Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another Sharia post

Please post it elsewhere
Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this post but I really feel that it is something that we will be seeing more of in the future. I don't want this to be an incendiary piece of material but more for awareness.
The more Muslims immigrate to Western countries, the more clitordectomies will...
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  • Philip Brailey Very non Australian. Bring it up so we can all try and put them behind bars.
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  • Bronwyn Robertson For a very, very long time.
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  • Ken Ferguson Barbaric practice
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  • Steve Heatherill Horrible thing to do how could anyone hurt there kids like that and say it's for there own good makes me feel sick
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  • Diane Power Absolute Barbarians
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  • Larry Anderson Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg! Clitoridectomy - just another fancy word for MUTILATION!
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  • Bronwyn Robertson How many generations will it take for this barbaric practice to stop!
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  • Bronwyn Robertson I expect it will not cease anytime soon because this would be a hot potato for any politician to comment/so anything about issue. I know their are laws here in Australia for this but are they severe enough to stop it? hot potato!
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  • Philip Thompson Much more of this barbaric behaviour will come to light soon I fear. So which heroic greens will stand up for these poor little girls. Where are you Christine & Sarah. Nowhere to be heard or seen. You jackals
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  • Bronwyn Robertson I think heroic and greens in the same sentence doesn't work! It isn't green enough - ghastly people (the greens)
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  • Ian Sutton Gee Philip I haven't even heard a whisper Might be these are some of the 50,000 boat people the greens allowed into our country ?
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  • Nathan Thomas The average person is worrying about a slight increase in taxes and what not, whilst like a 'thief in the night' this abominable practice is happening in our supposed 1st world country! Very disturbing and completley unacceptable! 
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  • Sanjay Singh very very disturbing....the courts must set the right precedence. This should carry maximum sentences without any leniency!!
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  • Rod Prendergast Well Bronwyn Robertson I didn't know how offended this made you. How extremely important when the swear words make you cringe?#bizarre
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  • Mary Debono This barbaric practice has been carried for centuries. It is very prevalent in Africa as well as the Middle East. It is too ingrained into their culture and because they are a cruel evil cult they won't stop it. But we can send them a stern message that they will suffer dire consequences when they are caught doing this in our western countries.
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  • Rod Prendergast It happens in East London love. No one blinks an eye lid.
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  • Joanne Suseto Exactly Philip ...... If they spoke up about it they would be 'offending' all their 'imports' and they couldn't have that could they!
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  • Danii Harrison I don't understand why they call it 'the religion of peace' I have literally never heard anything good about it.. Hmm
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  • Nathan Thomas Rod, I hope we can learn from the deliberate/deluded works of Tony B'liar's traitorous immigration policies. All Blair has done is destroy the character of a nation. Now he claims that this is a problem but reluctant to admit to be the instigator...  I'm hearing echos of the labor party and their denial here as well.
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  • Larry Anderson Rod, the POMs have sold their souls to the devil - we don't want that to happen here, so I really don't care what the POMs do or tolerate!
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  • Robyn Jean Another day. Another story about this sick horrible Islamic religion. 
    But then up pops a spokesman who tries to explain it all away with a few platitudes about what a peaceful loving people Muslims are. And how we are all racially prejudiced against them.
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  • Rod Prendergast Yes Nathan Thomas and Larry Anderson I spent the last 10 years there. Watch this space. ... #porkdodgers #fuckinghopeless
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  • Scott Abela Its been going on for years, it is more widespread than people know... and yes we will be seeing more of it, but no more of the Feminists, Gillards, Emily's Listers, Sarah Hansen Young and Lee Rhiannon of the Greens, none of those listed give a shit about these women and girls...
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  • Chris Bailey Apart from making me furious beyond words, This just makes me cry
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  • Nathan Thomas Indeed Robyn!!
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  • Diane Johnson This has been going on for quite some time here in Australia. I want to know where are all the usual protesters and feminists etc? I don't give a rat's if it is just a little bit or the full thing. NO little girl or woman needs to have anything done to her genitals. I also get pissed off when it is compared to male circumcision..... nothing to do with it. Can't compare apples to oranges. It has to be stopped and it is going to take a lot of education and a lot of honest people and a lot of courage for the women in these families/cultures to speak up.
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  • Robyn Jean Diane I agree with you but these atrocities are being inflicted on these little girls by the women in their families. It is a generational concept. And is occurring in little villages and towns all over the Middle East and Africa.We can only deal with it as it has been dealt with here. Put those involved in prison and remove the child from the family. 
    We can't fix the whole world but we can do something about it if it happens here.
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  • Anne-Maree Wheeler I've seen this before and it is, indeed horrendous! Your right, people need to be aware that this is going on in Australia covertly, as we speak.
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  • Anne van Vloten I believe it is cruel and does affect the woman when she is forced to marry ..
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  • Stephanie Alderman When are people who are coming to live in our Country going live the Australian way. My ancestors came here in 1940s and they all had to be able to speak English and be able to write. An Convict even went on to be Mayor of
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  • Lorraine Allen Hider It is truly disgusting. I posted a graphic post of a little girl being mutilated via pliers & a soldering iron earlier today, however, it was removed by Admin. Obviously too graphic for our pure Aussie eyes, I'm so pleased you're post has lasted Bronwyn.
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  • Clive Stephen Young Don't apologise Bronwyn, it must be shouted from the roof tops. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.
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  • Philip Thompson Tony Blair. Should be tried for treason. This halfwit has quite successfully destroyed Britain and C.Milne & S.H.Y. Will do the same to our country if they are allowed.
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  • Clive Stephen Young I totally agree Phillip Thompson. It is no longer the time to be complacent or sit on the sidelines. Islam is here to take Australia from us if we but relax. They see our political correctness, stupidity & weakness. They are acutely aware of this & will skilfully exploit it as they have done else where.