Friday, April 25, 2008

Promoting New Music Freya Day 25th April Anzac Day

Math stuff
Figure It Out
by 4arms and ansteller
This is a song I put up a long time ago as a demo. Ansteller sent me some awesome bass and guitar parts. I think they add so much to the song. This is just a remix of the original with ansteller's parts. Cheers all.
Hands of the clock
An Hour of Living
by MahogonyDiva
An hour of living last forever in YOU....

music produced by Zamzam and the MellyOMatic 2007
by ShadowofNine
This is a Dedication to 3 friends here on Icompositions who have been kind enough to add bits to some of my tunes..This is a jazz/funk fusion piece I tried to give it that live off the floor feel, like friends jamming and having a good time in each others company. For my friends Jeff, James and Geo, I hope you all enjoy it...

Hope you like Dedication
Heightened Joe
Mars One (Arrival)
by Heightened
Just when you think you are about to wrap things up, something else comes to mind. Slowly it occurred to me that something was missing from the Mars series before I could take my long awaited trip home: Mars One (Arrival). Somehow the series seem to be out of tilt without a proper arrival so I'm submitting this late. Ideally I wish I could insert this piece at the beginning but I suppose that would only be possible in an ideal 'alien' world
Nearness Of You
by Rego
The singer is Ellan, a Texas Songbird with a beautiful voice. The song is a standard the world of jazz. It was my honor to play the tenor sax on this one.
Mahogany Diva
iW o n d e r
by yosL, Lafayette and MahogonyDiva
Couldn't resist (working on MD "wondering" acap)
Hope you like......

Special appearence
with Lafayette on Lead guitar
Many Thx

James Scott Paper
Broadway Rag (1922)
by georgeptingley
From the tail end of the ragtime era comes James Scott's BROADWAY RAG (1922), one of my favorite rags. Listen close and you will hear a level of energy and optimism that is very, very New York.

I did a bit of quantizing on this one to give it a piano role sound. On the other hand, I did no compressing of piano velocities so we get a wide range of softs to louds (in MIDI terms velocities ranging from here 10 to around 120). This latter helps maintain some of that human feel.

George Peter Tingley
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