Saturday, January 26, 2008

Middle East War Overview

Some blame war in the Middle East on Israel.
Some on The US.
Some on Great Britain, here you see a lone survivor of an Afghan conflict.
Middle East war is old, as the site of Masada shows. Or Meggido, where a resurgent Pharoah created the legend of Armageddon.
It was said Clinton’s behaviour with an intern destroyed peace.
Others offer their opinions, but rarely are they informed.
In this series, I intend to show events, and allow people to learn for themselves. I don’t promise to not have bias. But I will try to be balanced.
Middle East War takes lifetimes and lives. Golda Meir grew to be great, but age overtook her.
A culture of war exists, which inducts children into fighting.
My involvement is related to my Maternal Great Grandfather, who fought for NSW in the Soudan.
My paternal grandfather who fought for Australia in the Sudan.
Israel with tanks.
Palestinians cowed by their own murder squads who act lawlessly, as their mothers taught them.
This is an ambitious project, and political. I won't pretend I'm not advocating a viewpoint. I hope to take segments of the conflict in the Middle East and state events, rather than propaganda.
Because there are scenes of death, this is labeled with a warning.

some links;

'Remnants of an Army' by Elizabeth Butler portraying William Brydon arriving at the gates of Jalalabad as the only survivor of a 16,500 strong evacuation from Kabul in January 1842.
Mad Islamists demand credit for satanic Zionist plot
Andrew Bolt – Wednesday, April 23, 08 (03:38 pm)

You know the despair a satirist feels when he’s hears something so crazed on so many levels that he can’t even begin to respond? From YNet

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