Friday, August 31, 2007

Rudd On The Hop Over Poll

Rudd Rabbit Rudd Rudd Rudd, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

* Senior Athlete Drug Issue Continues
* Victorian Premier Coralled by Angry Farmers
* Bank mistake costs customer $15 million
* Judge throws out video murder evidence
* Marine in murder inquiry
* Korea paid for hostages, confirming terrorists only want money.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Plaisir D'Amour

* Pastor had 'instructional' sex with daughters
* Horse dies, ending plans for the Sydney Spring Carnival
* Aussie DJ gets 90 days jail for drugs in Bali
* Wallabie dump Johns over Ecstasy bust
* APEC protests begin
* Inmate questioned over old child murders
* Lana Krost raises eyebrows after making final Idol 12 (but she is cute)
* Bin Laden art is not offensive, just tasteless.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Korean Hostage Released, More to Follow

Korean Hostage, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

* Australian Troops in Afghanistan fire from a checkpoint
* Rudd still won't debate me over IR issues
* Balding killer wants time off to marry

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rudd Would Rather Face This In Australia

This is what Mr Rudd is asking Australians to face in Australia, by pulling our (needed) forces out of Iraq.
* Rudd announces his IR plans :Rip up the needed AWA's for people that don't earn a lot of money. This ridiculous 'plan' which sounds like it is do nothing, but is really quite costly follows on from his Hospitals policy whereby he promises to spend $2Billion on efficiency that won't see an extra nurse or doctor. The health plan won't even address problems stemming from o/s doctors killing patients so that States save money.
* Five Sydney men held on bomb plot threat.
* Horse flu forces APEC security cancellation
* World's largest diamond found

Monday, August 27, 2007

Iraq Is Not Bleeding US Dry

Bleeding Dry
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By Andrew Bolt
The Congressional Research Service counts the US soldiers who have died on active duty since 1980:

1980 2,392
1981 2,380
1982 2,319
1983 2,465
1984 1,999
1985 2,252
1986 1,984
1987 1,983
1988 1,819
1989 1,636
1990 1,507
1991 1,787
1992 1,293
1993 1,213
1994 1,075
1995 1,040
1996 974
1997 817
1998 827
1999 796
2000 758
2001 891
2002 999
2003 1,228
2004 1,874
2005 1,942
2006 1,858

Each of these deaths is tragic, but here’s something odd - or odd if you let yourself be spooked by apocalyptic reporting on Iraq.

The fighting in Iraq has in fact not caused the number of US dead to rise to historically high levels even when compared to years of “peace”.

Note further that half the US military deaths from 2003 did not occur in Iraq at all. To be blunt: Too many soldiers - and civilians - are undoubtedly dying in Iraq, but this is not a particularly bloody war for the US military.

This report also puts the lie to a long-popular claim of the Left - that America’s white politicians make black soldiers do the dying.

Of the 3480 American soldiers to die on duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2693 were white.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

APEC Iemma celebrates with prisoner holiday

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* Iemma Hands Prisoners APEC Holiday
* Commuters Fed Up As Bus Drivers Dress Up For Another Day Of Play
* Cell Bars Cut – Security For Remand Terror Suspects Deficient
* Iemma Con Job On Sydney Bus Commuters
* Teaching Hospital Closed Down As Labor's Health System Threatens Patient Safety

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bring Us Home

I made this video, but not for the same reasons the artists made the song, but it has a powerful message for me.

I hear the cries of hostages and displaced persons who are tired of being pawns as left wing politicians fight among themselves as to who gets to betray them next.

I want the job started by President Bush and Prime Minister Howard to be finished. I want our troops to have everything they need to do this job with as little danger to themselves as possible.

I want to bring them home.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rumble Pictures

Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
Every once in a while, one is privaleged to witness the next generation of talent doing their thing.
They produce short films on a shoestring budget for sandals.
Good films.
Maximum Choppage was an excellent first run martial arts spoof, and the West X Press 2 invite includes a special teaser of the sequel ..

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Melanoma and Sun Tanning

Clare Oliver
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
The world will lose a very bright spark with your passing, Clare. But your great strength, and love will not be forgotten. I wish your life had been more ordinary. I cannot give you what you yearn for. But I promise that in time to come, I will give your memory life as I return your love.


Not Too Late To Expose Corruption

Goss Cabinet
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
The Heiner affair has been a festering sore in Queensland for 17 years. Now, as the then Chief of Staff for Goss, Mr Kevin Rudd is increasingly likely to be Prime Minister, it needs to be investigated.

Of great public concern is the shredding of documents which should have been evidence concerning sexual abuse within a public institution, including the rape of a 14 yo aboriginal girl.

Mr Rudd, whose memory seems to be more challenged than Ms Carmen Lawrence's, should not get away with also shredding evidence.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NASA's Plan of Inaction Pays Off

Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
* Space shuttle Endeavour survives re entry after intense navel gazing prompted NASA to attempt nothing to aid the survival of the shuttle on re entry.
* Report of NSW Government corruption of gambling process
* Haneef's lawyer releases second transcript
* NSW prison foils terrorist's escape attempt, why wasn't government informed?
* Rudd accuses Bretheren of extremism, but still supports extremist cause in Iraq.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Iemma Spending Our Money

Super Soaker, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

Those professional protestors struck it rich in Bracks' Victoria when laws prevented police from defending Victoria against the protestors, but an out of court settlement allowed the protestors to profit from alleged brutality.
So what is Iemma soaking? When APEC begins, there will be some really bad behaviour displayed by these professional protestors who all seem to support ALP.
* Haneef, a man with terrorist ties, has been given a court win when the Government Visa withdrawal was overturned. A doctor with Al Quaeda ties can profit from practise in Australia.
* Abu Bakar Bashir loses a legal challenge against Indonesian anti terror squad.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Scores. "Now Sam, I Never Said I Was Perfect"

Not Perfect, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

Mr Rudd has apologised to his wife for something, but he can't remember what. He hopes the electorate will forgive him, but he doesn't believe he did anything. He acknowledges he showed poor judgement, but doesn't accept it is poor in the area of Iraq, where he wants a successful and effective campaign policy to stop, or Industrial Relations, where he wants more clients for his wife, or in choosing his friends, or in destroying evidence.

He doesn't promise much, and polls show he might be asked to deliver.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Everyone has had more sex than me Radio Edit

Kevin Rudd's behaviour while representing Australia to the UN might not have been his sole indiscretion.

Issues are beginning to surface regarding Rudd's time as administrator in Queensland in '90's. Including the cover up of the rape of a 14yo Aboriginal girl.

Rudd doesn't excuse his behaviour, or explain it. But, almost certainly, he will soon be Prime Minister

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Everyone has had more sex than me trailer

The trailer brings us to Mr Beattie. The premier of Queensland has backflipped over his threat to sack councils that run elections.
Mr Beattie's party, when in government in 1990, may well have committed a disturbing illegal act involving the rape of a 14 yo aboriginal girl and Mr Rudd. Mr Rudd might soon be Prime Minister ..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Award to Beattie for Chutzpah

Queensland Premier Beattie made the extraordinary claim that a referendum on cutting local councils would destroy Queensland on Sunrise. The two interviewing comperes accepted such hyperbolic wisdom without question.

Honeymoon Ends for Rudd

Carlie of Telstra
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
* Australian economic condition won't support a Rudd government
* Telstra employees picture
* Journalists target CIA over Wikipedia kerfuffle
* Drag racing Bus Drivers caught .. on film
* Police believe Maddie McCann dead, parents were never suspects

Thursday, August 16, 2007

30th Anniversary of Elvis' Death

Long Live King, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

* Market melt down
* Lawyers body found in park
* Father of five executed in garage
* Peru suffers earthquake.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Scary Car Commercial

* Thirtieth anniversary of Elvis' death
* Schools anti war act scrutinied
* Land rights have led to poverty
* Lead paint and what China knew

Terror Suspect Faces Death Penalty

Father of a terrorist?
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
A dual Australian Lebanese citizen faces the death penalty in Lebanon, charged with sedition and treason. Each charge has a death penalty. He was found running a sweatshop producing weapons, with some 500kgs on hand at the time of discovery. Two other Australians were also arrested with the Al Quaeda linked group.

Journalistic Misconduct

Nov 11 75 Smith Whitlam
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
Three senior journalists, possibly concerned at the recent resurgence of Conservative support have acted to cancel it. Within days of a 3% swing towards the Coalition, these three journalists bring to air an old story about the ambition of Australia's Prime Minister and Treasurer. It is public domain that the treasurer, Mr Costello, is ambitious. It is public knowledge that Mr Howard would stand down in favour of Mr Costello at the time that the party asks it. It is in the public domain that ALP have campaigned on the issue in each election since '96, haveing been successful on succession issues in each election since '81. What is not public domain is a private briefing that Mr Costello has had with three journalists a few years ago to position his ambition at the time.

The world has moved on, but these three old campaigners have not.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Live Gig o0o justbase Den Haag

* Mona Vale Residents Must Be Kept Informed
* Penalty? What Penalty? The Absurdity of Alcohol Free Zones
* Random Breath Testing Saves Lives
* Another Weak Economic Report for NSW
* Iemma Govt For Profit Helicopters Strand Community

Monday, August 13, 2007

Surveillance video of Jerusalem shooting (Aug 10)

Despite extraordinary allegations of Israeli brutality this footage shows a man thieving a gun from a guard, shooting at the guard and being killed in the crime.

The crime would've had the same result anywhere in the world.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why Police Are Lousy At Politics

Police Politics, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

* Police support laws legalising brothels
* Shuttle inspection, has NASA killed another 7?
* Taser the mentally ill
* Teen girls want .. plastic surgery
* Rudd backflip on Iraq noted
* GM crop desirable to all, but Greens

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Religion Versus Culture

Spencer Tracey Gene Kelly
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
Thirteen yo Egyptian girl dies from complication with anaesthetic over genital mutilation operation.

Unlike male circumcision, the female operation has no health benefits, and is harmful. Sometimes deadly. Here is news, despite the howling objection of a few, no religion endorses the practise either. Unless terrorism is a religion.

Joint press conference 080807 opening remarks

Odierno: Iran Should Stand by its Word on Iraq
By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON – If Iran really wants stability in the Middle East, it must stop exporting weapons used to kill coalition forces and innocent Iraqis, the commander of Multinational Corps Iraq said yesterday.

Iran should stand by its public statements of support for the Iraqi government, Army Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno said in a CNN interview. “They've supported the government of Iraq and the way forward,” the general said. “So, we should force them to stand by that. … Let's hold them to their word and what they're saying in public.”

Reports out of Iraq indicate that roughly one-third of attacks on coalition forces are with Iranian-supplied arms. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran, Iran, today in an effort to get Iran to abide by its public line.

The general also discussed the possible future transition of U.S. posture in Iraq. Any change in U.S. force levels in Iraq will be based on conditions on the ground, Odierno said. “I think we need to have a strategy that slowly draws down our presence, and I think that will happen in the future,” he said. “But the importance here is about regional stability, which affects international stability.”

Iraq is between the Arab West and Persian East and has large oil reserves, he said. “It's a country that wants to be part of the international community. They want to be part of the regional stability,” the general said. “The most important thing for the United States is we do not want this to become a safe haven for al Qaeda to train and conduct attacks around the world.”

One mission for coalition forces in Iraq is to increase the effectiveness and reach of the Iraqi government, the general said. Coalition forces are working with nascent Iraqi agencies to stand up and serve the Iraqi people. “I think we're doing this through some of the engagement activities that we're now involved in. We're seeing Sunnis reaching out to us every single day wanting to become part of the government of Iraq,” he said. “They're now helping us to fight al Qaeda.”

The turnaround has been most noticeable in Iraq’s Anbar province. The Sunni majority of the province has realized that al Qaeda is a group of killers who cares little for the people of Iraq.

“(The Iraqis) know they have a much better future with the government of Iraq,” Odierno said. “They now realize that they can reach out to us. They also realize with the additional combat we've had on the ground, we've been able to have a significant effect on al Qaeda. And we freed them from al Qaeda, and they now want to join us against them to eliminate them completely from Iraq.”

Friday, August 10, 2007

Prime Minister John Howard's Defence Gap Year announcement

* Market plunge, but Australia not exposed to sub prime loans
* Rescuers break through mine in Utah, met by silence
* Chinese MP sentenced to death for murder

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Hoddle St Massacre
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
* Nagasaki was bombed on this day, 1945. Truman chose a place with a lot of civilians so as to pressure the Japanese Government to surrender.
* Hoddle Street, in Melbourne was the scene of a horrific crime perpetrated by Julian Knight. Mr Knight is demonstrating how he has reformed by contacting survivors against their wishes.
* former state ALP Minister embarrasses party and is charged.
* Police catch some large hydroponic cannabis plants

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Heckler Lauded

Barry Bonds King, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

Hank Aaron's record of 755 lifetime home runs is eclipsed by Barry Bonds. Regardless of controversy, Bonds will be recognised as a playing great. If he could field, he'd have been a Yankee.
A student who heckled Mr Downer has been lauded by media, who gush his performance 'original.' One wonders if, in two hundred years time, when the actions of Conservatives go far in eliminating poverty, if this heckler will be praised for his support of meaningless gestures and poverty.
Interest rates rise. No way will I vote ALP ever.
Cardinal Pell attacked for sensible policy favoring Catholics for Catholic schools.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Judgement, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

* Abducted child Madeleine McCann is being investigated as a murder victim.
* 22yo Dutch man, ex Muslim, needs protection
* Trouble in Timor for Australian Troops
* New Foot and Mouth outbreak in England

Monday, August 06, 2007

How The Peaceful Left Treat Inconvenient Truths

Hiroshima Mushroom Cloud, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

I view Conservatives as being part of a 'broad church.' Some are hawks. However, I feel the message of war mongering conservatives overstated where the hawkish decision making of the left is (imho) too often sanitised.

It is like that statement 'Religion is responsible for wars' and an example posited of the Crusades. It is undeniable that religion was a rallying point of the Crusades, but it is not true to say that Religion was the sole aspect, or even the cause. Most people today are motivated by the immediate needs of making a liveing, I believe people behaved that way historically.

In WW2, the Democrat administration, firstly under FDR, then Truman, made some appalling decisions that ended many lives. At the start of WW2, FDR denied MacArthur's requests for equipment to defend the Phillipines. MacArthur was a conservative aspirant and I believe that FDR was working to policy to deny oxygen for political enemies. Later, after war was engaged for the US, FDR again denied supplies to MacArthur, but instead supplied a more compliant Admiral Nimitz.

The decision to use bombs against civilians comes from the FDR European war strategy, and came late in the war. Allies had been targetting military targets, including the industrial Ruhr dams, for most of the war. Targetting cities like Dresden came about with artificial competition against the Soviets, trying to claim as much of Europe as possible for post war politics. The policy was understood by many in German high command who begged Hitler to surrender to the West.

Truman's administration began with carpet bombing civilians in Europe, extended to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then extended to Korea.

There is an expression for how conservatives prosecute war, as there is for liberals. An unfair description is liberals use bombs and conservatives use troops.

So Truman almost loses Korea with oversupplied South Korean troops, while MacArthur uses undersupplied US forces to win ground.

It is true that MacArthur wanted to take on Communist China.

We see the unfair description again in Vietnam, when Kennedy's observers recommend an escalation of supply. Johnson weighs in with a secure South, bomb North model. Nixon escalates troops, and in ending the war removes troops. I recognise the Cambodian bombing runs whivh targeted supply bunkers.

In Grenada, Reagan sends in troops. In first gulf war, Bush sends in troops. In Yugoslavia, Clinton uses bombing raids. Afghanistan and Iraq have largely used troops.

I feel that Truman made his decision to bomb civilian targets so as to protect US life. I don't think he considered options that would minimise Civilian casualties. I don't accept the argument that says that Truman did not have final say as to targetting. In years to come, Truman repeatedly affirmed his 'protect US life' policy and that he 'slept well' over his decision. However, media have never challenged the view that Truman maximised civilian casualties.

Prime Minister John Howard's Tasmanian hospital announcement

Mr Howard's administration has been very good for the entire life of the administration. He shows no signs of losing energy.
An extraordinary campaign, sustained over a long time, has it that Mr Howard is tired and old.
Everyone gets older that lives. Mr Howard has aged gracefully, and well. Some of his political opponents have not travelled well at all. Even in opposition, Beazley, Latham, Crean and now Rudd have appeared flatfooted, witless and weak.
Mr Howard's government has worked tirelessly to improve Australia's lot, from the days of Cambodia's disasterous security situation in the wake of the collapse of Pol Pot, through the reorganisation of indonesia post Sueharto, Timor, Fiji, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Mr Howard has had a strong moral compass when his political opponents were losing their heads over Tampa, several indigenous issues, various industrial relations issues, tax reform and lots more besides.
Yet Howards strengths are declared weaknesses by his enemies, and endlessly reported as such, so that younger people might believe that Howard's administration has done some wrong over Wheat, Child Overboard, Sieve X or indigenous affairs.
It is extraordinary to me how so many of the mainstream media promote and campaign against Mr Howard. One day, they will succeed.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Labor Can't Manage Money

Push to double first homeowners grant may be example of ALP mismanagement. After all, if the states were effectively run, the need to spend such money wouldn't be there.

Mystery of Webster's Curse 3

The conclusion to my three part story. There is a parallel story called "The Ballad of Mitzy the Puppy"
* Phoenix rises, but will there be tears?
* Push to double first home owner grant questioned.
* Patient dies waiting at hospital
* Madeleine sighting?

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Driver Education .. And The Lesson Learned?

Driver Education
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
A 19 yo runs into the back of a road train. It seems as if speed was involved, and possibly alcohol, drugs or driver error. The media outlet reporting this reports expert opinion that it was 'lucky the driver wasn't wearing a seat belt.'

The driver may well have survived this accident by not wearing a seatbelt, and so being thrown clear of the accident by virtue of his ability to quickly eject from the driver's seat. However, it is without a doubt, that had he been following all the road rules, he would never have required that quick ejection ability.

Road use requires seatbelts.
Reckless, almost gleeful reporting of a Priest reacting to assault from skateboarders continues. While not acceptable, the priest's actions are explicable. The cause of outrage is betrayal of understanding or agreement. The kids knew what they were doing was wrong, and that they could get away with it. The priest clearly thought they shouldn't get away with it. The press find it entertaining. Of course, media entertainment threatens the welfare of us all.

Friday, August 03, 2007

inspiration smells bad, or is it ..

Originally uploaded by ddbsweasel
What is it that drives the NSW Government?

Shaw has been ignored by the prosecution office. Chaytor has been welcomed back to the ALP fold after haveing been labeled a coward (and apologised to, it was after all close to an election).

But, while all processes may be appropriate and fair, it stinks.

ALP officials have worked closely with Shaw. Until the reasons behind this decision by the DPP are made public, and they might never be, the decision remains suspiciously like corruption.

Meanwhile, the exhoneration of Chaytor does not mean he isn't a coward.

Mystery of Webster's Curse 2

Part 2 of my three part series
* Also the mystery of how US Democrats make office, so regularly, when their strongholds suffer as that Mineapolis bridge
* Haneef's cousin dies from wounds from terror attack
* Newspaper editor killed, believed targetted
* Nasa prepares Pheonix Mars Lander
* No comment from ALP over boundary changes
* Teachers Federation campaigns for less pay.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sunrise Gillard IR Challenge

I challenge Ms Gillard to investigate my IR issue and see where ALP policy might be better than the new IR laws.
* Unconvicted Terrorist Accused Jack Thomas has federal control orders reaffirmed.
* Haneef suspected of Al Quaeda links.
* Brumby changes front bench, yet Titanic still sank.
* Accused drag racer is serial offender

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Everything is Illuminated (Everyone was Eliminated)

I wrote these lyrics in an hour after being told about the book and movie. I'm proud of them.
Everything is Illuminated (Movie Concept) by ddball

Tell me my love, did we hate before the war?/
Oh but my love, a war to end all wars/
Bright and brighter/
Before my childs face/
My grandfather fled there/

Ukraine was where they built a bomb?/
Oh but my love, a bomb ends all wars/
Bright and brighter/
Before my burning face/
My grandfather fled there/

And who was this girl?/
Who gave in her grace/
Who saved my grandfather/
Not of her race/
Everything is illuminated/
Everyone was eliminated/

Tell me my love, do dogs fight in wars?/
Do they protest an unpopular cause?/
Bright and brighter/
From my puppy eyes/
A photo, A girl's face/
My grandfather fled there/

Tell me my love, was this the land?/
Oh but my love, they lost their cause/
Bright and brighter/
Before her burning eyes/
My grandfather fled there/

And who was this girl?/
Who gave in her grace/
Who saved my grandfather/
Not of her race/
Everything is illuminated/
Everyone was eliminated/

Did you see my love, we found in that place/
Woah my love, the land gives pause/
Bright and brighter/
Before the burning graves/
Grandfather's saviour lies there/

And who was this girl?/
Who gave in her grace/
Who saved my grandfather/
Not of her race/
Everything is illuminated/
Everyone was eliminated/

Everything is illuminated/
Everyone was eliminated/

Everything is illuminated/
Everyone was eliminated/
In recent news, political commentator Farr barracks for the ALP with an apology for their policy backflips

Prime Minister John Howard 310707 press conference

* this broadcast was cut short and labelled boring by an allegedly conservative broadcaster. In fact, it is very good. It highlights how bad the Rudd opposition is.
* News Corp to buy Dow Jones
* State Governments make home owning unaffordable
* Itunes (Apple) sells 3 billion songs
* Caffeine may aid fight against skin cancer
* ALP backflips on obesity
* School kids assaulted by lefties