Friday, September 29, 2006

Muslim Terrorism

Keysar Trad
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Multiculturalism, for me, is contentious as it is philosphically impossible. An individual is either from a culture or they aren't. A multiculture does not exist, except as a linguistic construct.

However, I dont think this debate is about multiculturalism, a slogan, so much as cultural pluralism, an ideal. I think this debate is also not about religious practise, so much, as secular extremism. I think you are correct to observe that Christians are not behaving as these extremists are, however, Muslims don't behave as these extremists do either. But Islamist clerics endorse these extremists, and although they are wrong to do so, their endorsement goes unchallenged by the supposed majority.

Christians do have similar expressions as Islamist terrorists. One example is the IRA. Other examples may include aspects of UDF, Middles East Christians, Indonesian Christians and some groups around former Yugoslavia or many other places in Africa, South America or Asia. But, with the exception of the IRA, Christians rarely are endorsed for terrorist activity.

I'm not Muslim. I question the right of anyone to call themselves Muslim who maintain the extremist position.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Starting Bushfires Tuesday & Wodensday Rant

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By Gary Hughes
Between a quarter and a half of bushfires in Australia each year are deliberately lit by firebugs. And there is evidence that the number of wildfires started by arsonists is increasing. With suspicions that some of Sydney’s weekend fires were deliberately started and warnings of an upcoming bad bushfire season, those statistics are particularly ominous. It’s such extreme conditions that arsonists find irresistible.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Seeking a Solution to Drugs

ken moroney
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By Gary Hughes
Sweden has one of the lowest illicit drug usage rates in Europe. The number of 15-16 year olds who have tried drugs at least once is just six per cent, compared to a European average of 22 per cent. Sweden also has a lower than average rate of drug use related HIV. Its approach has been so successful, it’s just been put forward as model in a special United Nations research report. So what’s the secret to its success?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Operation Together Forward Brings Life to Ameriyah

Ameriyah Baghdad
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Spc. Joshua Ramey US Army

BAGHDAD, — Since the beginning of Operation Together Forward, Baghdad’s Ameriyah neighborhood has seen several social and economic improvements as the Iraqi army and Multi-National Division – Baghdad (MND-B) forces work to rid the area of terrorist violence.

The combined military operations in the area includes a variety of civil service projects, such as a large-scale trash cleanup, medical services, and establishing a generally close working relationship with local residents – all of which serve to deter further terrorist attacks.

“Many of the shops that were once closed have reopened, such as a butcher shop and a bakery,” said Staff Sgt. John Davis, of Company A, 412th Civil Affairs Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad. “Main roads in the neighborhood are starting to look and feel like a neighborhood again, and economic activity and employment have increased since the beginning of the operation.” {Click on image for photo details}

Allies restore government, hope in Andar

Afghan Elder
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By Sgt. 1st Class Michael Pintagro Task Force Spartan public affairs

FORWARD OPERATING BASE GHAZNI, Afghanistan – Allied forces delivered a forceful blow to extremists operating in southeastern Afghanistan with the establishment of a district center Sept. 17 in the Andar District of Ghazni Province.

A crowd of around 400 Andar elders, townsmen and farmers looked on as provincial and local officials and allied leaders launched a new era of self-government in a district long terrorized by extremists and foreign fighters.

Task Force Iron Gray launched Operation Mountain Fury, a decisive drive into Andar Province, on the fifth anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks, to root out terrorism in the overrun province. Extremist fighters and foreign terrorists seized large swaths of the district over the summer, assaulting and intimidating farmers, townsmen and shepherds.

Following a ground-breaking ceremony, Andar elders and townsmen queried the government and security officials on issues ranging from security, police recruitment and Taliban terror to political corruption, jobs and economic development.

A series of leaders delivered addresses from the podium, most denouncing insurgents and foreign fighters, pleading for unity and cooperation, and touting the Islamic credentials of government and Afghan military leaders.

Maj. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, Combined Joint Task Force-76 commander, said his 10th Mountain Division Soldiers are here at the request of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to help the people. {Click on image for photo details}

New health center in Tanzania dedicated, ready for equipment

Tanzania Health Centre
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Story by CJTF-HOA Public Affairs

MSATA, Tanzania – Senior officials from the Bagamoyo District, Tanzanian Peoples’ Defense Forces (TPDF), the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam and Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) dedicated the newly constructed Msata Health Center here Tuesday.

The health center will enable Bagamoyo medical personnel to provide triage in an area well known for its severe and often fatal vehicle accidents.

The design for the center was developed by Bagamoyo District officials and facilitated by TPDF engineers. CJTF-HOA contracted with Tanzanian Building Works, Ltd., to construct the facility. Locally hired workers began construction July 8 and completed the project August 18.

The local government agreed to provide the equipment for the new facility if the U.S. could pay for and build it. The dedication will signify the completion of the U.S. part of the agreement, and leave the clinic awaiting the local government to fill it with the necessary supplies. {Click on image for photo details}

Red Horse sergeants preserve Soviet military heritage

Red Horse Sergeants
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By Air Force Tech. Sgt. Joseph Kapinos 455th Air Expeditionary Wing

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - It sits alone in the sun surrounded by the detritus of war and conflict. The sand and sun have left their harsh marks on the face of a structure that once proudly honored the courage and sacrifice of fallen aviators. Destined to be destroyed in the name of progress, its proud heritage would be lost forever.

That is until two Air Force airborne engineers and an Army public affairs sergeant took it upon themselves to save this vital part of Afghan and Soviet aviation history.

Air Force Tech. Sergeants David Keeley and Raymond Ross, 1st Expeditionary Red Horse Group, along with Army Sgt. Tom Clark found the monument sitting in an area slated for demolition and reconstruction while they were surveying the area for a new compound that was going to be built for the Air Force. They decided that this was an important artifact and deserved to be saved.

“We were in the area looking at the old Soviet aircraft bunkers when we stumbled upon it,” said Keeley. “It was mixed in with old concertina wire and barriers.” {Click on image for photo details}

Italian Forces say 'arevaderche' in Dhi Qar

Iraqi Police Parade
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Multi-National Force – Iraq Press Release

CAMP UR, Iraq — With a flourish of his pen, Dhi Qar governor Aziz Kadum Alwan Al Ogheli officially took over governmental and security responsibility for Iraq’s southern Dhi Qar province from British and Italian forces in an elaborate ceremony at an Iraqi Army training base near Tallil Thursday.

“It is a great day,” Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki said. “It holds the message of the future handover of security control in all Iraq.”

Indeed, the handover was another milestone in the road to Iraqi self-reliance known as Provincial Iraqi Control, or PIC. It places full security responsibility with the Provincial Governor and his local Iraqi police force, which now numbers some 10,000. The governor also coordinates with national police and Iraqi Army forces, whose 10th Division, 3rd Brigade has two battalions in the region.

The handover marks the second of Iraq’s 18 provinces returned to local control. British forces transferred security responsibility for neighboring Muthana province in July. {Click on image for photo details}

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bush wisdom shows Dubya is no dummy Weekend Rant

Myths of 911
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By Frank Devine
HAVING been reasonably diligent about splashing around in the torrents of commentary that marked the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 air raids on New York and Washington, I employed a refreshed mind to conclude that the best commentary came from US President George W. Bush.

This includes his main 9/11 speech and comments made privately to a small group of conservative journalists. Who else gets invited to the best parties these days?
Bush's commentary was distinguished, I guess, because he had access to more information than other commentators and a larger audience, including many opponents and enemies keen to rip into him. He had to watch his step.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Chavez sees devils Freyas Rant

lil devil
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Hating George Bush is a luxury widely enjoyed by the Left.

Imagine, though, a world dominated instead by those who loathe him and his country most. I’m thinking, for instance, of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president and latest poster boy of the Die-Yankee-imperialist movement:

“Yesterday, the devil came here,” Mr. Chávez said, alluding to Mr. Bush’s appearance before the General Assembly on Tuesday. “Right here. Right here. And it smells of sulfur still today, this table that I am now standing in front of.”

Then Mr. Chávez made the sign of the cross, brought his hands together as if in prayer and glanced toward the ceiling.

Chavez has the ability to ruin Venezuala's economy and keep millions in poverty. That good feeling you have when he speaks? It's not from god :D

Thursday, September 21, 2006

As war crimes go this is less than jaywalking

jaywalking chicken
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By Piers Akerman
AUSTRALIAN defence chief Angus Houston and chief of the army Peter Leahy need to get out of Canberra.

Their over-the-top responses to a series of harmless home videos made by a bunch of young Australian soldiers and sailors would make an Anzac blush.

Air Chief Marshal Houston and Lieutenant-General Leahy came on like graduates from the Bob Brown university of political correctness and sensitivity training.
The over reaction to the videos had many parallels to Tom Sharpes Wilt character who was English Department Head at a TAFE. He was informed one of his staff had been caught filming himself having sex with a crocodile .. It later transpired, from careful questioning, that the communist staff member had been illustrating a point on capitalism on a rubber croc ..

I don’t know what Leahy and Houston were told when they were told. However, I know that the hyperventilating press can inflate the issue to get people killed, as happened when the Pope was verballed recently, or the comic affair, or post abu ghraib. Leahy and Houston may be laughed at for being overcritical, but no one will die if the press can’t inflate the issue. Imagine if they’d gone in conciliatory?

However, there is a credibility cost. Our rank and file know that come what may, they won’t be supported.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Communities Come Together to Celebrate New School in Lamu, Kenya

Kenya School
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By MCC(DV) Robert Palomares US Navy

LAMU, Kenya – An explosion of color and sound celebrated the dedication of the new Mokowe Secondary School, which was built in cooperation between the Kenyan government, the U.S. Embassy and the Civil Affairs Team, part of the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa.

Local residents, waving small American and Kenyan flags, erupted in traditional songs and dances, accompanied by drumming. Drummers used plastic containers, metal plates, as well as conventional drums.

Construction on the school was originally started in 1997 and was halted briefly because of the lack of funds. But the project was regenerated in 2003, when two classrooms were completed.

In 2004, CJTF-HOA’s Civil Affairs team accepted the school districts’ proposal to complete four classrooms, administration offices, two laboratory classrooms and toilets for students and teacher {Click on image for photo details}

Soldiers find, destroy unexploded ordnance

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By Army Staff Sgt Robert Ramón 345th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SHARONA, Afghanistan - U.S. Soldiers stationed here located and destroyed an unexploded mortar round near a residential area about five kilometers outside of Forward Operating Base Sharona on Sept. 11.

Afghan National Army soldiers secured the site and called on FOB Sharona to assist in removing the threat. Once notified, Soldiers at FOB Sharona wasted not time springing into action.

"We don't want innocent civilians, especially children, to get hurt so it's important that we get out there as quickly as possible," said Army 1st Lt. Gerard Torres, a platoon leader with the 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry, 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum , NY . "Also, if the enemy gets their hands on it, there's a possibility it could be used against civilians or us in the future." {Click on image for photo details}

Police, Marines provide more than security

Iraqi Police
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By Gunnery Sgt. Mark Oliva 1st Marine Division

GHARMAH — Iraqi Police in Gharman provide more than a safe community—they are also helping some of the area’s most needy children.

Gharmah’s Police force, along with U.S. Marine Police Transition Team members, recently pitched in to pass out clothes, school supplies and sports equipment to under-privileged youths in the city.

“I feel very happy to give to the children,” said Iraqi Lt. Col. Dalaf Rasheed, the police chief here. “These are my children. I like these children.”

Dalaf explained the clothing drive will continue to bond the Iraqi Police to the citizens they protect. {Click on image for photo details}

Measuring Iraq: progress and challenges

MNF Iraq
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Multi-National Force – Iraq Press Release

BAGHDAD — Gauging the progress of security, reconstruction and governance efforts in Iraq is a challenge unto itself, U.S. officials said Tuesday. While in Baghdad senior U.S., Iraqi and Coalition leaders discussed signs of improved security in the capital’s Adhamiyah district, in Washington Pentagon officials stressed the importance of recognizing that security conditions in Iraq vary widely by region.

On Sunday, the Baghdad provincial chairman, accompanied by the deputy chief of mission for the U.S. Embassy and the deputy commanding general for Multi-National Division – Baghdad, visited the recently cleared district of Adhamiyah for the first time since the start of Operation Together Forward to see the progress being made in securing Baghdad.

Mu'een Hameed Abd al-Majed, along with Amb. Daniel Speckhard and Brig. Gen. David Halverson, walked the streets of the district, talking to local residents about the need for essential services and improved security. {Click on image for photo details}

Bermel troops keep extremists at bay along eastern border region

FOB Bermel
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Combined Forces Command – Afghanistan Press Release

FORWARD OPERATING BASE BERMEL, Afghanistan – Spec. Jose Pantoja shows off the danger of his mission along the border region of eastern Afghanistan: a scar on his cheek from an enemy bullet. During one of the longest firefights his company has encountered – nearly four hours long – three others sustained gunshot wounds, and nearly everyone took minor wounds from rocket propelled grenade shrapnel.

“One of our guys actually got shot in his helmet,” Pantoja said. “It knocked him down, but he got up and kept fighting.”

Engaging in firefights is almost daily life for the Coalition troops at Forward Operating Base Bermel, most attached to Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division. They keep enemy extremists at bay in this district in the eastern part of the Paktika Province, allowing Bermel to progress with reconstruction projects and establish a firm government. {Click on image for photo details}

cannabis use linked to failed communities Wodensday Rant

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Cannabis is the latest blight to hit indigenous communities, with its thriving use being linked to increases in child sexual abuse, domestic violence and suicide. Cannabis hasn’t replaced other forms of drug abuse in remote black communities. Rather it’s being used alongside other drugs such alcohol, petrol for sniffing, amphetamines and kava. The cannabis trade is being driven by huge profits – a ‘pound’ (400-500g) of cannabis bought in Darwin for $4,000 can be sold at a profit of up to $21,000 in remote Aboriginal communities, easily justifying the cost of a charter flight to take in the illicit drug
I understood from idiot friends/users that cannabis had no side effects. I understood they threw money away on the stuff because they liked that it did nothing for them. These stats do nothing but reinforce the outdated stereo typed thinking that suggests drug use is bad.

Maybe drug use isn’t bad, but the cost of drug use is bad. Maybe, if President Iemma funnelled some money from his trough, they could buy drugs for everyone. Then we could save our money and everyone wins.

Or maybe Cannabis is illegal for a good reason and it is irresponsible for any adult to sanction its use.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Anti Israeli Activism Tuesdays Rant

Nadia Hasan has an article posted on the 'electronic intifada.' She claims not to be Muslim and to have no reason to wish to visit Palestine, other than to meet friends. She lives in Jordan. Her last name is Arabic. Her passport is from Chile.

Considering the work of al aqsa intifada with their random executions, kidnapping, torture and extortion, Ms Hasan has some friends. She tells the world little about her friends, or herself, other than the anti Israel message of being named Arabic and being turned back by Israel.

It isn't just fronts for terrorist activists that run an anti Israeli agenda. Respected left wing journals, such as the New York Times, Times of London and CNN are willing to run with terrorist propaganda. Any balanced news organisation, such as Fox, are blasted as being far right wing, which is greatly at odds with Fox's content.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Imams must counter terrorists' use of Islam Weekend Rant

Australian Imam
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The Howard government yesterday challenged the spiritual leaders of the nation’s Muslim community to reject terrorism.

In a firm address, Andrew Robb, Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, told a conference of Australian imams in Sydney that they had a responsibility to “quarantine Australia from the extremist elements who are tormenting the world, masquerading in the name of Islam’’.

Robb referred to similar conferences in Europe, and quoted approvingly from a communique by a conference of Austrian imams in April, 2005:

“In this situation, Muslims have the responsibility, even the obligation, to bring the focus again on the overwhelming majority of Muslims who, in living up to the teachings of their religion, stand for mutual respect and understanding and reject terrorism ...’’

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sold a Pup Freya Days Rant

Crying Baby
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It appears that the use of police sniffer dogs to screen people for drugs might be little more than an expensive public relations exercise. A NSW Ombudsman’s review has found the use of the dogs to be so ineffective it questions whether the program should be continued. It has also raised concerns that searches of people carried out on the basis of a positive indication of a sniffer dog could be illegal, given the low success rate of the dogs. The use of the sniffer dogs could be more about police and politicians wanting to be seen to be doing something about drugs, rather than actually tackling the problem.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Southern Cross Issues Thors Days Rant

Southern Cross
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THE ALP has a profoundly serious problem when a pledge to uphold the Australian freedoms of democracy, freedom and gender equality threatens to undermine the party’s values.

Yet NSW Labor MP Robert McClelland, the Opposition defence spokesman and former Opposition spokesman on homeland security who holds the southern Sydney seat of Barton, and Victorian Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou, whose Melbourne electorate of Calwell has a high Muslim population, are among a number of Labor MPs concerned about Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s support of just such a pledge.

McClelland believes there is a danger that this sort of statement might alienate or ostracise a section of the community - and no prize for guessing which section of the community he had in mind.

“We have to be very careful. The most likely course of a terrorist attack in Australian is from disgruntled youths who have been alienated from the broader community,’’ he said yesterday.

Now, which disgruntled youths are most likely to be involved in a terrorist attack here, or the UK, Spain, the US, Indonesia, Africa or Israel?

A pledge can be a good thing at a primary school, where children can come to discover issues of allegiance in a natural way.

For an adult, however, a pledge is more of an impost. Something to be ridiculed. Being asked to challenge an adult's ideals, an adult is likely to behaviourally oppose the pledge.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tasers Safer Than Guns Wodensdays Rant

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Taser stun guns are now in use in most Australian state and territory police forces, but the debate about their safety continues to rage around the world. In the United States, where the American Civil Liberties Union has been fighting a running battle with the stun gun’s manufacturers, two deaths have been linked to Tasers in the past two months. While in Britain a review of the use of Tasers published in the Journal of Clinical Forensic has recommended they be made more widely available to police.

Civil liberty groups would be upset by them. It's appropriate for police use, not personal use.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bali Prisoner Aid Tuesdays Rant

Crying Shame
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“My name is Scott Anthony Rush and since August 2005 I have been a resident at the Kerobokan prison in Bali. My experience here has been a unique one to say the least.”

That’s the way Scott Rush, one of the Bali nine who had his sentenced increased to death last week, welcomes you to his website. On the site, where you can read about his life and leave messages of support, he also appeals for financial aid through a trust fund. He needs the money, he says, to help pay for “rent, electricity, food, water, clothing and laundry, medical and dental services” as well as prison programs such as painting, sport and craft. Any funds raised supplement the $125 a month the Australian Government already provides for prisoners in Bali. So if Australian prisoners abroad are reduced to having to beg to survive, are we doing enough to financially support?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Debunking 9/11 Myths: Moonday's Rant

Myths of 911
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Fast becoming a best-seller in the US: Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts .

I’m not sure whether I’m glad it’s out or gloomy that a book with that title even needed to be written.

I feel it should be required reading for ALP and fairfax journalists.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Queensland loses election Weekend Rant

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Much of the credit the states claim for sound fiscal management is illusory. I understand that when the GST was put in place, it was thought the states would face a shortfall for the first few years, as certain taxes were removed while GST came into effect. However, I understand that revenues exceeded expectation by $80 billion. The states have had an $80 billion windfall and have porkbarrelled it, leaving no new infrastructure.

In NSW, the ALP have stripped services, like education, health, policing and transport. They have spent the money badly, and now have no extra income and are even willing to ask the federal government for campaign funding from selling the Snowy.

In NSW, new legislation means that a public servant can be procedurally dismissed for no reason. A code of discipline may be deemed to have been breached in the past.

Instead of learning from the failures of Queensland health, NSW has apparent licence to attack whistleblowers who raise community awareness of wrongful death or pedophilia.
I won't dispute your Victorian insight to Liberal failings. I note in NSW, in the past, there has been jockeying for position, rather than working for power. The Queensland experience with attempted unification of the coalition partners made sence under a future view, but nonsence in current terms.

With so few sitting members, Liberals may look like their talent cabinet is bare. However, ALP have many more members and yet less talent.

Had the coalition won in Queensland, Queensland would have been in better hands. The major failing of Queensland coalition is that they failed to sieze initiative in the short campaign. Bailleau should note, the electorate don't need ALP policy, but a confident conservative agenda will provide a compelling case for change.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Proposed Brit Nurse Uniform. Freya Day's Rant

Brit Nurse
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It allows one to use their imagination. Used in both cold and hot climates. Reflects cultural values.

I wonder if security passes will be accompanied by a photo ..

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Iraqi Medics Ready for Service

Iraqi Medics
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By Cpl. Antonio Rosas 1st Marine Division

CAMP AL QA’IM, Iraq — When Iraqi Soldiers and Policemen here are wounded in combat, they used to rely on U.S. service members to patch up their wounds. Not any longer.

Twenty Iraqi Soldiers and Police officers serving near the Iraqi-Syrian border graduated from a combat medical course earlier this month, enabling them to now provide their own emergency care.

The five-week course taught by Coalition forces at the Iraqi camp here will allow wounded Iraqi Soldiers and Policemen to receive medical care from their own staff, lessening their dependency on U.S. medical personnel. The graduation marks another step for the Iraqi military to become a self-sustaining force.

The five-week course taught by Coalition forces at the Iraqi camp here will allow wounded Iraqi Soldiers and Policemen to receive medical care from their own staff, lessening their dependency on U.S. medical personnel. The graduation marks another step for the Iraqi military to become a self-sustaining force.

4th CSH Continues Lifesaving Measures

Combat Support Hospital
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By Staff Sgt. Mark Watson 129th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — While patients teeter between life and death, the Soldiers of the 14th Combat Support Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit fight to keep them alive.

Deployed to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, the dedicated Army nurses of the Fort Benning, Ga.,-based ICU care for a wide variety of patients.

“The ICU here at Bagram is the main ICU for Afghanistan,” said Sgt. Josue Contreras, a licensed practical nurse from Chicago, Ill. “We take care of anyone from local nationals, Afghan police, Afghan National Army, Afghan special forces, coalition and contract personnel.”

The variety of medical problems that the nurses treat is as eclectic as the people.

“We (treat) anything from medical problems to surgical issues to trauma injuries of any kind, from someone stepping on a landmine, IEDs, gunshot wounds, burns, you name it,” Contreras said.

Medics race time to save a local girl

Race to Save
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By Cpl. Antonio Rosas 1st Marine Division
CAMP AL QA'IM, Iraq — For a 12-year-old Iraqi girl in need of a kidney and liver transplant, time is the enemy. Her friends are a team of U.S. Marines and Sailors who have applied their medical skills to help the keep the girl alive.

Hadael Hamade is in desperate need of surgery, say U.S. Navy physicians who have treated her in recent months.

The girl first befriended Marines from 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, months ago when the Marines were on patrol in Karabilah - a city of about 30,000 near the Iraq-Syria border.

“When we first saw Hadael several months ago, she was walking,” said Navy Lt. Mark D. Rasmussen, an anesthesiologist with the surgical suite here. “Now she can’t move much. The Marines needed to carry her from her house to the Humvee, and from the Humvee to the surgical suite here.”

Iraq's Newest Officers Emerge

Officer Cadet
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BAGHDAD — Over 100 Iraqi Army officer cadets graduated from the Iraqi Military Academy, Al Rustamiyah, near Baghdad, in a ceremony which had more than a hint of Britishness to it.

The UK is the lead nation for the NATO assistance provided to the Iraqi Military Academy, known to those who train and work there as IMAR.

An Iraqi commander, Brig. Imad Mohammed reflected the pride he felt in his men on the occasion.

“What they get here in 12 months turns them from nervous young men into confident leaders who have learned to work as a team and face uncertainty with courage and determination,” the commander said.

The cadets expressed similar sentiments. When asked if they had enjoyed their time, or perhaps what the best parts of the course were, the students were unanimous in their view.

Dustoff Crews Bring Mercy From Above

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By Sgt. Eric Jensen 129th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — Spc. Gary Scott stands on the sun-drenched flight line with three Blackhawk helicopters resting behind him. “What do you like most about your deployment?” he is asked. A voice bursts through the radio strapped to his waist. “Medevac, medevac, medevac,” it announces.

Scott smiles and says, “Well…the missions. I gotta go! The crew chief for the 159th Medical Company (Air Ambulance) bounds off to the aircraft with the rest of his flight crew to provide aid to people in need.

Soldiers of the 159th have been deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom for more than six months now. During that time, they have conducted 500 missions helping save the lives of U.S. service members, coalition soldiers and the Afghan people. The motto “Anyone, anywhere, anytime”, which can be read on the unit’s recreation room, explains the unit’s mindset.

Naomi Robson Grieving Steve Irwin. Thor's Days Rant

Naomi Robson
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Apparently this homage to Steve Irwin didn’t go down too well.

And in a rare victory for the Nine network, viewers appeared to switch stations with rival Nine network’s A Current Affair last night overtaking Today Tonight in the official viewer ratings.,22049,20363581-500...

Ms Robson is pretty, but not attractive.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Muslim State Invades Muslim State. Israel Blamed. Wodensday Rant

Ambulance Hoax
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The picture shows a rusted ambulance that were used to hoax the world press to oppose Israel. It worked. One of the dead victims is walking around ..

Now that a ceasefire in Lebanon has been agreed there will, no doubt, be numerous inquests and questions asked about the month-long Lebanon war. So here's some we would like to ask.

Which country invaded its neighbour in mid-2006 in order to, as they put it, “crush” Islamists threatening regional stability?

Which country killed an estimated 500 people in a week when its artillery began bombarding its long-time guerrilla enemy in late July 2006, causing mass displacement and suffering?

If you think the answer is Israel, you guessed wrong.

On 19th July Ethiopia sent 5,000 troops into Somalia to suppress Islamists who had not even fired one rocket at it, or kidnapped or killed any of its soldiers.

The artillery barrage came from the Sri Lankan army, which continues to pound civilian areas held by the Tamil Tigers. Just a couple of weeks ago, an estimated 50 children were killed when their orphanage was bombed by Sri Lankan warplanes.

So how come our politicians completely ignore these crises and instead choose to focus solely on Israel's campaign in Lebanon?


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

steve irwin had survived media assault Tuesday Rant

steve irwin
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Steve Irwin, conservationist, made the decision to endorse Liberal policy as regards his work .. and was savaged for it. An earlier CNN posting from '04 lists ALP identities who lined up to criticise him. Many in the conservation industry would never endorse conservative policy. Then Steve involved his young son in a show.

The visciousness of the personal attacks would have stopped others.

Et tu stingray?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Thank You, Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin
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Crocodile Hunter, dead at 44.

A freak stingray accident during filming of a documentary intended to demistify stingray.

A lovely man, who led a beautiful life. Vite e belle.

Irwin was generous, and if he had the opportunity to look back on his life, may well be satisfied at the time he got with his wife and family, and the work he loved.

Abu Humam Moonday's Rant

Abu Humam
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Al Qaeda's no 2 in Iraq. This creature, whom others call Muslim, is responsible for, among other things, killing Muslims and blowing up Mosques.

BBC describe him as an insurgent. Australian Islamic leaders never condemned him or his actions.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Scales of Justice: A Weekend Rant

Scales of Justice
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A mother loses her son, and his killer gets a suspended sentence. A friend commits murder when drunk. Youth culture often promotes drunkeness. Can't blame drink. Can't blame justice. Can't blame the victim and can't blame the drunk.

What constitutes an accident?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Afghan Cultural Contribution to Australia. Freya Day's Rant

Alice Mayor
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The Afghan Ambassador (left) meets the mayor of Alice Springs, Fran Kilgariff, and Eric Sultan, a descendant of Australia’s Afghan camel drivers.

While philosophically, there is no such thing as a multiculture, one is either of one culture or another, there is a blending of cultures, where a child is from neither parent's culture and isn't local either.

What few people in this argument get is that the individual does not matter, even though it is a longstanding fad to pretend they do. An individual is not representative of culture, but a part of it. Those that feel that there needs to be assimilation feel cheered by the rise of Islamo-Fascism, but they are really just using another excuse. Pauline wasn't wrong because she was stupid, because if she had been smart, she'd still be wrong. Australia is the great nation it is because we don't fit in. Because we can be loyal to those who aren't carbon copies, but who share commonalities not always present overseas. Australia is not the mother or father, but the sons and daughters. That is where this great photo fits into the Australian legend. It isn't about Afghan culture, but Australia, and Afghan contributions to Australia, for which the world is a better place.