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This is Amazing. My jaw hit the floor. TO LIFE Wedding Surprise
Of course, he works on Broadway!
ultimate jewish party
An amazing party in Israel! But is this party something even more than a celebration of mysticism and Jewish history?
poetry slam woman
What a great and entertaining explanation!
Look What the Arab Terrorist in Hebron Did to Himself
Finally, what goes around comes around!
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Michelle Malkin 24
Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for May 13th. Enjoy!

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Behold the epic self-inflicted beclowning of Eleanor Clift: Ambassador Stevens was not murdered — he died of smoke inhalation

As always, sunlight is the best disinfectant. The ballot box is the ultimate sanitizer. Ideas have consequences. And Indiana is a harbinger. If the Common Core cheerleaders and rebranders in both parties think their bad ideas won’t ever come back to haunt them at the polls, they are in for a very rude awakening...

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Liberal Logo

Earlier tonight, I handed down the Coalition’s first Budget in seven years.

The Budget is part of the Abbott Government’s Economic Action Strategy to build a strong, prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia.

The Government is making the difficult but necessary decisions now - so that we can ensure prosperity for all in the future.

It is a Budget that calls on everyone and every business to contribute.  We are strengthening the workforce, boosting productivity and building a stronger economy with more investment.

The Budget will redirect taxpayers’ dollars from unaffordable consumption today to productive investment for tomorrow. It will do this while supporting the most vulnerable, and taking significant steps towards ensuring that the Government can live within its means.

It creates a path back to surplus and slashes debt, which means the money that has been wasted on interest payments can now help build the future.

The Budget includes:
  • Australia’s biggest infrastructure programme – with $50 billion in transport investment by 2019-20.
  • Creating the world’s biggest medical research endowment fund – the $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund.  It will find the cures of the future and be funded by the health reforms.
  • Requiring young people who can work to be earning, learning or participating in Work for the Dole.
  • Providing stronger incentives to businesses to hire older workers - businesses will receive up to $10,000 for employing workers older than 50.
  • Funding for additional road infrastructure by reintroducing twice-yearly indexation of fuel to CPI from 1 August 2014. 
  • Providing Australian universities with the freedom to innovate through full deregulation.
  • Reforming the Age Pension to make it more sustainable – that includes gradually increasing the Age Pension age to 70 by 1 July 2035.
  • Changing family payments to target those who need it most. 
  • Introducing a three-year Temporary Budget Repair Levy – payable, from July, by individuals with taxable income above $180,000 at a rate of two per cent. The Levy will ensure those on a higher income contribute to the Budget repair. 
Without our actions, the Budget would have remained in deficit for at least the next decade — a total of 16 years of deficits — leaving Australia vulnerable, ill‑equipped to cope with the ageing population, and more reliant on future generations to pay debt off.

The Abbott Government has reduced the Labor deficits by $43.8 billion through to 2017-18.

Gross government debt is also forecast to be $389 billion in 2023-24, compared with the $667 billion that Labor left.

The days of borrow and spend must come to an end. The time to contribute and build has begun.

The Abbott Government is delivering on its commitment to repair the Budget so that we can strengthen the economy and all share in prosperity in the years ahead.
Joe Hockey signature
Joe Hockey

Click here to read more about the Budget
Click here to read the Treasurer’s Budget Media Release
Click here to read the Treasurer’s Budget Speech

Authorised by Brian Loughnane, Cnr Blackall and Macquarie Streets, Barton  ACT 2604. 
Copyright © Liberal Party of Australia.

Haaretz Admits its Politicized Agenda


Haaretz's publisher calls for subscribers to "shape Israel," tacitly acknowledging that the newspaper is promoting a political agenda ahead of objective reporting. Read more...

Amnesty Researcher Admits That Palestinian “Eyewitnesses” Often Lie

Amnesty International

Israel is so often the victim of one-sided reports from so-called human rights organizations. An Amnesty researcher now admits that Palestinian "eyewitnesses" are unreliable. Read more...

A Slap to the BDS Bullies

Jake Wallis Simons

What happens when a culture figure stands up to the challenge of BDS?Read more...


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May 13, 2014 / 13 Iyyar 5774 / Erev Pesach Sheni

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Headlines & Recommended
Former PM Ehud Olmert Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison
Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced Tuesday morning to serve six years in prison.
Former PM Ehud Olmert at Tel Aviv District Court hears his sentence on May 13, 2014.

Yesh Atid Blocks Israel’s ’No Early Release for Terrorists’ Bill
Yesh Atid minister Yaakov Perry has blocked a new law that would prevent early release of terrorist prisoners.
Science and Technology Minister (Yesh Atid) MK Yaakov Perry.

Keeping King David at Home (Photo Essay)
Protesters gathered in front of King David's Tomb demanding the Israeli government not hand over or sell our holy site to the Vatican.
King David Tomb Protest 1

French Jews Set to Mark Record Year for Aliya
On the face of things, Jewish life in France appears stronger than ever: Jewish schools are thriving, there are kosher butchers all over the country, and the Jewish population has more than doubled since 1945. So why are people talking about the end of Europe's largest Jewish community?
Mourners at the funeral for the victims of shooting in Toulouse in Jerusalem, March 21, 2012.

A Lifetime of Achievement, From New York to Beer Sheva
After reaching the pinnacle of the American medical profession by the age of 30, Glick packed it all up for the opportunity to build the Jewish state. Ahead of his latest award ceremony, Glick sat with The Jewish Press to talk about Israel, medicine and everything in between
Professor Dr. Shimon Glick

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• Ehud Olmert sentenced to six years in jail.
• Is Israeli security for papal visit going overboard?
• Iran and world powers working towards "grand compromise.

The 2014 Blankfeld Award for Media Critique

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Haaretz Admits Its Politicized Agenda: Publisher Amos Schocken describes mission having little to do with journalism and a lot to do with politics. Read more . . .

Ignorance and Confusion in Aspen: How did a Colorado columnist visiting the West Bank draw such ignorant conclusions? Read more . . .

Divestment Losses Piling Up for BDS: After another failure, maybe BDS should stand for Busted Divestment Strategy. Read more . . .

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ADL antisemitism
About a quarter of the world's population agrees that a number of negative statements about Jews are "probably true," according to a poll aimed at providing a statistical underpinning to the question of how widespread anti-Semitism is globally. In the survey to be released Tuesday, which covered 101 countries, 26% of respondents agreed with at least six of 11 negative statements—what its sponsor called stereotypes—about Jews. The questions included "Jews are more loyal to Israel than [their home] country," and "Jews have too much power in the business world." The poll was sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League, a leading organization for fighting anti-Semitism and other prejudice, and funded by New York business leader and philanthropist Leonard Stern. The pollster, First International Resources, conducted 53,100 interviews in 96 languages, and its sponsors said it was the most extensive survey ever on anti-Semitism. The League said its goal was to create a snapshot of anti-Semitic views in all parts of the world, to find ways to combat it, and to allow future surveys to measure whether, and where, the prejudice is rising or falling.
Abraham Foxman, the League's national director, said he was taken aback that anti-Semitism remained so prevalent. "You would think—I would think—that 70 years after the Holocaust, with all the marvels of communication, of greater openness…that it would be low," said Mr. Foxman, who has worked for the New York-based League since 1965 and headed the group since 1987. "So it's maybe not shocking, but it's sobering." The only religious group with a higher unfavorability rating in the survey than Jews was Muslims. While 38% rated Jews favorably and 21% unfavorably, both numbers were higher for Muslims, with 47% rating them favorably and 24% unfavorably. In comparison, 62% rated Christians favorably and just 15% unfavorably, the survey found. Countries in the Middle East and North Africa, which generally have a contentious relationship with Israel, have by far the highest proportion of people responding with anti-Semitic views, with an average of 74%, the survey found. Outside that region, Greece had the highest percentage, with 69% of the people surveyed affirming six or more of the anti-Semitic statements. Anti-Semitism and other forms of prejudice tend to rise during times of economic hardship, and Greece has been struggling with a downturn. The extremist party Golden Dawn, which has blamed Jews and other minorities for the country's woes, has made significant inroads there.
South Korea's results showed that negative views of Jews weren't necessarily tied to proximity, with 53% of those surveyed affirming six or more of the anti-Semitic statements. The country has about 100 Jews, according to the Jewish Virtual Library, an online encyclopedia. The survey's findings didn't all support anti-Semitic views. While 26% agreed with six or more of the anti-Semitic statements, 28% didn't believe that any of them was "probably true." In the U.S., 9% of those surveyed subscribed to six of the 11 statements, giving it one of the lowest levels of anti-Semitism. The U.S. is the only country where the League has conducted such surveys for years; the figure has dropped from 29% in the first survey, in 1964. Laos was the least anti-Semitic country in the new poll, with 0.2% of the population exhibiting such views. Measuring the problem may be easier than changing attitudes. "It's not going to bring about an antidote, a vaccine, a quick fix," Mr. Foxman said. "We don't even know, with great humility, why [anti-Semitism is so prevalent]. But first you need recognition that there is a problem, so that will be our first priority. I'm sure there will be governments saying it's not true." The survey didn't find a correlation between anti-Semitism and anti-Israel views. The relationship between the two attitudes is complex.
WO-AS354 ANTSEM G 20140512185704
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