Wednesday, September 20, 2006

cannabis use linked to failed communities Wodensday Rant

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Cannabis is the latest blight to hit indigenous communities, with its thriving use being linked to increases in child sexual abuse, domestic violence and suicide. Cannabis hasn’t replaced other forms of drug abuse in remote black communities. Rather it’s being used alongside other drugs such alcohol, petrol for sniffing, amphetamines and kava. The cannabis trade is being driven by huge profits – a ‘pound’ (400-500g) of cannabis bought in Darwin for $4,000 can be sold at a profit of up to $21,000 in remote Aboriginal communities, easily justifying the cost of a charter flight to take in the illicit drug
I understood from idiot friends/users that cannabis had no side effects. I understood they threw money away on the stuff because they liked that it did nothing for them. These stats do nothing but reinforce the outdated stereo typed thinking that suggests drug use is bad.

Maybe drug use isn’t bad, but the cost of drug use is bad. Maybe, if President Iemma funnelled some money from his trough, they could buy drugs for everyone. Then we could save our money and everyone wins.

Or maybe Cannabis is illegal for a good reason and it is irresponsible for any adult to sanction its use.
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