Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Anti Israeli Activism Tuesdays Rant

Nadia Hasan has an article posted on the 'electronic intifada.' She claims not to be Muslim and to have no reason to wish to visit Palestine, other than to meet friends. She lives in Jordan. Her last name is Arabic. Her passport is from Chile.

Considering the work of al aqsa intifada with their random executions, kidnapping, torture and extortion, Ms Hasan has some friends. She tells the world little about her friends, or herself, other than the anti Israel message of being named Arabic and being turned back by Israel.

It isn't just fronts for terrorist activists that run an anti Israeli agenda. Respected left wing journals, such as the New York Times, Times of London and CNN are willing to run with terrorist propaganda. Any balanced news organisation, such as Fox, are blasted as being far right wing, which is greatly at odds with Fox's content.
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