Friday, May 16, 2014

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My sole issue with the post is the prominent swear word in the picture/header. This site is being watched by people who are posting snapshots of comments elsewhere and it is not a good look. Try to argue from a point of substance, not abuse. The ALP/Green lobby don't rely on facts, and it weakens their arguments. - ed

We had Billy's budget reply last night, predictably bare on policy alternatives. Their heads are still in the sand over the damage they caused Although his threat to go for a DD is interesting. How many here think that Labor would win an election if it was held in the next 6 months?
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  • Barbara Healey Greed will make the Australian electorate choose poorly , only once we can't pay back our debt will they truly understand what Abbot & his government are trying to do , greed from the Australian worker has sent most of our industry oversees , some will never learn
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  • Susanne Marie Saw John Hewson on news this morning. He feels they may have gone too hard too fast. Hard to know how the electorate will judge this budget.
  • Tim Hutch Unfortunately I think a large percentage of the media, and general population, is easily swayed by the scare tactics of Labor. Add to this the "what about me" generation looking out for themselves instead of the country and the DD result cannot be reliability predicted. The next few months will definitely be interesting.
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  • Susanne Marie I would like to see them now put their heads down and get on with it. Let the electorate "see" them working on fixing our country. leave the whole dd for later. Timing is everything
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  • Karen Charles Where's the OUTRAGE at this buffoon's NO POLICY, HOLLOW budget reply ....purely political and obviously couldn't care about our future or our kids future ..... what a pathetic piece of crap
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  • Kaye Marylyn Greaves the face of an idiot.
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  • Frank Iadarola Has no idea complain complain complain but how would he fix it, just keep spending
  • David Gray Labour and the minorities will get in because imbeciles vote with their wallets. The average joe couldn't care less about the damage to the economy.
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  • Geoff Clarke The under 30's will vote for that idiot...much as I admire Abbott, he's no John Howard but only time will tell..2 years is a long time in politics...just wish we had a fair unbiased media!
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  • Barry Cadd dont know what it is these days leftwing socialism is growing because of less jobs more disatisfaction.the what about me gen is loudest.conservatives who understand you cannot spend more than you earn are a dying breed
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  • Queenie Pierce Or the country david afew thlngs not toosure about but some things haveto be be done&no would never vote for them ever cant handle econmyne ver
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  • Anthony Beck They have to get out and educate the public on this budget.dont let the media and labor dictate it
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  • Earle McIntosh RETARD.
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  • Earle McIntosh Tony should call their bluff and wipe the idiots out and take the Greens and mud guts PALMER with them
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