Thursday, September 21, 2006

As war crimes go this is less than jaywalking

jaywalking chicken
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By Piers Akerman
AUSTRALIAN defence chief Angus Houston and chief of the army Peter Leahy need to get out of Canberra.

Their over-the-top responses to a series of harmless home videos made by a bunch of young Australian soldiers and sailors would make an Anzac blush.

Air Chief Marshal Houston and Lieutenant-General Leahy came on like graduates from the Bob Brown university of political correctness and sensitivity training.
The over reaction to the videos had many parallels to Tom Sharpes Wilt character who was English Department Head at a TAFE. He was informed one of his staff had been caught filming himself having sex with a crocodile .. It later transpired, from careful questioning, that the communist staff member had been illustrating a point on capitalism on a rubber croc ..

I don’t know what Leahy and Houston were told when they were told. However, I know that the hyperventilating press can inflate the issue to get people killed, as happened when the Pope was verballed recently, or the comic affair, or post abu ghraib. Leahy and Houston may be laughed at for being overcritical, but no one will die if the press can’t inflate the issue. Imagine if they’d gone in conciliatory?

However, there is a credibility cost. Our rank and file know that come what may, they won’t be supported.
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