Sunday, April 27, 2008

Promoting New Music Sun Day 27th April

Six Miles Below
by Storkaas
easy listening (really)

© Rune Storkaas 2008
Bantam Step Rag
Bantam Step (mix 2)
by georgeptingley
For those who may have missed the first one, here is a second mix of Harry Jente's great New York piano rag of 1916. This one is faster and includes more octave doublings (like a player piano) and few more melodic embellishments. I even manage to bring in a little boogie bass near the end. Hope you like it.

George Peter Tingley
Lost Weekend (Lloyd Cole)
by Dylan
One of my usual one mic - one track - one take covers...

Forgive me for the crappy sound and so on...

Special thoughts to Zallaz, long-time Lloyd Cole fan...
End of Day
End Of The Day
by BlendWellMusic and cronic_fortune

Cronic_Fortune: Music and Lyrics
BlendWell: Vocals
Thanks, so much for letting me sing on your song, I hope you like it!
Be sure to check out the original

As usual comments are always welcome
Domestic scene
7th Heaven
by yosL, MahogonyDiva and Lafayette
Ambient House, Ambient Hip
Hope you like

MahogonyDiva on lyrix & vocals
Lafayette on rythm wah guitars & synth

Muchas Gracias Senores
Let's Get Physical (What Really Matters)
by Bondiman, GuitarChris and rinca
Chocolate behaves as a particle and a wave.

It has happened that the Uncertainty Principle has brought the three of us together again.

The story in this was inspired by Chris Quigg in his article in the February edition of Scientific American. Pages 39-40.

Top quark - GuitarChris
Charm Quark - Rinca
Strange Quark Bondiman

We would like to thank all the Leptons and Bosons out there. May the forces be unified with you.

Mental suffering from wounding in love!!!
(mais il n'est pas vrai!!!!!)

thanks to listen this one

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