Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Events of The Day

Princess Diana unlawfully killed
DIANA and Dodi were unlawfully killed by the driving of their chauffeur and pursuing paparazzi, a jury finds.
Kevin Rudd - The Lecture a West End smash
THOUSANDS queue to see Rudd in London as a new poll shows his popularity is soaring at home.
In fact, Rudd has been a failure in his trip, at each stop. The cheer squad is good.

Inferior fruit and veg plan for cash-strapped
SUPERMARKETS have been urged to stock inferior fresh produce to help fight obesity but growers claim it's a waste of time and money.
Of course, this already happens in Sydney anyway, good fruit is only in the CBD, North Shore or Beach areas.

Teen homelessness doubles
YOUTH homelessness has doubled in the past two decades, with 22,000 young people aged 12 to 18 now sleeping rough.
People suffer from ALP policy
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