Friday, April 04, 2008

Liberal Party Update

Nelson Doorstop - Adelaide - St Ignatius, Tour, McGauran, LPG, Haneef...
I wanted to hear and need to hear the views of all Australians – doesn’t matter where they live or whatever their age.

LPG subsidy needs to stay Mr Rudd
The Rudd Government will prove it is all cluck and no egg on the environment if it scraps the hugely successful LPG conversion subsidy.

Sky news report. It's being reported that PM Rudd has snubbed the Japanese- probably due to the whaling issue.
Conroy: I'll axe OPEL, who cares what my expert broadband panel thinks
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has rendered his National Broadband Network Panel of Experts irrelevant before it’s even had a chance to report back to him by killing off the OPEL broadband project for the bush.

Labor must release LPG scheme review
Industry Minister Senator Kim Carr must immediately release an inter-departmental review into the LPG Vehicle Scheme, which was completed late last year.

Swan ducks the low income tax cuts issue (Opinion, Daily Telegraph)
The Coalition's tax cuts of 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 provided significant tax relief, particularly for low and middle income earners.

The leader of the federal opposition criticises comments made by the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Glen Stevens.
RBA Governor sets the record straight
Chris Pearce MP, the Opposition’s Scrutiny of Govt Spokesman, has today welcomed RBA Governor Glenn Stevens’ comments that the Reserve Bank of Australia did not issue any warnings to the previous Coalition Govt, contrary to Swan's claims...

Labor split on climate change
The continued flaw in Federal Labor's approach to climate change is the total exclusion of clean energy targets. A clean energy target is needed which offers incentives for the uptake of clean coal technology & to help limit costly increases to power

Tests for Mr Rudd in London
NATO, UN Security Council and indexation of British pensioners living in Australia

Peter McGauran Retirement
Today’s announcement by Peter McGauran that he will retire from Federal Parliament draws the curtain on Peter McGauran’s 25 years as a well respected member for Gippsland.

Nelson Doorstop - Adelaide - Murray, Battalion, Afghanistan, Urrbrae...
Well I’m here in Adelaide, South Australia for two days, which is part of my national listening tour with two of my shadow ministers, Andrew Southcott, of course the Member for Boothby, and Tony Smith, who’s the Shadow Minister for Education ...

Nelson interview with Leon Byner (5AA, Adelaide) - Listening Tour
Patrick you’ve hit the nail on the head. From my perspective there are five key challenges for this country: our prosperity, that’s our economy and so on; there’s our environment and sustainability;...

Government must improve work-life balance or risk losing doctors
The Australian Medical Association released their Work-Life Flexibility Survey today which shows doctors at all levels in public hospitals are looking for greater access to flexible working arrangements.

Julie Bishop being interviewed on SkyNews explains Labors two faced position on IR laws.
Julie Bishop address to Australian Mines and Metals Association conference
Labor cashes in on Howard Govt climate change policy
Mr Rudd must deliver real outcomes to justify his Bucharest stopever
Fitzgibbon claims on extra battalions wrong
Labor's broadband disconnects Australia
Ban on flavoured cigarettes a Coalition strategy
Travel advice for Syria downgraded - why?
Nelson address to The Financial Services Institute of Australia - Sydney
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