Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FuelWatch another Rudd stunt - Dr Nelson

GPS Crash test, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

FEDERAL Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson says the Government's FuelWatch scheme is a stunt.

Fuelwatch, which begins operation on December 15, will force petrol retailers to make public their pump prices 24 hours in advance.

The scheme was unveiled by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd yesterday.

"This FuelWatch system of Mr Rudd's has got all the hallmarks of the stunt about it," Dr Nelson said today. "It had the potential to remove the weekly discounting of petrol seen in capital cities. I'm particularly concerned about how this is going to affect battlers that fill up on a Tuesday night. I don't see how it's going to help Australian motorists."
Extending the fuel cycle from one week to two isn't the worst of this suggestion by Rudd. It also is likely to drive independent operators to the wall. So Rudd's idea will benefit no one, except big business .. and himself for getting credit for doing nothing, but raising petrol prices.

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