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This Looks Hysterical
These guys are good! Very silly and very good.
Fabulous Program to Learn about Israel
This is a really, really fabulous program. Tell every school, synagogue, organization, that you know cares about Israel, about it!
confessions of jewish mother
This 91 year old will have you on the floor!!
Arafats Bodyguard- He Used to Lie When Denouncing Bombings in Israel
Now will people begin to believe that the whole peace process is a trojan horse to destroy Israel? Unfortunately, most probably not!
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We at 12Tribe Films are excited to introduce to you the 3rd episode of our newest production - the Joy of Israel with Jamie Geller Episode #3 - Holy Hebron and Sweet Hebron Hills! Never before has the beauty of Israel been showcased for the world to see in reality TV format with the mission of educating, exciting and connecting people to Israel. This new series will reshape the entire image of living in Israel into one that is exciting, inspiring, and beautiful.
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Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for May 1st. Enjoy!

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Big Government GOP’s Common Core Rebrand Hustle

This weekend on “Fox News Sunday,” anchor Chris Wallace credited his guest, Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, with leading the nation as the “first state to fall out of the Common Core national education standards.” If only it were true...

Obama’s national security adviser prepped Susan Rice to blame the video for Benghazi attack

More Benghazi documents have been obtained, one of which is an email from Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s deputy national security adviser, to Jay Carney and other administration officials containing prep for a phone call with Susan Rice, who was at the time the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. The email was sent three days after the Benghazi attack...

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Lest We Forget

01 May 2014

There is something terribly compelling about the First World War. Like some ghastly pile-up on the motorway, you can’t help but stare at the horror. There is the overwhelming scale of the destruction: ten million people were killed. There is also the sheer density of the war: most of the slaughter occurred along a battle line that moved barely miles in four long years. It was the ugliest of wars: a desperate, drawn-out, slog of a struggle - unredeemed by cinema-worthy actions such as Pearl Harbour, Dunkirk or D-Day. It was also without any ultimate triumph: the war ended with all sides in blood-drained exhaustion. This was a war without glory and honour;  a terrible slaughter across a ruined landscape. We gaze appalled at the horror of the First World War and then, as with the motorway pile-up, show concern and drive on.

This centenary year sees many evaluations and re-interpretations of the political, military and social aspects of those terrible events of 1914-18. While these evaluations are fascinating, I find myself wondering whether they really address the deep issues that the First World War highlights so shockingly; namely the nature of evil and how we deal with it, issues that have relevance for us all.

Of fundamental importance is the way that the First World War demonstrates that there is such a thing as evil. As someone whose life centres on communicating Christian truth, I know that evil does not simply occur in the context of war; it is a real and terrible spiritual reality in our world. In thinking about evil, our culture – so intelligent and sophisticated in many areas – is frankly out of its depth. We are technologically literate but morally naive. Previous generations might have gone overboard with classifying different kinds of wickedness, but we have tended to avoid thinking seriously about it at all.

The First World War is a striking lesson in how destructive and hateful evil actually is. We should pause for a moment and actually contemplate the fatality figures of ten million and what that really means. The next time you see a war memorial, focus on just one of those names.  Then, imagine what that loss represents on a mass scale through the years of 1914-18: the parents, the sweethearts or the wives, husbands, children and friends. Think of all that they might have done, the things they might have created, the joys they could have experienced and what they might have contributed towards the future.  And then remind yourself that all that life and potential was cut short. Now, multiply that loss by ten million and add to it the ruined landscapes and destroyed towns, not to mention the political and economic legacy that was to shape the world for generations to come. And let’s not forget that war is a fertile ground for almost every vice, breeding brutality and corruption. That is the scale of evil.

Another thing that the First World War illustrates all too clearly is how evil can acquire a momentum of its own. No one intended the eventual four-year-long bloodbath that was the First World War. Yet, from the first gunshot in Sarajevo, the fighting descended into the most appalling slaughter the world has ever seen. The conflict acquired an impetus of its own, becoming increasingly intense, brutal and widespread. As the war progressed, the scale and range of the weaponry multiplied, growing more sophisticated and ever more inhuman. There were artillery barrages, machine guns and gas. Limits on the use of weapons were gradually withdrawn, so that eventually, through Zeppelins and submarine blockades, there were deliberate attacks against civilians, miles away from the frontline.

On the first day of the Battle of the Somme, British casualties alone were nearly 58,000; almost 20,000 of whom were killed. The First World War was a juggernaut created by the interaction of policies, men and technology. Once started, the war rolled unstoppably forwards, crushing all beneath it. One reason why war develops a life of its own is because evil is contagious. Ordinary decent people – people like you and me – became part of the war. Some of them were involved in terrible things and many of them justified these actions as being for the sake of the ‘cause’. One of the most distressing aspects of evil is the way in which it can hijack religion. Despite Christ’s clear teaching that God and Caesar had different spheres of authority, all sides in the First World War were ready to blur that distinction. For example, German soldiers had ‘Gott mit uns’ (God with us) inscribed on their helmets. And on the Allied side there was much talk of ‘for God and the King’, as if this was a mutually agreed venture between equal parties. During the American Civil War, a pious cleric expressed to Abraham Lincoln the hope that ‘God was on our side’. The president wisely rebuked him, pointing out that the more pressing issue was whether they were on God’s side. Religious faith is the strongest of all forces and we must be very wary lest it be diverted to evil ends.

Evil is a reality and the First World War demonstrated that. Yet we must do more than simply recognise evil as such; we must resist it. It is here we face a problem. Evil is so subtle that our attempts to defeat it are all too often counterproductive. The very actions we take to tackle it turn out to be evil themselves. To defend ourinnocents, we all too easily end up killing their innocents. In the First World War, no side emerged with unbloodied hands. So how do we combat evil? Here I must say, with regret, that I do not feel pacifism to be the right answer. There are times, when as a last resort, evil must be resisted by force. But in doing so we must be constantly aware of the deadly peril that in resisting evil, we ourselves are in danger of doing evil.

How evil can be contained in the fury of war has occupied great and good minds for centuries. Let me suggest two factors that contributed to the horror of the First World War. The first was a widespread arrogance about human progress and technology in the years leading up to 1914. That pride persisted into the war, which was marked throughout by overconfident battle plans and impetuous strategies that collapsed into bloody chaos on the battlefield. Sadly, wartime leaders are rarely gifted with humility. ‘Blessed are the meek,’ said Jesus, ‘for they will inherit the earth.’ True, and the meek and humble are much less likely to blunder into bloodbaths.

A second feature that added to the devastation of the First World War was the way in which people were dehumanised. There had been wars before in which men were able to kill others without ever seeing them. However, with the introduction of the machine gun, the artillery barrage and the bomber, the separation between the killers and the killed reached new levels. One of the defining creations of the First World War was the tank – rumbling over everything and everyone. Here I must restate the foundational biblical truth: men and women are made in the image of God and are of an immeasurable value. Consequently, the danger of dehumanising individuals in the heat of battle has not gone away. In our modern digitised world, military decisions and operations are often made by men and women seated at screens – completely disconnected from the humanity on which they are about to inflict devastation. It is alarming to think that human interaction can almost be eliminated from modern military operations.

The First World War speaks to us about how evil needs to be both recognised and resisted. Yet it would be an extraordinary folly to simply think that the lessons it teaches us about evil are solely applicable at the level of international conflict. All of us live or work in situations where there is tension. We all live in potential conflict zones and we can all make decisions and take actions in such settings that will make things either better or worse. A key response to conflict and grievance is to seek to absorb evil, rather than allow it to multiply. The supreme example is seen in Jesus on the cross – conquering evil by absorbing it. ‘Blessed are the peacemakers,’ he said, ‘for they will be called children of God.’ It’s a high calling. A hundred years ago a generation of leaders failed miserably. May God grant that we in our day do better.

As Jesus taught as to pray, let us pray, ‘Our Father in heaven … deliver us from evil.’


Revd. Canon J.John

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Stunning news just came out. The U.S. Economy grew by only 0.1% in the first quarter of 2014. That anemic economic growth hurts real workers.
In my new book, "Blue Collar Conservatives," I make the case that President Obama’s big government policies are suffocating our economy. He is crushing the blue collar workers and families he claims to fight for.
Yet our President refuses to change course.
He continues to create an ever-more corrupt and complex tax code that’s building massive deficits. He's over-regulating manufacturing and refuses to build the Keystone pipeline. And he cannot see the harm Obamacare is doing to families and our economy.
These latest weak growth figures show just how badly off-track we are. And behind the numbers real Americans are getting hurt.
But, we can offer real hope to the country.
We can reignite the American economy with 4% growth and create millions of new, high paying jobs -- especially in manufacturing.
We can also win back millions of blue collar voters who stayed home in the last election because Mr. Obama's policies were hurting them. Unfortunately they didn't believe the GOP had a credible alternative.
"Blue Collar Conservatives" is the playbook for GOP candidates in 2014, offering both message advice and sound, principled policies that will reconnect us with American workers and offer them hope for the future.
The GOP can't just be against Obamacare in 2014. To win -- and win BIG  -- we need to be for an agenda that helps blue collar workers and their families. That means a pro-growth, pro-worker game plan -- an agenda to truly grow the economy, grow new jobs, grow family incomes, and grow people's savings.
There’s no question that we should be growing at 4% a year -- and with the approach I lay out in my book, we could be.
As AEI economist James Glassman noted this week, if the US economy was growing at 4% a year (rather than 2%), we would be creating one million new good, solid, high-paying jobs every year for the next 10 years.
This is what “Blue Collar Conservatives” offers -- a pro-growth strategy to reconnect with blue collar voters who know America is on the wrong track but don't think the Republican Party cares for them.
Rick Santorum signature
Rick Santorum
PS – If you haven’t picked up a copy of “Blue Collar Conservatives,” get one today!  And while you’re at it, get one for a candidate who you're supporting and encourage them to incorporate my pro-growth strategies into their campaign. 
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Earlier today, the report of the independent National Commission of Audit was released.

This report is a timely reminder that Australia must get its Budget in order. It is one important input into the Abbott Government's forthcoming Budget.

After the last election, we inherited $123 billion in projected deficits with Government debt heading to $667 billion, unless corrective action is taken – that’s $25,000 for every Australian man, woman and child.

Australians know that the Government can’t keep spending more than it raises.

Australia is already spending over $12 billion a year in interest costs on Labor’s debt – that’s wasted money.

The Audit report found that, unless there is remedial action, government spending will blowout from $409 billion this year to nearly $700 billion within a decade.

The Coalition promised the Australian people at the election that we would get the economy back on track.

Fixing the Budget is critical in setting Australia up for the future - with a strong world-class economy that generates more Australian jobs and provides more opportunities for families.

The Budget is part of the Coalition’s Economic Action Strategy to build a strong, prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Loughnane
Federal Director
Liberal Party of Australia

Click here to read the National Commission of Audit Report.

Click here to read the Treasurer and Finance Minister’s media release about the Audit.
Authorised by Brian Loughnane, Cnr Blackall and Macquarie Streets, Barton  ACT 2604.
Copyright © Liberal Party of Australia.
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• State Dept. report paints grim picture of Hamas terror.
• What's going on at Syrian posts along the Israeli border?
• Arab media shows increasing admiration for Israel.

The 2014 Blankfeld Award for Media Critique

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May 1, 2014 / 1 Iyyar 5774 / Chodesh Tov

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Headlines & Recommended
Jihadists Execute 7 in Syria, 2 by Crucifixion
In photos of the two bloody crucified Syrians, passersby don't even give them a second glance.

A street scene in Aleppo.

Government Plan to Hand King David’s Tomb to the Vatican?
Is there an Israeli government deal in the works to hand the Tomb of King David over to the Vatican?

Orthodox Jew at King David's Tomb in Old City of Jerusalem.

Mainstream American Jewish Groups Reject J Street
Hubris is what propelled J Street through the starting gate; it's also what slammed the door shut in J Street's face.

Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of J Street at the Israeli Left Conference.

06-12-2012 money laundering

Countering A Kidnapped Reporter’s Claims
Now that he's free, it's time to counteract Ostrovsky's many inaccuracies and innuendos.

Journalist Simon Ostrovsky

Israel Distances Itself From Danon’s Assessment of Kerry
Strongly titled, but Danon's op-ed captured the feelings of many Israelis and Israel supporters.

Israel's Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon

PA Unity Gov’t to Leave Missiles with Terrorists?
Will a Palestinian Authority unity government leave thousands of missiles in the hands of terror groups in Gaza? So it would seem.

Soldiers of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigade, of the Hamas.

Another Arab Terror Cell Captured – This Time in Jerusalem
It's been a good week for Israel's security services. Not only have they captured a number of terror cells, they're also allowed to talk about it.

IDF arrests terrorist (illustrative)

IDF Denies ‘Nahlawi’ Soldier Punished for Aiming Gun at Arab Youths
The IDF denies that “David the Nahlawi” soldier was punished for cocking his gun and aiming it at Arab youths in Hevron.

The Facebook page has drawn the highest number of protests against the IDF that Israel has ever seen.

Stanley Fischer Confirmed as US Fed’s No. 2
Former Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer has just been confirmed to become the Vice Chairman of the powerful Federal Reserve Board.

Then-Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer submits 2011 report to PM Binyamin Netanyahu

Bereaved Families Beg Prime Minister ‘Stay Away’ on Memorial Day
Families of victims of terror asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to stay away from Memorial Day ceremonies at Mt. Herzl military cemetery.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the recent opening ceremony for Holocaust Remembrance Day at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem

From Holocaust To Rebirth
Unfortunately, my idea that Israel is a country that fights for Jewish values, and would do anything for Jewish citizens, was shattered just one month after coming back from a trip to Poland.

Local Tel Aviv residents protest against the illegal infiltrators that have taken over their neighborhood.

J Street’s Phony Liberalism
J Street's leadership is silent on the real issues of concern for liberals and progressives.

Woman with babies fleeing genocide in Darfur.

Read more Headlines & Recommended articles

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Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction espouses the same ideology of destroying Israel as Hamas, with which it signed a unity deal last Wednesday, according to newly revealed video segments of a senior Fatah official. Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi last week posted a video to YouTube of his comments from a pro-terrorist ceremony in Gaza. In his speech mere days before the unity deal, Tirawi said Gaza "will return to the bosom of legitimacy." Tirawi added "the of Palestine, from its [Jordan] River to its [Mediterranean] Sea," describing a map that effectively wipes out the Jewish state.
Official PA TV recently broadcast a young child reciting a poem that calls to join a "war that will smash the oppression and destroy the Zionist's soul." Palestinian Media Watch has documented that at least three other children have been featured on PA TV reciting this same poem. This video shows a very young girl wearing a Palestinian traditional dress and a pendant shaped like the map of "Palestine" that includes all of Israel. She is seen reciting the poem in different locations - in a field, on the beach and in a market. One part shows her behind barbed wire with pictures of Palestinian prisoners in the background.
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Pastor Rick Warren
Much prayer, much power.
Little prayer, little power.
No prayer, no power.

I'd appreciate your prayers today, as I videotape the 6 small group Bible studies for #40DaysOfPrayer , the 2015 spiritual growth campaign which over 30,000 churches will use next January and February in the 40 days before Easter. It's based on the Lord's Prayer.

For years we've done an annual spiritual growth intensive at the start of each new year. We call it a "campaign" because it uses 6 different learning styles, and aligns 6 weekend messages, 6 small group Bible studies, 40 daily devotional readings, a Bible memory verse for each of the 6 weeks, and practical projects. These annual campaigns have been the #1 reason for Saddleback's health and growth. Over 50,000 churches worldwide have used as least one of these spiritual growth campaigns, so I'm always conscious that I'm teaching churches of all sizes when I tape the studies like today.

"40 DAYS OF PRAYER" will be the first of 5 campaigns to be used by churches and groups over 5 years in order to renew plateaued or declining churches through the 5 RENEWALS: Personal renewal, Relational renewal, Missional renewal, Structural renewal, and Cultural renewal. All true renewal/revival begins with personal renewal - It starts in your heart, so we begin with #40DaysOfPrayer.

If you're interested in having your church or small group join in
40 DAYS OF PRAYER in 2015, email me

In the meantime, if you'd like info on our previous spiritual growth campaigns, such as 40 Days of Purpose... Faith... Love ... 40 Days in the Word (on Bible Study Methods) ... Live your Calling, or 2014's 50 Days of Transformation check .

PRAY for revival and renewal in each of our hearts. Thanks!
I'm confident that 40 Days of Prayer will bring a#NewWave of God's Spirit and vitality in churches that use it.
MADU Odiokwu Pastorvin
Focus On God Alone!
We have no reason for tension/ worry to rule our lives. If we are weak enough, meek enough, we can always, upon recognizing the cause of our tension, relinquish it to Him.

The power of resting in Him can replace the tensions. Waves of rest will return after each resurgence of tension as we live in continuing preference for God and His order of peace, rather than for ourselves and our order of constant restlessness. God is good.
Do you want to know God more deeply and respond to Him personally? Come to Abba Father Prayer Group and experience life-changing messages and prayers.No problem is above Him to solve. Meet the Almighty God and invite His Spirit to revive your heart, soul, and mind.You are welcome in Jesus Name,Amen.
He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harms.Proverbs 13:20 NIV
Life sometimes gets difficult and we struggle to get things right. The word of God is a comfort to those that are struggling and looking for hope. Abba Father prayer group is where to find message of hope and salvation.God has plans for you.keep reading,keep hopping,keep believing,your miracle is on the way.You are blessed.
No worries if you have confidence in the Lord!
But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD whose confidence is in him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.
Jeremiah 17:7-8 NIV.
God's Gift Is Complete!
You know when you buy toys for your kids or grandkids often times on the package is written these words: "Batteries not included." Do you know what that means? It means that you get the toy, but the power to make it work is not included.
That is not the kind of gift that God gives. God's gift of holiness includes the power of the fullness of the Holy Spirit - the power to make it work.
So don't start your day without immersing yourself with God's Word. It will make the day sweet,You are blessed.
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