Saturday, September 22, 2007

No Understanding Any Time

I performed this imitation of a Fat Old Hugh Grant as an exercise in comedy. The masterful actor that Mr Grant is has this schtick which he employs, where he says a lot but reveals nothing. Much like the press in their hyper criticism of all things conservative.
It is an indication of the triumph of style over substance among the world’s left leaning press that the statement “I don’t understand” can be so powerful.

When the US President said “Well, Mandela's dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas." His meaning is clear. But the press found it ambiguous.

Nelson Mandela is a much lauded figure who transcended South African politics to stride the world’s stage. Unlike another South African figure, Steve Biko, Mandela was imprisoned for many years before being released at the end of Apartheid. Biko had been murdered by the Apartheid regime of South Africa. Much as many Iraqi’s with drive and ability have been murdered by Saddam Hussein and the recent insurgency.

In the US, the terrorist sympathisers have joined hands with the political group that best feel they can exploit the misery of many. A rather uncritical press have stood by, uncomprehending of the tragedy in the face of political success.

The truth is that political irresponsibility has gained much popular support by opposing minority groups, but when power is achieved, as it inevitably will be, such politics offers no guidance for the new leadership.
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