Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not Just Greens Planting Untruths

Time Iwo Jima Green, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

There are so many vested interests in Timor that it is hard to know what is true. It is a poor nation that has been poorly led. Sadly for Timor, Australia chose the ALP to lead its government, and the ramifications of that decision are not yet well known. But Major Reinado is dead as he tried to kidnap Horta and Gusmao.
We do not know why Reinado attempted what he did, or why it turned south for him. We do know Reinado had an Australian girlfriend, as does Gusmao, and that seems sufficient for some to want to smear Reinado further.
We know Reinado did not seem to wish to kill the two kidnap victims. Guns were involved, but apparently the disciplined operation involved shooting out car lights, not into the car cabin.
For some reason, Reinado was killed. This looks like a counter intelligence sting. Nothing that journalist Toohey raises about the girlfriend has suggested otherwise, unless one accepts the absurd supposition that it was an act of romantic jealousy.

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