Friday, September 29, 2006

Muslim Terrorism

Keysar Trad
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Multiculturalism, for me, is contentious as it is philosphically impossible. An individual is either from a culture or they aren't. A multiculture does not exist, except as a linguistic construct.

However, I dont think this debate is about multiculturalism, a slogan, so much as cultural pluralism, an ideal. I think this debate is also not about religious practise, so much, as secular extremism. I think you are correct to observe that Christians are not behaving as these extremists are, however, Muslims don't behave as these extremists do either. But Islamist clerics endorse these extremists, and although they are wrong to do so, their endorsement goes unchallenged by the supposed majority.

Christians do have similar expressions as Islamist terrorists. One example is the IRA. Other examples may include aspects of UDF, Middles East Christians, Indonesian Christians and some groups around former Yugoslavia or many other places in Africa, South America or Asia. But, with the exception of the IRA, Christians rarely are endorsed for terrorist activity.

I'm not Muslim. I question the right of anyone to call themselves Muslim who maintain the extremist position.
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