Friday, May 23, 2014

Removed rant

No need to agree with me on anything, but the Bolt Report is not about a supposed Islamisation of Australia .. there are plenty of sites that debate it .. please go there to do so.
I agree with you all in regards to protesting student's and tunnel vision aspects of Labour & greens
But am just about f@#$ ing over
The term " politically correct"witch is just a phrase for a bunch of whinging pansies that need to live in a fairytale land where every thing is sugar coated!
Just looked at FB site called
Stop islamination of Australia
And the atrocities that islamic beleivers can do to a fellow human being the list is massive
Beheadings not only to adults but toddlers , stoning's
Its happening in Australia now
Female mutilation
Forced marriage for 12yo girls to 50yo men
Honor bashing by father , brother upon own sister
List goes on , and the push for sharia law WTF but it hardly ever makes the 5th page why where are all the feminist warrior s or is a wink ( part of aussie culture mind you) ) more of a threat to to astralian's way of life
Some of you will not like what I just posted and I will be crucified for it
Some will agree but stay silent in fear of being nailed up as well but WTF just gotta say it
I'd like astralian's to be governed by
Common sense not feelings like the budget it makes sense to me
Because idiots let two pigs into the cookie jar now now tony and joe are stuck in the kitchen baking so everyone gets some sort of future
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  • Flora van Gulik Hearing you loud and clear. Mark todd.
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  • Larry Anderson Me too Mark! Well said. 
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  • Vivienne Smith You might try a quick search for moderate Islamist sites that can confirm with quotes from the Koran, expounded by noted moderate Islamic preachers how most of this is cultural....

    In the same way that Westboro Baptist memes and protests don't represent the attitudes of Christianity in general, but of a small, extremist group.
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  • Vivienne Smith It's actually not difficult to find such sites. I stumbled across one when doing a search for my maternal grandparents' birth/death/marriage records (and they were both caucasians, of English descent).
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  • Mark Todd Moderate dont worry me I kow afew who ate 4th generation aussie s
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  • Vivienne Smith I work with a few who arrived here in the last few years. Lovely gentle folks (both male and female) and very respectful of their co-workers (yes, even the males in a female dominated workplace).

    I also met one a few years ago, a young fella raised rough in Sydney's west, a regular at the Lakemba Mosque. He chatted with me for hours as an equal, we shared our respective beliefs and I still pray for him today. 

    He told me how he got up and walked out in disgust at the infamous "if you leave meat on the counter is it the dog's fault?" teaching. It made him ashamed to be considered to be associated with that particular mosque.
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  • Mark Todd Its extremists who are world wide not what you'd call a small group but just that if you're not a follower of the peaceful Islam way of life your an infidel witch is why you should die
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  • Addie Arnautovic The extremists are the loudest.
  • Vivienne Smith And the moderates are stuck in the middle... which is why we need to engage with them and embrace them. If we don't, we drive them toward the extremists for protection from our hatred.... thus increasing the numbers supporting the extremists, if not in fact directly adding to the number of actual extremists.
  • Vivienne Smith And by "embrace", I am not necessarily saying let's go all flat out on immigration there.... I'm talking everything and everyone in balance
  • Vivienne Smith Talking about once they are actually here... show them what it really means to be an Aussie... teach them our values (which aren't actually hatred, racism, bigotry, last time I checked).... welcome their participation
  • Addie Arnautovic Hatred racism and bigotry are the loudest in this group too, one feeds on the other.
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  • Ben Mccarthy Moderate? in im of a low risk of blowing up a police check point..Abdul is a moderate chance of blowing up a church and Muhamid is of an extream chance he could blow up parlement??
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  • Mark Todd Now Vivienne Smith im just a megre interstate truck driver with fat finger syndrome and a small phone 
    Cant type as well as you just posted my thoughts on the subject because I truly believe that everyone that is happy to come to Australia to start a new and safer life should maybe have a good look at what they left behind and why and embrace this country they have adopted not change it
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  • Vivienne Smith I've not found any moderates that actually want to change our country. They don't want to be harassed for wearing headgear, they appreciate ladies only activities for their modesty (these are generally not exclusively Islamic) and they want to live wit...See More
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  • Vivienne Smith Yes Addie "Hatred racism and bigotry are the loudest in this group too, one feeds on the other."

    Absolutely. And all it does (for both sides) is play into the hands of their perceived enemy. Foolish, futile and totally counterproductive.
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  • Mark Todd Thanks to everyone just wanted to change the pace abit gettin sick of cock winders (scientific term for wankers) ) whinging about the budget
    Just saw on news Labour has backed libs on scrapping carbon tax excuse me while i crank the heater up
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  • Addie Arnautovic If someone goes bloody towelheads they can all go back where they came from and fuck their kids and stone their women but not here mate, it's not the Australian way, we'd like to chuck them all in a gas chamber and release the valve? Not a very hospitable country one would think first.
  • Mark Todd Mmm Addie Arnautovic
    Dont know where all that came from you sound a little bit mad 
    Its friday cob kick back have a beer ole mate
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