Sunday, September 30, 2007

Brilliant Manly Fails

sea eagle
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Manly scored a couple of tries. They gave it their all. Melbourne was too good.

Commuting From Cabramatta Too Time Consuming

Reba Meagher
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The NSW Health Minister has publicly acknowledged what her constituents feel.

Reba Meagher is useless to Cabramatta. She is useless to Health ministry and her political presence is a bad joke. A bad joke on the people that voted for her. A bad joke on the bad joke of a party that she is a part.

She once went to Canley Vale HS Presentation Day and sat, gracelessly on stage, unable to say anything good about the prizewinning students she sneered at. Yet they vote for her.

She once found herself appointed to the plumb ALP seat as a result of an affair she conducted with a senior ALP figure. Now, despite her meaningless protestations that she would 'live among those she represents in parlaiment' she has acknowledged it preferable to live nearer the beach.

She is someone who doesn't live here. I wish she would go away.

Geelong Supporters, The Day After

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excerpt from Sun Herald Sun
"GEELONG is a city reborn as it celebrates the Grand Final win with a party that lasted long into last night and in some parts will be still going this morning.

Around 7000 people packed out Federation Square in central Melbourne to watch the Cats players brandish the premiership cup for the first time in 44 years.

The atmosphere in the city centre was electric as jubilant fans hit the streets cheering and singing.

Thousands of people poured into the CBD turning the area into an unofficial street party. Police closed streets in a bid to control traffic as supporters hung out of car windows and climbed lamp posts.

Some fans had even painted their cars blue and white in honour of their heroes, while others draped blue and white bunting and balloons from verandas and shops.

In scenes reminiscent of New Year's Eve, strangers embraced on the street."

A Truth from Burma

From Andrew Bolt
Japanese television is running this ghastly footage (caution: it’s disturbing) of the murder in Burma of journalist Kenji Nagai.

I say “murder” because what you see is the shooting of Nagai by a soldier from very close range, flatly contradicting the claims of the Burmese junta that he was killed by a “stray bullet” as soldiers tried to crush peaceful protests.

Japan is Burma’s biggest aid donor. This will have consequence, although cutting off all aid to a populace that needs it won’t be an attractive option to foreign governments who care more for Burma’s poor than do Burma’s military rulers.

Some readers of the Left seem woefully unaware of the ideology that inspired this brutal dictatorship. So here’s some basic background on the ”Burmese way to socialism”, including the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma, as drafted by the Burma Socialist Program Party set up by the junta’s founders (but since renamed). Perhaps this explains the relative silence of the Left on these latest atrocities.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Evil Embrace

Chavez and Iran
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Missing from the picture may be Kofi Annan, Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong il or any of many corrupt, inept or bloodthirsty tyrants.

Perhaps the Iranian one will help out in Burma. I know that Burmese are not generally Muslim, but then neither are the terrorists which Iran supports.

In Burma, today, people died for freedom, opposed by socalist dictators, which may be why so many socialist apologists are silent on the issue.
On another issue, Workchoices legislation works. It is far more effective than the ALP trash it supercedes that the fact that it works is being labeled by ALP supporters as an example of malfunction.

A Geelong Supporter Contemplates Defeat

Laugh Often
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Geelong's Cats did not chew through any power cords today. They slaughtered Adelaide Power. A year long blackout for Adelaide seems fitting, considering the state is ALP managed.

It's ok to lose a game. But to lose that badly must hurt.

Friday, September 28, 2007

More than words, to Scarborough Fair

More Than Words is a brilliant production from that talented production company, Rumblepictures. This video does not show the story or the words. It was inspired by a few still images.

Tim Ly and Maria Tran are two of the Rumble team. When Rumble produce their next major production, Maximum Choppage 2, their profile should skyrocket. Here is hoping that the team can continue growing and developing local talent. Khoa and Anh Do are not the only talent of Cabramatta.
Apologies for my singing. Luckily, I don't play the piano. Tobz' music is awesome ..

Geelong has the power to win big

Welcome Surprises
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About 100,000 fans should see Geelong eat Adelaide's Power tomorrow.

Always be up for surprises.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sea Eagles to Lose Big

sea eagle kamchatka
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Sea Eagles make wonderful birds, but they are going to be slaughtered by Melbourne Storm come the grand final.

The competition has left us with the best team of the 2007 ARL competition squuared with the most overated team of 2007.

Hypocrisy and Moralism

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There is a thin veneer which covers the face of everyone. It is easy for many to see the top, and miss the depths, but then it is also easy to fantasise depths into being. Like looking at a rock star and imagining their lifestyle as being much worse than it is.

Rocker Rod Stewart had raunchy lyrics in his music, but interviewers never failed to mention he was just a decent bloke.

Because of the difficulty in reading people, things get made up, or assumed. It pays well for a rock star to have a human face, and so many that don’t, pretend they do. This hypocrisy was made clear for me with the death of INXS star Michael Hutchence, when a coronial finding of suicide led to a collective sigh of relief that Hutchence wasn’t actually sexually dysfunctional from all the drugs he took.

Or when my best friend found a girlfriend .. and married her. Overnight he became clean cut, never having done, in his legend, those things he had done in his youth.

But we make mistakes in our youth. Things we don’t want other young people to copy. For the sake of a relationship, it is understandable that one might rewrite history. But what happens when our young grow up and make mistakes? Do we admit our faults? Do we close our eyes and hope that the young are as lucky as we were, and hope they don’t get wiped out before they too must compromise themselves for adulthood?

Recently, in Australia, a fringe comedy show had depicted events surrounding a schoolgirl who died from ecstasy at a party. The parallels with an actual case which occurred after filming but before broadcast led the producer to apologise.

It makes sense that a guitarist that learned guitar in their parent’s garage, practising through nights while on the effects of amphetamines might claim now that they weren’t a habitual drug user. It also makes sense that someone who once claimed that the Jewish Conspiracy could be seen from the works of Kissinger through to the Palestinian disputes, might now claim to never being anti-Semitic. But how do they respond when a young person asks if they did drugs, or if they believe the conspiracy surrounding 911?

Kids know when they are being lied to. It gets confusing when they are asked to decode the acts of OJ or Spector, but not Clinton or Gore.

Recently, in Australia, prominent left wing leader Keving Rudd asked the population to believe that after visiting a strip club in NY when on diplomatic duty he had been too drunk to recall what had happened. That’s right, the opposition leader can’t remember the last time he saw a pretty girl naked .. and his popularity increased in the polls. Maybe our children don’t know when they are being lied to.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why Ahmadinejad claims there are no Iranian Gays

Iranian Gays
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One burning question is 'Why does Mr Rudd sound like Ahmadinejad with his rhetoric?'

When Rudd finally is declared PM, how will he behave? What are his policies going to be?

ALP have failed to announce a policy since Paul Keating won on the promise that he wouldn't have a GST. There have been several campaigns since, but each time the ALP have refused to spell out what they want to do with Australian money. If the example of the State governments is a guide, I guess Rudd is promising to tax more and spend more.

An Important Message on Obesity, from Australia's PM

Also well told.

Robert Lindsay "Bob" Collins, AO Suicide to avoid justice?

Bob Collins
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a prominant ALP former federal Minister and Northern Territory Chief Minister, Bob Collins might have suicided to avoid facing pedophile charges.

An alleged victim was 12 years old and has reported first haveing sex with Bob while in Parlaiment House. "Quite a few kids from school were going on an excursion to Canberra. My family couldn't afford the excursion and he (Collins) offered to pay. I was very excited. My parents thought it was a great opportunity."

"There was a plane strike on. The rest of the class went to Canberra by bus but he somehow got a flight and took me by air."

The then Labor Cabinet Minister took the boy to his Canberra home and told him they had to sleep together.

Mr Collins then had sex with him at the home, the man said.

"I knew nothing about sex, nothing about masturbation. I knew nothing about my body."

He said the Senator was on the Film Censorship Board at the time and took him to his office in Parliament House where he again abused him while they watched pornographic movies.

The man said he was too embarrassed to tell anybody about the abuse until complaining to police earlier this year.

"I felt guilty. He had spent so much money looking after me."
The Australian Labor Party has had problems to do with this issue in many states in the recent past. Yet media reporting would have it that it was former Governor General Hollingworth who had a problem, although it was admitted Hollingworth never was accused of being the problem, only not pursuing a pedophile when he had been Anglican Archbishop. What has the ALP leadership done to address its problems?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Free Speech Advocate Crushes Mad Tyrant

Lee Bollinger
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Usually universities are bastions of closed minded left wing politics.

It was at a university that a former driver of Osama Bin Laden was able to denounce government policy which had seen him detained at Guantanomo Bay.

It was at universities that the anti war movement achieved its result of installing a communist regime in Vietnam through crippling public confidence in Australia and US administrations.

This time, a senior academic asked the hard questions that we expect, and so rarely get when universities entertain such guests. Where was Dr Bollinger when Fidel Castro was being given an honorary doctorate?

What planet am I on?

Earthlike Planet
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I sent an email to the responsible minister hoping to have the confusion cleared. The minister put me in touch with the appropriate bureaucrat. The public servant gets my details, but cannot help.

I am a great great great great grandchild of Australia's first known Chinese migrant. My mother was born in her mother's house in Sydney. She has never been a citizen of another nation, although she has spent some 17 years liveing overseas, like when I was born.

My father was born in Sydney. He has represented Australia to foreign nations, once opening an Australian school in Dubai. He has never held any other citizenship than Australian.

I am not Australian, because I haven't yet completed the correct forms. I cannot complete form 118 because the government does not recognise my parents as being my parents. I must have a birth certificate to prove they are. However, my birth certificate was burned by my mother in a house fire when I was five, and I only have a photographic copy that the government won't accept. I have waited two months for a registered copy to come from o/s. The bureaucrat suggests I use my parent's birth certificates .. apparently the government can't locate them on its databases.

I will use the form 124 to become a citizen. After I pass the test. In the meantime, because I came to Australia at age 11 under a US passport, now lost, I am considered, haveing worked here full time in public service for 16 years, an illegal immigrant.

Headline is just wrong

Clarke's Maiden
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Professional cricketers visit a pub on tour, and they have minders to make sure the ACB doesn't get embarrassed.

When pictures are taken, some ham up the shot, as can be seen here.

Maybe, later, Clarke had sex with this girl, but the fact is, had that happened, the photographer would have used shots of that. Instead we have a drunk girl pawing a young, wealthy man. Probably not a bad party.

Girls Can Be Harsh Judges

Lana Krost
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Lana was not likely to win the 2007 Idol competition, but she was not fairly judged either. The bottom three featured the three most girly contestants left, the more mature female not being a threat to the teen girl audience.
It isn't as if the audience is solely teen girls, but teen girls have better communication skills, and are not backward in coming forward with their opinion on things such as Idol. Teen boys might be watching, but as the result shows, they weren't voting.
Best wishes for your future, Lana.

Monday, September 24, 2007

How to Kick the Habit

Kick Habit
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A 20 to 30 bong a day marijauna user asked readers for advice on kicking the habit. They are 36 years of age. They have a young family, steady job and good income.

My tip is to drop the drug using friends. No contact with drug users will restrict the ability to access the weed. Might need to check into rehab and to get the medical issues dealt with too. The cognitive processes will gradually improve, but it is called 'dope' for a reason.
* Former ALP minister dies, and so the public becomes aware of his haveing been charged with child sex and child porn offences.
* More details emerge about a child killer who wasn't charged for earlier effort because he was questioned 'too robustly'
* State failure to address water supply gets worse
* Indonesian terrorist bomber escapes.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Tribute to Clare Oliver

updated file


Too Close To The Flame

Enjoy, dance, delight
But not too close to the light.
Icarus fell, but he lived and flew
Who’d deny him his wish .. you?
His father’s advice, your mother warned
But who listened? Who saw?
All those excuses denied you:
My mother gave me drugs
I didn’t know it was so long
I’m singing everybody’s song
If it feels good it isn’t wrong.

Grin, burst, flash
But not too close to the lamp
Icarus fell, but he lived and flew
Who’d deny him his wish .. you?
The desire to live. The desire to fly.
The desire to be all you can buy.
All those excuses denied you:
If it gets bad I’ll quit
I don’t know who gave it, or why
When you feel down it helps you fly
I didn’t think I would die.

Pain, resolve, despair
But not so close as to be seen
Icarus fell, but he lived and flew
Who’d deny him his wish .. you?
A pain in the head. A pain in the neck.
The pain that lodged inside your heart.
All those excuses you denied.
It was all your fault.
The others had tried.
The dream was lost
And so you died.

Ziur - Music, composition, keyboards, guitar, voices.
RuiDernaz - Bass guitar, guitars.
Pioneer - Drums.
ddball - Lyrics.

I was raised as an Atheist. I learned, after reading the Bible, that God loves me, and you. This is his song for you too. He loves you, and wants to be with you.
All the elements are me and mine. ARIA ISRC number AUAWN0709124

Keeping a promise
Melanoma and Sun Tanning

Saturday, September 22, 2007

No Understanding Any Time

I performed this imitation of a Fat Old Hugh Grant as an exercise in comedy. The masterful actor that Mr Grant is has this schtick which he employs, where he says a lot but reveals nothing. Much like the press in their hyper criticism of all things conservative.
It is an indication of the triumph of style over substance among the world’s left leaning press that the statement “I don’t understand” can be so powerful.

When the US President said “Well, Mandela's dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas." His meaning is clear. But the press found it ambiguous.

Nelson Mandela is a much lauded figure who transcended South African politics to stride the world’s stage. Unlike another South African figure, Steve Biko, Mandela was imprisoned for many years before being released at the end of Apartheid. Biko had been murdered by the Apartheid regime of South Africa. Much as many Iraqi’s with drive and ability have been murdered by Saddam Hussein and the recent insurgency.

In the US, the terrorist sympathisers have joined hands with the political group that best feel they can exploit the misery of many. A rather uncritical press have stood by, uncomprehending of the tragedy in the face of political success.

The truth is that political irresponsibility has gained much popular support by opposing minority groups, but when power is achieved, as it inevitably will be, such politics offers no guidance for the new leadership.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Arkansas Guardsman Awarded Silver Star

Silver Star Recipient
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BY Sgt. Rick Fahr
119th MPAD

FORT CHAFFEE MANEUVER TRAINING CENTER, Ark. - Capt. John F. Vanlandingham's mission for Operation Iraqi Freedom was to train Iraqi National Guard troops to defend their country.

When insurgents attacked the convoy he and his comrades were traveling in, Capt. Vanlandingham ignored his own personal safety to save the lives of several ING troops by venturing numerous times into the kill zone to help them escape.

For his "never leave a troop on the battlefield" attitude, the captain received the Silver Star during an Aug. 12 ceremony here.

"The Iraqis, to me, were like American Soldiers," he said. "We put the effort and countless hours into training them. We had the duty to help them as much as we would have a fellow American."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Insurgents Target Coalition, but Kill Civilians

Those that support the Iraq pullout concept, like Australia's opposition leader, Mr Rudd, ignore the duty of care responsible people have to the world, and their own, community.

The rhetoric of such individuals make many untrue claims regarding the past and the present.

The truth is that the war in Iraq is being fought effectively, against bitter opposition, some of which is at home. The current situation will improve, but maybe not in the current electoral cycle. The Coalition is not being bled dry, with smaller casualty figures being recorded than in some, recent, peace time situations. Abandoning the fledgeling Iraqi peoples now will not produce observable benefits at home or abroad, but will aid terrorists.

The best way to protect innocent peoples from harm is to nullify terrorist activity.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hurricane not as bad as thought ..

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* Police might have sensibly removed badges during APEC.
* Police probe Hicks
* Rudd 'Thin Skinned'

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mr Howard has Class youtube update

* Abandoned child's mother might have been found, dead.
* Rudd struggles with tax
* Lesbian mum won't love
* Gore still confused over Kyoto, Sydney treaty
* Pol Pot's 2ic arrested

Monday, September 17, 2007

Clare Oliver, Too Close To The Flame

Clare Oliver at 26
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
Enjoy, dance, delight
But not too close to the light.
Icarus fell, but he lived and flew
Who’d deny him his wish .. you?
His father’s advice, your mother warned
But who listened? Who saw?
All those excuses denied you:
My mother gave me drugs
I didn’t know it was so long
I’m singing everybody’s song
If it feels good it isn’t wrong.

Grin, burst, flash
But not too close to the lamp
Icarus fell, but he lived and flew
Who’d deny him his wish .. you?
The desire to live. The desire to fly.
The desire to be all you can buy.
All those excuses denied you:
If it gets bad I’ll quit
I don’t know who gave it, or why
When you feel down it helps you fly
I didn’t think I would die.

Pain, resolve, despair
But not so close as to be seen
Icarus fell, but he lived and flew
Who’d deny him his wish .. you?
A pain in the head. A pain in the neck.
The pain that lodged inside your heart.
All those excuses you denied.
It was all your fault.
The others had tried.
The dream was lost
And so you died.

Working in Iraq

Working in Iraq
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Polish Pvt. Piotr Oparski, Polish Engineer Platoon, works on the final touches of a culvert in Forward Operating Base Sharana, Afghanistan, as a scoop loader hauls the rest of the dirt. U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Kenya Virginia Saenz.
Also in the news,
* Aussies injured, one killed in Phuket crash
* Child killer pleads guilty to murder, after sexual penetration charge dropped.
* Multiple killer Burrel found guilty
* 'Pumpkin' abandoned by father, may have Australian family.
* Desalination plant will cost $1 million a week .. how much goes to Mr Carr?

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle, for Iraq

Iraqi Security, MRAP
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A Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle is loaded onto a C-5 Galaxy aircraft Aug. 16 at Charleston Air Force Base, S.C. Air Mobility Command assists with the movement of MRAP vehicles to U.S. Central Command’s area of responsibility as directed by the National Command Authority, the Joint Staff and U.S. Transportation Command. Photo by Staff Sgt. Jason Robertson.
This vehicle is needed in Iraq because it isn't needed here. Good reason not to support the ALP or US Democrats.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

ALP Bans This Forever

Water Bans
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It wasn't promoted in the recent state election, but the inability of the ALP Government in NSW to provide water for it's residents means there will always be water restrictions. Yet even the otherwise slavish follower of all ALP bodies, Mr Bolt, notes that a few more dams would have been a very cheap way to provide for these peoples.

Instead, we have Mr Carr making windfall profits from negotiating expensive desalination plants. Much larger profits than a better system, like recycling. Environmentalists would be very upset if a conservative government didn't recycle. Desalination means detergents and toxic waste still gets pumped into our oceans.

We could have spent the same money on a recycling plant and had a couple of dams, potentially taking pressure off drought affected farms. Instead, we ban children playing. Great one, Mr Iemma.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Drunk P Plate Killer Obfuscates Crime

Drunk P Plate Killer
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Haveing just killed a pedestrian, a drunken P plate driver emotively demanded of police that they cut his throat instead of paying attention to his friends.

The street is known for haveing drag races. This apparently was a drag race gone wrong. Police are accused of haveing turned a blind eye.

And now this drunk pleads for police to turn a blind eye to his friends.

Death is not the only crime.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Senseless Killing, Trademark Al Qaeda

Sheik Sattar Abu Reesha
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Iraqi Sunni Chief, Sheik Sattar Abu Reesha, who effectively opposed Al Qaeda, has been assassinated.

One day, too long from now, Iraq will enjoy the peace it deserves. It is sad that this Sheik will not enjoy it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Keeping a Promise

Clare Oliver
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Clare's life ended this morning. 26 years old, the last four spent fighting melanoma.

As a nineteen year old, Clare entered a solarium with the promise of twenty for the price of ten deal. She stopped after ten, because, as she wrote, she was feeling pain from the treatment. Her mother had voiced concerns, which a nineteen year old Clare passed off with "But mum, everyone does it."

She has lost her voice, now, but as I promised to this remarkable young woman, whom I never met, her memory will give voice.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mr Howard has Class

Howard Costello
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For years the opponents of Mr Howard have made much of suggestions of a transfer of power between Howard and Costello. For political reasons, at odds with behavioural evidence, they claimed Howard would try to trick the Australian electorate in the shamefull way that Keating, Hawke, Carr, Bracks and Beattie have, to name a few.

Mr Howard has never lied to the Australian peoples. Now, an important plank in Rudd's election campaign has gone, what will Rudd accuse next?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rudd Policy?

Poker Machine
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Mr Rudd, who introduced Queensland to Poker machines as a source of revenue when he was working for Wayne Goss as senior beauracrat has made a policy statement. He will get rid of them. He hasn't funded this statement, and it is doubtful he would ever do this, but it is a promise.

Poor Kevin. He can't even remember the last time he saw a pretty girl naked, because he was blind drunk, and on a diplomatic mission. He won't talk about his involvement in the Heiner affair. But he will make unfunded promises to rescind something he shouldn't have done years ago.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Tale of Two Cities

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As Sydney played guests to professional protestors who opposed the wonderful news of climate change agreement by the world's largest polluter, Sydney's South West, Fairfield, played host to a new generation of talent with WestXPress2.
* Man beaten for admiring a car
* Pavarotti funeral
* Two brit troops killed in fight with Taliban
* Beattie asked to quit
* Research shows two year olds have better developed cognitive ability than chimps.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Leaders wear traditional Drizabones

The Fashion
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
* Ugly Apec riots begin, as predicted, drawing blood
* Mr Rudd's Mandarin translated "If China wants Australia, I am your puppet. Pull my strings."
* Bin Laden's taunt to the west has a strong similarity to left wing protestor demands.
* Climate pact of much more substance than Kyoto reached, thanks to Howard and Bush
* Amrozi may now be executed for his crimes.

A great project, but not mine

Thinking Solutions
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Thinking Solutions is to do with Artificial Intelligence, but really, it is to do with solutions to problems involving thinking, and all other things to do with thinking.

They recently had a press release detailing a success they have had with a grammar engine

Their grammar engine is faster than any other, as well as more accurate. It is built employing the Patomic Theory of thinking, so that the grammar engine recognises and manipulates words as the human brain does .. pretty nifty.

Visit their home at

Friday, September 07, 2007

Waiting to be Mugged

Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
My story was ready to break. A journalist was ready with the first of four articles on my fifteen year dispute with my former employer. And now I must wait longer before the story breaks.

In the mean time, I am without income. I have not yet the means to prove my citizenship, and so acquire unemployment benefit although I am a citizen. I still have a mortgage and other cost of living expenses.

The delay comes about because the state government has decided to investigate, this time seriously. Well, last time was serious too, but this time they will include more information from me.

Of course, the paper could still run with the story it has. In fact, had the story been in any way critical of the Federal Government, I’m sure the story would already have run.

I cannot print the story, because that would not be reporting. I am a player in the story. All I can say is that a school-boy has died, a paedophile investigation has been bungled and a public servant has been harassed out of their workplace. I believe that people close to me are partly responsible for some of the issues and my life is threatened as a result of the issues. I believe the threat to my life is dismissed through public exoneration which I will not have until my story is made public.

I don’t need anything, other than what I have provided, to have my story published. But some bureaucrat isn’t satisfied.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Great Voice is Silenced

Luciano Pavarotti
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
Luciano Pavarotti, one of the greatest tenors of his generation, has died at his home in Modena aged 71 after a battle with complications from pancreatic cancer surgery last year
* Rudd praises Chinese leader, will Hu change his stance on Nuclear Energy, Pollution, Corruption, Executions, Poverty or support for terrorism around the world? Rudd didn't ask that, however.
* Dog a victim of sexual abuse
* Queensland paedophile bust, what about Heiner affair?
* Apple revamp iPods with touchscreens
* Experts say water shortage may 'never end,' I guess ALP policy has its effect, but maybe conservatives will build some more dams.
* Schoolgirl's revenge?
* Germany foils terrorist attack.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Six Ribbons for APEC Leaders

Journalist Mark Riley is typical of many Australian Journalists with his anti conservative, anti US Republican rhetoric. He has said many times how he feels the US President is stupid. Then he has this conversation with Mr Bush ..
Q Mark Riley (phonetic) for Seven Network Australia.

Mr. President, welcome to Sydney.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, sir.

Q I can assure you it doesn’t always look like this, with steel fences and concrete barricades and armed guards on the street. But I wonder, is the—

PRESIDENT BUSH: I hope you feel safe.

Q I feel—

PRESIDENT BUSH: You feel inconvenienced, obviously.

Let me just say, before you get—you’re trying to maybe get a response. But to the extent I’ve caused this, I apologize. Look, I don’t want to come to a community and say, you know, what a pain it is to have the American President. Unfortunately, however, this is what the authorities thought was necessary to protect people. And you live in a free society. People feel like they want to protest; fine, they can. And unfortunately, evidently, some people may want to try to be violent in their protests. But I apologize to the Australian people if I’ve caused this inconvenience.

Q Well, I wasn’t going to blame you personally, sir. But anyway—

PRESIDENT BUSH: I guess I must be feeling guilty, you know what I’m saying? (Laughter.)

Q The point I was going to make is, as leader of the free world, the people of Sydney don’t see their city looking all that free at the moment. And how’s that going? We thought that we weren’t going to allow terrorists to do this to our free society. And so your very positive view on Iraq and progress towards reconciliation there is of interest to us if you’re meeting the opposition leader tomorrow, and his view is that there should be a staged withdrawal of troops from Iraq next year. How would that affect the positive view you put today? And what will you say to disavow him of that decision?

PRESIDENT BUSH: First of all, in terms of whether Sydney is going to return to normal after I leave, or after we leave, I suspect it might, don’t you?

Many thanks to Mr Andrew Bolt for the transcript.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Worlds heaviest Pig Sacrificed

Big Pig
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
* Bombs kill 15 in Pakistan
* Selling Che Guevara's hair, butcher still celebrated by left
* Cannibis to cure Anorexia?
* Renters suffering from State policy
* Police to target truant student protestors, but the violent ones?
* Premier singing strange song, different to previous utterances.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Introducing APEC

* Protestors cut power in Victoria
* North Korea hope
* Iran plan
* Schoolgirls inducted to weapons and violence
* Brits leave Basra, as US Surge works ..

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another Rumble Pictures Success

Maria T Actress
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
Rumble Pictures has had a big impact on the local community in its short life. Rumble is not only Tim Ly, a founder and talented movie director, actor, writer and producer. Nor is Rumble only Maximum Choppage, an award winning locally produced martial arts film. Rumble is involved in Clean Up Australia campaigns, in video clip production as with Closet Romantics and in development of local talent.

The great work of Rumble is supported by local council, local sponsorship and, gratis, through local youth.

Another of the Rumble fold, Maria Tran, the Rumble Pictures press officer, has been recognized for her work.

Brisbane born Maria, who has lived in Fairfield for the last several years, finishing High School at Canley Vale and completing a university degree has been devoting her extra curricular time to a myriad of projects, some of which are involved with film making.

Every year, Metroscreen, sponsored by State and Federal governments as well as private industry like Sony and Apple, offer mentoring support for four individuals who produce scripts dealing with serious community issues. Maria’s script, autobiographical without being autobiography, faced down issues to do with intergenerational and intercultural conflict, which is to say that it is on for old and young, near and far.

Supported by the NSW Film and Television Office Maria is offered equipment, facilities hire, stock, post production facilities, and a $2,000 budget. In addition, she will be mentored by an industry professional.

Community service does not happen by accident. No one enters it expecting to financially profit. Maria, in completing her degree, is faced with a choice, which in a way is also a challenge to community leaders. A talent like Maria might well be snapped up by private industry in the form of Sony, IBM, Telstra or any of many needing an enthusiastic professional trained in the area of Psychology. The local community might desire Maria continue her community work, after her latest project is realized. Maria would not be asking the community for money, but being faced with a $40k bill to pay for a Ph. D. course and continue local community work is too big an ask of one person.

Can Fairfield tend to its own garden? Or, through neglect, will it mow down the flower of this generation?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

F Troop, Sydney during APEC under NSW ALP

* APEC Security fence erected
* NSW is not losing an experienced Police Comissioner, ALP is losing a junior minister.
* Andrew John's sordid drug culture excused
* Beslan should not be forgotten (n.b. Rudd)
* ALP launches expensive campaign on something or other that already attracted funding.
* Warmest August in 150 years, according to some narrow measures not in accordance with reality