Saturday, April 19, 2008

Promoting New Music Saturday 19th April

Coup de Gras
Coup de Gras
by yosL and Mandika
Funky House with Mandika
Magic Number
Inversion Sequence
by FishCow, particledots and Mystified
A collaboration . . .
A secret message.
An inversion.
Music: FishCow, Particledots and Mystified
Voices: FishCow, Particledots, Prosperine and Mystified
Production: Particledots
Things unsaid
Things I'll Never Say (Piano Cover)
by ScubaScissors
A short piano cover of Avril Lavigne's 'Things I'll Never Say'
One of my favorite bands which makes an 80's synth pop is Retrolust.
We're here supporting our music and trying to take it somewhere.
Check out our music and if you like it and you can, pick up a cd!
There are links to purchase our albums in our blog, on our website, and on our myspace.
offical website / myspace

Commercial Mentality

Hell Inside
Dangerous Sweatin [ Lounge Dance]
by archie7777 and Mandika
A very special "Tailor Made" for Mandika... Great Lyrics and voice in a House feel... at 122 BPM...
Lyrics and voice *: Mandika
Music and Mix : Archie7777

* Copyright 2008 / Mandika
Sector 5
sector 5 ver.2
by sonsofhypnos and Heightened
heightened's instrumental track messed around with by the sons of hypnos....hope you like it joe!
heightened - original instrumental
age - guitars
greg - vocals
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