Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dumb anti Islam post that was deleted

By Gerald's Spirit.
They're not happy in Gaza ..
They're not happy in Egypt ..
They're not happy in Libya ..
They're not happy in Morocco ..
They're not happy in Iran ..
They're not happy in Iraq ..
They're not happy in Yemen ..
They're not happy in Afghanistan ..
They're not happy in Pakistan ..
They're not happy in Syria ..
They're not happy in Lebanon ..
They're happy in Australia ..
They're happy in Canada..
They're happy in England ..
They're happy in France ..
They're happy in Italy ..
They're happy in Germany ..
They're happy in Sweden ..
They're happy in the USA ..
They're happy in Norway ..
They're happy in Holland ..
They're happy in Denmark ..
Basically, they're happy in every country that is not Muslim and unhappy in every country that is!
Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.
And then they want to change those countries to be like the country they came from where they were unhappy!
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  • Susanne Marie And the result will be obvious
  • Rosemary Woodstock Hilarious
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  • Scott Abela Islam, religion or rape, hate and war....
  • Helen Prestwood Islam is not a religion it is a cult
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  • Darren O'Connell But Muslims are very happy here!
  • Laura Morley Haha. Well said.
  • Chirag Parikh Happy in India.
  • Robert Coats Happy anywhere offering welfare
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  • Bert Bolding I want to share this. How ?
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  • Lorenzo Bertoia Do you believe that this is the second time I have posted this? FB took it off after one friend complained. She didn't take my advice of just hiding the post if she didn't like seeing it.
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  • Shane Tesoriero I had to take a photo to share this
  • Bert Bolding That's a plan. 
  • Tony Fernandes They have been proven to be the Most Ungrateful Lot. They bit the hand that feeds them and offers them shelter and freefom.
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  • Christopher Taylor I don't think there all bad and I've seen a lot. But I do agree 100% 
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  • Steve Cannon Don't import more shit, we already have enough.
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  • Raza Conrad Imagine the world without the cult thats taking everything for granted. ..would b ao much better and no wars...
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  • Reza Mel Well said.
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  • Brett Kimber Ask the question, are Christian people happy in all places? Yep they are no problems
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  • Emon Taihuttu Hahaha true...
  • Margaret Jorgensen Helen Prestwood Islam is a religion but the spin offs like Jihad and other Islamic extremists are a cult ..... I have been working in the United Arab Emirates for 8 years and am very grateful to the government here for my opportunities. No hand outs here just hard work by both local people and expatriates. The Australian government is too politically correct with all their nonsense. About time they got tough..... And sent those who don't appreciate back where they or their parents come from ! That's what the government do here if you don't respect the law.
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  • Julia Peterson Margaret Jorganson, have you been brainwashed?
    The Arabs have no time for any outsiders. I have been there and seen the way they treat people who are not LOCAL.
    Will never go back there!!
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  • Margaret Jorgensen My dear Julia Peterson You have BEEN THERE!!!!!!! Like anyone who is ignorant of facts! How long were you here for and who did you meet and where did you go ! May I suggest you come back and you stay and I will show you real Islam and real Islamic people. Better still with that attitude better you stay home. Do we say all Australians are naive and ignorant - no! The rubbish Australia allows in is just that ... Rubbish.
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  • Ann Delohery So true
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  • Rod Walsh I cannot believe the Australia government keeps letting these Muslims in to Australia .cant they see what is happening in England and France, we need to grow some balls and put a stop to this bullshit
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  • Susanne Marie My parents were BORN and raised there. They will not tolerate Europeans which was what my parents are. Some of the stories my parents tell of the way they were treated was vile. Consider yourself very fortunate if you are well treated.
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  • Darryl Holm Brilliant piece
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  • Jenny Bryce well said, and so TRUE.
  • Rosemary Pendlebury Brilliant! They won't be happy with this either!
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  • Ray Tribe Exactly
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  • Susanne Marie Dad often speaks of how blessed they felt to be able come here. There were no freebies and had to work hard but very worth it. Their English is Excelllant and are valued members of the community. And where they live is very white Anglo Saxon.
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  • Geoff Clarke I heard in 20 - 30 years there will be enough muslims here (given their high birth rate compared to ours) to decide the outcome of an election..and yes, most will vote Labor! and Labor will pander to their every whim - even Sharia law!
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  • Maree Bolton Western countries of course the countries they so "hate" funny that and Rod you are so right. If the recent abduction of those Christian school girls is not a wakeup call as to what these idiots are about hiding behind religious bullshit than what is?
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  • Maree Bolton You are right Geoff and of course Sarah Hanson Young will be PM by then as they will vote for her for sure be interesting to see what she thinks about Sharia then?
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  • Elizabeth Mutia North Yeh ! And the Green Party goes on their side just to get their vote not in principles dirty politician.
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  • Belinda Daniels I doubt they'd vote for a woman, they won't stand for a female magistrate
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  • Susanne Marie Apparently women aren't allowed to exist so there won't be any around to vote for.
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  • Joseph Stagliano These is precisely my thoughts for years now but one country is missing ! Shangri-La ! And 72 vestal virgins un educated of cause !! Wtf!!!!
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  • Susanne Marie And who's to say they're all female?
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  • Joseph Stagliano Susane i stand to be corrected !!
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  • Dominic Sequeira These DOG FAECES , want to Islamise the world by bringing their misery , mayhem and murder and they label us as Infidels .. They can all go to HELL
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  • John-Thelma Cochrane And Satan is alive and well on planet earth. He is going to and fro on the earth, and walking up and down in it. He is as a roaring lion going about seeking whom he may devour. He desires to have us that he may sift us as wheat. He has got the muslims right where he wants them. He's got their souls, so they can infiltrate this planet under the intructions of Satan, with their diabolical, evil satanic influence and activities. Satan is a defeated foe, defeated by Christ and is on his way to the lake of fire in eternity, so he is not happy, just like his underdogs, the muslims.. His ambition is, through his followers the muslims, is to violate the righteousness of God, and take as many people to hell with him as he can by influencing the choices that ungodly people take to follow him..
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  • Robert Coats It's the complete package of lunacy. The greens rant and rave about sexism. They label people like our pm as a sexist a statement that would tase sour in any reasonable persons mouth. Yet they stand up for Islam. They stand for a religion with a horrid attitude towards woman. Abhorrent and evil treating woman worse then cattle, imposing strict limitations and severe punishments for the slightest imagined divergence. Hell the leaders of Islam in Australia have said the truth of what they think when they refered to woman as uncovered meat blaming rape victims for luring young Islamic men. Turning the whole situation on its head. Then they say anyone who opposes such horrible atrocities is a bigot and rascit. How you can call anti-Islamic views rascits is beyond me. Islam is an ideology made of up of Arabs Africans Asians and ayrans. So it's not a race. But hey rascits sounds scary so that's what the greens scream.
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  • Helen Prestwood I hope I'm here in 20 years Geoff Clarke I will fight for my country till my last breath. If I'm a racist fighting for what I believe in don't care Islam is a cult not a religion and I don't care what anyone says .
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  • Geoff Clarke Helen - Spot on...& if I'm still around & fit enough I'll fight them to the death too! ..There's no way known I would ever live under any form of that filthy pagan 'cult' & would never bow down to ANY muslim! ...I would behead any that were captured, including their women & children!! Sorry...I'll get off my soapbox!
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  • Dominic Sequeira Amen: I say to you,Ms Prestwood....
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  • Belinda Daniels Hope with all my heart it doesn't happen I'll worry for our grandchildren. We have an army, navy and air force I think we'll be ok.
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  • John-Thelma Cochrane Lets get right into the guts of the muslims destiny and ultimate peril. Many agree that islam is corrupt, therefore unrighteous, right? What does the mind of God say about them? No you not, that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God? All righteousness comes from God.. Salt is good, godliness and righteousness is like good salt. Good people are the salt of the earth. If salt has lost it's saltiness, wherewith shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for the land, nor the dunghill; but men cast it out. Referring to muslims as dog faeces is appropriate, but an understatement, they are not even fit for the dunghill. Muslims are akin to the Scribes and Pharisees. Unless their righteousness exceed the righteouness of the Scribes and Phariseers, they shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. They will walk hand in hand into hell with the beast and the false prophet. And the smoke of their torment assendeth up for ever and ever: And they have no rest day or night. God says, I will laugh at their calamity, I will mock when their fear cometh...
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  • Diane Johnson Geoff is called jihad by stealth. they have a plan and part of it is to breed their population. We are already seeing islamic politicians and parties. They will NOT vote labor. They will vote for their islamic independents or by then full on islamic parties. As for the person who loves living in saudi arabia......yeah right lady. Go and speak about Jesus to a muslim.... a person is NOT permitted to own a Bible...AT ALL. There are religious police masquerading as normal workers just waiting to hear something to get you put in jail. A man is NOT allowed to give his wife a kiss in public. Yes, I know a person who had to live there for over 3 years when he was contracted to the Air Force training people. He has told me so many things about his time there...The Sth East Asians who go there to work end up enslaved and treated worse than animals. I suggest Margaret Jorgensen goes to see someone to help her overcome her brainwashing....aka...STOCKHOLME SYNDROME. I await her reply to let us all know how she can walk around wearing a cross around her neck, or tell us that you can wear a Christian type TShirt.....what about the man who got arrested and thrown into prison because he had a TShirt supporting Breast Cancer awareness....some muslim took offence at that.
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  • Geoff Clarke Dianne - Yes u are right..I've heard similar stories ...the real enemy at the moment are the Greens & the Left in general but they will vote for their own when they have the numbers's getting that way in the UK already!
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  • Andrew Dawson There happy collecting welfare in Australia
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  • Geoff Clarke John-Thelma - Know what you're saying but the war between Arabs & Jews/Christians u can trace back to the old testament in Genesis (don't have a bible handy) to Abraham whose wife Sarah was barren so she got Abraham to lay with her mid-wife Hagar (a dark Canaanite woman) who bore a son, Ishmael (he became the father of the Arab race) but u will read that an Angel came to Sarah & told her she would become pregnant (even though she was elderly & barren) and give birth to a son who would be named Isaac & become the Father of many nations ...after his birth Sarah drove Hagar & Ishmael away & they became a desert dwelling people - Isaac received the Birthright blessing that his decendants would dominate the Earth but the Ishmaelites (Arabs) would also be a great people..the muslims believe that because Ishmael was the First-born the Birthright is really was prophesied that Ishmael would always be in conflict with his brother Isaac whom the Israelites (jews & Christians) desended from ...the Koran is just an Arabic version of the old testament which I believe is full of bullshit!
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  • Margaret Howe We know. Build a bridge so they can go HOME.
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  • Diane Johnson Boko Haram and other terrorist organisations of that ilk are 12th Century. So inbred and brainwashed. Downright bloody terrifying. It is the modern islamists that we ought to be very afraid of...the modern day CELLS. If only decent muslims would stand up and decry all the rubbish and lay claim to having no part in the radicals.... I as a Christian, will decry Westboro Baptist Church...Fred Phelps,and any other looney tunes so called Christian who bring a bad reputation upon us all. The pedophilia in the Catholic Church, The Salvation Army, The Boy Scouts, the School Principals, the celebrities There are good and bad in all is being able to discern who is good and who isn't is the tricky part. I have made learning about islam almost my full time job...sort of....since 1998. My point is, I still don't hold much sway in the muslim apologists who every time their is something negative on TV about islam, they are trotted out to sing islams praises.
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  • Geoff Clarke No, we never a hear squawk out of these so-called moderate muslims - even their whinging sook spin-doctor Keysar Trad is rarely seen - you can apologise for the evils in Christian churches but you will never hear the same from muslims ...why the fuck would you want to study Islam? It's just a backward cult - I won't even keep a copy of the Koran in the house's more boring that Hitlers Mein Kampf - the bits I have read preach nothing but war & hate - a perverted version of the old testament
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  • Tony Fernandes There are many moderate good Muslim in this world who seem to be peace loving but I am appalled to note that none of them come out and denounce the atrocious acts carried out by their extremist brethren. On the contrary, they seem to play the victim card. It is about they stand up denounce the actions. Otherwise they will prove my hunch, if push comes to shove, which side these, so called moderate will take.
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  • Diane Johnson Geoff....not getting...already gotten that way.
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  • Jeremy Bowen I have tried to read both the koran and Mein Kampf. 
    Like Geoff Clark said they both preach hate and intolerance. 
    On the upside they are both the best cures for insomnia I have found. 
    Incredibly boring long winded tripe.
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  • Geoff Clarke Dianne - your probably right...we haven't got to their stage yet but we're getting there!
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  • Geoff Clarke Jeremy - It took me 6 months to read Mein Kampf! insufferable!
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  • Diane Johnson Geoff..... I make it my business to learn about islam no matter how abhorrent I find it all. How am I supposed to have conversations....debate situations....give my opinion if it is not an informed one? I will not talk about what I don't know about. Which brings me to Sarah HY...I despise the woman. C Milne just irritates me no end.... HOWEVER, even though SHY has her own agenda in the illegal asylum seekers in PNG, I am glad she is bleating on about it all as it is highlighting the plight of the West Papuans fight for freedom from the oppressive tyranny of the Indonesian Army who rigged the elections for control when the people were suppose to have their freedom and succession from the Dutch rule. I support their fight for freedom. Australia is in a really tight place here, because of America. We are all tied up in the ANZUS Treaty. We need that re-written then Abbott can tell Obama to take a flying leap.
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  • Diane Johnson When the muslim population is just under 1%....they are all nice. then when it gets a bit more, they become more noticeable and start making noises then when it gets to around 1.5%, they start agitating for special rights and concessions on all different things. onwards to 2%, the radicals don't need to keep quiet anymore and you see the likes of Conlon squawking about sharia for Australia, and that sicko Choudary in UK, going on about how Australia will be under sharia law by 2015-2020 whether we like it or not. we have had sheik hileli going on about our women = cat's meat etc. We are actually behind America in percentage....only because of the vast difference in population, so we are in more danger of being islamised before them. Besides, they still have their firearms, we don't. UK, have gone down the sewer....there are total NO GO ZONES for non muslims, and enclaves where the Police are....not allowed to go.... figure that one out.
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  • Jeremy Bowen Geoff yep me too. Seriously, Dolf baby had some major tickets on himself. 
    When I finnish end it I couldn't help wondering why the f I put myself through such mind bending crap !
    Then I had a crack at the koran. Groan. 
    Something that has tickled me lately though. 
    The religion of peace and harmony and the only ones to a serious crack at the Muslims in Burma. 
    And guess what, the maggots are trying to come here as refugees. 
    Send them back to Burma for some more Buddhist love 
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  • Geoff Clarke Well Dianne - u know your stuff...not arguing I'm agreeing with u...and your passionate about it, that's why I like this Group so much..alot of very informed people on here...Australia was in cahoots with Indonesia over West Papua no doubt about that...we have blood on our hands! not sure about ANZUS though...we need the US as our Ally but I'd like us to be able to act more independantly of it though...hate Obama's guts!
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  • Geoff Clarke Jeremy - I could never read that cunt of a book again..I heard hardly anyone in Nazi Germany did either! ...I honestly had no idea about the Buddhists in Burma...I'm feeling very uninformed at the moment! I've learn't more on here than reading the paper!!
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  • Diane Johnson We can still be allied with America....just we will have more say in what we do and what we WONT get involved with as far as world conflicts are concerned, Also, do not think America will ever come to help us out if Indonesia ever decided to turn nasty on us.....It will never happen. America is playing too many fiddles....
  • Geoff Clarke The yanks get more out of the Treaty than we do's more like 'what use are we to them?' I honestly think we could defeat Indonesia on our own anyway - in a full on war (air & sea) I'd rate Indonesia's military capacity at about 6 hours ...they could NEVER actually invade us, they could never get enough troops here in time...Japan will be our main future enemy! Believe it or not!
  • Jeremy Bowen It cracks me up Geoff that we have just decommissioned our F111's. 
    We bought those under similar circumstances to the latest purchase of the new Fighter jet the armchair experts are bagging. 
    Indonesia was a serious threat to us then and we bought the F111's so we had nuclear strike capability to nuke Jakarta.
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