Monday, May 05, 2014

Stupid anti Islam post

I hope the Pro-Muslim idiots watch this small country and learn about the savagery of Islam. The 40,000 Christians need to leave now.
NEWS | Brunei Adopts Sharia Law, Christians May Face Harsh Punishments
On Wednesday, the small sultanate of Brunei became the first nation in Southeast Asia to ...
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  • Joan Henderson The 40,000 Christians will have to bow down to Islam or be slaughtered. That's Sharia Law.
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  • Tony Verrocchi I think this is called persecution!
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  • Joan Henderson I think its called murder.
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  • Tod Sheaves Tick that place off the holiday list. Lucky there isnt anything there but mosques, rich people and poverty.
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  • Harold E Welsh No believe this is called assimilation by annihilation. Only difference is in Brunei the ones in charge are leading the way. In Australia it is being done by stealth as we are told we must be sensitive to other cultures. Sensitive right up until the point they become the masters and then we move from assimilation to annihilation.
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  • Steve Cincotta The old sultan must be worried about losing his grip on power. Nothing better to oppress people a bit of old time religion.
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  • David Wheatley I won't be using Brunei Airlines or visiting there.
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  • Kheng Chan Unfortunately it's his kingdom and he is the absolute monarch therefore it's his law whether you like it or not. And the so called 40000 christians are not citizens. Brunei only has 120000 citizens and they are all indigenous locals which are all muslim.
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  • Steve Cincotta His kingdom! Only because there's a 120,000 compliant individuals. Got to love stupidity.
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  • Greg Johnston this is where the UN is so bloody useless & the try to tell us what to do. Time we gave it the flick!!
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  • David Edmondson Bruinei relies on hundreds of Westerners to run its only income and that is oil and gas. If they get rid of ex pats due to a move to radical Islam they will shit in their own nest as it is the Expats that do all the work over there and run their medical and education facilities as well as a lot of British legal beaks. The Sultan must be feeling guilty for his younger days as a playboy and hell raiser.
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  • Daniel Katz …What's with all those war medals ? LMAO

    As if this guy has ever been in a battle.

    He looks like a Christmas tree. LOL
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  • David Edmondson He went to Shadhusrst Military College and is a trained pilot but dont know if he ever saw action anywhere.
  • Annemarie Hasemann Where is the share button?
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  • Laura Morley I wish we would stop being so blasé about the possibilities of this spreading. It is, after all, the desire of many Muslims to achieve Sharia Law in all countries, including OURS.
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