Saturday, September 15, 2007

Drunk P Plate Killer Obfuscates Crime

Drunk P Plate Killer
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Haveing just killed a pedestrian, a drunken P plate driver emotively demanded of police that they cut his throat instead of paying attention to his friends.

The street is known for haveing drag races. This apparently was a drag race gone wrong. Police are accused of haveing turned a blind eye.

And now this drunk pleads for police to turn a blind eye to his friends.

Death is not the only crime.

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P-Plater begs to die after killing pedestrian
By Brenden Hill
A DRUNK P-plate driver allegedly knocked down and killed a pedestrian during a street race and then pleaded with police to "slit my throat".

Local residents said the 20-year-old man was racing another vehicle in Surrey Ave, Georges Hall, at 1.30am yesterday when his Nissan Skyline allegedly hit a 42-year-old man from Seven Hills.

The driver then lost control of the vehicle after making a left turn into Bellevue Ave, swiping a pole on a chicane before skidding into a parked utility with a trailer on the back.

Police pursued the driver with a dog squad after he abandoned the wrecked vehicle and attempted to escape across Crest Park.

He was eventually arrested in McClean St, on the other side of the park.

Residents said the victim had been attending a 21st birthday party. They claimed the area was notorious for street racing.

"He'd been to a 21st birthday, and he was crossing the street when there were two cars racing, and one of them's hit him and then raced off around the corner,'' said Surrey Ave resident Georgina Katsolos.

When The Sunday Telegraph visited the scene soon afterthe accident, a pool of blood and a series of skid marks were clearly visible.

The left side of the Skyline's windscreen was smashed and blood was splattered across the driver's side door.

The driver, handcuffed by police, sat on the ground, urging police to take him to jail.

"I am off my face; I deserve to go to jail. I admit I am drunk,'' the driver said.

He became impatient with the police as they questioned one of the three other men they had detained.

"I killed someone and you're f****** around,'' he said.

"The car's there, it's mine. Now take me to Blacktown Station.

"I wish I died for it, slit my throat.''

Residents claim that racing in the area is an ongoing problem that has largely been ignored by the authorities.

"We've been asking for speed humps or traffic lights for years because these guys just use this place like a speedway,'' Surrey Ave resident Ali Derbus said.

Birdwood Rd resident Noel Freeman agreed, saying: "Something needs to be done or someone else is going to end up being killed like this poor bastard who has been hit tonight''.

Bellevue Rd resident Bill Kani, 28, reported hearing a vehicle moving down the street at high speed with the familiar hissing sound of a turbo vehicle's blow-off valve.

"They're up here every night, there's always hoons doing burnouts and racing down the streets,'' Mr Kani said.

The owner of the utility vehicle, gardener Daniel Martin, 27, said he was supposed to go to work on Saturday.

His wrecked truck meant thousands of dollars in lost wages, Mr Martin said.

"I fell asleep on the couch watching the cricket and one of the neighbours came running down to the front door to wake me up,'' he said.

"I only just moved here two weeks ago and I'm supposed to be mowing lawns but, looking at the angle that axle is on, it's not going to happen.''

"All the kids who are thinking about street racing need to be brought down here and shown this, because this is the reality of it.''

Police said yesterday only one vehicle was involved in the crash, despite the claims of a street race.

Two men were arrested and were helping with inquiries: a 20-year-old and a 22-year old.

A man, 20, was later charged with failing to stop after a collision occasioning death, and failing to submit to a breath test.

Police released a 22-year-old man "pending further inquiries''.