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Happy birthday and many happy returns Cathy Tucker. You were an inspiration to me at school. I note in anticipation of you, Yuri Gagarin entered space, the first time any person had done so. Remember, birthdays are good for you. As a child, they gave you wings. As an adult, they keep you grounded better than the best coffee.


Tim Blair – Friday, April 12, 2013 (2:05pm)

Anthony Albanese believes a $114 billion high-speed rail line is viable, despite it being slower than flight and crazier than Sarah Hanson-Young. What other realistic and affordable ideas should Labor pursue?

Thank you, we have already counted your vote.
Total Votes: 1,134



Tim Blair – Friday, April 12, 2013 (11:56am)

Simon Benson observes some interesting campaign moves
The current accepted wisdom is that NSW, and in particular western Sydney, is the main problem for Labor but Victoria and South Australia could hold up for Gillard.
There is a significant body of evidence that this is no longer true and that big swings are playing into these two southern states as well.
Take the seats of Ballarat and Bendigo. These seats represent Victoria’s outer urban belts. They were considered safe Labor on margins of 11.7 and 9.4 per cent respectively. Over the past few weeks, half of the shadow cabinet has turned up in the foundation seat of Ballarat. Joe Hockey has been there twice and is scheduled to return soon.
Bendigo tells a similar story. As does the seat of McEwan on 9.2 per cent. There is a reason the Libs switched candidates there in the past two weeks – they think they can win it. 
Bendigo is currently held by Labor shame generator Steve Gibbons, who is retiring at the election. Enjoy your old Jag, Steve.
UPDATE. In light of these apparent trends, Antony Green’s election calculator is more fun than ever. Watch those numbers fly!



Tim Blair – Friday, April 12, 2013 (11:31am)

As a small antidote to this week’s post-mortem political hatred, here’s a message to readers from the widow of late leftist Bryan Law
He was as you have noted a brave soul who always wanted to know how everybody was thinking and to actually engage with that thinking where possible. In that way he was quite different actually to your “average leftist” who he actually rather despised - usually for holding rather ideological views not rooted in any practice.
Bryan was a man who practised and experimented with creating change in regional areas in Australia. He didn’t always know the way forward but he always tried something – even while accompanied by a chorus of nay-sayers.
I thank you all for your kind words and [surprisingly] keen observations and for your prayers for me and my family.
- Margaret Pestorius, Bryan’s wife 


How hard it is for The Age to admit it was wrong

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (11:07am)

The Age is so determined to believe its preferred narrative that it cannot accept the facts even when thrust in its face:
News Ltd blogger Andrew Bolt has made several inaccurate statements regarding the CBD columns written by Ben Butler and published in BusinessDay.
Bolt states that Gina Rinehart did not win a $25,000 auction to visit the set of his TV show and that he ‘‘informed’’ Butler and The Age of this.
For the record, Ben Butler’s report of the IPA dinner auction was based on an eye witness account - a person who saw Mrs Rinehart bid.
Gina Rinehart was declared a winner of the auction. It has come to our attention, via Fairfax Media reporting, that Mrs Rinehart’s daughter Ginia Rinehart accepted that auction prize.
Prior to publishing, Butler attempted to check the facts of who bought what at the auction with IPA executive director John Roskam…
Neither The Age nor Butler have received a single phone call, letter, email or SMS from Bolt to ‘‘inform’’ us of any alleged errors.
We note that a two-line post on Bolt’s blog under the headline ‘‘Fairfax’s Ben Butler reports with a sneer’’, was posted on Monday, April 8.
Whether or not a professional journalist can be ‘‘informed’’ by the content contained within Bolt’s blog is a matter for debate.
Mark Hawthorne is National Business Editor of Fairfax Metro.
Note, first of all, that Hawthorn and The Age refuse to admit error, even as it dawns on them that their reporter misheard “Ginia” for “Gina”.  Very shoddy stuff.
Here are the facts:

Two people - not one, as The Age claimed - each won the bid to watch my show.
Neither of those people was Gina Rinehart.
Gina Rinehart was not declared the winner of the auction by the auctioneer, who was standing three metres from me.
I was sitting at the same table as both winning bidders, saw them or their proxy bid and thanked both afterwards. Neither person I thanked was Gina Rinehart.
The Age has falsely accused me of making “several inaccurate statements” about this matter when it cannot identify one.

I sent an email informing Butler of this, using the address provided on his report. At the same time, I also informed him and the reading world on my blog in almost word-for-word the same terms.
The Age should simply correct an error. Why won’t it? Is this how it reports other subjects dear to its heart, whether global warming or the evils of Tony Abbott - by sticking to a false story it prefers, in defiance of the facts?
Is this how it reponds to a correction, by further smearing the person who demonstrated its error? 


Importing misery

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (10:44am)

This - reported by SBS - strikes me as very stupid management of our immigration and refugee intake, and bound to end in tears:
Anecdotal evidence indicates the number of homeless from migrant backgrounds is increasing at a massive rate.
I really do wonder what we are doing:
A number of African Australian communities that participated in the consultations expressed deep concern at levels of family violence, which many viewed as a growing problem:
Family violence is a major issue in our communities ... So many of our families are breaking apart. We need information but we also need to know that when we ask for help it is appropriate to our needs. Community focus group
(Thanks to reader Dean.)                      


The Bolt Report on Sunday

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (9:26am)

Gillard vs Thatcher, as pygmies dance on the grave of a giant.
What’s the better bet? The Coalition’s NBN or Labor’s? Professor Michael Porter gets out his calculator.
Alexander Downer and Cassandra Wilkinson debate.
On Channel 10 on Sunday at 10am. 


$45 billion project iced

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (9:22am)

The Greens win, but Australia loses - massively:

Woodside Petroleum has dumped plans for its controversial $45 billion liquefied natural gas project at James Price Point in Western Australia.
Woodside says it will review alternative ideas with its joint venture partners in the Browse project.
It might go ahead in another form - or might not:

In a statement to the Australian Securities Exchange, Woodside said it would review other options for the project, including floating technologies, with a view to commercialising the Browse resources.
The local Aboriginal communities can kiss goodbye to millions of dollars and scores of jobs. 


Labor’s latest shameful dog-whistle

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (8:52am)

Laurie Ferguson, the Labor member for Werriwa, should be utterly ashamed of himself.
Labor likes to accuse others of “dog-whistling to racists”, but Ferguson himself has picked up a loud-hailer.
Angry at being stopped from speaking at a citizenship ceremony by the new Mayor of Liverpool, Ned Mannoun, the first Liberal to hold the job, Ferguson used his parliamentary allowance to mail out a vicious letter smearing Mannoun as a Lebanese foreigner who is trashing Australian values as he knocks over a “popular local”.

From Ferguson’s letter damning “the unAustralian, anti-democratic actions of Mr Manoun”:
Whilst he is understandably proud of his American, Lebanese Shia ancestry, as I am of my Scottish antecedents, we all agree as Australians to adhere to the nation’s democratic values…
Although our Immigration Department’s public servants have told Mr Manoun how things operate in Australia, he is arrogantly ignoring them…
He must understand that he conducts these ceremonies on behalf of the Australian Government and behaves himself like every other Mayor in this nation…
Just because Councillors Mannoun, Hadchiti and Hadid knocked over a popular local resident to impose the Sutherland Mayor as candidate for Werriwa does not mean you trash Australian democratic practices.
What a shabby effort, Laurie.
In fact, as the local paper reported, Manoun seems to understand the rules of citizenship ceremonies better than does Ferguson:

The letter follows Cr Mannoun’s refusal to allow federal MPs to make speeches at Liverpool Council’s citizenship ceremonies.
Cr Mannoun said his refusal was not out disrespect or “arrogance” as stated by the MP, but rather in accord with the Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Code.
The code states that: “Not all elected representatives should speak at every ceremony to ensure that the number of speeches is manageable”.
Mr Ferguson told the Champion that he did not read the entire code as it is pages long...
I don’t know Mannoun well, but was most impressed with how he presents himself:

Mannoun tells me:
As Conservatives we get attacked and accused of being racist while the ALP stand on some high moral ground.  This letter shocks me that it has come from an MP and I challenge anyone to find a greater dog-whistle that has been funded by Australian taxpayers.
I have no issues with being attacked on policy, but implying that I am unable to comply with the rules and regulations of Australia because I was born in another country is ridiculous. What really upsets me is being called un-democratic.
I was born in Boston, the cradle of liberty, and the founding place of the Free World. The schooling we receive in the US ensures that the pillars of freedom, liberty, and justice for all runs through our veins.
Ferguson has form for dog-whistling. Is this really Labor under Gillard today?

The way Ferguson framed his letter, you might think the Liberal candidate “imposed” by the three men with Middle Eastern names on Werriwa in place of “a popular local resident” was also “unAustralian”.
In fact, the Mannoun-backed candidate running against Ferguson is Kent Johns, who I trust is Australian enough for Labor:


In politics to do what she said. No spin, just principles

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (7:55am)

Peter Oborne on what made Margaret Thatcher so admirable - and so much more so than almost any contemporary politician:

Maggie Thatcher came up despite the system. In order to reach the top she needed oceans of certainty and self-belief. She had to endure wounding snubs and humiliations, and fight bruising battles. Despite all the socialist claptrap that has been written about her, she was never a manifestation of any ruling elite. Nobody chose her. She acted in nobody’s vested interest. She did it her own way. This struggle formed her and, when the moment came, gave her the strength to take her message to the British people and then the world.
This is why her great career is so worthy of study. She is the almost exact antithesis of the contemporary politician, whose craft is largely a matter of technique. She possessed integrity. She had a clear sense of herself. She scarcely possessed what is known today as a “media strategy”. She rarely uttered words for effect. She cared about substance. She sought power for a purpose. Having attained it, she knew how to use it.
There was therefore an umbilical connection between what she said and what she did. The Left, aided by her media allies, often made out that she was a liar. But she was in fact strikingly honest.
Bernard Ingham, her press secretary, is of the same view:

Her first words to Mikhail Gorbachev were: “I hate communism.” He not only stayed for more but fell in love with her politically when she added: “It brings neither freedom nor justice to the people. But if you Russians must have it – and there is no accounting for tastes – you are entitled to have it secure within your own borders.” It was the stuff that launched a series of Thatcher-Gorbachev jousts.
But then, Gorbachev could recognise sincerity when he saw it. She was an honest woman. Indeed, she is one of the most upright people I have known. Once, when I tried to convey what editors were telling me about a rival, she told me she did not want to hear it. She was no gossip.
She was the original executive woman who conquered a man’s world by saying what she thought with conviction, force and integrity. Her endless courage in persevering with her economic policies for seven years until they bore fruit, embarking on the Falklands campaign, facing down the IRA and eventually seeing off Scargill marked her out as a phenomenon.


Hair hair, they cried at last week’s IPA anniversary

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (7:07am)

I couldn’t bear to watch more than 20 seconds of it. But if the introductory speech is better than I fear, feel free to donate to the IPA here - if for no other reason than to buy me a haircut.
How embarrassing. 


Taxing miners to pay for a gold headstone for car-makers

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (7:06am)

We have a government that’s hurting healthy industries by taking their money to waste on dying ones:
FORMER Ford president Jac Nasser says the demise of the struggling Australian carmaking industry appears inevitable in the face of a high dollar, high costs and excess overseas capacity. 

At the same time, the nation risks squandering the chance to recreate the resources sector investment and jobs of the last boom if better tax and workplace relations policies are not put in place.

The BHP Billiton chairman’s dire assessment of the nation’s deteriorating car industry comes after Holden this week said it would axe 500 jobs in Adelaide and Melbourne as it cut production from 400 cars a day to 350 because of the strong dollar…
Former Mitsubishi managing director Graham Spurling said this week Holden’s manufacturing days were numbered. “For anybody like the Premier of South Australia to think they’re (Holden) going to stay here until 2022, as they say in that classic movie, ‘He’s dreaming, love’,” he told the ABC. “I also think Ford is on the cusp of shutting up shop as well.”

Nasser says BHP is paying as much in taxes as the Federal Government spends on education:

...the $9 billion that BHP Billiton paid in Australia last year in taxes and royalties is about what the Federal Government spent on higher education. And just to make it clear, these taxes and royalties are prior to any additional extraordinary profit taxes from the Mineral Resources Rent Tax or the carbon tax.
Do the students subsidised so heavily by miners know exactly where the money is coming from?  


Simon says … any old stuff

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (6:59am)

No doubt Simon Sheikh and his Greens staff are more believable on other matters, where, for instance, the truth might be more convenient:

ACT Greens senate candidate Simon Sheikh was a financial member of the Labor Party from 2004 until 2008, when he resigned to head the left-wing political activist group GetUp! ...
When asked yesterday about Mr Sheikh’s membership of the Labor Party, his spokesperson posted a statement on his website which admitted that Mr Sheikh “was a member of the Labor Party for a year"…
Mr Sheikh says he “quickly became disillusioned and left” the Labor Party. But membership records show he contacted the party in 2008 to resign, four years after joining, and the reason given was his appointment to an “independent advocacy job"…
When Mr Sheikh won Greens preselection to run for an ACT Senate seat, the official announcement by the Greens quoted Mr Sheikh saying: “I’ve spent my whole life standing up for communities against vested interests in big companies and big political parties.”
We’re also had Sheikh tell us something true was false:

This week, The Australian published an email sent from Mr Sheikh’s campaign team attempting to lure foreigners to staff his campaign for in-kind payments but no wage. While the position was filled by a Canberra-based volunteer, it could have placed the party in breach of immigration laws and Fair Work guidelines for volunteers.
Mr Sheikh said the story was “inaccurate”, despite his campaign manager confirming the email and The Australian obtaining a copy. Mr Sheikh also deleted a tweet he had sent claiming the story was “false”. 


Money gone, jobs lost

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (6:37am)

Treasurer Wayne Swan, May 2011:

... we’re bringing the Budget back to surplus and we’re also absolutely going to see the creation of over 500,000 jobs in the next couple of years.
Judith Sloan notes two broken promises in the one sentence:
In the 2011 budget, [Swan] told us that an additional half a million jobs would be created by the middle of this year and the rate of unemployment would then stand at 4 1/2 per cent.
Forget about calling Tom Waterhouse to have a bet on whether the 500,000 jobs will be created by July. Take it from me, they will not. The increase in the number of employed persons from mid-2011 to now is a little more than 200,000; we will be lucky to achieve half Wayne Swan’s target by June 30…
We should not forget that through most of 2006 and 2007, the rate of unemployment was in the low four per cents. We are now in the mid-fives and all through that period, with the brief interruption of the GFC, our terms of trade have been at historic highs. We really should have more to show for our good fortune.


On 2GB last night with my favorite Left-wing Minister

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (6:19am)

And Labor ministers say I’m too mean for them to risk being interviewed. I couldn’t have been nicer to Anthony Albanese last night about having blown $20 million on a dead-on-arrival plan for a $114 billion fast-rail system. Listen here.
Professor Peter Swan says even fast-rail projects in much more densely populated parts of the world struggle to make a buck:
The report projects that cashflow [for a Melboure-Sydney-Brisbane line] will be positive for the first time by 2060, about 45 years after commencement. One of the few routes that is commercially viable is in major Japanese city pairings with population density about 1000 times higher than major pairings in Australia. Even Japanese bullet trains received a bailout in 1987 and Taiwan’s line needed rescuing only two years after commencement.
In China the high-speed network is highly problematic, with severe speed limitations imposed on some lines. One line was even reduced to 45km an hour.
Even in much denser Europe, only a few city pairs are financially viable.


Can’t even finish the little they do about boat people

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (6:08am)

The Gillard Government was too busy trying to put the media under state control to bother finishing what it had started on boat people:
A NEW asylum boat located north of Darwin is the sixth to have attempted to reach mainland Australia in the past six weeks as people smugglers seek to take advantage of a legal loophole.
The latest vessel, carrying 75 people, was intercepted off the Northern Territory coast on Wednesday night, a day after a boat carrying 66 Sri Lankans cruised into Geraldton Harbour, 425km north of Perth…
But as the Sri Lankan passengers were interviewed in Perth yesterday, a source said the increase in boats detected off the Top End was a result of people smugglers exploiting a delay in passing legislation to excise the Australian mainland from the migration zone.
The legislation passed the House of Representatives late last year but the government has left it idle in the Senate...
Even Labor used to say we could and should turn back the boats. If only they had… 


Gillard pays for your NBN out of her own huge pocket

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (12:39am)

Michael Smith spots Julia Gillard’s Facebook site falsely claiming her $44 billion-plus NBN is actually “free”:

Is there a punishment for false advertising?

The Age at the acme of its socialist foolishness:

[The Coalition’s NBN plan] trades quality for savings, and in so doing risks undermining the point of an NBN, which was not about what individuals might want; its purpose was to cater for the entire spectrum of business, educative, personal and entertainment opportunities so that all of us – as a nation – would benefit...
Opposition Communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull: say the “point of an NBN” was “not about what individuals might want…” Wow! Does that apply to journalism too? Is the point of newspapers “not about what readers might want”? The idea that you would build a network which pays no regard to what customers would want or value let alone be prepared to pay for is quite incredible.
Turnbull goes on to tear The Age and its arguments apart


Straight is not an option

Andrew Bolt April 12 2013 (12:01am)

The Greens’ National Youth Survey declares that being heterosexual is not an option:

Reader John:

Makes you realise how Bob Brown’s alien civilisations finally extincted themselves....
(Thanks to reader Don.) 


China’s leaders more open than Gillard

Andrew Bolt April 11 2013 (9:00pm)

The Gillard Government manages the Canberra media even more tightly than communist China’s regime managed its own this week:

The Gillard government has outdone China in its control of the press, keeping Australian reporters in the dark for two days about an historic pact between the two nations when Chinese state-owned media had already been given the story. In Shanghai on Monday, Julia Gillard was asked about local media reports of the development. She fobbed the reporter off. “Well what we said yesterday is we continue to work on the architecture of the relationship between our two countries.” Journalist: “They said you’ve agreed to it.” PM: I’ve understood your question and I’ve given my response.” The Australian media were finally able to report on the agreement on Tuesday night after it was officially announced by the PM. “This is a significant breakthrough and I’m very pleased to be able to announce it today,” she said.


Keep the Change: Hank Williams Jr. Unleashes Fiery New Anthem (Video)

Days after being dropped from ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” Hank Williams Jr. fired back at that network, “Fox and Friends” and what he called the “United Socialist States of America” in his signature style – a song bellowing biting lyrics in between guitar licks.



The Coalition this week launched our plan for Fast Broadband and an Affordable NBN.

Read - and click 'SHARE' - so you and your friends know what a few of the experts said about our plan:

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4 her






The Last Tornado at Campo.

While going through my photos, I saw this picture and adjusted the contrast and lo and behold what should pop out but the last tornado of the day. It was pretty shrouded, but pops once a small adjustment was made. What a cool discovery!


To the person who posted an ad on Gumtree that said I was giving away adorable kittens - Well Played. I've already received 8 phone calls (one of which was at 5:30am this morning) and 3 text messages about them. 

Enjoy your victory for now, for this prank war has only just begun... (Although must admit, the background information on this ad is bloody hilarious!)

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Beneath the surface of museum masterpieces lie the secrets of the art world, and airport scanners are now revealing these hidden pieces:



California Stormin'

Cars zip through the Altamont Pass as a rare California storm looms forwards while trying to organize...
 — with Miguel De La Cruz at Altamont Pass.

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Speak Out Against Religious Violence in Burma


The rise of religious violence, particularly anti-Muslim violence, over the past several months, has angered, saddened and frustrated us.

The bigotry and violence coming not only from the government and military, but from ordinary people and a small but vocal group of Buddhist monks has created a great deal of concern.

While it is essential to pursue justice and accountability and get an independent international assessment of the government’s role in condoning widespread violence throughout Burma, we also want to voice our opposition to bigotry, racism and violence and show support for victims of these vicious acts.

If, like us, you have struggled with a way to show your concern for persecuted religious groups and oppose religious bigotry and violence, we urge you to participate in our new design and slogan contest.

After March’s deadly riots directed toward Muslims, the multi-faith organization Pray for Myanmar led a series of interfaith events and campaigns to work toward peace in Burma. Youth activists took to the streetsand handed out t-shirts and stickers that declared, “There shall be no racial, religious conflicts because of me,” and “Burmese citizens don’t discriminate by race and religion.”

We should express our solidarity with them and help bolster their efforts right here at home. We invite you to express your concern for religious violence in Burma through our new design contest.

We are searching for designs and slogans that will inspire people to choose peace and discursive engagement as a means to navigate religious differences, instead of violence and crime. We are asking you to create designs that capture attention, spark discussion on the street, and applaud religious freedom and/or non-violence.
Visit our page to learn more details about the contest, and stay tuned for your opportunity to vote for the top three designs.

Take this opportunity to put your talents to work today to inspire religious freedom in Burma.

In solidarity,

Rachel Wagley, USCB

Michele Bachmann
Fellow Conservative --

They've sent him back.

Just a few moments ago, after receiving his marching orders from the Pelosi-Obama campaign machine, my Democratic opponent from last election announced he will again try to defeat me in 2014.

Will you stand with me again?

Why is he back? It's simple. Not only does he have over $100 million to self-fund his own campaign, but insiders and press reports also say that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has pledged millions to defeat me as well.

In fact, with Barack Obama's personal pledge to re-install Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House - the Democrat campaign machine knows they have to defeat me to make that happen.

You see, the Democrats, largely underneath Nancy Pelosi's control, have already spent $30 million this year to recruit candidates like Jim Graves. They think if they can begin early to slander my name and spread negative propaganda about our campaign that they will have a real fighting chance this time around. And considering we are still 19 months away from the election, there is no telling how much money they will spend to defeat and destroy our shared conservative values.

And what have the Jim Graves... Nancy Pelosi... Barack Obama values brought us?

>>> 11.7 million Americans unemployed. Families are struggling to make ends meet.

>>> Food stamp enrollment is at its highest level ever. The Obama/Pelosi agenda is hurting our most vulnerable.

>>> Just 38% of Americans support the Obama/Pelosi handling of the deficit. My opponent Jim Graves will only continue this disastrous spending binge.

And that's the reason he didn't win last year.

But, Fellow Conservative, with access to millions and the Democrats and liberal media in his back pocket, make no mistake - Jim Graves will pull out every trick in the book to see our campaign defeated.

That's why I need your URGENT support today.

The Graves campaign, along with the national press, Nancy Pelosi, and her ilk are watching our campaign's every move. They are gearing up for what is certain to be one of the most expensive campaigns of our lifetime, and unless I have the resources to fight back, I could lose.

Your donation has never been more important. Your contribution today will send a strong message to the Democrats that we are not going anywhere.

I am in Congress because I know we can't afford politicians like Jim Graves in Washington fighting for the Pelosi/Obama agenda.

Our children and grandchildren deserve better. They deserve to know their representatives are fighting for their future, and have their best intentions at heart.

You know you can always count on me to fight for you and your family. As a true conservative leader in the House of Representatives, I'm one of a limited number of voices fighting for you against President Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi's destructive liberal agenda in Washington, D.C.

But, I cannot do this without you. Together, with your unwavering support, we defeated Jim Graves before and we will do it again.

I hope you will follow this link to make your most generous contribution right away, and show Jim we are a force to be reckoned with.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America!

Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann

P.S. Everything is on the line in this election. We can't afford to look back and wish we had taken a larger role, or worked harder. Now is the time to step up and stand up for our conservative, independent values. I hope I can continue to count on your loyal support, and generosity. Please follow this link to show your support. Thanks.

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Photo credit: John W. Pope Civitas Institute
Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for April 11th. Enjoy!

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Unaffordable Care Act update: Cost of setting up state exchanges now double original estimate and rising

It’s still a source of daily bemusement that the same people who push for truth in product labeling and oppose deceptive advertising practices for private sector goods and services don’t seem to mind one bit that the first word in the name of their uber-expensive, nation bankrupting law is “affordable”...

Good news: White House resumes tours — Bad news: Only for ‘Preferred Celebrities Club’ members

Tuesday evening, Drudge live streamed the “Sequester Soul Show”...

Rotten to the Core: Conservatives spearhead drive at RNC meeting to stop Common Core

Thanks to grass-roots activism, limited-government think tanks, whistle-blowing educators and bloggers, vigilant local and state legislators, and tireless parents committed to protecting their children, the truth about federalized Common Core standards is spreading...

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