Monday, April 21, 2008

Promoting New Music Moon Day 21st April

Broken heart
Ach weh
by dirigent

A short, desperate lovesong written by German Composer Andreas Rauch (1592-1656)
Three voices a cappella and production by dirigent
Ach weh des Leiden,
muss es denn sein gescheiden?
Ach weh der Schmerzen,
so ich empfind im Herzen!
Muss ich dich denn aufgeben,
so kost's mir mein Leben.

Alas, the affliction hurts,
do we have to part?
Alas, great pain
I feel in my heart!
If I have to give you up
I will depart this life.
I Was Just Sayin'
by PaulFPage

Another of those "whatever-you-want-it-to-be" kind of pieces. I guess I find a conversation going on...
Der Traum der Liebenden
Never Will
by dirigent and Mandika

Lyrics and Spoken Voice: Mandika
All additions and mix: Dirigent

Artwork: Marc Chagall (1887-1985)
"Der Traum der Liebenden" - "The Dream of the Lovers"

I tried to underline the aspect of uncertainty.
James Scott Rag
Ragtime Oriole (1911)
by georgeptingley
Joplin younger contemporary James Scott published RAGTIME ORIOLE in 1911. Listen how the bird floats and swoops around melodically (really fun watching the piano role on this one). Digitally, I've got this one in a room with around 30 meters between corners. Room is spacious but considering stingy delays and reverbs, the playing should still sound a bit intimate.

This rag has an unusual form in that the A section comes back one final time at the end.

Happy listening.

George Peter Tingley.
Burning heart
The Burning
by Choirbox and amateurpro
Another collab using amateurpro's composition "The Burning."
I've really enjoyed his songs and find them very natural to sing along with.

Check the original version...

Music: amateurpro
Vocals/Lyrics: Choirbox
A Memory
Good Memories (Everlast)
by yosL and Mandika
Funk Rock

Mandika on vocals
(The Funky Mafioso Mix)
Hope you like
A Brain
Let's do it
by MIR and BossHook
Here is the second collab I have the honour and pride to have with Johnny La Mantia Esq. (the first one, made together with a bunch of other talented people can be found here).
I sent him a little R&B tune, and after a while got back such killer vox and guitars, with his unmistakable irresistible trademark.
It is always a great joy for me to have the chance of being in touch and work with such a kind, open and talented person as Johnny undoubtedly is.
We do hope you enjoy and are lead to move your feet a little Let us know
Johhny La Mantia: Leading and Backing vocals, guitars
MIR: Keys, drum loops, production and mixing
Just For You (Behind The Hills)
by o0o, vegetal and amateurpro

Music: Amateurpro
lyrics and vocals: o0o
remixed by Vegetal

Remix by Vegetal
Another take by Choirbox

Pro0ove is the name I came up with for this collabgroup. That is why I used it for the logo/image. Pro from amateurpro 0o from o0o and ve from vegetal...heheheh...
das boot demo [Wolfswald]
by randolf and rex
a lovesong i somehow wrote in [broken] german. this is me singing both parts of a duet using cunning vocal transformer mojo at 4am rofl, the only german music i really know is rammstein so i copied their style.

featuring [samples of] the amazing Rex on his amazing Theremin! thanks so much for the input, cuz, my mom for telling me that all german lovesongs have to mention Linden trees, uncle sebastian-norbert for huge inspiration and uncle Dirigent for correcting my grammar. go on dirigent, i challenge you to cover this one LOL

dedicated to cousin andreas g- who passed on to the great forest in the sky, we'll never forget your magic shows bo, lux aeterna

Mars One Descending #2
by ShadowofNine and Heightened
My second video attempt I think this one is better than the last one, the transitions are a bit better and the subject matter is cool to. I found out a lot doing this vid, like the tutorial has hidden surprises not explained and that reading the tutorial is a good idea (LOL)and that editing music inside imovie is a bad idea...

Heightened gave his permission to do this vid, he may live to regret his decision LOL...I chose to do Mars One Descending because it seems video friendly, Heightens Mars group of songs are so excellent I fell in love with each one.My thanks to Joe for letting me mess with is music and my apologies for the inappropriate music fade. I also learned that 8+ minute songs are not going to reduce to under 20MB...

I Hope you like the Video of "Mars One Descending"
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