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Religious blog crosses line mk2

Extraordinarily selfish, foolish post which does not advance position of poster effectively.
Stop the murder of unborn children. All murders of born or unborn people should be charge with capital punishment

Stop the murder of unborn children. All murders of born or unborn people should be charge with capital punishment
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  • Dennis Malcolm Gedye What really gets me is that it's considered cruel & unnatural punishment to use the death Penalty on hardened dangerous criminals, like the looney that got Jill Meagher, but to brutally murder 90,000 unborn Austraians each year by abortion, is considered normal & is Government sanctioned!
  • 'Peter Gedye you are wrong Tracy. Women in Russia have happily and willingly used abortions as birth control for over twenty years. Any woman tempting to kill there unborn child should have the decency to die at the same time
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  • Mandy Mclean touchy subject. If only it were so clear cut. Hope you are never a victim of rape Peter.... but then you'd never have anyone to call your own to permanently remind you. So you like I would never really know the anguish some women go through to make the terrible decision, would you?
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  • 'Peter Gedye have been raped. but then how is it the babies fault or sin because of the sin of the mother or father. abortion is murder. kill the rapist. stone him to death, whatever. but don't kill the innocent. and the unborn are truly innocent and without sin.
  • Mandy Mclean how is it the mother's fault? As I said, touchy subject that you & I will never understand because we have never been placed in that position.
  • Mandy Mclean Children are born out of love, not hate or violence!
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  • Tracy Gordon Flipping heck. God botherers. How about you crawl back into the Westboro Church or under the rock from whence you came!
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  • Tracy Gordon I would not bother feeding the troll Mandy. You will get no reasoned argument out of either of them
  • Mandy Mclean it's a no win argument Tracy!
  • Jennifer McEachran Just to share a different perspective on abortion.....The cost of abortion to society is more than just the cost of the termination of pregnancy, it is the cost of complications, and by complications I don’t just mean bleeding and infection. There are many costs related to infertility, increased risk of breast cancer, depression etc. The cost to society for treating these complications must be understood. I really feel for the women who undergo abortion, because most are not fully informed of what the procedure entails and what the risks are. Most are misinformed or not corrected in their thinking that the pregnancy has not progressed past a few cells or just ‘tissue’. When in fact by the time a woman knows they are pregnant, they have a foetus with a beating heart. When women find this out later on, the mental anguish and guilt can be awful. The only people who truly benefit from abortion are the abortionists and their bank accounts. In my opinion, adoption is a lesser evil for unwanted babies that result from unwanted pregnancies. They go to people who would otherwise be childless. When you see abused and neglected children that are given birth to and raised by some people in society, the result can be a very dysfunctional adult needing societies help too. Even if you want to view this topic form a monetary perspective, the cost of abortion to society is phenomenal when you think it out. The real cost is much worse. It is a topic worthy of political discussion.
  • 'Peter Gedye interesting you talk of Trolls. i wouldn't have called you one Tracy, call you heartless , Yes you are. the supporter of mass Serial Killers/murders, yes you are that to. And you also know that Trolls in mythology were the killers and eaters of babies and the young.
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  • 'Peter Gedye abortion is murder, plain and simple. and the murder of the innocent is the worst of crimes, and always has been and always Will. there never has been and never Will be a excuse or reason for it to be permitted.

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  • 'Peter Gedye enforce there right to live

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  • Nicky Karen Matthysen I think we should just encourage better contraception and information so we don't need to have this discussion about abortion so often. But at the end of the day the choice lies with the parents, babies should be born into loving homes not be born to a mother who begrudges him/her.
  • 'Peter Gedye if u don't want the child you should put it up for adoption, not MURDER IT 
  • Tracy Gordon If you are going to have a go at me Peter try and use proper spelling and grammar. You just lose credibility otherwise
  • Mandy Mclean Capital punishment is also murder, yet you find that acceptable. I see how you roll..... deal murder with murder..... violence with violence. You kind heart is transparently lacking
  • David Daniel Ball capital punishment is not a charge ..
  • Dennis Malcolm Gedye Personally, I find life imprisonment in company with other violent prisoners to be sadistically cruel & unnatural punishment, compared to the death penalty, if carried out swiftly, not like that botchup in America recently! There's nothing unnatural about death & people who have proven themselves to be unfit to live in society should be put down, like the mad dogs some of them are! With the Budget just come down, think of the money we could save if the lifers were executed, rather than costing more than luxury hotel lifetime accommodation for each of them, while brutalizing other prisoners & the guards!
  • Dale Asmus If children are born out of Love how is aborting this Loved one loving and not violence done to him/her? None of us have the moral authority to pronounce ( death) judgement on anyone , the living and esp the unborn. True love would be bearing this child and handing them over to another who can love them wholly.
  • 'Peter Gedye mandy your completely WRONG.
    hmm lets see, kill the murders who have gave up there right to live by murdering the innocent ???, yes makes sense.
    Mass KILLING babies that have never hurt anyone in there short life ???, No, this is insane and makes no sense.
    Who is more of a drain on this planet ??, babies or all the murderers and rapists who are spending years in jail before they can come out and hurt someone else all over again ?
    If the Murderers and Rapists were given Capital punishment there would be plenty of money to support all the unborn children that are getting murdered
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  • 'Peter Gedye plus all them short listed people on life imprisonment, if they were given Capital Punishment, DO YOU REALISE, they would still be spending the rest of there Life in Jail.
  • 'Peter Gedye i also find it outrageous that you Tracy or Mandy could happily with no guilt pay someone to murder your unborn child and try to justify it and be permitted to walk the street and never punished for it. yet if you paid someone to murder your neighbour or his wife, you would be charged for murder
  • Mandy Mclean No I'm not wrong. You are calling for capital punishment. Let me spell it out for you. Capital punishment is a death sentence. You are in fact calling for people's to death. Not on your hands, eh. That's OK?
  • 'Peter Gedye i would happily be paid to pull the switch on electric chairs with murderers and rapists. including all mass murdering doctor and nurses performing ABORTION MASS SERIAL KILLING. They destroyed there right to live with all the blood on there hands and the pain and suffering they have caused and Will continue to cause until they die. Yet what crimes or pain and suffering has a unborn baby caused ?????
  • Peter Needham I think the more important argument is late term abortion. This happens a lot and is legal in Australia. It means killing a baby, who would often be viable. Some Ethics promoters are pushing for post birth abortion, seeing it as no more morally wrong than pre-birth abortion (a strong argument). 

    Peter is not trolling, he cares about babies being killed on mass, and that it seems to be commonly accepted. Late term abortion is the really ugly end of the debate, Its been stated that the babies feel the pain.

    If we can keep this civil, it could be a useful and interesting discussion, being a moral one..
  • Tracy Gordon Unfortunately the issue is extemely complex and is still entrenched in religion. I would be more than happy to have a reasoned and rational debate but I don't believe those who started the thread are capable of that. Again I do challenge you to go and look up the legal definition of a 'baby'.
  • 'Peter Gedye the new definition of babies you keep ranting about Tracy has been written up by people like yourself Tracy who have no morels, who want to experiment on murdered babies and who believe the worlds population should be halved.
    You yourself have been knit picking at my spelling of all things, trying to distract me and agitate me.
  • 'Peter Gedye Definition of baby in English:
    Line breaks: baby
    Pronunciation: /ˈbeɪbi /
    NOUN (plural babies)

    1A very young child:
    his wife’s just had a baby
  • 'Peter Gedye unborn (ʌnˈbɔːn Pronunciation for unborn ) 


    not yet born or brought to birth
    still to come in the future ⇒ the unborn world
    View thesaurus entry
    = expected, awaited, embryonic, in utero
    Translations for 'unborn'

    British English: unborn An unborn child has not yet been born and is still inside its mother's womb. ADJECTIVE...her unborn baby.
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