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Even Labor students loathe Gonski plan

Piers Akerman – Tuesday, April 16, 2013 (1:38am)

Not a single state has agreed to sign up to Julia Gillard’s education “reform” Friday.
So much for the education revolution prime minister.
Even student activists say they’re ashamed of the Labor Party because of its decision to fund its Gonski plan by ripping $2.3 billion out of tertiary education.
Gillard was on the offensive yesterday, hitting the airwaves and attempting to promote her three-card trick.
Pity no-one was buying it.
The Australian newspaper today carries a telling interview with the University of Melbourne Student Union president and ALP member Kara Hadgraft who says the federal government’s decision to fund its education reforms by ripping $2.3 billion out of higher education and student support makes her ashamed of the party she joined several years ago.

The 22-year-old bachelor of environments student and member of Julia Gillard’s old Socialist Left Labor faction yesterday said she expected better from Labor.
Hadgraft said there was some irony to the fact that Gillard had cut her teeth in student politics, becoming president of what was then the Australian Union of Students as a Melbourne University student in 1983.
As Gillard told Radio National’s Fran Kelly that her government’s proposed reforms represented the culmination of a “lifetime journey”, which started when she was “worrying about education and opportunity and getting involved in the student movement”, the National Union of Students was preparing to rally against the plan.
“@JuliaGillard as a former student activist and representative how can you justify slashing one part of education for another?” the NUS tweeted.
Hadgraft said: “I guess the ironic thing is that I had been attracted to the Labor Party coming from an educational perspective..
“That’s what drew me into the Labor Party a couple of years ago, and to see the same party which I’ve joined doing this, is immensely disappointing.
“I don’t accept this idea that we should be taking from university to put it back into education because at the end of the day you’re trying to give kids in primary and secondary schools a better future.
“When you’ve got the Victorian government ripping money out of the TAFE sector, and now the federal government ripping money out of universities, what future do these kids actually have?”
Hadgraft referred to an email sent yesterday to university staff from University of Melbourne vice-chancellor Glyn Davis telling them that the federal government cut would result in losses of about $100 million in research funding, an estimated further $15m in infrastructure funding and $50.4m in teaching support at the university over the next four years.
The NUS will hold a “national day of action” tomorrow in response to the cuts.
Labor premiers joined the chorus of criticism over how the Gonski reforms are being implemented, and Western Australia insists it will reject the proposed changes.
With no national agreement, the government will negotiate with individual states to implement the reforms, a situation the Federal Opposition describes as a fiasco.
“The idea that we would have different states being treated differently by the Commonwealth is anathema to anyone in education sector and to the coalition and if the Prime Minister continues down that track she will demonstrate that she has finally lost the plot,” said opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne.
It’s not just a question of where’s the money, Julia, it is one of where’s the support?



Tim Blair – Tuesday, April 16, 2013 (2:33pm)

two-year-old survivor of the Boston bomb attack:


The child was thrown six feet and suffered multiple head injuries. Image posted on Twitter with his father’s permission. Another survivor, 78-year-old marathon entrant Bill Iffrig, was asked last night if he would continue running
“Oh yeah, I don’t stop for this,” he said. 
UPDATE. Remarkable and distressing photographs.
UPDATE II. I’ve known the ABC’s Virginia Trioli for a long time. She’s better than this
The contrast of course with what goes on in, I mentioned Iraq in passing just before, what goes on there and also in Afghanistan on a weekly basis has not been lost on many people this morning. We did report this morning of course that there were a series of bomb attacks overnight in Iraq and it’s important to mention that again, 37 people dead and more than 270 others were wounded. Several cities were hit in those bomb blasts, the capital Baghdad, Kirkuk in the North and Nasiriyah in the South. They were coordinated attacks according to police there during the morning rush hour and they mainly involved car bombs. That’s the contrast that we always have on a day like today when it seems to me where we are overly focusing on what happens to rich white people in the West, versus what happens on a daily basis in those countries. 



Tim Blair – Tuesday, April 16, 2013 (12:39pm)

The ABC recently received a $10 million election-year bonus on top of its usual $1 billion or so in annual funding. And they’re still crying poor
ABC staff nationwide know that the ABC needs more funding. Without a funding increase this May, the ABC simply cannot sustain itself as a quality public broadcaster.
We have been lobbying MPs since October last year, now we need your help rallying public support.
If 2000 members sign the letter below by mid-April, we will publish your letter in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian in the weeks leading up to the ABC’s triennial funding announcement.
Help us let the Australian public know that you care about your workplace and the critical services you provide. 
Our poverty-stricken tax babies are doing it tough
Staff frequently dip into own pockets to purchase equipment the ABC should buy (mobile phones, batteries, laptops) just to ensure they can continue to cover basic news events. 
(Via Ultimo Mole)



Tim Blair – Tuesday, April 16, 2013 (6:42am)

Bombs kill two, maim dozens in Massachusetts: 
Two people were killed and dozens were injured this afternoon as two powerful explosions detonated in quick succession near the Boston Marathon finish line in Boston’s Back Bay section, turning a scene of athletic celebration into bloody chaos.
Two more explosive devices were found and dismantled, The Associated Press reported this afternoon.
Blood and broken glass covered sidewalks in the area where the blasts occurred just before 3 p.m. in the city’s Back Bay section. Immediately after the explosions, some of the wounded could be seen to have lost limbs; others lay unconscious. 
Follow updates here. Latest reports have three dead and 30 injured.
UPDATE. The New York Post
A federal law-enforcement source confirmed to The Post there are at least 12 dead and nearly 50 injured. Fox News reported that Massachusetts General Hospital was treating 10 people with amputated limbs and all operating rooms were on hold. 
No other source at this point is confirming those numbers. The Boston Herald
City Council President Steve Murphy, who was at the finish line when the two explosions happened, said, “Police sources say they are finding more devices.” Murphy said police have had a controlled detonation on at least one object. 
Boston’s JFK Library is said to be on fire.
UPDATE II. Multiple bombs are the usual strategy in Islamist terrorist attacks. No word yet on any suspects, however.
UPDATE III. Fifty dead in Iraq
Dozens of attacks across Iraq, including a brazen car bombing on the way to Baghdad airport, killed 50 people on Monday, just days before the country’s first elections since US troops withdrew …
Officials said more than 30 bombings and a shooting hit 12 different areas of Iraq, leaving 50 people dead and making Monday the country’s deadliest day since March 19. 
UPDATE IV. A suspect under guard in Boston: 
Investigators have a suspect — a Saudi Arabian national — in the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, The Post has learned.
Law enforcement sources said the 20-year-old suspect was under guard at an undisclosed Boston hospital. (Boston police now say: “At this time, we haven’t been notified of any arrests or anyone apprehended.") 
UPDATE VI. Speculation about right-wing extremists on CNN.
UPDATE VII. Shocking images of the attack’s aftermath.
UPDATE VIII. Live TV coverage.



Tim Blair – Tuesday, April 16, 2013 (3:11am)

Excellent driving advice from the 1940s: “The quickest way to get yourself scattered all over the landscape is to barrel through one of these intersections like a dame at a bargain counter.”

(Via PWAF, currently dishing up the goodness)


Now the mainland is the target

Andrew Bolt April 16 2013 (8:07pm)

The farce gets even worse:

AUSTRALIAN authorities have intercepted a suspected asylum seeker boat near Broome, a week after another boat managed to reach Western Australia’s Geraldton port.
HMAS Ararat, with the help of the WA police vessel Delphinus, found the boat with 72 people on board on Sunday.


Racist to worry about people much like our own being blown up

Andrew Bolt April 16 2013 (3:26pm)

ABC television host Virginia Trioli, a rich white person in the West, interrupts her station’s non-stop coverage of the Boston Marathon explosion to wish it were otherwise:
The contrast of course with what goes on in, I mentioned Iraq in passing just before, what goes on there and also in Afghanistan on a weekly basis has not been lost on many people this morning. We did report this morning of course that there were a series of bomb attacks overnight in Iraq and it’s important to mention that again, 37 people dead and more than 270 others were wounded. Several cities were hit in those bomb blasts, the capital Baghdad, Kirkuk in the North and Nasiriyah in the South. They were coordinated attacks according to police there during the morning rush hour and they mainly involved car bombs. That’s the contrast that we always have on a day like today when it seems to me where we are overly focusing on what happens to rich white people in the West, versus what happens on a daily basis in those countries.
Trioli gets to announce she’s more concerned than thou about Middle Easterners blowing each other up. Meanwhile her station continues to cater to her audience’s interests:
The ABC reassures us:
No matching headline: “White runners safe.”
Reader AT doesn’t get it:
In regards to the indigenous Australian runner… i am led to believe that he was the only Australian not accounted for shortly after the blast. Are you saying it should have simply read “Australian runner safe in Boston” and drop the indigenous prefix?
Answer: yes.
Reader Lisle explains why Australians might just care more about a bombing in Boston than in Kirkuk:
Please note there were 153 Australians taking part in the Boston Marathon. I repeat 153 of our own. That’s no small number.


Boston marathon bombed

Andrew Bolt April 16 2013 (11:43am)

TWO explosions have shattered the finish of the Boston marathon, killing 2 and injuring 23, police say.
Authorities out on the course carried away the injured while stragglers in the 40 kilometre race were rerouted away from the smoking site.
Competitors and race volunteers were crying as they fled the chaos.
Police have found ‘’multiple explosive devices’’ around Boston, NBC News reported, citing officials.
(UPDATE - Latest death toll is three.)
Authorities have a identified a suspect, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds.Law-enforcement sources said at least the first explosion occurred in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel…
The New York Post reports police as confirming a third explosion at JFK Library in Boston. It was unclear if the explosion was linked to the two earlier ones that took place at the Marathon.
The New York Post reports:

Investigators have a suspect — a Saudi Arabian national — in the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, The Post has learned.
What terrorism looks like, shorn of all the apologetics. Warning: images include one very graphic.
The bombs were loaded with ball-bearings to wound as many people as possible.
No, no suspect detained:

Boston police say no suspect has been taken into custody in connection with the explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.
Police Commissioner Edward Davis also says that the fire at a library a few miles away and more than an hour later doesn’t appear to be related to the explosions at the race on Monday. He says the fire may have been caused by an incendiary device.

Immediately after the explosions, some of the wounded could be seen to have lost limbs; others lay unconscious… Boston area hospitals reported that at least 115 people had been brought in for treatment
Asked if the explosions were a terrorist act, Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said, “We’re not being definitive on this right now, but you can reach your own conclusions based on what happened.’
The nature of the attack suggests home-grown extremists even more than Islamists, but there’s no point in jumping to conclusions until there’s an arrest and evidence.
Can reader Rita really have described this correctly? (Other readers are also complaining.)

“It’s only rich white people”
This was just suggested, contemptuously, by Virginia Trioli on ABC TV 24 (about 8.15-8.20am), in the context of “this happens every day in Afghanistan, Iraq etc...these poor people experience this every day...yet we only pay attention when it happens to ‘RICH WHITE PEOPLE’. While this is predictable from the ABC, I still find it disgusting and hate the thought that my tax dollar pays for these racists. Privatise the ABC on 16 September 2013 !!!!!
Here are the ”rich white people” who took out the top three places in today’s marathon before the bombs went off:
[Lelisa] Desisa, a 23-year-old Ethiopian who won the Dubai Marathon in his debut in the event, pulled away from a three-man pack on Boylston Street to hold off Micah Kogo and Gebregziabher Gebremariam.

Kenyan Rita Jeptoo won the women’s event from Meseret Hailu of Ethiopa and Sharon Cheropwon of Kenya.
Boston television is reporting that one of the dead is an eight-year-old.
Right-wing extremists, suggests CNN.
Let’s see.
Is the difference between the Middle East and the West very slowly being erased?
DOZENS of attacks across Iraq, including a brazen car bombing on the way to Baghdad airport, have killed 50 people, just days before the country’s first elections since US troops withdrew.
The violence, which mostly struck during Monday morning rush hour amid tightened security ahead of the polls, also wounded nearly 300 people and raises further questions about the credibility of the April 20 vote, seen as a key test of Iraq’s stability and its security forces’ capabilities.
A total of 14 election hopefuls have already been murdered and just 12 of the country’s 18 provinces will be taking part in the vote.
How a Saudi man seems to have been detained:

Senior correspondent John Miller, a former assistant director of the FBI, reported this: 
There is an individual in custody … he is not free to go.
He is a Saudi national who was near the scene of the blast. When the blast happened he began to run. Now, in context, a lot of people began to run. A civilian who thought he was acting suspiciously chased him down and tackled him and then turned him over to Boston police, saying, I saw this guy hanging around over there acting suspiciously. And then he ran. That may mean a lot, it may mean nothing at all.
Miller added that the man was fully cooperative but was denying any involvement in the bombing.
Not a suspect, just a person of interest:
The person, who sources said was 20 years old, had severe burns, but authorities had not determined whether the person was a victim or a perpetrator.
“There is no suspect,” said Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis. “There are people we’re talking to.”

A first responder source confirms to Fox News that five total explosive devices were found in the Boston area, including the two that exploded…
A source involved in the investigation tells FoxNews.com police are searching an apartment in the nearby Boston suburb of Revere as part of the investigation into the explosions. The apartment is on the fifth floor of the building.
Authorities are guarding a person of interest at a local hospital, according to a New York Post report confirmed by Fox News.
The person, who sources said was 20 years old, had severe burns, but authorities had not determined whether the person was a victim or a perpetrator. Sources say the person of interest is reportedly a Saudi national in the United States on a student visa.
“There is no suspect,” said Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis. “There are people we’re talking to.”
That search could be nothing:
A law enforcement source tells Fox 25 that a large police presence at a home in Revere is related to the Boston Marathon bombings.
The source said that a suspicious driver was pulled over by Revere police after driving past the State Police barracks a number of times.
The driver reportedly had a “nervous demeanor.”
The driver then led police, as well as the FBI, to a home in the area of Ocean Avenue and Beach Street.


Garrett spending billions any old how

Andrew Bolt April 16 2013 (8:22am)

How well thought through is the Gillard Government’s latest school funding plan - costed at a massive $14.5 billion?
Not very, to judge by Schools Education Minister Peter Garrett:

CHRIS UHLMANN: Now the system works by having a base level of funding and then some disadvantage loading put on top of that. Has the disability loading been finalised yet?
PETER GARRETT: No, it hasn’t.
CHRIS UHLMANN: So how can you have a discussion on Friday about something so critical with that missing?
PETER GARRETT: Because we’ve provided an extra $100 million from the last commitment that we had on support for students with disability to cover across that year while that important work was going on.
CHRIS UHLMANN: Has the loading for limited English language proficiency been finalised yet?
PETER GARRETT: Again, that’s a matter which is still being worked through with officials.
(Thanks to reader Peter.) 


How Australian are these Lebanese?

Andrew Bolt April 16 2013 (8:15am)

Assimilation isn’t working its usual magic among many of young Lebanese Australians. Or should we start referring to them simply as Lebanese in Australia?

The head of Australia’s domestic intelligence agency has confirmed investigations into hundreds of young Australian-Lebanese men who have joined the fighting in Syria

“We are also concerned that young Australians go overseas and become quite severely radicalised in the extremist Al Qaeda-type doctrines...” [ASIO director general David Irvine said].
“...people who do develop the sort of skills that terrorists can use and more importantly the commitment that drives terrorism, that remains a concern.”
Mr Irvine says most of the Australians are young males going to Syria either to fight or support the fighting in another way.
He says most of them were born in Australia or came to Australia at a young age.
(Thanks to reader Brian.) 


Our iron ore, their bullets

Andrew Bolt April 16 2013 (7:58am)

China’s rise doesn’t just mean we’ll all get rich together in this lovely “China Century”. Peter Hartcher:

The global business elite flocked to China’s Boao forum last week and thrilled to the President’s promises of growth and prosperity. But as they flew home enraptured, they might not have noticed what their host did next…
Xi made a visit to another part of Hainan island, the site of China’s big new naval base, including an underground port to protect Beijing’s growing fleet of submarines from US spy satellites and, potentially, missiles.
It is the symbol and the reality of China’s growing power to challenge US hegemony over the high seas…
David Shambaugh, director of the China Policy Program at George Washington University.. says that within a week of taking power, Xi had led the standing committee of his Politburo, the cabinet equivalent, on a museum exhibition about China’s “hundred years of shame and humiliation” at the hands of Western and Japanese imperialists.


Gillard is so great than only sexism can explain this criticism

Andrew Bolt April 16 2013 (7:47am)

Academic Sally Young is mystified why Australians do not connect with a Prime Minister who has cheated them, lied to them, patronised them, set them at each other’s throat, squandered billions of their taxes and now reaches for their super:
But how much of the Prime Minister’s much-maligned failure to ‘’connect’’ with the Australian public has to do with how she is represented in the media?… Those media play a powerful role in shaping opinions about her and in recent debates about misogyny in Australian politics, one question that has been raised is just how much the reporting of the Prime Minister and her government has to do with gender.
Does Young seriously believe if Gillard were a man we’d have forgiven all the deceits and incompetence? We’d have “connected” with her?
Believe that, and you really are a sexist. If Gillard had proved a leader as worthy as Margaret Thatcher, she’d have been as admired as Thatcher was and still is.
Gerard Henderson on the double standards of the Left, so keen to damn Thatcher in terms that horrify them when used against Gillard:

In Britain, Thatcher-haters are running an online campaign to push the song Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead to the top of the charts. Apparently it’s acceptable to brand Britain’s first female prime minister, and its longest-serving leader in the 20th century, as a ‘’witch’’.
In Australia the word usage has been even more offensive. Last Wednesday The Age ran an opinion piece by Michael Lynch. He wrote that ‘’for everyone who painted her [Thatcher] as a dynamic moderniser … there was another who regarded her as a heartless bitch’’. Lynch made it clear that he was in the latter category.
So it seems it’s OK to use the ‘’b’’ word with respect to the conservative Thatcher. This would be unacceptable - and properly so - if such a term of abuse was used against a leading social democratic politician like Julia Gillard…
And shouldn’t warmists thank Thatcher for closing coal mines?

Eco-catastrophists, who warn about global warming, have condemned Thatcher for presiding over the closing of dirty and inefficient coal mines in northern England and Wales in the 1980s. Yet it was these closures which made it possible for Britain to meet its emission targets under the Kyoto agreement.
Closing coal mines is the explicit policy of the Greens, as then leader Bob Brown made clear two years ago:

BARRIE CASSIDY: But when you say negligible impact do you also say then that no coal mines will closed?
BOB BROWN: I would expect that in the future we are going to see some of the most polluting enterprises in the country have a struggle. That’s the nature.
BARRIE CASSIDY: And how quickly after the introduction of the [carbon] tax?
BOB BROWN: Well, we’re still negotiating a scheme.
BARRIE CASSIDY: But it could close down some of these mines overnight?
BOB BROWN: I would not figure that in because they are just so highly profitable.
But that has to be the outcome. You know the coal industry has to be replaced by renewables.
What aren’t the Greens praising Thatcher? 


Spending billions to pamper couch potatoes

Andrew Bolt April 16 2013 (7:16am)

We’re spending mega-billions just to watch high-definition movies? What a symbol of our decline:
SUPER high-definition television alone is not a sufficient benefit to justify an investment as big as the National Broadband Network and nobody has been able to articulate uses that would drive mass-market demand for a fibre-to-the-home network.
These are the findings of two advisers to the telecommunications sector, who warn that broadband policy will need to be revised no matter which party wins the federal election. In a new joint submission to the committee chaired by independent MP Rob Oakeshott to oversee the NBN rollout, ... Venture Consulting and Allen & Overy argues that broadband policy will need to be “reset” regardless of who wins the election as there is reason to be sceptical of NBN Co’s current business plan…
“No one has yet been able to articulate the high bandwidth applications that will drive demand for mass-market FTTP capacity, particularly applications that promote productivity and social utility,” they say. “Super high-definition television should not be (the) rationale for an investment of this scale.”


The union gives a Senate seat, the union takes it away

Andrew Bolt April 16 2013 (6:53am)

The Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ union made Mark Bishop a Labor Senator, and now replaces him with another of its own:

Senator Mark Bishop pulled out of last night’s ALP preselection ballot that saw the most powerful left-wing and right-wing unions conspire against the resurgent blue- collar section of the party…
It is understood Senator Bishop may not have received a single vote if he had contested because of a deal between his right-wing retail workers union - the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association - and the dominant left-wing union United Voice.
Under the deal, SDA boss Joe Bullock, Senator Bishop’s one-time friend and union ally, grabbed the top spot on Labor’s WA Senate ticket, 109-61, relegating sitting Senator Louise Pratt to second.
You think Labor Senators represent the voters? Even just the party?
Meet the new member of the SDA. 


Would you trust your savings with Labor?

Andrew Bolt April 16 2013 (6:48am)

A party has no future when voters cannot even trust it to look after their savings:
According to a Newspoll survey conducted exclusively for The Australian on the weekend after Wayne Swan announced superannuation changes aimed at saving $1 billion over four years, 55 per cent said they did not “currently” trust Labor on superannuation and 31 per cent said they did..
Opposition to an increased tax on superannuation hit 78 per cent, with 89 per cent of Coalition voters and 66 per cent of Labor voters against the move.


Polls agree. Labor is cactus

Andrew Bolt April 15 2013 (7:21pm)

Essential Media poll today - slight narrowing of the 2PP gap to “just” 10 points. Labor 45 to the Coalition 55.
Roy Morgan says it’s Labor 44.5 to the Coalition 55.5.
And there’s still the Budget to come just a month from now.
And there’s this:
The sharemarket has suffered its biggest fall in four weeks, losing about $14.5 billion in market value, with mining companies suffering heavy losses amid heightened worries of a slowdown in Chinese growth…
China’s economic recovery unexpectedly stumbled in the first three months of 2013 as the annual rate of growth eased back to 7.7 per cent from the 7.9 per cent pace set in the final quarter of last year, official data showed on Monday.


4 her


A happy Independence Holiday to all



Something terrifying is hiding in Caliburn House, and the Doctor finds himself part of the ghost hunt...

Don’t miss 'Hide' this weekend.
These words of Abbott are fascinating on their own for their grace and power, but compare them with Gillard's words which would also equally apply to her own boat people policy, Gonski school reform, or any of the other failed policies like Pink Batts, NBN, or Carbon Tax. - ed
It’s important to show solidarity with America and with the people of Boston on this difficult day. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed and injured in this terrible incident. While it’s too early to say who was responsible, obviously an event like this should deepen our resolve to stand up for democratic values and democratic decencies. I have this morning spoken with Ambassador Bleich, so that he is assured that Australians stand together with the United States on this sad day. - Tony Abbott

"Australia unreservedly condemns this brutal and senseless attack," Ms Gillard said.
"Our condolences go to the families of those killed and our thoughts are with those who have been injured.
It will be some time before we know the full extent of what has occurred" 
Does she even know what happened? - ed

Handing out this week - Term 3 trophies - Edu Kingdom Bankstown



Here's a little dose of geekery in my new Star Trek dress, making my go to thumbs up pose. Thanks Brian!!!


Film Clip of the Day - April 15, 2013
Best John Wayne Movie Quotes



Never Give Up!



Prayers are with everyone in Boston today. Sarah Palin



"Hair, shoulder pads, nukes. It's the '80s. Everything's bigger." – dive in and take a peek behind the scenes of last Saturday’s 'Cold War' in this exclusssssive video: http://bit.ly/17x2U36

"We will get to the bottom of this. And we will find out who did this. We'll find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice." -President Obama on Boston Marathon bombings

Watch the president's full remarks:http://tinyurl.com/cyj52kk



Monarchs make a wonderful portrait of Lizzy

"Prayers going up for everyone at the Boston Marathon."--Northland Church
"Pray for Boston. Now."--Pastor Rich Warren
”Yes, God Be with them all, we are praying here."--Roma Downey

ZOMBIE COCKTAIL: Fill a shot glass halfway with peach schnapps. Gently pour Bailey's Irish Cream on top. After the shot is almost full, carefully add a small amount of blue curacao. After it settles, add a few drops of grenadine syrup....When The Walking Dead comes back on, some of our friends shall be making these ;-)



4 her

The IAF bows its head in memory of our fallen sons and daughters. May they rest in peace


Maureen O’Hara – Green Eyed Lady (Sugarloaf)
- Music Video -

At this link:
10 Things I Learned When I Stopped Yelling at My Kids===


Today, the entire people and I salute the courage of our finest sons and daughters, who are worthy of glory for all eternity. Blessed is the people who has such sons
Behold the glory of Jesus who is in you right now, and receive the miracle that you need! Check out more in today's devotional and be blessed! http://bit.ly/10yhamT
You and your household can begin to live a life full of every blessing! In this video excerpt, let Joseph Prince show you glimpses of secrets to a blessed family and life from Obed-Edom's story in the Old Testament. Be encouraged to know that whatever your lack is today, learn how you can practice the presence of Jesus in your life and watch Him over-supply every need according to the riches of His grace!

Our love and prayers go out to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and their families. We speak God's peace, healing and protection over this situation.
Faith comes not by seeing God as a judge, but by seeing Him as your Savior who loves you very much and wants to do what’s best for you!
So Moses made a bronze serpent, and put it on a pole; and so it was, if a serpent had bitten anyone, when he looked at the bronze serpent, he lived.—Num 21:9

When the Israelites were bitten by serpents in the wilderness, God told Moses to put a bronze serpent on a pole—a picture of Jesus judged on the cross for us (John 3:14).

Those who beheld the serpent on the pole lived, while those who focused on their wounds died. 

Today, look to the cross and see Jesus bearing every sickness and pain for you. Expect your healing to manifest and your body to be made completely whole!
Check out today's devotional and see that your prayers will be answered because Jesus, your high priest, intercedes for you! Be blessed! http://bit.ly/10kfUDx
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Federal study concludes man-made climate change not cause of 2012 drought

When there was a drought last year in the Central Great Plains, Al Gore naturally and instinctively said it was related to man-made climate change crisis chaos...

AP story on Gosnell’s aides: For most, it was the best job they could find

Have you ever been in such desperate economic circumstances that you ended up taking a job assisting in the killing of babies to make ends meet?

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