Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sharia Free Zone

Removed post on Anti Islam issue
Independent MP's bill would have empowered police to require people to remove...
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  • Ann Roberts Stupid idiots, Our politicians need to wake up..
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  • Shaun Burnett I get asked to remove my cap when I play pokies in a pub....thats it I am wearing a Burkha from now on
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  • Terry Wood Well, we wouldn't want to offend anyone would we?
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  • Noel Symon It wouldn't be the average bloke that rejected it. Itd be the politically correct do good who proport to represent us.
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  • Raymond Conrad Take them the down by force....politicians are so asleep on this issue...shame
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  • Gary Sutton Wait until these parasites control local council and then state government by sheer numbers. That is their goal. It won't be the Australia we have been used to. God help our grand kids.
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  • Terry Wood And our kids Gary, not all of the next generation is lost 
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  • Philip Brailey No guts.
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  • Brian Turner So from now on I don't have to remove my helmet?
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  • Leonie Finco I worked at a local council at the front desk. It is quite unnerving serving these women. When somebody is happy with the service it was nice to see their smile. WTF do they represent anyway???? Even nuns of yester year never wore anything so ridiculous!!!
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  • Brian Turner It is time. Time to act that is.
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  • Doris Hoyle OK, these muslims can still be decently dressed even in their Khimar & Chador or Al-Amira & Shayla or even the Hijab - at least they can be identified. But certainly NOT the Niqab & Burqa. This is AUSTRALIA NOT an arab/muslim country. Wake up Queensland government - when it is too late it is hard to amend the laws as you have created monsters then and it all your fault.
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  • Noel Symon Maybe we should encourage it. From what I have been told they are all fucking ugly hairy faced greasy haired and smell bad. Maybe its islams way of ensuring we have a positive experience when they let them out
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  • Leonie Finco Muslims are the new Nazis!!! That maybe politically incorrect to say/type but quite frankly I don't care!!!
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  • Patricia Rogers I hate seeing these women dressed in their burka they even scare the little kids. Get rid of them.
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  • Frank Beamish So the terrorists win again
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  • Phillip Gosper They are offending Australians by covering their face.
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  • Tim Ireland Just came back from Dubai and watched at the immigration counters that every female had to remove their veil.
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  • Wayne Walsh If I think that the Muslim/Islamic - Scientology etc. thinkings are wrong for Australia, then what can a simple citizen of this fair country do to rid myself of these insidious cultures?
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  • Terry Wood Nah I'm not for talking down about the women under these things but I don't think they are suited for the Australian way of life wearing them.
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  • Doris Hoyle Oh, Tim Ireland I should observe that when I pass by Dubai in the future. I haven't seen that before and I have been to Dubai twice. They are more lenient in that country than Saudi Arabia.
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  • Vince Schultz Islam will be the end of civilisation
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  • Terry Wood Well, of the civilisation that we know.
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  • Leonie Finco This ridiculous headwear is acceptable......but councils are trying to stop religious themed songs at Christmas Carol events. Yeah let's take Christ out Christmas. Makes my blood boil!!!!
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  • Noel Symon Vince. Thats only if we do nothing. With any luck the middle east will obliterate itself while we sit back and observe as good united nations observers
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  • Steve Atkison Australia loses again. What's wrong with these bloody governments. It will soon be to late to turn back WAKE UP FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA
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  • Brian Turner Is that why there's so many here Noel Symon.
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  • Noel Symon Brian....hopefully the vacuum will draw them back to their homelands
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  • Bruce King pack of arseholes and left wing arseholes
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  • Neil Ridley Well if they don't have to remove the burqa, then I suggest all motorcyclists not remove their helmets, it's the same thing. I also thought these clowns came here to start a new life, not bring their crap to a new beginning.
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  • Lorraine Allen Hider Ahhhh we haven't seen it at it's best in QLD YET!!!! Just wait the sparks will be flying I can assure you!!!
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  • Darren Hubbard Stupid !!! 
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  • Kaye Marylyn Greaves BAN THE BURKA
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  • Brian Tasker It's not a religious requirement so whats the problem because it's certainly not part of the Australian culture.
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  • Robyn Jean Recently I was driving and as I approached a side road on my left a car came up to the intersection. I noticed the driver had a burqas on her head. She turned to look to her right.her head turned but her burqas didn't. She was looking into the side of her scarf.she had to take her hand off the steering wheel and pull the scarf away from her eyes so she could see me. If she had kept coming forward I would have smashed into her right side and she would have been the one to get hurt. So that is okay but I would have had the inconvenience of not having a car while mine was being repaired.
    So motor bike riders can't enter banks with their helmets on but these people can go anywhere they like in complete anonymity. What the hell is happening here. I get the impression that nobody want these people here but the powers that be seem to be falling over each other to encourage them and changing the rules to fit in with their shit religion.
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  • Wendi Crewes Wake up QLD you will kill the Australian way off life if you allow this
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  • Rodney Uprichard So why is it illegal for me to wear a motor cycle helmet while driving or entering a premises. I don't see any difference besides hiding behind a religion. This country is becoming a joke what's stopping myself putting on a burqa and pretending I'm a Muslim woman and commit a crime they can't identify me so why not.
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  • Josephine Moule Illogical reasoning of governments shouldn't overrule the will of its people.
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  • Brian Turner Are they allowed to drive Robyn? Thought it was forbidden.
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  • Reg May a couple of years back one of the London bombers escaped to Africa dressed as a Muslim woman in a Burka
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  • Reg May these people do NOT come to Migrate and ASSIMILATE, they come to OCCUPY !!!
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  • Andrew Dawson Most foods at Coles and woollies are halal certified, I'm glad that Muslims only make up less than two percent of our population as what would happen if they were 1/3
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  • Grace Macdonald If the Koran required it I could understand but can't find that requirement maybe someone knows if it is there and I have missed it otherwise it is a man thing
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  • Reg May Andrew when they are 20% of the population there will be no Xmas holidays and no easter !!
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  • Andrew Dawson There will always be an Easter as cadburys chocolates are halal certified and the Muslims are profiting from our Christian event
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  • Neil Ridley Make them all eat pork, lol
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  • Annemarie Hasemann Very uncomfortable to look at:-) burqua should be banned!
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  • Reg May I know some lovely Muslim folk, but they are not the radicals whom we should be wary of.
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  • Llynneth Crawford Giving armed robbers the opportunity to dress in a burka and commit a crime . What rubbish! If you choose to live in Australia you choose to abide by the law!
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  • Terry Wood Awe Robyn you removed your post, it was perfect above mine..
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  • Noel Symon One wonders if and when the criminal gangs will start wearing this ridiculous form of ananomity. Thats all it will take for a rethink. Where can you buy them. Im sure if we all start wearing them the police will quickly have the laws reboked. Lesson 101 criminal code: get the police onside......laws will change. ...quickly
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  • Frank Sullivan Make them remove them 
    There's no place for these ridiculous customs in Australia it is demeaning to women
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  • Michael Majewski but yet a person with a bike hekmet must take there helmet off when in a bank, this may be ok in the country where it originated but no here, god help us
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  • Kellie Rix-Bunce This is bloody ridiculous!!! Wake up Australia!!!!
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  • David Carman If they want to wear that crap go back to your own country, big mistake letting that race into what was a free country, fifth column material..
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  • Ian Sutton Well it happened in Sydney a Muslim female swore out a complaint against a highway patrol office stating hestating he tried to remove her
  • Ian Sutton Burka. Only problem was he had a video dash cam. And because she took out the complaint with her face covered. She denied it was her and could not be proved it was her
  • Robyn Jean Rodney Uprichard even if the police catch you they won't be able to require you to prove who you are. It will be open season on petty crime. The only description the police will be able get is eye colour.
  • Terry Rogers I would guess that if it's okay for some, then on that basis the law applies equally to all, so therefore the rest of us should be allowed to wear Balaclavas. How far do you think this equality would apply to the real Australians?
  • Chava Ariel Schalit I wish queensland would wake up before it is to late
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  • Geoff Clarke So I can walk into any bank in QLD dressed like a bottle of Guiness with a shotty down my strides? ..unbelievable! ...don't remember we actually ever voted for multiculturalism!
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  • Michelle Springett Why this is Australia?? We are NOT a muslim Country... Thank our God & Our Saviour Jesus ... We are learning the lessons that Europe , Asia , USA , Africa etc....Are paying for believing that Islam is a good & harmless faith.We have been warned & if we...See More
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  • Fred Patey Ian Sutton, that would be Carnita Matthews. She was charged with making a false statment against Constable Paul Fogerty of racism, but was thrown out because the court couldn't prove she made the complaint as she attended the police station with her bu...See More
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  • James Mullany They can win origin, but they have dropped the ball on this one, and they have let the bastards win. Australia for Australians
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  • Liz Downie The bloody politicians, our servants, are basically aliens from a paralel world, and are so out of step with the silent majority. I think I am over these horrors.
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