Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Promoting New Music Wodensday 30th April

Beautiful Sunset
God Be With You (til we meet again)
by Mystified

God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again (hymn)
Text: Jeremiah E. Rankin, 1828-1904
Music: William G. Tomer, 1833-1896

For those who listen, here and Beyond...
And in memory of "droop"--Paul Lavon Davis (April 21, 1948 – April 22, 2008)

Just as with "Abide With Me," this was a spur-of-the-moment recording, far from perfect, that I wanted to share.
fork in road
New Love
by BlendWellMusic and amateurpro

New Love:
A dilemma between two women
One love that's safe and comforting
One love that's New and passionate (Sacrificing the other)
If I follow the new love, will I find that I really loved the other more?,
A fork in the road of love

I try and hit a couple of notes that are out of my range, (I know) I needed the song to sound like that, even if couldn't hit them,

Thank you Alex for letting me try something over this beautiful piece of art. I hope you feel the meaning!

AmateurPro: Music and Production
BlendWellMusic: Lyrics and Vocals

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nixon commercial

Nixon campaign ad about Vietnam
Nixon In USSR Opening US Fair 1959/07/27 (1959)

Nixon escorts Khrushchev in Sokolniki park for opening of Moscow Fair, "crackling exchange" finished in front of Ampex tape recorders, "wave bye-bye", clips from debate (partial newsreel).

Promoting New Music Tuesday 29th April

Lupi Archive's Bootlegs: Break That Wall!!
by lupiroz, o0o, SELES and Rolando

First extraction from unfinished collaborations lying down on my archive, an old work by the author of this splendid song, o0o, who sings with SELES on guitar, Rolando on drums and me on bass; I call this kind of uploadings “Lupi Archive’s bootlegs” cause I completed the missing parts and posted the tune without asking their order to let it looking like that mythical bootlegs in the old days of the record industry.
Of course some of them (collaborators) could not agree my move and in that case I’ll have to remove immediately the tune......a cool reason to download it As Soon As Possible, just like in that old mythical days of the record industry, hihihihihi!!!
Mars One (Orbit)
by Heightened

I apologize for the disorder. I should have called it 'Chaotic Dynamics.'
by DLB, AshleyBeanHead and Toni1

Youngsters think they know everything don't they? but still come running back to you when they get it wrong! That's what this song is about.

dlb = song/guitar/bass/drums/keys/vocals
Toni1 = Backing vocals
Ashleybeanhead = mix/production
Green Eyes
by dirigent and Mandika

Tried something different with Mandika's great track ...

Lyrics and Vocals: Mandika
Instrumental Music and Production: Dirigent
by that80sboy

another mixed up love there any other kind?...a song bout a girl from long i miss her! only loop is drums...hope you like!
madeleine stowe
Madeleine Stowe
by BossHook

Art imitating life with imitation sugar. The pop and dirty mix.

BossHook: Instruments, vocals, knobs and the hubub.

Copyright 2008, Boss Hook Music, ASCAP.
Hanging Tree
The Hanging Tree
by DayForNight, stevel and Mystified

This is actually one of the earliest songs I wrote and recorded, back in 2005. A couple of months ago Mysti sent me an mp3 with her lovely vocal additions. Due to a severe bout of lethargy on my part it took me another couple of months to track down my original GB file, by then I realised I had lost Mysti's vox! Luckily she still had them and resent them through. So finally I got around to getting it all mixed here finally is the dark and folky DFN version of The Hanging Tree.


Photo by Ian Britton courtesy of Freefoto

Headlines Tuesday 29th April

Schoolgirls made to strip naked
AT LEAST 16 schoolgirls were made to strip naked by their teachers in eastern India after one student complained she had lost her pocket money.
Tracy Greenbury murder suspect Leigh Robinson faced noose
THE prime suspect in yesterday's callous killing of a Frankston mother was sentenced to death in 1968 for the stabbing murder of a 17-year-old girl.

Police have named Leigh Robinson, 60, as the prime suspect in the shotgun murder of Frankston mother Tracy Greenbury, 33, The Herald Sun reported.

Robinson's death sentence for murdering the teenager was commuted in 1969, and he was released on parole in 1983. In 1991 he pleaded guilty to 14 charges of handling over $100,000 worth of stolen goods.

He received a two-year sentence with a minimum of 18 months.

Actor Gil Tucker - who played a policeman in the popular TV drama Cop Shop - gave evidence on Robinson's behalf, saying Robinson's life had been ''a great tragedy'' and that he had made a "made a great fist of having a go at it" after being released for the 1968 murder.
The sort of guy we want among the public, not.
Body found in forest identified as Sydney prosecutor
Gil Taylor
It has been confirmed that a body found north of Newcastle, is that of Sydney prosecutor Alex Clout.
Medication blamed for Charmaine Dragun's downward spiral
The mother of late newsreader Charmaine Dragun has told of the heartache of watching her daughter's mental health deteriorate, all because of her medication.
Yossi Harel, who died on Saturday aged 90, was the commander of Exodus 1947, the immigrant ship which tried to make it through the British blockade to Palestine after the Second World War with 4,553 Jewish refugees on board.

The theme is the founding of the state of Israel. The action begins on a ship filled with Jewish immigrants bound for Israel who are being off loaded on Cyprus. An Intelligence officer succeeds in getting them back on board their ship only to have the harbor blocked by the British with whom they must negotiate. The second part of the film is about the situation in Israel as independence is declared and most of their neighbors attack them.
Those who go to work and don't come back
It's about time Australia did something about its terrible workplace safety record, according to Alan
Internet date ended in violence: court
An Adelaide man accused of biting, whipping and having unlawful sex with a girl he met via a vampire website has told a court he was furious when he learned she was underage.
NSW government funds research for 'text message bomb'
A ‘text message bomb’ and a distress signal-emitting bracelet are just two of the concepts under construction at the NSW government’s new crime fighting research centre.
Almost $2b spent on water infrastructure
Water plan slammed for being bad for farmers
Protesters block logging in Tasmania
Miley Cyrus takes heat over sexy photos
Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus took a drubbing today in the media and from some parents of her young fans who were angry over sexually provocative pictures of the 15-year-old superstar despite her apology one day earlier.

The fresh-faced Disney Channel star released a statement yesterday saying she was "embarrassed" by the photos, some of which surfaced on the internet over the past week and others set to be published in Vanity Fair magazine.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Promoting New Music Moon Day 28th April

Les Cordes Sensibles
by Lafayette

Not very conventional but I've loved to play this...

Guitars, synth... no loops
97 kbps Key : C
My Demons
by Choirbox and amateurpro

Built on the foundation of amatuerpro's "My Demons." Lyrics are loosely based on an impending decision related to Alex's original intent for writing the song. Written from the perspective, opposite his own.

Music: Amateurpro
Lyrics/Vocals: Choirbox
The Strangest Thing
by Revive

Hey, everybody! It's been forever. I know.

I have not stopped. I am still making music while juggling a million other things. I can't believe I got this one finished. I'm thinking of creating a trance remix for this song too, so keep an eye out for that. Enjoy, and thank you.
An iCompers' world

Hi Icompers,
this is for all of you with respect and gratitude, because if I keep on playing, it is thanks also to you.
Also a thanks of Anto-mulato for the latinos that have invented this great music.

Thanks for Listen


Latin/Jazz Me-Bass,Guitars
Everything's alright
by MIR and Geechi3

When I heard the lass singing this I immediately thought it could develop into something...
Hope you enjoy, and my huge thanks to Linda and her great talent

Headlines Monday 28th April

Swan’s high-wire Budget act by Piers Akerman

TREASURER Wayne Swan will have to perform a fantastic high-wire act to give the Rudd Labor Government’s first Budget some credibility when he brings it down in a fortnight’s time.

The signs are he is still coming to grips with the reality that Australia does not exist in exquisite isolation from the rest of the global economy and that even within our island continent there are major regional and financial variations which affect the politically sensitive hip-pocket nerve.

With the Reserve Bank’s interest rate now set at 7.25 per cent, higher than it has been since 1994 when the former governor Bernie Fraser jacked up interest rates 2.75 per cent in the five months between August and December, many Australians are proclaiming their pain.

Not the pain that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said he could feel when he was on the campaign trail last year, but a far greater pain.
China train disaster caused by human error
Two passenger trains have collided in eastern China, killing 66 people and injuring 250. The Chinese media has ruled out terrorism, saying human error caused the crash.
Man's 'fantasy' led to sex with 12-year-old
A man who engaged in a year-long sexual relationship with his 12-year-old neighbour has been jailed for three years.
UK Doctor killed in Jet Ski accident
Pictures of fallen digger Lance Corporal Jason Marks released
The first pictures of Lance Corporal Jason Marks have been released by the Department of Defence. The father of two was killed during a firefight with the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Lance Corporal Marks
CityRail: Incompetence, scandal and stupidity
Today's news that 400 jobs are to be axed from CityRail should come as no surprise to NSW commuters who have grown used to the ongoing crisis on our trains, according to Alan Jones.
Crown prosectuor missing in NSW bush
A Crown prosecutor has gone missing while on a four-wheel-drive trip to Barrington Tops in the NSW Hunter region.
Police release footage of brutal bashing
Police are hunting for three teenagers who bashed a man at Collaroy earlier this month, leaving him in hospital with skull fractures, a broken eye socket and possible brain damage.
APEC stunt charges dropped against Chaser team
The group of 10 men and one woman were charged with entering an APEC restricted area without justification, after driving a convoy of three cars into the city's multi-million dollar high-security zone on September 6.
Aussie arrested in $100 million money-laundering probe
An Australian man is due to front a Perth court, after being arrested over a 100 million dollar off shore money laundering scheme reportedly involving several high-profile clients.
Police on hunt for brutal gunman
A woman, aged, 33, was shot dead at the front door of her home
Digger's death a tragedy, but things will get worse: Rudd
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has warned things are only likely to get worse in Afghanistan for Australian troops following the death of Lance Corporal Jason Marks.
Protesters block logging in Tasmania
Twenty protesters have halted logging in an old-growth forest south-west of Hobart today.
Miley Cyrus topless
15-year-old Miley Cyrus poses topless for Vanity Fair
The teen star of the hit Disney show Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus has supposedly appeared topless in a photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine.
Never mind the history, show your heart
Andrew Bolt – Monday, April 28, 08 (11:50 am)
From a typically one-sided ABC apologia for black-armband historians, who have been widely accused of inventing convenient “truths”, come these telling gems
Still waiting for that snowless winter
Andrew Bolt – Monday, April 28, 08 (11:10 am)
Three years ago, The Age seized on one poor snow season to whip up fears of global warming - even as it denied doing just that
Died in a noble cause
Andrew Bolt – Monday, April 28, 08 (08:02 am)
My sympathies are with the fallen soldier’s family
Little merit to this meritocracy
Andrew Bolt – Monday, April 28, 08 (07:52 am)
David Burchill says Kevin Rudd’s ideas summit wasn’t just an old joke, but an anti-democratic one
The black hats must go
Andrew Bolt – Monday, April 28, 08 (07:31 am)
Couldn’t agree more:
Wesley Aird, a member of the now disbanded National Indigenous Council, said ... that to make any real gains, (Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny) Macklin had to… resist the revival of symbolic agendas, such as a treaty, advocated by “blokes with big beards and black hats”.
Red guards strike again
Andrew Bolt – Monday, April 28, 08 (06:42 am)
More mobilisation of China’s overseas students against human rights protesters
Taliban up the Khyber
Andrew Bolt – Monday, April 28, 08 (12:03 am)
A fascinating insight in how the Taliban got done in the Khyber Pass. This war is being fought in more ways than we know, and probably better than we’re usually told.

I love Her, She Doesn't Like Me mk 2

When she left, she left behind a bag of things I'd given or loaned her over the years. She included a card and a gift. I hadn't wanted to look at those, partly because it would confirm that she had gone and I hadn't wanted to accept that. But I thought of what might happen if she wasn't gone forever, and I still hadn't opened them, and I, a few months later, decided to open them.
The card was lovely. Home made. Symbols pasted on the outside signifying something I didn't know. But the words were as sharp as I had feared. They cut, and so I put off opening the gift for a few days.

Waking in the mornings is the hardest thing when there is no work. There is work today, and so I do what I must. When she had been overseas, but I thought there was a future, it was so easy to get things done. I could plan. But now I am hesitant and I find it hard to finish anything, or start anything. I do what I must. A few days had passed, and so, last night, I opened the gift. I had intended, at first, to keep it and give it back to her. To tell her that it was thoughtful, but something she should give to someone she likes. But I came to realize that that was hurtful of me.
It was beautiful. Thoughtful and insightful. The markings on the card were related to the gift. Wax candle with colorful glass symbols and a glass jar. I consider the quote by Deepak Chopra
Everything that is happening at this moment is a result of choices you made in the past
Strictly speaking, that isn't true. But if I light the candle, time will pass. Things will become easier. I do what I must.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stand By Me (Tibet, Olympic Torch)

I love China and Chinese peoples. I have ancestors there. I support the peaceful protests of Chinese Government's human rights abuses, including Tibet. This is a symbolic collage. There is a great wall for this issue. It begins with Tibet, and finishes with what is graceful and beautiful of China. The Olympic Flame can bridge the divide.

How We Can Kill Free Speech Yet Produce More

April 26, 2008 | 11:46 pm

There are more books, but fewer readers. This parallels an extraordinary debate in Australia with the recent election win of the politically liberal Australian Labor Party. Many among the liberal media are claiming they can speak at last. But who is listening?

When Clinton's presidency ended, there was debate about who would be president involving law courts, tally rooms, hanging chads and vanity of a scale Nixon eschewed. Clinton joked "The American people have spoken, but it will take us a while to work out what they said."
The joke Clinton made, made light of the anger many felt, wrongly believing that a swindle was in progress. To this day, there are many who believe something wrong had happened. Similarly in Australia, the previous success of the former PM, John Howard, had led his critics to much self pity. So that one journalist recently commented that he was apparently unable to have a conversation until Kevin Rudd liberated him and his friends last November.
The facts speak for themselves, and it is now that debate has been stifled. A meeting of 1000 left wingers met to discuss Australia's future, and remarkably managed to advocate the new government's agenda or raising taxes and paying friends extortionate amounts of money. Children were allowed to air their fears.

As social conservative columnist Andrew Bolt notes "And finally, do you not find it bizarre that you, in the name of debate, criticise the few prepared to have it? Do you not blush to attack a few defenders of true debate as people who allegedly “are telling us that they, and only they, knew what is best for this country”, while going on to praise a stage-managed gathering and hand-picked like-minders who are advertised by their puppetmaster as the “best and the brightest”, drawing up plans for the rest of us?"

"You attack what you claim to defend, and betray what you claim to honor. You seek no conversation, only the mute acceptance of the mass to the chatter of your elite."

Bolt supports the Australian Labor Party. But he doesn't have to like it.

A Forgotten Scandal

What is the controversy over the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program?
The UN Security Council started the Oil-for-Food program in 1996 to allow Iraq to sell enough oil to pay for food and other necessities for its population, which was suffering under strict UN sanctions imposed after the first Gulf War. But Saddam Hussein exploited the program, earning some $1.7 billion through kickbacks and surcharges, and $10.9 billion through illegal oil smuggling, according to a 2004 Central Intelligence Agency investigation. Wide-scale mismanagement and unethical conduct on the part of some UN employees also plagued the program, according to the UN Independent Inquiry Committee.

Headlines Sunday 27th April

Taint sticks to Bryce
Piers Akerman
Saturday, April 26, 2008 at 03:04pm
AN unprecedented legal challenge may prevent the appointment of Australia’s first nominated female Governor-General, Queensland Governor Quentin Bryce.
Documents lodged with the Queensland Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee on February 14, two months before Ms Bryce was nominated as Australia’s next Governor-General by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, have created a Constitutional nightmare for the Queensland Government and the Prime Minister.
Pauline Hanson accused of taking money from party
By Glenn Milne
April 27, 2008 01:27am
PAULINE Hanson has been accused of siphoning off more than $200,000 in taxpayers' money from the bank accounts of her own party.
Star alive after drug overdose
TELEVISION star Todd McKenney has been found unconscious in a park after a drug overdose and revived by ambulance officers.
Rudd doubles tax to end Breezer binges
THE COST of pre-mixed drinks will jump by about $1 a bottle from today after dramatic action by the Government to curb binge drinking.
Historic victory for Opposition in Zimbabwe
By Susan Njanji in Harare
April 27, 2008 02:15am
ZIMBABWE'S opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has won a historic victory over President Robert Mugabe's ruling party, official results confirmed on Saturday following a partial vote recount.
Army PR man reports for Seven
By Ellen Connolly
April 27, 2008 12:00am
A YEAR after Channel 7's controversial fake dawn service stunt, the network is in trouble again over its coverage of Anzac Day and the Iraq war.
Darren Curtis
ALP shuns Morris Iemma on power sale
By Linda Silmalis and Andrew Chesterton
April 27, 2008 12:00am
PREMIER Morris Iemma and Treasurer Michael Costa have lost the support of the party membership, with just one ALP branch backing the proposed power sale.
Sydney running out of space for new burial plots
Erin Maher
27/04/2008 9:00:00 AM.
Sydney’s land shortage is extending to its cemeteries, with the city running out of burial plots.
Insurance for unborn babies
A growing number of older mothers in Australia has fuelled an insurance giant to create a new baby policy.
Cancer increase blamed on lack of salt
The trend towards gourmet salts is believed to be responsible for a dramatic rise in Thyroid cancer rates.
Plans to monitor teachers with video cameras
Australia's third largest economy calls for better infrastructure
Man in hospital after Sydney bar brawl
Al Gore - international criminal
Andrew Bolt – Sunday, April 27, 08 (08:35 am)
Where’s the mercy killers when you need them?
Andrew Bolt – Sunday, April 27, 08 (08:51 am)
Dear God, our one nomination in Prospect’s list of 100 contenders for the world’s finest public intellectuals and it has to be him. Al Gore’s nomination also spoils what has the beginnings of a reasonably good roll-call, for a Leftist magazine.
Houellebecq picks up a stick
Andrew Bolt – Sunday, April 27, 08 (09:02 am)
One of the things I love in Michael Houellebecq‘s novels is how he steps out at times to whack some errant philosopher or artist. One of the best passages of that kind comes in the book I’m reading now, The Possibility of an Island, in which the narrator, typically (almost) nihilistic, draws a line - right through Larry Clark, director of Kids and Ken Park:
China mobilises troops in Japan
Andrew Bolt – Sunday, April 27, 08 (09:23 am)
Bear with us: more hype deflated
Andrew Bolt – Sunday, April 27, 08 (09:31 am)
The eco-hype is cooled, along with the weather
Warming to higher bills for the poor
Andrew Bolt – Sunday, April 27, 08 (10:11 am)
Not for the first time, the obsessions of New Class Labor will hurt working class Labor
Who we defend
Andrew Bolt – Sunday, April 27, 08 (10:15 am)
A reminder to those demanding we abandon Afghanistan, as well as Iraq. These are the kind of heroes we’d be giving up on. It really is a fight between ignorance and enlightenment; between jails of fear and the freedom to think.
Williams cool on sceptic
Andrew Bolt – Sunday, April 27, 08 (10:56 am)
Good that the ABC’s Robyn “100 metres” Williams does this time allow a global warming sceptic to speak on his ABC. But, typically, Williams rings the lepers bell before Professor Don Aitkin gets the chance to speak for himself.
Don’t go there, Nicola
Andrew Bolt – Sunday, April 27, 08 (11:40 am)
Interesting accusation:
Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has blamed the former Howard government for the rise in teenage binge drinking.
By the same token, of course, we can blame Labor for creating so many thugs, thieves and rapists.
The nation’s speech-crusher objects
Andrew Bolt – Sunday, April 27, 08 (11:44 am)
Age columnist Russell Skelton was apparently unable to have a conversation until Kevin Rudd liberated him and his friends last November

Promoting New Music Sun Day 27th April

Six Miles Below
by Storkaas
easy listening (really)

© Rune Storkaas 2008
Bantam Step Rag
Bantam Step (mix 2)
by georgeptingley
For those who may have missed the first one, here is a second mix of Harry Jente's great New York piano rag of 1916. This one is faster and includes more octave doublings (like a player piano) and few more melodic embellishments. I even manage to bring in a little boogie bass near the end. Hope you like it.

George Peter Tingley
Lost Weekend (Lloyd Cole)
by Dylan
One of my usual one mic - one track - one take covers...

Forgive me for the crappy sound and so on...

Special thoughts to Zallaz, long-time Lloyd Cole fan...
End of Day
End Of The Day
by BlendWellMusic and cronic_fortune

Cronic_Fortune: Music and Lyrics
BlendWell: Vocals
Thanks, so much for letting me sing on your song, I hope you like it!
Be sure to check out the original

As usual comments are always welcome
Domestic scene
7th Heaven
by yosL, MahogonyDiva and Lafayette
Ambient House, Ambient Hip
Hope you like

MahogonyDiva on lyrix & vocals
Lafayette on rythm wah guitars & synth

Muchas Gracias Senores
Let's Get Physical (What Really Matters)
by Bondiman, GuitarChris and rinca
Chocolate behaves as a particle and a wave.

It has happened that the Uncertainty Principle has brought the three of us together again.

The story in this was inspired by Chris Quigg in his article in the February edition of Scientific American. Pages 39-40.

Top quark - GuitarChris
Charm Quark - Rinca
Strange Quark Bondiman

We would like to thank all the Leptons and Bosons out there. May the forces be unified with you.

Mental suffering from wounding in love!!!
(mais il n'est pas vrai!!!!!)

thanks to listen this one


Tod Machover & Dan Ellsey: Releasing the music in your head Tod Machover of MIT's Media Lab is devoted to extending musical expression for everyone -- from virtuosi to amateurs, and in the most diverse forms -- from opera to videogames (Guitar Hero grew out of his group). At TED2008 he talks about what's coming next, from new tools for music creativity to the world's first robotic opera. Machover then introduces Dan Ellsey, a young man with cerebral palsy who has found his voice through music created and performed using Media Lab technologies. Ellsey plays his "My Eagle Song" in a soaring rendition that underscores music's power to heal, to communicate, and to inspire.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Liberal Messages Saturday 26th April

Where is your compassion Mr Rudd?
Labor needs to explain why they are forcing younger ex-servicemen and women with a disability into a State system where one size fits all.

Rudd and Conroy must show hand on Pay TV gambling
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy must declare their positions on the pending introduction of Pay TV gambling, after the Federal Opposition called on them to use Commonwealth powers to stop it.

FuelWatch credibility drained by
As world oil prices soar to record highs, fuel prices posted today on cast further doubt on the effectiveness of FuelWatch.

Swan's five-point plan to fight inflation is a fizzer
Wayne Swan stated in his media release today that he has a five-point plan to fight inflation. What Australians want to know is – will we still have our houses when Mr Swan’s brilliant plan starts delivering?

Treasurer flounders as business confidence Swan-dives
It is now apparent that Labor's response to skills shortages in the workforce has been to slow the economy

Labor's supermarket plans won't save consumers a cent - Hartsuyker
Plans by the Rudd Government to cut grocery prices by making it easier for foreign supermarket chains to set up shop won’t save the consumer a cent.

Memo to Rudd - these are the real facts on Aust's refugee and humanitarian prog
Prime Minister Rudd demonstrated in his Monday night interview on the 7:30 Report that he is unaware of the real facts about Australia’s refugee and humanitarian policy.

Our Diggers snubbed in favour of celebrities
The Rudd Labor Government has shown it ranks our defence personnel as its lowest priority after a decision not to send a Government Member to welcome home 70 soldiers from Afghanistan during the 2020 Summit weekend.

Nelson Doorstop with The Hon Bruce Billson MP - Melbourne
Pay TV gambling, Tax reform, Peter Costello, Republic, Olympic torch relay, East Timor, Immigration, Merger, Federalism...

Ferguson misleads on shelf expansion
It was the foresight of the Howard government in proposing the extending of the outer limits of the continental shelf of Australia beyond 200 nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured.

Time for Rudd to get real on problem gambling
The opposition strongly opposes proposed new forms of Pay TV gambling, an area under clear Commonwealth jurisdiction, that Mr Rudd could stop, but refuses to do so because he would have to stand up to states such as Victoria.

Labor set to axe tuition vouchers for struggling kids
Parents about to receive their first $700 Even Start tuition voucher to help their struggling children should not expect them in the future from the Rudd Government.

Tue, 22nd April 2008 Where's the ideas on our military future Kevin?
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Ageing: Everyone's doing it! But ageing isn't sexy enough for Rudd
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Scrapping LPG subsidy will add to petrol pain
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Government leaves Murray high and dry without 2020 vision
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Rudd can't wait on Zimbabwe any longer – an urgent CHOGM is needed
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Labor's reviews jeopardise Australian export markets
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Fitzgibbon must protect defence budget
Mon, 21st April 2008 Time for Political Climate Change (Opinion Piece for The Advertiser, 21/4)

Promoting New Music Saturn Day 26th April

Feed My Head
Feed My Head
by Baboon and PowerMatt
Hey, here's a down and dirty rock tune. Barely edited and shadily mixed. Granz put this together and I threw lyrics and vox on top of it. We thought we might, we think we may...remix and add and change later...but it's high summer right now and we're all lazy. I hate it when sh*t lays around on my hard drive too long, so up it goes!

Enjoy this rabid rock tune and CRANK THE VOLUME. Play it on the 4th of July for me and ol' Granz.
Sea Chanty
Sea Chanty (Ship and the Sea Revisited)
by Baboon and enicholsIC
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present a labor of love.
I wrote this song 15 years ago. For comparison, the original is here. Another version by Pete

Ed graciously recreated, updated and performed the guitar parts (and sang the intro) and I recorded new vocals, throughout. Ed mixed this version (and a few others), much to my delight.

We've brought the "Sea Chanty" forward to the 21st century...with utmost respect for the original, modern production values and a few "new" twists of the oars.
MM Man
Machinemade Man
by herrsolera
This song started off as a metronome counting at 180 bpm - a running exercise. But then, like a true composer with lots of free time, I modeled a song around it. It was basically a collection of hard rock clichés, but after a while it started growing on me.

It's a little experimental in nature, but I hope there's some merit to it. Please let me know what you think about this little adventure.

Thanks for listening!

Notable influences:
"The New Math" - OSI
"Block Rockin' Beats" - Chemical Brothers
"Right Here, Right Now" - Fatboy Slim
"Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in my Hand" - Primitive Radio Gods
My Demons
by amateurpro
I am haunted by sorrow and uncertainty and these feelings will undoubtedly generate actions that will cause deep pain and regret..
by Lafayette
The 3rd part of my musical saga "Gaïa" .
1st: The Birth
2nd :The First Dolphin
I play all the instruments, some loops on drums (DoD).
85 bpm, key : C
This small tune is a tribute to the mothers ...
Hope you enjoy !

- LaFayette

Headlines Saturday 26th April

ICC in turmoil as Speed ousted: Wonderful news as the divisive figure may be gone for good.
CEO put on paid leave until July after Zimbabwe row | Andrew Miller: Factionalism runs out of control
Hilali tells Christian women to wear veils
OUTSPOKEN Muslim cleric Taj al-Din al-Hilali says in a new book that Christian women should wear the veil because the Bible says so.
Call to charge Howard with war crimes
MALAYSIA'S former prime minister has called for Western leaders, including John Howard, to be charged with war crimes over Iraq.
Harare: Zimbabwe Opposition ahead in recount
Jordan: Children being recruited as suicide bombers
17yo: Teen hurt in multiple train stabbing attack
ANZAC Bridge closes as Sydney welcomes new resident
For eight years, an Aussie digger has stood alone on Sydney's Anzac Bridge. On Sunday he will be joined by a New Zealand soldier.
AUSTRALIA'S NEW POOR: White collar workers
A new working class category is emerging, filled with white collar workers who are struggling under the recent economic squeeze.
Canberra gets an unpleasant taste of 'One China'
journalist John Barrington explains why he saw red while covering the Olympic torch relay in Canberra.
Car stolen in Sydney car-jacking
A Land Rover has been stolen in an overnight car-jacking in Sydney’s west.
Bulletin Magazine to make a revamped comeback
The Bulletin Magazine may be gone - but it hasn't been forgotten.
Wet weather hits struggling families hard
The recent bout of wet weather has come at a cost to struggling families who've been forced to entertain their children indoors these holidays.
Job boom hits NSW
Erin Maher
NAB ups standard variable rate to 9.46%
Desalination a future water option in US
US scientists say desalination could help meet America's future water needs, but more research is needed to reduce costs and environmental impact. (Ed. Of course they also recycle)
Global warming? Scientist says Earth is cooling
Redbacks cause closure of bush hospital
Government to review drought policies
How dare China stir up trouble on our streets?
Andrew Bolt – Saturday, April 26, 08 (12:04 am)
On the “Journey of Harmony” goes, in the longest PR disaster in the sporting history

Brian Greene: The universe on a string In clear, nontechnical language, string theorist Brian Greene explains how our understanding of the universe has evolved from Einstein's notions of gravity and space-time to superstring theory, where minuscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe. (This mind-bending theory may soon be put to the test at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva.)

Friday, April 25, 2008

El Lute

Eleuterio Sánchez was born in 1942 in Salamanca, in western Spain. He was born into a desperately poor Merchero family, while his father was in prison.
From the Boney M song, made before El Lute's release.

Dr. Dean Ornish: Your genes are not your fate Dr. Dean Ornish shares new research that shows how adopting healthy lifestyle habits can affect a person at a genetic level. For instance, he says, when you live healthier, eat better, exercise, and love more, your brain cells actually increase. And new findings show that a healthier lifestyle can turn off disease-provoking genes and turn on the good ones.

For Anzac Day Friday 25th April 2008

Made for the coming ANZAC Day celebrations. I have nothing but respect for soldiers. I think things are worth fighting for. I don't like war, but sometimes we gotta.
"And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" is a song, written by Eric Bogle in 1972, describing the futility, gruesome reality and the destruction of war, while criticising those who seek to glorify it.
I became a citizen of Australia on 12th April. Little fanfare. Only one visitor was allowed to the ceremony, and no one wished to go, although I promised 2GB if someone came along I'd shout them a beer. Both my grandparents were said to have fought at Gallipolli, although I only believe one of them did. The other got himself blinded in a bar room brawl or some such and claimed a pension. With so many wounded, no one was to argue over the years. Still, he married a good woman and took her parent's house and land, selling it for grog. He despised Churchill, whom he blamed for the loss, and his infirmity. Truth was, though, that it was nearly a success, and it was made a defeat by a political campaign and a loss of will, thanks to the newspapers of the day. No one was killed in the retreat, as apparently the Turks were forced to conserve ammo.
Substantial debates are occurring regarding diggers marching. Family are being asked to march behind the diggers. One might think that an honor, but those wishing to stop it altogether claim it is a crime.
A toast, that the sacrifice of many will not be in vain.
The citizenship ceremony was ok. No food or drink. Barely enough chairs. People rushed in and out. Crowded. The speakers were all English as a second language speakers, and so it was halting. People were cheerful. Bureaucratic nonsense was present, with a minor bureaucrat apologizing for not having a politician on hand to have their fingers licked. For ANZAC Day, ALP politicans are present. There is plenty of seats, food and drinks. One feels like joining the ALP, for many of the same reasons as one might have felt like joining the communist or Nazi party, in another time or place.

Headlines for ANZAC Day

Anzac Day legacy cannot be forgotten
Alan Jones
92 years ago today a lone voice amongst the 100,000 Sydneysiders gathered at the Domain broke into the hymn that is synonymous with Anzac Day: "Abide with me, fast falls the eventide; the darkness deepens, Lord with me abide".
Dealer who sold gun used in university massacre visits campus
Bob Carr a Harry Potter-hater, philosopher king and prize fool.
Ex-prostitute publishes internet handbook
A WOMAN who realised her schoolgirl dream of becoming a prostitute has written a handbook for aspiring online call girls.
Rates for mates
Andrew Bolt – Friday, April 25, 08 (07:51 am)
A meeting of luvvies, run by and for luvvies
Mansion on the summit
Andrew Bolt – Friday, April 25, 08 (07:13 am)
I’ve been hanging out for this: the team from the Comedy Channel’s The Mansion finally gets to Kevin Rudd’s summit. Love the Blanchett stuff especially
Column - China sends in the clowns
Andrew Bolt – Friday, April 25, 08 (06:02 am)
IF I hadn’t seen the circus with my own eyes, I’d think the $2 million we spent running a torch around Canberra yesterday was wasted.
Column - Prophecy all washed up
Andrew Bolt – Friday, April 25, 08 (06:00 am)
RAIN sure is falling this week on the parade of our global warming alarmists.
Used but not abused. Or disabused
Andrew Bolt – Friday, April 25, 08 (05:53 am)
Reader Michael Gow, the director and playwright, thinks I’m too cynical about the Kevin Rudd’s summit, but I’m not sure he’s disagreeing with much I actually wrote in the piece he’s responding to
Don’t sell the car just yet
Andrew Bolt – Friday, April 25, 08 (05:53 am)
Peak oil delayed yet again
Not treaty now
Andrew Bolt – Friday, April 25, 08 (05:51 am)
That’s two dead horses, actually
Those ads sure worked by Andrew Bolt
Declaring what they should be checking
Andrew Bolt – Friday, April 25, 08 (12:03 am)
I guess there’s not much freedom to change your mind - or let your students make up their own - when your job title at Adelaide University is the Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change and when you declare on your staff page
Watching fuel rise
Andrew Bolt – Friday, April 25, 08 (04:54 pm)
Human rights chief sides with China
Andrew Bolt – Friday, April 25, 08 (03:19 pm)
The head of our Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has given China a pass on human rights and told the world not to be so critical. In an extraordinary interview with Chinese state television, John von Doussa has backed China’s argument that it can wait to grant full human rights until it’s eliminated poverty - an argument to justify tyranny for decades to come

Promoting New Music Freya Day 25th April Anzac Day

Math stuff
Figure It Out
by 4arms and ansteller
This is a song I put up a long time ago as a demo. Ansteller sent me some awesome bass and guitar parts. I think they add so much to the song. This is just a remix of the original with ansteller's parts. Cheers all.
Hands of the clock
An Hour of Living
by MahogonyDiva
An hour of living last forever in YOU....

music produced by Zamzam and the MellyOMatic 2007
by ShadowofNine
This is a Dedication to 3 friends here on Icompositions who have been kind enough to add bits to some of my tunes..This is a jazz/funk fusion piece I tried to give it that live off the floor feel, like friends jamming and having a good time in each others company. For my friends Jeff, James and Geo, I hope you all enjoy it...

Hope you like Dedication
Heightened Joe
Mars One (Arrival)
by Heightened
Just when you think you are about to wrap things up, something else comes to mind. Slowly it occurred to me that something was missing from the Mars series before I could take my long awaited trip home: Mars One (Arrival). Somehow the series seem to be out of tilt without a proper arrival so I'm submitting this late. Ideally I wish I could insert this piece at the beginning but I suppose that would only be possible in an ideal 'alien' world
Nearness Of You
by Rego
The singer is Ellan, a Texas Songbird with a beautiful voice. The song is a standard the world of jazz. It was my honor to play the tenor sax on this one.
Mahogany Diva
iW o n d e r
by yosL, Lafayette and MahogonyDiva
Couldn't resist (working on MD "wondering" acap)
Hope you like......

Special appearence
with Lafayette on Lead guitar
Many Thx

James Scott Paper
Broadway Rag (1922)
by georgeptingley
From the tail end of the ragtime era comes James Scott's BROADWAY RAG (1922), one of my favorite rags. Listen close and you will hear a level of energy and optimism that is very, very New York.

I did a bit of quantizing on this one to give it a piano role sound. On the other hand, I did no compressing of piano velocities so we get a wide range of softs to louds (in MIDI terms velocities ranging from here 10 to around 120). This latter helps maintain some of that human feel.

George Peter Tingley

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amy Tan: Where does creativity hide? Novelist Amy Tan digs deep into the creative process, journeying through her childhood and family history and into the worlds of physics and chance, looking for hints of where her own creativity comes from. It's a wild ride with a surprise ending.

Headlines Thursday 24th April

He’s even a pest in New Zealand
Andrew Bolt – Thursday, April 24, 08 (06:38 pm)
Even New Zealand is complaining:
DOC ranger John Skilton said the potentially invasive rudd and goldfish had negative effects on native species and waterways.
The guy in my mirror looks best
Andrew Bolt – Thursday, April 24, 08 (06:52 am)
A Rudd circus, summiteer tells
Andrew Bolt – Thursday, April 24, 08 (06:37 am)
Miranda Devine was one of the 1000 “best and brightest” at Kevin Rudd’s summit
Her teacher told her to thank nice Rudd
Andrew Bolt – Thursday, April 24, 08 (05:40 am)
A frustrated father, normally no huge fan of mine, has had enough and is wondering if he’s becoming a conservative, too. Let him describe what they are doing to his daughter at school
Flannery under the weather
Andrew Bolt – Thursday, April 24, 08 (12:05 am)
Here’s Alarmist of the Year Tim Flannery three years ago
Reason wins at the global warming bookshelf
Andrew Bolt – Thursday, April 24, 08 (12:03 am)
There’s a market for reason on global warming - at least at the bookstore. Lubos Motl ranks the climate books selling best at Amazon, from realist (usually dismissed as “sceptical") to out and out Flummery
al-Qaeda signs Kyoto
Andrew Bolt – Thursday, April 24, 08 (12:03 am)
No surprise, of course, but al-Qaeda’s leaders are global warming believers, too, and as cross with Western emitters as al-Gore
Quack cure
Andrew Bolt – Thursday, April 24, 08 (12:03 am)
Simon Singh points out one more absurdity of homeopathy - still taught here in TAFE colleges, to our shame - that had escaped me
Best and brightest barbarian
Andrew Bolt – Thursday, April 24, 08 (12:03 am)
Marieke Hardy, one of Australia’s 1000 “best and brightest”, is back from Kevin Rudd’s summit, and some readers of her blog are disappointed she didn’t make more of a contribution (I’ve censored the language, but you can read the unexpurgated version here)
Bill of rights is fewer rights for voters
Andrew Bolt – Thursday, April 24, 08 (12:03 am)
Former premier Bob Carr is right about the bill of rights backed by Kevin Rudd’s “best and brightest”
Why the RBA witchdoctors need the sack, fast
Alan Jones
Everywhere you look today you'll see headlines about inflation. That it's leaped to a 16 year high, a 4.2 per cent jump for the year to March. Talk of another likely interest rate rise by August. Talk that mortgage rates could go to more than nine and a half per cent. Wayne Swan, the treasurer and the government saying they can understand the pain people are feeling around the kitchen table. But of course, Wayne Swan and Kevin Rudd were at pains during an election campaign only months ago to blame the then government for petrol prices, food prices, house prices, rent increases and child care increases, to name a few.
Road collapse recalls tragic accident
Joel Labi
Part of major Central Coast road has been washed away by floodwaters only kilometres from a section of the Pacific Highway which collapsed in heavy rain last year, killing a family.
Panic over 'penis snatching' sorcerers
Richard Maxton with Reuters
Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises.

Promoting New Music Thorsday 24th April

Petra is in a song contest
April 23, 2008 | 2:55 pm
I have two of my songs (Your Angel and Breathe You) in a Swedish music competition...

... and I would be very grateful if you want to listen and maybe vote on my songs.. ( the winner will make a single record with Warner Music)

Here is the links to my songs in this competition..
(lyssna means listen and rösta means vote and you can vote on the songs once a day) Thanks! / Petra
Your Angel

Breathe You
Heath Ledger
Song for a Cowboy..
by brnPetra and georgeptingley
George Tingley has done this very beautiful arrangement to my Song for a cowboy.
I am so very glad for this..thank you so much!


(In memorial of Heath Ledger 1979-2008)
Mahogany Diva
I Got a Lover
by dirigent and MahogonyDiva
I enjoyed the great acap "Ink in My Pen" of MahogonyDiva
and added piano, e-piano, bass, baritone-sax and drums ...

Yochai Benkler: Open-source economics Law professor Yochai Benkler explains how collaborative projects like Wikipedia and Linux represent the next stage of human organization. By disrupting traditional economic production, copyright law and established competition, they're paving the way for a new set of economic laws, where empowered individuals are put on a level playing field with industry giants.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ernest Madu: Bringing world-class health care to the poorest Dr. Ernest Madu runs the Heart Institute of the Caribbean in Kingston, Jamaica, where he proves that -- with careful design, smart technical choices, and a true desire to serve -- it's possible to offer world-class healthcare in the developing world. Listen for some eye-opening statistics on heart disease, which is as ruthless a killer in poorer nations as in richer ones.


South Korean Astronaut Describes Frightening Soyuz Landing
South Korea's first was astronaut was "really scared" during her off-target landing.

NEW VIDEO: Moon Probe Catches Full Earthrise!
Full Earthrise has been captured by Japan's Kaguya lunar orbiter. Credit: JAXA/NHK
Space Station Astronauts Land Off-Target, But Safely
NASA Broadcasts Earth Views in High Definition
Echo of Ancient Cosmic Explosion Seen
Strange Things Happen at Full Moon
Testing of NASA's LCROSS Begins Ahead of Schedule
See Mercury, the Elusive Planet
Flaring Temper Causes Sun to Quake
The Future of Space Science

News from the traps, and Bolt

Bread and butter politics Piers Akerman
LAST July, then Opposition leader Kevin Rudd made what is now known as the “Cost of Living Speech” at Melbourne’s Cranbourne Secondary College.
Rise of the barbarians Andrew Bolt
Other states reporting equally alarming rises in juvenile violence
What is it about the vacuum? Andrew Bolt
Elizabeth Farrelly types more words in the Sydney Morning Herald
Crook show Andrew Bolt
I’m with the judge, especially after the recent Mick Gatto circus
Costello isn’t burning bridges yet Andrew Bolt
Writing a political memoir is usually a way of saying goodbye. But it could also be a launching pad for a fresh assault, if it isn’t nasty to colleagues, which is why this is interesting
Blue over blue men Andrew Bolt
China has different orders to the blue-tracksuit men than the ones Kevin Rudd claims he’s given:
“Best and brightest” say they were conned Andrew Bolt
Evidence grows that the 1000 “best and brightest” were there as Labor props, not prompts
Column - Rudd’s mates steer the ship Andrew Bolt
WHY bother with voters? Kevin Rudd now takes his cues from a hand-picked elite.
Column - 2020 summit ideas lost in Nimbin Andrew Bolt
I ADMIT, I spent 10 hours of my weekend watching our “best and brightest” at the ideas summit designing our future, live on television. Before I pack my survival gear, let me describe just what I saw . . .

I saw our Governor-General bring in an ice cube from Antarctica, which was worshipped. And then it got worse. What follows is absolutely true.
As if we didn’t know Andrew Bolt
An Age columnist and fill-in ABC host confesses:
Man, we loved to hate Howard. Back in the good old days of 2007 it was wall-to-wall leftie love-ins of hatred. The hate brought us closer together.
The GST idea Rudd quietly got Andrew Bolt
Democrat bloodletting continues with Clinton win Andrew Bolt
Hillary Clinton wins - but not enough to do anything but hurt Barack Obama, who has the Democrat nomination sewn up, on a delegate count at least
Mad Islamists demand credit for satanic Zionist plot Andrew Bolt
You know the despair a satirist feels when he’s hears something so crazed on so many levels that he can’t even begin to respond? From YNet
Our own university madrassas Andrew Bolt
The sponsorship of our university departments of Middle Eastern studies by Middle Eastern regimes may lead to more such complaints
Can you help save a life? Andrew Bolt
It’s a remote possibility, but Natalie and Bruce are pleading for help to save their son Ryan, dying of leukemia. Have yourself tested and be put on the bone marrow registry, so a boy like Ryan may find in you the match he needs to live.
Why shouldn’t Rudd obey? Andrew Bolt
Chris Berg of the IPA is astonished, in one way, by Kevin Rudd’s hasty decision to go visit Japan soon, after all
It’s global cooling that’s the real threat Andrew Bolt
Geophysicist Phil Chapman warns we really may face doom, and sooner than you think - from global cooling

Promoting New Music Wodensday 23rd April

Satie's First Nocturne (1919)
by georgeptingley
Quirky French composer Erik Satie's First Nocturne (1919) casts a dark and mysterious spell. Hope you like it.

George Peter Tingley
The Break Down Song
by amateurpro and DJmevsme
I think this is my most emotional song so far..
There are a lot of deep personal feelings welling inside me at the moment and I thank music for the opportunity to express them..

Stay tuned for the version with lyrics in the near future.
Kill The Clown
by vegetal
I really enjoy makeing this tune... a lot of drums and percusion tracks,only one bass line in D.

Is groovy and charming... you can use this tune for dance or for kill a clown... the clowns are diabolic and they dont know my extermination plan.

The bpm is 110. Is totally open for collabs. Feel free to download and add your stuff.

Enjoy!... .... ... and... ... ... ... come on!... I wanna see you move your pupi!.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some Bolt Stuff

Howard shared those boundless plains
Kevin Rudd tries to politicise the national anthem, which he tells the 7.30 Report fills him with pride
Rumor Closes Paper
No hemp lingerie
A bureaucrat’s heaven
I’ve checked the final report of Kevin Rudd’s idea summit for its list of best ideas. You want proof of the Big Government mindset such a summit inevitably inspires? Here’s a partial list of the government agencies, units and qangos 1000 of Rudd’s closest advisors recommend
Warming worriers snowed under
So how did global warmenists in Canada celebrate Earth Day?
Going Potty
Ramsay for Liberal leader
Professor James Allan is sick of the Left/Right labels
Give this plot a grant
Sounds like the premise of an art-house movie:
Rudd: what tax cuts?
Don’t tell me you thought Kevin Rudd would actually honor all his promises to cut taxes
But does Costello need the Liberals?
Rudd’s next idea: invent a wheel
Memo to Kevin Rudd and his 1000 applauding summiteers: Here’s a reminder of why it’s wiser to trust private enterprise rather than big government for fresh ideas
Run! Polar bears are coming!
Larissa Dubecki, green believer and Age journalist (tautology, I know), is outraged
Rudd balladeer protected
Fresh from the national ceremony of group worship of Cate Blanchett, comes more news of our galloping celebrityitis:

Live Science News Headlines

Real 'Iron Man' Suits
Two companies create suits of armor to rival that in the movie.
An Aussie Girl
How the Magna Carta Changed the World
Culture Affects How We Read Faces
Scientist Finds Truthiness in the 'Colbert Bump'
Engineers Create Better Fix For Broken Jaws
Mouse to Inbred Mouse: You Stink!
Humans Might Sense Oxygen Through Skin
Goodbye Gorilla: Vaccine Urgently Needed
Icy Lake Drains Faster than Niagara Falls
Not to do at home
What does an actual flu virus look like? And how does it work?
Reusable Space Plane

Climate Change - has it been cancelled?

Professor Bob Carter from James Cook University in Queensland, talks to Nzone Tonight's Allan Lee about how ordinary people can try and find out the truth about Climate Change and global warming. (Nzone Tonight is broadcast on Shine TV, Sky Digital NZ Channel 111, 6.30 and 9.30 weeknights)
From Bolt;
Meanwhile, a calm exposition from Professor Bob Carter on whether global warming has been cancelled:
And here is the impressive list of signatories so far to the Manhattan Declaration that Carter helped to draft, which among other things asserts:

that there is no convincing evidence that CO2 emissions from modern industrial activity has in the past, is now, or will in the future cause catastrophic climate change.

Promoting New Music Tuesday 22nd April

Bantam Step (New York Style)
by georgeptingley
Harry Jantes great New York piano rag BANTAM STEP (1916) is given the royal treatment here in a second mix. Listen for added doublings in both treble and bass, more ornaments, and even some boogie patterns. New Yorkers don't want no reverent classical rags; they want their piano rags played fast and intense, and surely not with the usual limitation of ten fingers if more are available. This version goes out to all my NY friends.
Lover's Heart
Who Do You Love?
by theVirtuals, AshleyBeanHead, lupiroz, Toni1, macoco, james.moore, that80sboy, Illuminator and DLB

this is the 2nd song from the Virtuals a cyper group formed right here on icomps, please enjoy!

Vocals = illuminator
Backing vocals = Toni1,DLB
Bass = macoco
keys = that80sboy
Guitars = lupiroz/dlb
Drums = james.moore
mix/production = Ashleybeanhead
"Dream" the impossible dream
by BlendWellMusic, mevsme2 and amateurpro
Alex / Amateur Pro made this amazing piano and I added some drums over it

The Impossible Dream, People always claim that things are impossible, I don't. I believe that human nature made it harder for us to achieve amazing feats but not impossible. This is a song about impossible feats and how people either try to achieve or have come to a reality where they think it will never happen.

Keep your priority straight!
Thanks Alex for an amazing song
Any comments are welcome,