Monday, April 21, 2008

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Shake the shackles, Iemma Piers Akerman
THERE would be few, if any, people in NSW outside Parliament House and the ALP’s Sussex St headquarters who do not believe the Iemma Government is a dud.

Nonetheless, it was surprising to receive a bitter denunciation of the truly appalling kilometres of red tape that have strangled what was once admiringly known as “the Premier State” from a former federal Labor minister.

The outspoken Barry Cohen, a federal MP from 1969 until 1990, and a former federal environment minister, has always been a refreshing voice in the Labor Party, the old Labor Party, having been active in politics when ALP MPs frequently had actual experience in the real world before going into Parliament.

On retiring from the hurly-burly, he decided to put into practice what he had preached, and invested his savings in building a wildlife sanctuary at Calga on the Central Coast, intending to showcase native flora and fauna and highlight Aboriginal culture in a natural environment.

At the same time he wanted to show, by example, that by excluding feral cats and foxes, small endangered species would not only survive but thrive, and could even be bred.

Anyone with any experience of NSW’s chaotic planning laws would realise that this plan would be fraught with dangers and so it proved to be.
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Why celebrate Earth Day on Lenin’s birthday, especially when the birthday of a visionary environmentalist is just two days earlier?

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Professor David Flint, of Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy, points out in an email a stupidity in the summit’s proposal for a republic
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The Left-wing GetUp group, which had 118 of its members join Kevin Rudd’s summit of 1000 ”best and brightest”, thanks its glorious leader in song
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Canada’s human rights police are out of control, finding people guilty without hold a trial or even having jurisdiction:
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One of Kevin Rudd’s most successful strategies has been to pull the media onto his bandwagon, not least by offering the most pliable with invitations to his summit as the “best and brightest”.
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