Sunday, January 27, 2008

Power Shift As Liberals Repudiate Success

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Mr Howard came within 12000 votes over nine electorates of pulling off a win in the last election. In the end, his defeat was nothing to do with his policy, or the discipline of his government.
A rampant media allowed Rudd a free pass on many substantial issues, and the cost to the electorate will be borne heavily.
Rudd has never faced charges over the Heiner affair. Has never answered for his conduct with Brian Burke. Has never said what his IR policy is. Has never said what Kyoto will actually do. Has not stated what his five point plan to reduce inflation is. Is not planning on keeping the few election promises he made.
Foolishly, the Liberals did not want Mr Howard as party President. But, whoever they choose, because they have so many talented individuals, will probably be a sound choice.

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Howard's comeback bid thwarted
By Lincoln Wright
JOHN Howard attempted a comeback to the Liberal Party within weeks of his defeat at November's federal poll, senior Liberals have revealed.

Party sources confirmed that Mr Howard put himself forward as the next Liberal Party president to replace outgoing Chris McDiven.

Ms McDiven's term as president was due to expire in the middle of this year, but senior Liberals, including SA Senator and former minister Nick Minchin, urged her to resign.

One source said that "Howard contacted people to make it known he wanted the presidency", but his candidacy was scoffed at by senior Liberals.

They were amazed he seemed to want a role so soon after the Liberals' worst defeat. "They told him, 'Don't be ridiculous'," a senior source said. "Howard wanted the presidency so he could control the review process the party was conducting into why the Howard Government lost and what needed to be done," another said.

"He wanted to control the way the history of the Howard Government was written."

Former foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer also made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency. Alan Stockdale, treasurer under former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett, is the likely new party president, one source said.

Mr Howard could not be reached for comment yesterday.