Saturday, March 08, 2008

Confessions and Accusations Summation

School Masks, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

A student has died, and the supervisor of that student’s welfare retains their position.
A pedophile investigation was bungled to cover up mismanagement threatening the welfare of young girls, and the Principal involved was rewarded with a plumb post retirement teaching post at the school where the boy died.
A corrupt official was appointed to abuse a public servant who had appropriately reported the issues.
Two government Ministers have threatened Ben by referring him to an abuser, without the possibility of appeal.
A government adviser may be culpable in coordinating the harassment so as to finesse a political liability.
Three low level public servants may be guilty of harassment leading to the death of a schoolboy and corruption of due process.
But the media don’t see a need to report it.

Full articles available in writings of David Daniel Ball published on
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