Monday, April 28, 2008

Promoting New Music Moon Day 28th April

Les Cordes Sensibles
by Lafayette

Not very conventional but I've loved to play this...

Guitars, synth... no loops
97 kbps Key : C
My Demons
by Choirbox and amateurpro

Built on the foundation of amatuerpro's "My Demons." Lyrics are loosely based on an impending decision related to Alex's original intent for writing the song. Written from the perspective, opposite his own.

Music: Amateurpro
Lyrics/Vocals: Choirbox
The Strangest Thing
by Revive

Hey, everybody! It's been forever. I know.

I have not stopped. I am still making music while juggling a million other things. I can't believe I got this one finished. I'm thinking of creating a trance remix for this song too, so keep an eye out for that. Enjoy, and thank you.
An iCompers' world

Hi Icompers,
this is for all of you with respect and gratitude, because if I keep on playing, it is thanks also to you.
Also a thanks of Anto-mulato for the latinos that have invented this great music.

Thanks for Listen


Latin/Jazz Me-Bass,Guitars
Everything's alright
by MIR and Geechi3

When I heard the lass singing this I immediately thought it could develop into something...
Hope you enjoy, and my huge thanks to Linda and her great talent
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