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Unbelievable Historical Footage of Warsaw During WWII and During the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising  MUST WATCH
This is really unbelievable to see! I was just in Warsaw a few weeks ago and stepped in the same areas that are filmed in this footage.
Let My People Go   He Started it All
This man began a revolution and helped bring down the Iron Curtain. He just passed away. May his memory be a blessing!
stewart egypt
I Can't stop laughing! (make sure to turn on the English captions for the first minute, if you don't see them automatically)
Anti-Israel Protestor Really Loses It
These pro-Israel demonstrators are doing such a good job that the anti-Israel protestor has nothing left to say and resorts to this!
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Michelle Malkin 21
Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for April 30th. Enjoy!

From the Blog

Pass the popcorn: Media Matters management opposing employee unionization

Some of the biggest hypocrites the world has ever known are those who spend their days promoting liberal/lefty agendas while devoting their nights to sheltering themselves from the effects their own ideologies...

Obamacare peddlers plan to go ‘night clubbing’ for enrollees

It’s at times like this I’m glad I don’t go out much anymore...

Former Harvard prof paid huge sum of money for limited workload says amount of student loan debt is ‘obscene’

Senator Elizabeth Warren (aka Fauxcahontas aka Dances With Identity Theft aka Lie-awatha) said something recently smacks of a lack of self-awareness...

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April 30, 2014 / 30 Nisan 5774

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Headlines & Recommended
Wall to Wall Outrage as IDF Throws Soldier Under the Bus
Tens of thousands of angry IDF soldiers are displaying grassroots support for IDF soldier, "David the Nachlawi", who may go to jail following a premeditated Arab instigation.
One wonders if the IDF plan to throw every IDF soldier in jail who has shown support - after all, it already has them handcuffed.

For John Kerry: A Lesson on Apartheid
Apparently, US Secretary of State John Kerry needs a lesson on what Apartheid is, and which state is not an apartheid state. We recommend he watches this video: H/T IsraelEmpowered
Definition- Apartheid

Greetings from Apartheidia
Jerusalem? No way. Its out of central casting for It's A Small World.
Ethiopian Israelis in the IDF

The ‘A’ Word
I do not for a minute think he ever believed that Israel was or will be an Apartheid state. He simply misspoke.
US Secy of State John Kerry boards Air Force One.

Kerry Does NOT Apologize for the ’Apartheid’ Word
Kerry has made such a mess that no matter what he says about Israel or the PA, he is wrong. And he is a diplomat?
US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki explains that Kerry wish he had used a different word to mean apartheid.

Rising Anti-Semitism Driving Jews to Israel
The majority of last year's new immigrants to Israel came from Russia and Ukraine. An increase this year is expected to include France.
An anti-Semitic poster seen in Europe.

Olmert’s Lawyers Claims $500,000 Bribe Not Such a Big Deal
And Ephron told Abraham the land is worth 400 silver shekels, and between us, that’s peanuts. (Genesis: 23:15)
Former prime minister and Jerusalem mayor Ehud Olmert speaks with his attorney Eli Zohar in the courtroom of the District Court in Tel Aviv.

Russia Scolds NATO, USA on Sanctions, Troop Movements
As pro-Russian separatists eat up town after town in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin is closely monitoring NATO’s reaction – and the White House response.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (archive photo)

New York’s Grimm: Indictment Result of ‘Witch Hunt’
Grimm said the indictment was a "political witch hunt" against him because he "was an outsider who wasn't supposed to win."
Cong. Michael Grimm (R-NY-11)

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• Hamas mulls presidential candidate; Islamic Jihad seeks PA role too.
• Israel busts West Bank terror cell financed by Hamas.
• Hamas stages Ramallah rally as Israel returns bodies of terrorists.

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BDS Activist: Confront Confuesion About Anti-Semitism: BDS activist questions the movement’s response to anti-Semitism after Hungarian neo-Nazi party adopted BDS language. Read more . . .

Media Minimizing Hamas Impact on Negotiations: Hamas-Fatah reconciliation didn’t happen overnight. Abbas dallied with Islamists even as Israel and the US sought to salvage the peace talks. Read more . . .

Reuters’ Bungled Headline: Israel demolished illegally built structures, but Reuters suggests it was vindictive. Read more . . .

Sky News Misreads Mainstream Israelis: Sky News underestimates the values of mainstream Israelis. Read more . . .

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USpastor templemount
A Christian minister who was forced off of the Temple Mount by Muslim officials has released a video of support for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, urging Jews and "the children of Abraham" throughout the world to stand together to end Islamist harassment and discriminatory measures on Judaism's holiest site. Pastor Keith Johnson told how he recently visited the holy site in Jerusalem when he bumped into veteran Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick. But his warm greeting for one of the leaders of the struggle for Jewish prayer rights on the Mount attracted the attention of the Waqf - the Islamic trust which administers the site and has been behind the pressure to continue a ban on non-Muslim worship there. Angry Waqf officials surrounded the pastor and forced his group off of the Temple Mount - but he defiantly went back to the entrance and ascended once more. The irony is that Jews who are forced off the Mount by the Waqf are usually banned from reentering.
In the video, aired at a special Temple Mount conference Jerusalem's Menachem Begin Heritage Center yesterday, Johnson called on "my Jewish friends to work together in the spirit of past peaceful protests, and to be resolved not to give in, even in the midst of yelling, cussing, spitting and throwing rocks." "As an American pastor I am appalled by the actions of some Muslims who chastise Jewish visitors - including children - who desire to ascend the Temple Mount," he declared. In a show of solidarity for the Jewish people, he began and ended his address in Hebrew, and wished activists "success from the God of Abraham as you continue your struggle to attain freedom to pray on the Temple Mount." Despite its supreme importance to Jews as the site of the two Holy Temples of Jerusalem, non-Muslim visitors are banned from praying there and face arrest if suspected of doing so. Visibly Jewish visitors are subjected to particularly rigorous checks for "forbidden religious items", which many describe as discriminatory and humiliating, and religious groups are closely monitored both by Waqf officials and Israeli police. Jewish groups often face blanket bans from ascending altogether, and Islamist groups regularly riot or engage in organized campaigns of harassment of Jewish visitors, in order to prevent Jews from ascending. The recent Jewish festival of Pesach (Passover) saw particularly severe riots by Hamas-affiliated groups on the Temple Mount - triggering calls for the resignation of Israel's Internal Security Minister and prompting Tuesday's conference.
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