Sunday, September 10, 2006

Queensland loses election Weekend Rant

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Much of the credit the states claim for sound fiscal management is illusory. I understand that when the GST was put in place, it was thought the states would face a shortfall for the first few years, as certain taxes were removed while GST came into effect. However, I understand that revenues exceeded expectation by $80 billion. The states have had an $80 billion windfall and have porkbarrelled it, leaving no new infrastructure.

In NSW, the ALP have stripped services, like education, health, policing and transport. They have spent the money badly, and now have no extra income and are even willing to ask the federal government for campaign funding from selling the Snowy.

In NSW, new legislation means that a public servant can be procedurally dismissed for no reason. A code of discipline may be deemed to have been breached in the past.

Instead of learning from the failures of Queensland health, NSW has apparent licence to attack whistleblowers who raise community awareness of wrongful death or pedophilia.
I won't dispute your Victorian insight to Liberal failings. I note in NSW, in the past, there has been jockeying for position, rather than working for power. The Queensland experience with attempted unification of the coalition partners made sence under a future view, but nonsence in current terms.

With so few sitting members, Liberals may look like their talent cabinet is bare. However, ALP have many more members and yet less talent.

Had the coalition won in Queensland, Queensland would have been in better hands. The major failing of Queensland coalition is that they failed to sieze initiative in the short campaign. Bailleau should note, the electorate don't need ALP policy, but a confident conservative agenda will provide a compelling case for change.
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