Friday, September 01, 2006

Afghan Cultural Contribution to Australia. Freya Day's Rant

Alice Mayor
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel.
The Afghan Ambassador (left) meets the mayor of Alice Springs, Fran Kilgariff, and Eric Sultan, a descendant of Australia’s Afghan camel drivers.

While philosophically, there is no such thing as a multiculture, one is either of one culture or another, there is a blending of cultures, where a child is from neither parent's culture and isn't local either.

What few people in this argument get is that the individual does not matter, even though it is a longstanding fad to pretend they do. An individual is not representative of culture, but a part of it. Those that feel that there needs to be assimilation feel cheered by the rise of Islamo-Fascism, but they are really just using another excuse. Pauline wasn't wrong because she was stupid, because if she had been smart, she'd still be wrong. Australia is the great nation it is because we don't fit in. Because we can be loyal to those who aren't carbon copies, but who share commonalities not always present overseas. Australia is not the mother or father, but the sons and daughters. That is where this great photo fits into the Australian legend. It isn't about Afghan culture, but Australia, and Afghan contributions to Australia, for which the world is a better place.
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