and the biggest problem with it is that the fully loaded star of Herbie Fully Loaded showed up last year?

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